BERSIH3.0: Kuala Lumpur Mayor takes a firm stand on Venue

April 25, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Mayor takes a tough stand on Venue for BERSIH3.0

by Kuek Ser Kuang

Bersih 3.0 supporters at Saturday’s Dataran Merdeka sit-in will face the same actions taken against activists who occupied the venue recently, Kuala Lumpur Mayor Ahmad Fuad Ismail (left) has warned.

“Action has been taken against those kids at Dataran Merdeka… The same action will taken if you (BERSIH supporters) do the same,” Fuad said.

He said this when asked how Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) would react if the Bersih coalition proceeded with its plan to hold the sit-in at the square from 2pm to 4pm. Fuad said this at a press conference after a one-hour meeting between DBKL and BERSIH representatives failed to reach agreement on the venue for the rally.

‘In case of chaos, blame Bersih’

Asked whether DBKL would seek Police help to stop the rally from taking place at Dataran Merdeka, Fuad declined to answer. “When the time comes, you will know. Don’t worry… We are ready. We don’t allow them to go to Dataran Merdeka… let us do our job,” he said.

When it was pointed out to him that a confrontation with the BERSIH supporters could create chaos, Fuad said should this happen, it is the rally organisers who should be blamed.

“Who creates chaos? They create it because they want to go against the laws and (threaten) to sit on the road. I have given them alternatives but they didn’t give me any alternative,” he said.

He claimed that BERSIH representatives had said during the meeting that rally participants might sit on the roads surrounding the square if Dataran Merdeka is cordoned off.

In recent days, DBKL has conducted several raids on students and activists who have set up a protest camp at Dataran Merdeka for more than a 10 days as part of a campaign for free tertiary education.

Their tents and belongings have been confiscated by DBKL while one out of six arrested have been charged in court.

BERSIH: No time to change venue

Prior to Fuad’s press conference, BERSIH co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan told reporters the coalition still hoped that Fuad would change his mind before Saturday.

NONEThus, she said, Bersih would stick to its original plan to hold the rally at Dataran Merdeka, despite Fuad had offered them Stadium Merdeka, explaining that there was not enough time to change venue.

“If we change place now, it would cause bigger confusion. People will still gather here (Dataran Merdeka) as well as at Stadium Merdeka. It is just too little time to inform people,” she said.

“We would be prepared to discuss with the mayor on crowd control and security issues if he changes his mind… We are hoping that we can make it happen,” Ambiga added.

DBKL: That’s not our fault

Earlier, Fuad told reporters that Ambiga’s argument about the time constraint was a weak excuse not to relocate the rally.He said BERSIH has only itself to blame because its official letter to DBKL was only handed on April 19. He said DBKL replied that very day.

“They claimed they had faxed in the letter on April 16 but we didn’t receive it. If it is an important letter, why only fax and not hand deliver it to us? Hence, the issue of DBKL delaying their request, causing them to have insufficient time to inform their supporters does not arise,” he said.

He said BERSIH’s argument that DBKL was already informed through an announcement on April 4 of the coalition’s plan to hold a rally there also cannot be accepted.

“That’s your intention but it was not official notice… Let’s say if I hold a kenduri (feast) but I don’t give you any invitation, would you come?”

Fuad: I’m being fair

Fuad also stressed that if BERSIH was willing to accept the alternative venue – Stadium Merdeka, which is just 1km away from Dataran Merdeka – he would be willing to hold a joint press conference with BERSIH and help publicise the venue change.

“If all of you here report about it, I think the whole world will know.” Fuad further explained that he was in a dilemma because allowing BERSIH to use the historic square would cause him to be accused of double standards, breaking the laws and failing to protect the lives of 1.8 million Kuala Lumpur folks from being disrupted.

Previously three organisations – Malay rights group PERKASA, anti-LGBT movement and a Malay traditional marital arts group – had made the same request but all had been rejected, he claimed.

As for the decisions to allow other cultural and sports activities to use the venue, Fuad explained that those events were neutral and nobody would feel uncomfortable with them, unlike BERSIH which is opposed by certain quarters of the society.

Furthermore, Dataran Merdeka had been gazetted as a prohibited place for rallies under the new Peaceful Assembly Act 2011, he said.

“If they argue that Dataran Merdeka has historical value, same goes for Stadium Merdeka… Independence declaration was made by (first Prime Minister) Tunku Abdul Rahman there.

