Malaysia at risk of losing its rich diversity

February 21, 2012

Malaysia at risk of losing its rich diversity

by  Iskandar Dzulkarnain, Malaysia Chronicle

More and more depressing news is cropping up as the days go by. Self-styled First Lady Rosmah Mansor is hogging the headlines for the wrong reasons over an honorary Doctorate of Law. So too is another well-educated and scandal-tainted UMNO woman bigwig – Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

News that ex-Petronas Chief Tan Sri Hassan Merican has left to work for a huge company in Singapore made me feel both proud and sad at the same time. We all know which way the wind is blowing and it is not really in the right direction at all.

Unfair policy

Not too long ago, Deputy Education Minister Wee made the statement that the PDA scholarships for bright students have been abused. Many students with 10A’s are not offered PDA scholarships, while those with 4-5A’s managed to secure them. It shows that even our brainy, bright, young talents are being discriminated against and barred from a chance to further their education overseas.

These will a big loss to our country’s talent pool and to the nation’s future. What a sad state of affairs, when even being the best is not enough. Will an investigation be conducted as to who these beneficiaries are and whether they rightly deserve such coveted scholarships?

Although it may not be a serious controversy, our bright young minds and talented geniuses who cannot afford an overseas education without financial support will only contribute to the unstoppable brain drain of this nation. Our hopes to be a first world nation are dashed on the rocks. These are our future leaders who will chart the course and contribute to the grand design of this nation.

Driving talent away

Today, our pool of leaders are nothing to shout about. Some of them are a bunch of clowns and nincompoops. Every time they open their mouths, we can see through their idiotic minds, no matter how very hard they try to hide the fact that they are not very bright. Even some leaders have questionable overseas degrees. Without highly skilled intellectuals as our leaders who can see through the greed, corruption and inequality, it will be very difficult for Malaysia to attain First World status.

Malaysia seems less and less a ‘Promised Land’ to the non-Malays. With a mock democracy and an authoritarian system of government in place, Malaysians who cherish democracy, meritocracy, freedom of expression, equality and freedom of religion are discouraged from regarding Malaysia as their homeland.

Those who can afford it have to save to send their offspring overseas to further their studies and to seek employment. Once their offsprings have secured an education and employment in their host countries, many will apply for Permanent Residence to join them. Bringing with them all the wealth and talent to their host country. Malaysia continues to lose its wealth and its valuable intellectual capital.

Uphill battle

Talent Corporation is facing an uphill daunting task to encourage Malaysians to return and serve the country. Those who say it is another for-show hype by Prime Minister Najib Razak are right. Malaysia simply doesn’t offer a conducive environment for the highly skilled and talented to return and help build this nation. Current policies are a gross hindrance. Those who actually return mourn the rashness of their decision, and many cannot wait to leave again.

Malaysia could be such a lovely place to build an existence. Its citizens could have coexisted in peace and harmony. There is so much going for this country, but our leaders have made a terrible mess of it. The level of corruption is simply unacceptable. Equal opportunities are in shambles. Threats of racial conflicts and religious sensitivities still exist. Dinosaur leaders refuse to relinquish their powers and continue to overstay their welcome. Malaysians are humiliated and abused by the government that is supposed to serve them.

And now, these leaders continue to threaten the peace of this country by resorting to racial conflicts to split the nation. Non-Malays are constantly reminded that Malays own this country. Malay Supremacy should not be questioned and Islam is superior to all other religions – this is being shoved down their throats each day.

Unappreciated, they will leave

Non-Malays feel sidelined as 2nd class citizens, humiliated that they cannot be equal and even encouraged to leave the country if they are not happy. Barisan Nasional, who is supposed to be the only political coalition capable of serving this nation, stands blind and impotent, as the abuse continues unabated.

One day, we may see the exodus of the non-Malays from this country. When the last Chinese is gone, we will start to miss the pretty, miniskirted Chinese lasses, and the corporate-dressed Chinese executives. Gone will be the sound of Chinese music during Chinese New Year, the dragon dances, the firecrackers, the red ang pows, the Chinese operas and kung fu movies on TV. Left behind will be empty buildings from Chinese businesses and the friendly neighborhood sundry shops, whose owners used to chatter in ‘broken’ Malay. Gone will be the Chinatown in Petaling Street, with its cheerful bright lights, myriad of colors and all kinds of everything for sale amidst the incessant Chinese chatter.

