A-G Chambers clears MACC Trio of Wrongdoing in Teoh Beng Hock’s Death

April 6, 2012

A-G Chambers clears MACC Trio of Wrongdoing in Teoh Beng Hock’s Death

by Kow Gaw Chie (04-05-12)@http://www.malaysiakini.com

Three Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officers implicated by the Teoh Beng Hock Royal commission of inquiry have been cleared of wrongdoing.

In a Parliamentary written reply, de facto Law Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz said the trio have been cleared by the Attorney-General’s Chambers.”Thus, no action will be taken against the three officers,” he said.

Nazri was responding to a question by Gopeng MP Dr Lee Boon Chye, who asked the government to specify what kind of action has been taken against the trio.

The three-member RCI led by former Court of Appeal judge Steve Shim had found the three MACC officers’ aggressive interrogation tactics have contributed to Teoh’s death on July 16, 2009.

The trio are then-Selangor MACC Deputy Director Hishammuddin Hashim, Assistant Enforcement Office Arman Alies and Assistant Superintendent Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus.

They were suspended in July last year pending investigations. Hishamuddin has since been promoted to Negeri Sembilan MACC Director while the current status of Arman and Mohd Ashraf is unknown.

Mere disciplinary infraction

In the final RCI report recommended MACC to take action against the trio, whom they described as Arman “the bully”, Mohd Ashraf “the abuser” and Hishammuddin “the arrogant leader”.

azlanNazri said that the Attorney-General’s Chambers have examined statements presented by the police who investigated the three based on evidence adduced during the inquest and RCI.

Following this, the Attorney-General’s Chambers found that the trio did not commit a crime based on Penal Code or the MACC Act 2009.

He added that the MACC’s special investigation team had also cleared the trio of violating the Civil Service Regulations (Behaviour and Disciplinary) 1993, MACC Act 2009 and the commission’s internal rules.

“Based on this investigation, it was condluded that only one disciplinary charge can be made against (the trio) – a charge of failing to supervise the witness being investigated,” he said.

In a related development, Nazri was asked by Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching what was the result of investigations against the trio under Section 304A of the Penal Code (death caused by negligence) and Section 120A of the Penal Code (concealing a design to commit an offence).

In his written reply to Teo, Nazri said a police report based on the quoted laws have been made by Teoh’s sister. “The investigation papers have been referred to the state prosecution chief and the Attorney-General’s Chambers for investigations and advice,” he said.

35 thoughts on “A-G Chambers clears MACC Trio of Wrongdoing in Teoh Beng Hock’s Death

  1. Mere Disciplinary Infraction? What crap is that, Mr A-G. Somebody”s son, brother,husband and father lost his life and justice has been denied. What about the case of Ahmad Sarbani, the Customs Officer who died while being investigated by the MACC. I suppose this case too will be NFA’ed. –Din Merican

  2. The abuse of power is so blatant that this country cannot go any lower. This country is a dictatorship masquerading as a democracy.They just care a damn about what we think.

  3. Lets put aside all the rantings about the injustices done by MACC on Teoh Beng Hock.

    Lets ask ourselves why was Teoh Beng Hock summoned to MACC in the first place. Ean Yong and that Lee Kee Hiong , both from DAP should be held responsible. Were they manufacturing invoices?? If both Ean Yong and Lee Kee Hiong were clean , maybe Teoh Beng Hock need not be hauled up by MACC. Lee Kee Hiong were dishing out contracts to her uncle.

    What happened to Teoh is wrong and Ean Yong + Lee Kee Hiong should be held accountable as well. And DAP for all their talk about transparency & integrity didnt even haul up Lee Kee Hiong & Ean Yong.
    Why did not the MACC charge Ean Yong and Lee Kee Hiong? If there was enough evidence, the MACC would have done so. Get it straight, Semua Boleh La, Beng Hock was safe serving these guys. Remember Beng Hock died under the custody of the MACC. Accept that reality and you wont make your comment using convoluted logic.–Din Merican

  4. ” Migrate, leave the rotten country ….. ” – anakrakyat.

    Anakrakyat , don’t be silly and don’t do any such thing. Kita mesti ” lawan tetap lawan “. So my friend , just dig in your heels and we will meet again – only this time we will meet Merdeka Square on April 28th.

  5. This country has turned into a warlord country. Those in/with power could do anything, including killing another life, and it will be cover up. Look at the recent Mont Kiara condominium drama, you think the fellow will be prosecuted. What they (those who walks in the corridor of power) will pressure the condo managment and security co. to drop the case, or else… We have already descended our country into worse than 3rd world standard, with developed country infrastructure. What a shame.

  6. I get the feeling Nazi is the one who has cleared the MACC Trio in the same manner he has done nothing about the Lingamgate RCI. Like the instructions to GLC’s to “settle” TR lawsuits, he’s forced this one on the spineless AG.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  7. More Orwellian Newspeak:

    “Aggressive interrogation techniques” (regime speak) — “torture” (ordinary speak)

  8. I can never understand people like semua boleh la. So if a witness gets killed while being interrogated by the police or MACC, we should also blame the target of investigation? What kind of nonsensical logic is that?
    It doesn’t even make sense. It’s like you go to a party and your friend ask you to drink a lot, you drive back home and meet an accident but you don’t blame your friend instead you blame the car.

  9. Those responsible are Muslims, right? Where is Hassan Ali, defender of Islam when we need him?
    Well, Didi, the man feathering his own nest. Can’t expect anything less hypocrisy from this Islamic bigot.–Din Merican

  10. promotion instead of disciplinary action ..what does that mean?
    we don’t bother about what you(RCI) say! AG is God!