“It is more appropriate (to hold rally there) because it is wide and has many parkings,” he elaborated.


45 thoughts on “BERSIH3.0: Kuala Lumpur Mayor takes a firm stand on Venue

  1. The pariah UMNO Malays is making sure the KL mayor earns his TanSri-ship. He got to show to his political masters he has the balls to take on the Bersih protesters.

    The last Bersih rally, the Govt got its hands burnt.Just like UMNO’s racist agenda was farmed out to PERKASA which used to be the bread and butter job of UMNO YOUTH.

    These pariah UMNO Malay leaders think we are damn fools for being ignorant of what they are doing.Smart people learn lessons, Stupid idiotic people only learn to reinforce their stupidity time and again.

  2. In the next few days, this Ahmad Fuad Ismail asslicker will come out like a pitbull otherwise his Tan Sri-ship will be seriously questioned by the pariah UMNO Malay leaders.

    He has not done much since he got his Tan Sri-ship. He got to show his worth as an Tan Sri.

  3. This is not a one night stand folks ! This is Custer’s last stand. Those days they didn’t have Tongkat Ali yet. Custer wouldn’t recognize one even if Chief Hard-On were to show it to him.
    Mongkut Bean,

    Custer does not have Goolbuttock, Bendover, Belakangkira, Breetam, and Gertak Singh to worry about. Our Mayor has always to cover his back so that he is not buggered by any of these guys who are keen supporters of Bersih. Even Makcik is afraid of them. But she does have to worry because Hishammuddin Rais who is straight will take care of her.If not, we fly Semper Fi, our Minister Fix-It, over.–Din Merican

  4. This is a time, place and manner restriction which is constitutional even in the land of the free. Malaysia is a land of the not so free. Time you guys including Frank, take a reality check.

  5. You may have noticed that this time around, the Home Affairs Minister is out of the picture. He naturally does not want to be caught in another controversy as election is near. His experience with the handling of BERSIH2.0 has taught him a good lesson. The Kuala Lumpur Mayor who is a Civil Servant is now taking responsibility for managing BERSIH3.0 with the help of the Police and the FRU. As a bureaucrat, the Mayor cannot but “menurut perentah” (obey orders).

    Electoral reforms? Forget it.Why change the rules of the game which has ensured UMNO-BN electoral victory for decades? We know that BERSIH3.0 is just symbolic; nothing will come out of it. The EC under Tan Sri Aziz as Election Commission Chairman will remain adamant because they have convinced themselves that there is nothing wrong with the electoral process, which has enabled Malaysia to conduct “free and fair” elections since Independence. Aziz himself , as a carma pegawai kerajaan, is now on a government payroll (under contract) and he too must take instructions.–Din Merican

  6. Yup, the Goons have finally made a stand! Porous as it is.

    There was a lot of heeing and hawing between muddled messages from HM, PDRM, DBKL and all sorts of strange voices hooting rom the jungle, as soon as version 3.0 was announced. Seems that there was serious conflicts of bureaucratic precedence, special interests and personal ambition. The mechanism of consensus is as distorted as the last time His Lembekness made a ‘last minute’ cynical offer to Bersih 2.0.

    Dense and unable to come to grips with reality. Naive they are not, but there’s a serious problem in making major decisions – so much so, that it gets shafted to a lowly mayor (regardless of his tan sri-ship). Take it from a ship-worm like me, the hull has been breached and the sampan is fast sinking.

  7. If the Home Minister says there’s no security issue, then what is this unelected establishment arse licker’s grief? His boss, the Minister for Federal Territory has no objcetions either. So, what gives?

    we are all of 1 Race, the HUman Race

  8. Go sit in front of DBKL and enforce a full blockade. Nobody gets in or out of City Hall.

    Dataran Merdeka is the symbol of Independence. The Malayan flag was raised at Dataran Merdeka at midnight August 30, 1957 while the Union Jack was lowered at same venue. For those who lived and experienced the event the Selangor Padang now renamed Dataran Merdeka holds many nostalgic memories. The youth who staged the sit ins and the Bersih 3.0 have chosen a very significant venue. Why rename it Dataran Merdeka, why not leave it as Selangor Club Padang, if there is no freedom?