When the Indians follow, there will be no more dark beauties in colorful saris, no more colorful temples, no more Hindi movies and the interesting Indian and Hindu culture. No more fiery chicken curries, tosai, tandoori and  papadam. And with it goes the Hindu culture with the carrying of the Kavadi and Chariots of the Gods of Thaipusam and Festival of Lights of Deepavali. No more laughter of happy Indian children playing.

With the Christians joining the exodus, there will be no more sounds of Christmas carols, green Christmas trees dressed in white cotton and decorations. No more Santa Claus in the Shopping Complexes and Shopping Centres. No more Christmas turkey dinners in hotels all over the country and no reason to celebrate the New Year, which Malay hardliners say is a Christian celebration.

Kuala Lumpur, as Malaysia leans to a more Islamic way of life, will see masses of people going to work all dressed in headscarves and Baju Melayu, with even your own sister hardly recognizable among the crowd. How boring it will be without the non-Malays to lend flair, culture, color, identity and fun to our way of life. Malaysia may one day be like ultra conservative Saudi Arabia. All work and no play or is the other way around –  all play and no work!

It will be really sad for Malaysia to lose all its ethnicity, diversity, its potpourri of culture and its identity. Aren’t we selling Malaysia as truly Asia? Why must the government continue to play with our sensitivities and keep tearing us apart?

If the non-Malays go, I will leave too. No sense hanging around and continue to be abused by these ‘half aliens’ even though they may be of the same race as me. Suddenly, New Zealand sounds very appealing. I’m sure they need average journalists like me with no sense of humor.

– Malaysia Chronicle

55 thoughts on “Malaysia at risk of losing its rich diversity

  1. The Sikhs too will go. You won’t be able to see the Kaurs. What a boring Malaysia it will be. No wonder Mr. Bean never wants to come home. The Chinese girls too are getting scarce. That day will come if Mahathir and his Perkasa cohort have their way. 1Malaysia becomes one Big Moma-Najib tembak. Guru Nanak save us.

  2. Today, our pool of leaders are nothing to shout about. Some of them are a bunch of clowns and nincompoops. Every time they open their mouths, we can see through their idiotic minds, no matter how very hard they try to hide the fact that they are not very bright. Even some leaders have questionable overseas degrees. Without highly skilled intellectuals as our leaders who can see through the greed, corruption and inequality, it will be very difficult for Malaysia to attain First World status.

  3. on my way to Europe in 1980, I had the discomfort/fear that the homogenous european people would be boring compared to our multiethnic community.

    it is absolutely primitive to fear diversity. don’t they say ‘variety is the spice of life’? and don’t expect the tourists to come lah, for what? your slogan then will be ‘Malaysia Truly Saudi Arabia’! the remaining super malays can goncang kaki and play pocket billiards whole day long. gone will be your good teachers, best dentists, best doctors and excellent lawyers. gone will be the best plantation workers, the best tin miners and the best cooks.
    gone will be the Belakang Mati, the massage parlours, sissy bars, toto, lotto, 3 digits and four digits. gone will be the cinemas, pasar malam, teh tarih. gone will be the people who collect your rubbish and cut your grass….gone will the best snatch thieves, super burglars, cool gangstas and tricksters

    Gurubachan, if the Indians are gone you’ll be also gone lah; 🙂

  4. Reeperbahn,

    Better to be in Hamburg? Make sure it is not humbug. Malaysia is increasingly a humbug place, given the racist politics of the UMNO-BN government. My relatives are already in Australia, the US and Canada. Is Germany a good place for a Sikh like me? No problem for me as I am an American trained electronics engineer from MIT.I will be protected by Guru Nanak wherever I go.

  5. Wow Gurubachan Singh from Beantown. You’d adjust easily in the US with your BSEE from MIT. But do consider the following advice from Russell Peters. No offence meant just on the lighter side.

