Mariam Mokhtar on Najib’s Report to the Nation

April 6, 2012

Report cards for Najib and Co

If you do not like what people have to say about you, then the only solution is to make your own appraisal. This is precisely what Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak did last Monday, April 2, when he presented a gloating report card  to the nation detailing his reforms. His glorified self-assessment was done in style and broadcast live on RTM1, TV3 and Astro Awani.

Only a brash and arrogant person would do that. Then again, this might be Najib’s swansong. If the objectives of BERSIH are met, free and clear access to the media will be granted to all, and the Opposition will make mincemeat of Najib’s exorbitant claims.

When we were at school, didn’t we dread the moment teacher gave us our report card, to show our parents, who then had to acknowledge receipt with their signatures? Some of us had friends who destroyed their report cards before their parents could read them.

Although many won’t take such drastic action, a few are known to have forged their parents’ signatures, or pretended to have lost the report cards and so could not return them to their teachers.

When reading out his self-prepared report card, Najib was full of praise for the achievements under his Government Transformation Programme (GTP) and Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).

He mentioned the seven National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) on the cost of living, crime, corruption, living standards of low-income households, rural basic infrastructure, urban public transport and students.

Where are the clean cops?

Let us take just one of these NKRAs – crime control. Najib said that street crime had been reduced by 39% while overall crime had decreased by 11% since 2009. He claimed that the public was very satisfied with Police performance.

A few weeks ago, the IGP claimed that only 1% of his Policemen were corrupt. And yet, the public wonder where these “clean” Policemen are, because they have the misfortune to meet only the 1%.

A few were livid that they are being charged twice to use some public highways; they pay once at the toll booth, and again down the road, when the Policemen flag them down, for an apparent road infraction, like speeding.

Najib mentioned the cooperation between the Police and RELA, the paramilitary volunteer defence corps formed to curb crime. There have been many complaints about the three million RELA volunteers who are badly trained and who allegedly extort money from migrant labourers.

Last week, RELA members beat an alleged Nigerian rapist to death. Perhaps, this is the new modus operandi – beat suspects senseless, ask questions later.

Najib said that to reduce the crime rate, CCTVs would be widely installed, yet he failed to explain why CCTVs continue to malfunction in cases involving the Opposition, or for deaths in Police custody or for those being questioned by the MACC.

There is little point in going over Najib’s so-called achievements. In his report card, he is excellent. Last week, Najib hinted that he intends to “control” the online media. So before he gags the alternative news portals, let us give him and a few members of his Cabinet, their report cards based on this term.

Report cards

Najib Tun Razak: A career politican. Not suitable for public life because he has made little progress in his work and has no experience of real life. Fails to identify with the rakyat. He has only been on a bus once, and that is why he wants to be given the chance to prove himself a man of the people, by sorting out the nation’s abysmal public transport. Incidentally, his first bus ride was in a luxury coach in Ipoh, last year.

He cannot speak simple English but loves to use acronyms as he sees no point in keeping things clear, and relies on statistics, to blind us with numbers.

He lacks the will to tackle difficult subjects. Has an image problem and depends on public relations firms to find out who he really is and what he stands for. Also has a split personality; says one thing but does another. For example, he says that only moderates will be allowed in Malaysia, but he closes one eye when extremists threaten public order. Not as courageous as he claims.

Muhyiddin Yassin: Talks too much. Will have the makings of a good public speaker who does not know his subject matter. On the bright side, he is an optimist, but I am more inclined to say that he suffers from delusions of grandeur. He claims the Malaysian education is one of the best in the world and that the Malaysian government is the most transparent globally. Has an identity crisis, and cannot decide if he is Malay or Malaysian first.

Nazri Abdul Aziz: Another one with verbal diarrhoea. Needs parenting classes as he cannot manage his children and admits that he cannot be responsible for their actions. If he cannot restrain one son, how does he expect to exercise control over the rakyat? Main aim in life is to make a hash of everything he oversees.