    Maybe this Dato Bandar needs a lesson in History. As Dato Bandar he is ill qualified to run the city, represent the KLites and Manage such a historic place such as Dataran Merdeka. He’s not even good at managing Pasar Chow Kit and Lorong Haji Taib. All he can do is park a lorry at Changkat Bukit Bintang to represent enforcement of the night market there while his officers drink teh tarek and eat tossai. (don’t think they sell tossai there) maybe char kway teow,

  9. The EC under Tan Sri Aziz as Election Commission Chairman will remain adamant because they have convinced themselves that there is nothing wrong with the electoral process, which has enabled Malaysia to conduct “free and fair” elections since Independence. — Dato

    This is a lost cause.

    Gerrymandering is a tool to weaken the political opposition and is not a monopoly of UMNO-BN. It is a tool used by those in power not just in Malaysia but even in USofA but the difference is that in the USofA we can rely on the rule of law to have it declared unconstitutional. What have the BERSIH demonstrators got but Goolbatok to lead the charge; and as Rtd. Gen Tok Cik will tell you, you got to watch your rear.

  10. “The Kuala Lumpur Mayor who is a Civil Servant is now taking responsibility …” Dato

    The Mayor is a civil servant?? Good grief !!

  11. This mayor is an idiot , does he know what he is talking about ?
    A couple of hundreds of city hall personnels against ten of thounsands or even hundred of thousands people ?

  12. This mayor is an idiot , does he know what he is talking about ?- kk

    He is a Tan Sri. Now, if you get a Tan Sri with the recommendation of the UMNO-BN Govt, what would you do if YOU are asked to do the hatchet job for the pariahs?

    This idiot has to defend NOT the Dataran Merdeka, but his TAN SRI-ship.

    He is NOT an Idiot. He is a PUSSY.

  13. Is this the same fella who was a Yang IPertua at MPSJ who arrogantly park a Porsche 911 in the council porch? Hehe… we know what you did last posting bro!!!

  14. UMNO has today lost its legitimacy to govern.-Mr Bean

    Not true. The pakciks and makciks in the rural Malay heartland and the PERKASA thugs and their leader Ibrahim Ali will disagree with you.

    You see, it is the born losers Malaysians who have lost the legitimacy to make their votes count, with the compliments of the Election Commission. The Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Filipinos and Indonesians are given instant Malaysian citizenships and MyKad to make sure UMNO continues to govern.

  15. Tok Tam made the announcement upon his return from London in Melaka. The Union Jack was lowered and Bendera Persekutuan Tanah Melayu raised at midnight at the Selangor Club Padang by 3 UMNO Youth member, the late Hamzah Alang, Ismail Bontak and I forgot the name of the third person. Merdeka was declared by Tok Tam at Stadium Negara the next day. 3 different significant events at 3 different venues.

  16. sack the mayor or give him to our sikh brothers to be rehabilitated!
    yes, the born losers malaysians are dreaming of a higher income society in 2020? Sure, the banglas, pakis and indos will be earning higher salaries serving the umnoputrids and keeping them in power. the poor malaysians will be working for the banglas, pakis, indos and mamaks. probably get screwed by them, too!

    WE malaysians did not keep our promise to our Father of Independence at the Selangor Padang/ Merdeka Stadium on the 31st of August 1957.
    WE failed to elect responsible representatives to safeguard the democracy and its instituitions.

    WE let ourselves be seduced by power and money.

    WE, therefore, should take the responsibility to oust these maniacs which is going to be a monumental task.

  17. WE let ourselves be seduced by power and money.WE, therefore, should take the responsibility to oust these maniacs which is going to be a monumental task.- reeperbahn

    Yeah.. WE , the proud and clever born-losers who had voted the pariah UMNO Malay leaders at every election got screwed big time… and still don’t know it … and will continue to get screwed in this coming election, and the next, and the next.

    That is how smart the born losers Malaysians are today!!!!

  18. Who do you think we should marry if not a carpenter’s daughter. For you can screw, she can screw and we can screw togetherrr ….! In the middle of the night and in the middle of the day screwing one another.

    Now you know why we are a nation of carpenters.

  19. “This mayor is an idiot , does he know what he is talking about ?”

    The Mayor is anything but an idiot. We are the idiots because we cannot recognize an idiot when we see one. He is paid to be an idiot. There is a difference.

  20. This is why we need elected local govt officials and not appointed ones.

    By the way,why are DBKL staff deputised to act like police officers?
    Using DBKL officers to clear out the handful of student Dataran protesters because using police would be too controversial?