  6. hallo Gurubachan,

    your message is taken, I meant no ill will.
    you can be anywhere and be a proud Malaysian.

    with your qualification you’ll fit in anywhere in this big world. everyone else will appreciate your qualification and ability except our dear umnoputras. we should’nt give up but wake up the moderate/real malays from their reverie. the real world is much more thornier than what they think..

    Hamburg is a actually a ‘small town’ (city-state) and one of the richest and ‘schönste’ city in Germany. it would be more interesting for you to work in Germany than in the states where you’ll be just one of the many Patels there. there are hardly any malaysians here now, whom I know. there are also a few Gurdwaras here for indian and afghan sikhs.

  7. Hamburg is well known and notorious for three things:

    1. Beatles had their first overseas career there before they became famous

    2. The ubiquitous Hamburger was named after the town

    3. I thought the 911 plotters planned their terror there. No?

  8. To my fellow Malaysians,

    Do not quit when Malay-centric policies force you to. Quitters lose. Stay on and fight if we want change.We don’t depend on government handouts to survive and find our own niche in this country. All it takes is true grit with dignity and honour. I will stay because I am heavily invested in our country (not in financial terms of course) in time and energy to abandon my dream of what is possible for our country if we attract, retain and reward our diverse talents and creativity, and hold dear to the idea of a United people, ethnically diverse yet with a common purpose of prosperity and equity for all.

    We all have a place in sunny Malaysia if we stay on and fight extremism. Abandonment to New Zealand like the writer of this article would do is cowardice. People like Mahathir and his cohort are self-serving. I was wrong to think when I was a young man that Mahathir was fighting for all of us. Well, it is never late to learn and to admit I was completely wrong about him. We cannot let him win by quitting.–Din Merican

  9. Makcik,
    You are a typical UMNO Malay racist!

    Iskandar is what I would call a Malay brother. He is looking at humanity with the eyes of God. He is merely expressing his sense of despair at the direction this country is heading.
    The Malaysian economy is propped up by the Chinese without whom the Malays will not know where to turn to to repair their cars, their handphones, computers and electrical appliances.

    Banks will have no money to lend you, makcik.

    Malays, now working for the Chinese will lose their jobs unless the Government inflates the civil service to 4 million.

    Nay, who will collect your surat khabar lama, Makcik!!

    1. The Chinese believe in Setting Goals, Making Plans, & Focusing on Moving Ahead – there is always the sense of forward motion.

    2. The Chinese are obsessed with ensuring kids get the right education – English, Maths & Science. According to American Educationists, the Chinese kids are way ahead of the kids in the USA .

    3. The Chinese saving rate for every household has exceeded 20%. The Chinese believe that frugality & a healthy savings rate are a sure indicator of a country’s financial health. High savings lead to increased investments – results in increased productivity, innovation & job growth.

    4. Evey Chinese is foward looking – never backwards. New graduates make a vow – never ever will their children & grandchildren ever work in the fields again. With this kind of foward mentality, people are always thinking & planning how, not just to succeed, BUT how to be the best in the world in everything they do.

    And what about you Makcik and your UMNO Malays? Keep on talking about the evils of Valentines Day.

    Any comments related to Makcik will be deleted. Please don’t respond to it.

  10. ” People like Mahathir are self serving “. – bloghost.

    So are people like Ibrahim Ali , Hassan Ali and this obnoxious mufti from Perak. ” Clowns and nincompoops ” they all are, as are their blind followers.

    The coming elections allows the Malay community an opportunity to tell these people off and take control of their destiny and their religion . Clowns , nincompoops and self serving people should not be allowed to lead .

  11. One commentator, OverseasBumi, asked me if John Malott is real. Yes, he is and he was US Ambassador to Malaysia when Mahathir was Prime Minister and a very good one too. He speaks his mind as Americans in general do and he is my very good friend who now resides in Washington DC.

    Ambassador Malott writes in his own name when he comments on this blog. He is keen observer of Malaysian politics. He also is interested in Japan,Vietnam and ASEAN.

    It takes guts to use your own name, like Ambassador Malott when you write on this blog. Bean, for example, is not a real name, just a label, and if I am still trying to figure who he really is. But he writes well, although he can be a weirdo at times.–Din Merican

  12. Like it or not the destiny of Malaysia belongs to Malaysians. Only Malaysians can decide how Malaysia is to be. Dato is right, Quitters are losers.

