TINDAK defends BERSIH on Electoral Reform

April 7, 2012

TINDAK defends BERSIH on Electoral Reform


Voter education NGO Tindak Malaysia, which assisted BERSIH in drafting its proposed election laws to the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on election reform, has denied that the latter jumped the gun in calling for another round of protest after the PSC report was released.

“When we received the PSC report, both BERSIH and TINDAK Malaysia immediately studied it in detail with our lawyers and were very dismayed with the recommendations.

“Therefore it cannot be claimed that Bersih was hasty in their decision to proceed wit the April 28 sit-in at Dataran Merdeka,” said Tindak Malaysia Founder Wong Piang Yow (right).

In a statement today, Wong said if BERSIH waited for the Election Commission (EC) to study the PSC report, it is unlikely the commission will consider the recommendations.

“Providing more time for the EC to study the PSC report will not increase the number of recommendations. If anything, it will be reduced,” he said.

Therefore, BERSIH cannot be faulted for losing patience, added Wong.

Assertions in PSC report not true

Meanwhile, Wong also addressed other issues in the PSC report:

* Retention by EC the serial numbers of ballot papers is correct but should be put to use in identifying excess ballot papers. Current system relies on perforation but ignores serial numbers.

* Assertion in PSC report that votes cast are secret under the current system is false as issuance of ballot papers according to sequence of serial numbers can be matched to sequence of identity card numbers for detection. Serial numbers should be randomised.

* Assertion of logistic challenges to implement advance voting for services voters and distance (outstation) voters is unjustified as one centre is only required at each city of every state.

The PSC was formed in August last year after tens of thousands of protestors thronged locked-down Kuala Lumpur in a rally dubbed ‘BERSIH 2.0’ to demand for free and fair elections which saw 1,697 people being arrested.

However, BERSIH laments that most of its recommendations have been ignored in the PSC report and has called for a sit-in protest at Dataran Merdeka to demand the resignation of the EC.

7 thoughts on “TINDAK defends BERSIH on Electoral Reform

  1. Looks like this or any other UMNO – Barisan Government will be disinclined to help the ra’ayat achieve its aspirations with regards corruption, cleansing of the electoral processes , doing away with the Internal Security Act , making neutral the election commission , the police force , the armed services , the civil service ,etc., and closing down the Biro Tata Negara .

    Umno – Barisan seems to be more inclined to spin , to lie and to take the ra’ayat in circles so they and thier children can enjoy an opulent life style way beyond that of the ra’ayat.

    For this , Malaysians should all curse them.

  2. You guys are still hoping that the BN led government would play ball when they have shown their unwillingness to do so. A sheer waste of time and resources.

  3. Excuse me En Adam Abdullah, “No Sense is Nonsense” my foot,your maths teacher was referring to something else.if the electoral roll was corrected b4 GE12,Umno/Bn can bungkus n kiss my ass goodbye then,why are you so thick up there,Allah SWT will blessed Malaysia more if not for the likes of you,you Islam ke Menyelam? or perhaps you’ve gotten your share of the ill gotten spoils.

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