  11. Why did not the MACC charge Ean Yong and Lee Kee Hiong? If there was enough evidence, the MACC would have done so – Din Merican

    Why didnt MACC charge those ex-PKR reps in Perak who was accused of corruption before the jumped ship?? On the same basis, how come MACC didnt charge Shahrizat for that NFC stuff??

    Do some research Din, Lee Kee Hiong did gave out contracts to her uncle. And they were manufacturing invoices. That’s why MACC hauled up Teoh.

    Teoh was safe serving Lee & Ean?? Well, please tell that to his wife and child.
    My comment stands.If there was evidence, MACC would have charged Lee Kee Hiong. As far as those ex_PKR and DAP Aduns, they delivered Perak to UMNO-BN. In the case of Shahrizat, there was no evidence that she was directly involved in NFC affairs. Her husband is NFC Chairman.–Din Merican

  12. What are you trying to say, semua boleh la? Are you saying:

    1.that there’s not enough evidence to charge Ean Yong or Lee Kee Hiong?
    2. MACC is bi-partisan?
    3. MACC does not do its job?

    How is this on the same basis with Cow-gate or the ex-PKR reps in Perak?

    In any case, since you know so much why don’t you go and testify for the MACC?

  13. “On the same basis, how come MACC didnt charge Shahrizat for that NFC stuff?? ” Semua Boleh

    If there is an offence under the Penal Code called “crime by association”, then never mind Shahrizat the top brass of the police and the AG would be spending the rest of their remaining years behind bars. Organized crime could never exist without collusion with law enforcement.

    Husband and wife are agents of each other only when it involves the purchase of necessaries. Otherwise they are not agents of each other. So under what principles of law do you suggest we use?

  14. We are all screwed lah… what to talk and fight among ourself for? Teh halia kurang manis satu lagi… transfer all the monies out and put the houses and the cars in the market, how to fight when these buggers deal in billions and lawyers charge RM300000 just to “open file”?

  15. There will be no closure of TBH’s case until the cows come home or when a new Government takes over and do the due diligence.

    The Rule of Law is skewed into twin peaks – positive for UMNO and elites, while a seriously negative peak (injustice) is for the Opposition. So where does it stand for the common man? Dis-justice, like in dis-ease. No, it’s not that convoluted.

  16. Lets not kid ourselves that Sharizat played no role in securing that RM250m soft loan for her hubby. If not why dont some of you take a slow drive to Putrajaya on Monday, fill out some forms for a soft loan of say RM200m and lets see whether any of you lot can get it or not?

  17. Husband and wife are agents of each other only when it involves the purchase of necessaries. Otherwise they are not agents of each other. So under what principles of law do you suggest we use? – Mr. bean

    If based on above, then why are we whacking Najib for Rosmah’s spending, shopping, her handbags collection etc etc?

  18. Has anybody called for Rosmah Mansor to be charged for anything?? There is a clear difference between allegations and proof. Same as in the others. It is all about the presumption of innocence i.e. an evidentiary rule. Or maybe we should follow the European model.

    In the case of Che Mah Chot ( not to be confused with Che Guevara) who comes from humble beginings her spending today – married as she is to the current most powerful and most corrupt politician – appears to have surpassed that of the Mega Million winner over here and that too because she is restrained by public opinion. She can’t wait for the day when her husband no longer has that power. And it could come sooner that she expects.

  19. This woman has to flaunt her wealth in public to the chagrin of her husband who is fighting to be elected to the most powerful office in the country. He is after all only Prime Minister by default.

  20. “Lets not kid ourselves that Sharizat played no role in securing that RM250m soft loan for her hubby.” Semua Boleh

    NFC despite all appearances to the contrary( it is a corporation with shareholders and board of directors) is a cash cow for UMNO leaders and it is for you to expose who they are and the roles they play. It is not like Shahrizat having to carry a letter from the then Prime Minister (as in the case of Abdullah Ang in the ’80s carrying a handwritten letter by Mahathir ) to the CEOs of banks dangling it to their faces, gently persuading them for a RM2.0 million unsecured credit. To credit Shahrizat Abdul Jalil ( and her hen-pecked husband) with singlehandedly planning the entire scheme to hoodwink taxpayers of their hard earned money of RM250 million would be to ignore the truth.

    This project, like all the others before it, has been planned to fail. The losses massive though they were would be written off eventually and blame would then be attributed to poor business judgment. You can’t even apply negligence standard to it.

  21. NFC is a cash cow being milked dry by corrupt UMNO leaders to benefit themselves. Follow the paper trail to see where it leads, to find who benefitted from the losses. Let not the myriad of companies confuse you. Fraud can easily be exposed by lifting the corporate veil and get to the individuals.

  22. Perhaps even expecting the MACC to tell that officer that it was wrong of him to be browsing pronography while getting paid overtime at double rate is wrong – is even too much to expect from Malaysian civil service! We are screwed!

  23. What veil, Che Mah Chor don’t wear a veil. Most BN criminals don’t need mask, they do it openly and are proud to be recognized. Ne veil, no mask, veil veil is for Semi Value

  24. To know the true then you must kick the BN out from Putrajaya. All issues like Aitutanya, Teoh Beng Hoch, Sabrini, Kugan, corrupt NFC/ rm 500 million submarine will be answered and get the justice for all malaysia.

  25. Kalau Melayu ditempat Teoh, dah tentu senyap je. Mak Cik
    Tapi Mak Cik maseh merapu macam juboq itek. Depan sedut belakang cirit dalam kolam yang sama.

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