    The only weapons Malaysians have are their votes. All Malaysians are to be blamed for the demise of Malaysia. Why? Malaysians have been voting BN, especially the Chinese (for peace to make a living). Thus the Chinese prefers the easy way out and for this they are very selfish. As for the rest, they are no better. There are those selling their votes for petty some. Election is a windfall for many. Many have been corrupted.

    It is very simple. You get what you sowed. So who’s to blame? Need I say more? And the solution is written within.

    • You can disagree but don’t get personal. I have the right to change my mind about Mahathir just as you have the right to support his ideology. If you got guts, use your real name.

  13. I don’t need to. Plus, I am a nobody. I can say my name is Malek bin Hassan Ali, and you’d stil have a tough time to verify. My view should be just as valid.

    WHy didn’t you delete the comment where I congratulated you on being a ‘typical Malay’. You know that’s a slur many ‘non-Melayu tulen’ Bumis use? I know my non-Malay grandma uses that often.

    You dish it, but can’t take it. John Mallot would look disapprovingly at you, and maybe reduce your commission.

  14. And when the last Chinese, Indian, Thai etc leave it’s time for the oldies here to pack our bags and amble into the sunset on the back of our trusty kerbau with tean (let’s hope he too doesn’t cabut) at the lead. What a poignant depiction of despair at its best…

  15. We know if many issues going on but very little is done for current Gov to address them. If they continue to go on this way, I worry this country will just continue to head south. We need more concerned voices and to amplify them. With more momentum and strength we can take back this nation and correct what has gone wrong.

  16. ” RPK is just as full of himself as you …. . ” – OverseasBumi


    Time has the propensity to do this to all of us . Remember the late Muammar Gaddafi of Libya ? He was only a soldier who overthrew the Libyaan monarchy in the name of his people . But with time , he starts behaving like the Monarch whom he overthrew and then later he becomes delusional and thought himself as GOD – as invincible . Now we all know that it was never about the people of Libya – it was all about himself and the power that he wielded.

    I don’t think our Maha crook was any different . Imagine how he attempted to circumscribe the royalty but he himself behaved like one ! It was all about him, his sons and his cronies . It was never about the Malays. He was just another self serving scum.

    And in time we will learn the same about our mufti’s and people like Hassan Ali and their ilk. They are already showing signs that they are delusional. We are all adults – we don’t need these people to tell us how to live or how to go about our lives. We have done it well all on our own and no thanks to these morons.

  17. Let us vote wheather OveseasBumi and Makcik be banned from posting on Dato’s blog.
    Let starts with me. OverseaBumi and Makcik go seeks troubles elsewhere. I do not welcome your comment. You are not welcome here. And Dato has all right to delete your undesirable comments for this is his blog. Leave us in peace.

    I vote to banned both out.

  18. I agree with Vic and the bloghost. These two are behaving like jilted lovers aka gila talak.

    Go elsewhere please. Your common ground and don’t be a nuisance to us here, looking for some serious and intellectual discussions that to discuss your nonsense . Pergi main dengan Ilham jauh jauh.

  19. I made a slip today by responding to that “unmentionable” commentator. I will join vic to ban these UMNO cybertroopers from this blog.

    Don’t be surprised if they reappear using other names.

  20. Malaysian Chinese are already reducing in numbers in Malaysia. I hear this comment often ” Where have all the young Chinese gone ”

    There will always be Chinese in Malaysia but maybe not the executive in their suit or the SYT in her mini-skirts. The old couple in the quint little stores and the Chinese tycoon will still be around. As will also the mechanics and construction workers. These are un-glamorous low paying jobs that only hardworking guys would do.

    Because of the discriminating education policies, there will be a large population of not so educated Chinese left behind. Countries like US, UK, Canada, Aus, even China will only take the best of the lot.

    They will all probably end in either Penang or Perak or Selangor. If there are lucky, they might still have a decent life if they get control of the state government.