  21. Papas and Mamas times of old are screaming their lungs out in dispair over the state of affairs the country is in.. Too bad fellas , go take another dose of your prescribed medications to heal that ailing bodies.. Were’nt you guys as school boys then spitting and cursing the whiteman for ripping off the nation of its kekayaan(wealth) as you listen to news overwhelmed by pride the lowering of the union jack by those umnoputras. Fifty or so years later while that superficial pride has all but diminished , and now you fellas are witnessing your beloved land being ripped off dry by your own kind . Gosh!. High time you fellas stop blaming others for your miseries , be more like retired General Tok Cik who has grown fed-up with the country he once kept vigil as a soldier against the communist insurgency and other subversive activities . He has , to date , remained silent and has abandoned civil society for the wilderness where his soul has always belong..Bravo to a true booded Askar…

  22. You know in other democracies when there is a peaceful rally ,the police will be organised to be around to make sure there is no trouble adn all concerned are safe. But the rally goes on becasue it is the right of any citizens in a democracy to hold a rally . But not in M’sia. it has to stoop to the lowest and not allow them to sit peacefully . Make their statement and then be done with. What is it with M’sia?

  23. Over here the city would impose a fee for any parade for the cost of crowd control. The issue went to the Supreme Court to decide if that was discrimnatory since if KKK was to hold the parade the cost of crowd would be huge. The Supreme Court decided it was discriminatory and therefore unconstitutional.

  24. “But the rally goes on becasue it is the right of any citizens in a democracy to hold a rally . But not in M’sia” Kathy

    You’re wrong there Kathy. In the USofA so-called Land of the Free restrictions as to time, manner and place are legal and constitutional subject to the different tests depending on the type of interests i.e. whether rights are ordinary or fundamental and whether interests are compelling.

    Occupy Wall Street protestors were breaking the law just by occupying the way they did but the Obama administration was lenient to them for obvious reasons (but finally the City had to act) and came under stinging criticism from the right.

  25. The political opposition has always been screaming about the rule of law not being followed but here Bersih protestors are breaking the law (now that Dataran has been gazetted out of possible places for such an assembly).

  26. I do agree with you Mr Bean if we want better we should DO better and not break the Law.

    Over here I have seen peaceful rallies being protected by Police and nothing bad happened. The rallies went on and then at the end of the day all went home satisfied.

  27. For you can screw, she can screw and we can screw togetherrr ….! In the middle of the night and in the middle of the day screwing one another.
    Now you know why we are a nation of carpenters.- Mr Bean

    For an old geezer, you do have good memory… when it comes to campus songs. It brings back memories of the old panty-raid days. Bien fait!!

  28. this foouad is a repeat failure. Now he is playing pdrm with arresting power? He failed in Subang Jaya MPSJ prez…spent & wasted $$$ like as if his grandfather’s monies! But his failure got him promoted to else where and now also a tansilly and latukbandarship! Malaysia Boleh reward crooks, bankrupts, corrupted cronies, failures and incompetent stooges! Yes, my beloved country Boleh!

    NO BERSIH can clean this now-genetically encoded apanamabadgene in the (God help us all, majority?) of the population!

  29. “He has , to date , remained silent and has abandoned civil society for the wilderness where his soul has always belong..Bravo to a true booded Askar…” danil

    Thanks, danil. You said it right. I

  30. You said it right. Pointless to make a fuss over issues which are beyond our control. I’ll walk the talk. See you all at Bersih 3.0.

  31. ..Bersih protestors are breaking the law- Mr Bean.

    Wrong!! The right to peaceful protest is not breaking the law.


    But then, in Malaysia, Police and UMNO-BN do no wrong. Only the born-losers Malaysians are always in the wrong.

    Is that Nazism or Fascism, Malaysian-style? Reminds of the history of Germany in the 30s which allowed Hitler to come to power. De ja vu. No?

  32. Know what? The Ipoh Police Chief and the mayor have agreed to allow Bersih 3.0 protesters to use the polo ground for their sit-in on Saturday, April 28 between 2 pm to 4 pm. Kudos to Azisman and Roshidi. At least these two gentlemen are more civilised than their counterparts in KL.

    Guys, I will be at Ipoh’s iconic polo ground to do my part for King and Country. Wanna join me?

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