Rafidah to Shahrizat: Just Go

February 2, 2012


Rafidah to Shahrizat: Just Go

UMNO Wanita chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has been told to resign from all her party and government posts – by none other than her predecessor and archrival Rafidah Abdul Aziz.

In an interview published by The Malay Mail today, the former international trade and industry minister makes an obvious reference to Shahrizat and tells her, “If you are a problem to the party and government, please move out!

rafidah aziz pc on permatang pauh by election 010808 03“That’s it (for) everyone, whether it’s got to do with cows or anything (else). That’s the most matured way of dealing with your problems.”

In the damning interview, Rafidah (right) also slammed the women, family and community development minister for referring any decision to quit on her part to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“The point is: damn it, decide, don’t leave it (the decision to go) to the Prime Minister. Don’t leave the onus on the Prime Minister to decide for you.”

Shahrizat has been under fire for her family’s involvement in the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal, where the company was awarded a RM250 million government soft loan to develop the cattle industry.

Opponents, especially PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli, have alleged that NFC used its funds for unrelated expenditures. Shahrizat has denied any involvement in NFC and her family members have denied any wrongdoing by the company.

Responding to The Malay Mail interview with Rafidah, UMNO Cheras division head Syed Ali Alhabshee expressed support for Rafidah’s suggestion and reiterated his call for Shahrizat’s resignation

33 thoughts on “Rafidah to Shahrizat: Just Go

  1. Anak Mami, it is time to call it quits. Please don’t wait to be sacked. Even Octo Kutty told you to do so. Your husband should be investigated and charged. MACC, please don’t drag your feet. Salleh is an UMNO Minister, but his mismanagement of NFC is embarrassing to UMNO and the Malaysian Government. Go, just go.

  2. II I strongly feel that there is use of going on denying and dragging
    on the issue. The right thing for Sharizat to do is to resign and not
    say it depends on the Prime Minister. Too many of these things are
    happening and the public cannot take it.

  3. What Shahrizat must go?? No. The entire UMNO government must go! So we could bring UMNO leaders to justice. If they do not want to come, we will take justice to them. And that includes the notorious AP Lady who overstayed her welcome. Now she’s telling her successor and nemesis who was instrumental in knocking her off her high pedestal to do what she failed to do. Haven’t we been there before??

    “A fat lobster behind the stone” ?? As the Malays would say. Please tell me I’m wrong. I haven’t gone to the Red Lobster in a long time since the recession. I could do with one or two myself.

  4. Nevertheless the Devil’s Advocate in me tells me to educate untrained advocates of civil society like Robert Phang, of the apparent weakness in the case against her. Like how much does she know what is going on in her family owned company? You wish you could be a fly on the wall – not just any wall but her bedroom wall. Apparently, she must know a lot. But what exactly does she know? You would need to go into her head to find out because as prosecutor the burden of proving what the accused knows and what she doesn’t know is on you.

    Then there is the issue of what crimes were committed? The deputy Police Chief upstaged his boss and the Attorney General by declaring that there is no evidence of criminal breach of trust. Supplying subsidised beef with the compliments of the taxpayer to her many beef outlets – the likes of Charlie Brown (which has gone out of business in the mall in my neighborhood), or the Texas based LongHorn ? But then providing market to help shore up a fledgling industry is not exactly a crime. So what is? Making bad business decisions? Surely that cannot be a crime. Otherwise many of our CEOs would be facing law suits of some kind or another. Isn’t making use of funds albeit taxpayer funds sitting in your bank accounts (and not earning interest) by investing them in upmarket condominium in an appreciating real property market an example of good business sense? Wrongful criminal appropriation of public funds to benefit family members? But these are individuals who are only acting in their capacity as trustees? The property has not been sold and proceeds from the capital gain have not been distributed.

    True. If there is such a thing as a thought crime, Shahrizat would be found guilty of many. And among the thought crimes she would be guilty of is wanting to ride the lembu (nourished with taxpayer funds) with our Tok Cik into the sunset? Maybe not into the sunset. Some bushes would make good enough cover.

    Is that all the evidence we got?? Tell me there is more.

  5. Actually what the AP Mommy Queen-bee was saying is… she is a “stupid cow” to be covered in “cow-dung” for a pittance of a few hundred Millions whilst they had siphoned off billions and still can ride on the “high horse” and lecturing her on morality and “cabinet minister” responsibility…lol!

    Hidup Malaysia!

  6. I really think it’s time salvage some pride and leave while you still can. Listen to what the people are saying and cut them some slack, leave for god sake’s.

  7. Our kerbau has no place for this lembu lady, Bean. She can mooo and mooo for all I care, tean not gonna take her on our eventual ride into the sunset.

  8. Kak Pidah, with the exception of the AP fiasco and some ‘minor’ jewelry junkets, was good for the country. She’s still respected by Malaysian businesses, SMEs and recognized internationally. Shoots straight from the hip, er navel; and now flying high with AirAsia X and Megasteel. She did as Anwar did, and more – shedding some crocodile tears every now and then. She wasn’t as racist, religiocentric and sexist as the present crop of neanderthals. I’ve heard it said: “She was crooked, but not as bad as the majority.” Her self confidence, hubris and haughtiness grates many.

    Kak Lembu, is another ‘cattle’ of fish altogether, and i won’t speculate on what will happen to the condos and beef patties in the sky. Leaving her in the present state is indeed most wonderful tragedy. The ball.., er cow, is in Jibs court now and it’ll be interesting to see how long a functioning cabinet minister can take leave. Off with her head? Unlikely, as her cohorts including the self-serving butch Azalina will declare civil war.

  9. AP Lady saying what goes around comes around. An old score has been settled. Should the Opposition come to power these two gas bags should be dragged to the court hands and legs bound together.

  10. Who says tomorrow never come? Sharizat’s planning a home-coming party on the morrow at her residence. She’s back from Umrah to seek solace for her tortured soul. Well, the only solace she gonna get is a pair of shoe laces belonging to hubby, Pak Salleh.

  11. A public spanking is not exactly what most Malaysians would like to see. Tok Cik would have first bite at spanking Shahrizat. Then there are others within UMNO who would like to see her take that ride (out of UMNO) for obvious reasons.

  12. Their cellulite will snuff me out in seconds. That’s not the preferred way to meet up with my 72 virgins. May be on second thought I might as well do that.

  13. There she goes,,,the ‘iron lady” showing her fangs again….becoming ‘garang’ in the face of her former adversary, she snarls ” Go, go away…” Your corrupt propensity not only smears our Party’s ‘ good image ‘ ( as if when she was holding the reign then, it was good, being likened to Margaret Thatcher, of sorts ) – now, ‘garang’ again b’coz she is well-placed with Dr Mahathir on the one side, and Anantha Krishnan with Tony Fernandes on the other in the E-MAS – Air Asia Symbiosis in which the opportunity to do Gold-mining looms as a very good Prospect….

    Not that it matters much….good to see her snarl at her former Adversary , followed by the usual Smug….

  14. I’m surprised that Terrence Netto the Shakespearan buff has not called for Shahrizat to be “like Caesar’s wife” i.e. above suspicion. Is it because another has said that back on December 20 2010??

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