  21. chin, actually many of the blue collar workers work hard and save to give their children good education. So most of their children will migrate and the ‘odd’ ones left behind are the ‘oldies’ like us. By that or this time, we’ll be in the non-paying tax bracket, and pining to have our grandchildren visit us. We will sit back, have a few words and watch our country go down in the sunset and talk about the good old days where diverse ethnicity was an enchanting melting pot of many different and interesting festivals, cultures and traditions, a time where you celebrate with me my many festivals and I yours. Ahh, how I wish at times, that time stood still.

  22. Dato, you sounded exactly like my mentor. He too is very professional and unbias in his thinking. A Tan Sri whom i truly *tabik spring*, and yes, he is a malay…

    Anyway, i listened to my ADUN making a statement 1fine day. She announced “…some 350+ thousands mainly educated Chinese-Malaysian had left our beloved country since 2004(?) and that number is big. If you not know how big, imagine you wake up 1fine morning to find all of Subang Jaya, empty. A ghost town. Every single soul gone! Only the buildings are left. That is how many that had left…blahblahblah…please go register and don’t desert this land…”

    I have long ago chosen to stay and hope not to regret later…

  23. Why are the malays either like Dato’ very very enlightended or very very blinkerd?

    I dont undestand this phenomena. When they are like Dato’ ( am using Dato’ as an example here, I know so many others too) they are SO intelligent. So very intelligent that they can run this country and M’sia WILL succeed. Without a doubt. Hurrican Max obviously knows another one. They are SO VERY smart.

    My question for them is this,
    When are they going to lead this nation? Hand in hand with other so very bright M’sians. The time to do it is NOW.

  24. guys, isn’t it pathetic that we miss our partners and dear ones ONLY after they are no more there. as of women the germans say ‘ you can’t live with them but also can’t live without them’. the same thing should be applied to the various races in Malaysia.

    yes Frank, the 911 was planned in the Technische Universität Hamburg/Harburg. they desecrated the the prayer room allocated to the muslim students to plan this heinous holocaust on innocent people.
    the pre planning was done in Bolehland, in fact the first warning to the US went from the malaysian intelligence. unfortunately this was ignored by the americans.

  25. These bunch of goons just do not care that the brains are diluting in this beloved country, all they care is to amass and grab as much as they can, and that their dynasties will rule forever and ever. It will depend on the wisdom of the voters on the fate of this country.
    Our country have been the training ground for brains to be used by other countries, and now we will also be training the foreign labours, to be eventually used by their respective home countries, such as the proposed repatriation of those construction workers of age 45 and above.
    It has been very depressing on a daily basis to read of all the social ills, robbery, snatching……, price hike of almost everything.

  26. “It takes guts to use your own name” — Dato Din Merican

    It is all about freedom of speech and the need for an open political process, Dato.

    Protection of those processes includes debate on public issues in an uninhibited, robust and wide open manner and which can include vehement, caustic, and unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials. That happens to be the core values of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constituion though not that of our Federal Constitution 1957. In a free society truth must not be suppressed; and the best way for truth to emerge is through competition with falsehoods in the free marketplace of ideas. To encourage that process, society cannot suppress ideas and speech about them.

    Those who won independence for the United States believed that “the final end of the state was to make men free to develop their faculties and that in its government the deliberative forces should prevail over the arbitrary. They valued liberty both as an end and as a means”. Those in parenthesis are the words of Justice Brandeis in Whitney v. California, 274 U.S. 357 (1927).

    In Malaysia, the concern in the ’50s was that the newly independent nation of Malaya under a government which has none of the experience and tradition built over many years to fall back on, would need help in ensuring political stability so that its work in building the country economically could begin. The paramount concern was that it should not go the way of India when it was split by race riots into two warring nations. Legislative controls were drafted into the country’s Federal Constitution of 1957 to make the political process less open. Today some five decades after independence we may ask if it is not time that we loosen such legislative controls to free speech, association and assembly.

    The problem is the current ruling regime sees loosening up of legislative controls as a threat to its hold over the monopoly of political power.

    But that is no excuse for us ordinary Malaysians not to be more tolerant of views which do not necessarilly reflect our own. It is time we practice what we preach. If using fictitious handles, monikers, nicknames or pseudo names or nom de plume gives us the freedom to speak our views freely without the cautious restraint that comes with the inconvenience of using real names the practice should not be frowned upon as being cowardly.