Rais Yatim: Suitable in jobs with plenty of scope for dramatic flair. Has a tendency to make the wrong career choice. Good at dishing out wrong advice such as when he warned Malaysians, especially Muslims, about the evil, western influences of Facebook and Twitter. This made the Information, Communication and Culture Minister an overnight global sensation on Twitter. Very creative person but tends to fly off the handle. Must learn more tact. Has problems with domestic staff.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi: A real plodder but with time, would make some progress. Has an inferiority complex and cannot see women as equals. Has a problem with wearing white gloves.

Mariam Mokhtar is a FMT columnist.

16 thoughts on “Mariam Mokhtar on Najib’s Report to the Nation

  1. These UMNO leaders seem to be in denial. The only issue now is will the voters drag them screaming and kicking, make them see the truth or will they continue to be in denial for another five more years?

  2. Ifmy popularity rating is indeed 69% why should I be afraid to call for an election tomorrow or have a free and fair elections? Why should I be afraid of Ambiga or Abdul Samad Said or whoever? The problem is I am not sure if my rating is REALLY 69% hehehe….

  3. ” Let us just take one of the NKRA’s – crime control. Najib states that street crime has been reduced by 39% whereas overall crime has been reduced by 11% since 2009 . ” – writer .

    What about the crime committed by the UMNO – Barisan leaders ? Was this counted ? And how come Kutty is walking around pretending to be an angel ! And others like Sami Value, the Sarawak Chief Minister and other UMNO Barisan leaders are still in power when they should be locked up with Kutty.

  4. Whislt you middle class people make ‘noise” and debate about rights and the Law, they dont give two hoots. You dont exist in this plan .

  5. The Prime Minister can jive all he wants on national tv , the community of todays Malaysia have gain momentum to the extent of possesing the faculty sharp enough to pinpointing the harsh reality between substance and rhetorics , Are appreciative of facts and figures. In other words , they cant be easily taken for a ride. The onus now is on the govt to get real or get booted out…

  6. ” The onus now is on the govt to get real or get booted out … “. – Danil

    The govt. is beyond redemption . Just listen to or just read the statements UMNO – Barisan leaders make . Do you see any signs of them getting REAL ?

    One can only sense an arrogance , stupidity , and above all an abject disregard for fairness, human rights and the principles as laid out in the Rukunnegara . CORRUPTION makes leaders the SCUM of the EARTH and our leaders , during the 22 years of Kutty’s premiership, have achieved this disgraceful status.

    The ” hangover ” from Kutty’s 22 years has continued till now . These leaders think they can continue to fool all of us, the electorate , all the time with their disgraceful , arrogant remarks .

    Hence , the time has come for the Malaysian electorate to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED . And the way to do it is to boot out these corrupt arrogant SCUMs.

  7. Rosmah , like what i’ve said , if the govt cant put their act together then it is reason enough to kick their butts out of putrajaya! For this to happen however , the people especially the bumiputera muslims must be prepared to absolve the advent of a new wave of impending ideas and policies out of the woodworks in a competitive plural enviroment. In the event that the bumiputera muslims choose to rest on their laurels then sticking to the present status quo will be a more viable alternative , in other words there is no other alternative. So now the onus is on the muslims to decide…

  8. you tell a chinaman , i’ll provide you with a ‘level playing field’ up against the Bumiputeras and he will without an iota of doubt vote for you.. That is how it is in Malaysia!!

  9. You tell a chinaman “I’ll provide you with a level playing field” my Chinese neighbor Kam Fak Mee will be more than happy to set up his hot dogs stall. His neighbor So Ken Wee will be just as happy to set up his selling ice cream. That’s about the only change you will see.

  10. “Hence , the time has come for the Malaysian electorate to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED . And the way to do it is to boot out these corrupt arrogant SCUMs” — Rose Ammah

    Those guys are asking us to sit down. And you’re asking us to stand up. You have to make a choice. You cannot do both!

  11. Bodoh punya Mak Cik. Rakyat didn’t say Mariam is like a broken record. Rakyat meant the whole Malaysian Cabinet sounds like a broken record. Sekarang zaman CD dan MP3, rekod vinyl tak pakai lagi. Cabinet Malaysia maseh pakai vinyl record. Baca dan fahamlah tulisan peserta diblog ini. jangan saperti kata omputeh like horse with blinders atau tunnel vision.

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