  27. Yes, we can take the moral high ground by calling those of the baby-boomer generation to stay and fight. I thought that we have been doing just that ever since independence. Many of us, particularly in the Civil Service, accepted the overt NEP policies in the hope that it would be temporarary and that balance would be restored once the bumiputras find their feet. But in that ideal state of mind we forgot that bumiputras were being born on every day of the year not to mention those imported from other countries.

    My contribution to this country has been that I did not make it a racial issue when I was by passed for promotion by officers who were five years my junior, yes five years my junior. Now our children are facing the same situation. The special rights are going to be edged in gold in the constitution and subsequent government will not be able to amend it even if they have the voters.

    This NEP policies of the government has resulted in not one Ketua Kampong who is a non Malay. All the Disrtict Officers and their Assistance are Bumiputras. All the CPOs and OCPDs ( barring a few here and there) are Bumiputras. The upper echelon of the PTD service is Bumiputra when the social contract, which is invoked so often by Government NGOs, clearly underlined that recruitment into the elite Malaysian Civil Service and later the Home and Foreign Service and later renamed the PTD service, should be in the ratio of 4:1. Can you imagine what the adherence to that principle would have done to the civil service of the country. We will not have a situtation where the Private Sector had taken a leaf form the Government to recruit manpower on the basis of their own racial preference.

    You want to undo all this it will take another 60 years. At the rate the debt rate is closing in on our GDP I am afraid that we may not have the financial strength and resources to undertake such an excercise. In countries all over the world race relations are put to a severe test when the financial resources are depleted. Now we have the clarion call for those like me to stay and try to make Malaysia better. No I have no strength. I have to enlist my children to do that. The government is trying to do that. It is now up to them to convince people like my children to stay and make Malaysia better. I took up that challlenge when in the 1959 general elections the jingle by the Late Zainal Alam said,

    I put my name onto the register
    I am going to make it
    I am going to make it
    Make Malaya better”

  28. Anonnymous ,

    An article in Malaysiakini about an IMAM throwing both his shoes at a bench of 3 Federal Court judges in Putrajaya today may help you feel better . Read the length of the article and see what he has to say about corruption at the mosque where he is the IMAM.

  29. Australia’s Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd resigned due to differences with PM Julia Gillard. Will our great Anifah Aman do the same should he cross sword with Jibby? Far from resigning, he’ll go out and buy an imitation Berkin to please Fat Mama instead.

  30. An imam, who had been ordered to be evicted from his premises because of disciplinary problems, took the unprecedented step of throwing his shoes at three judges on the Federal Court bench today. — Malaysiakini

    Good for him. He is exercising his free speech right. However, he cannot understand obviously that there are consequences he will have to meet. We will just have to wait to see what the court would do to him.

    My guess is he would say in his defense that if Iraqis could throw their dirty slippers at the head of the world’s strongest military power, he cannot understand why he cannot throw his at three old men in black robes messing with his rights to occupy a delapidated building made of attap.

  31. My question is simple: Do Malaysian desire a ‘sex-maniac’ PM and will the Malays accept a non-Malay-islamic DPM?..Though the Malays were seen split, i doubt they will compromise on matters pertaining to their race, religion, right and their Rulers..

    ” Unimos para defender su raza, relegion, derecho y privilegios”!

  32. When you do Hajj you throw stones at the devil represented by three pillars at Jamrah. Often times Hajj throw shoes and slippers so this Imam is exercising his rights by throwing his shoes at the representatives of the devil, the three judges. He believes the three judges represent the devil in the judiciary in Malaysia,

  33. “Though the Malays were seen split, i doubt they will compromise on matters pertaining to their race, religion, right and their Rulers.” Bond

    These are constitutional issues. If by that you mean the Constitution of 1957 will have to be amended, that seems to be a matter out of sync with present day political realities. I doubt if they ever will. If they interpret these consitutional provisions strictly I doubt if they is a need to. The problem is UMNO and their lackeys minding the store dressed in black robes have tended recently to be more creative than usual in their interpretation of constitutional law.

  34. Granted there are provisions in the Federal Malaysian Constitution of 1957 phrased in ways that allow for inherent ambiguity. The purpose of that is to ensure a role for the balancing of equities when it comes to subsidiary legislation.

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