Asian Woman Power

January 27, 2012

Asian Woman Power

by Vishakha N. Desai

India’s Indira Gandhi, Sri Lanka’s Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto, Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh, Corazon Aquino of the Philippines, and Megawati Sukarnoputri of Indonesia – these women leaders dominated South and South East Asia for much of the past four decades.

Each belonged to a special class of women whose husbands or fathers were their country’s recognized founding father or longstanding political leader. But, while their dynastic links brought them to power, they were not the sole factor keeping them there.

When first elected, none of these women had any serious professional or political qualifications. For some, this “shortcoming” was seen as an advantage, enabling some of them to project an image of innocence and purity, even martyrdom, as they stood in the place of their deceased husbands or fathers. None was particularly focused on a women’s agenda (at least not in their first terms in office), and studies show that rural women did not fare particularly well under their rule.

But something very different emerged in Asia in 2011. We still have women leaders who came to power at least partly because of their family ties. But they now seem to use their positions with far more confidence in putting women and their concerns squarely at the center of their agendas. And perhaps more importantly, a growing number of women are reaching for the highest political echelons in their countries by dint of their political talents alone.

Sonia Gandhi (left), the Italian-born wife of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and daughter-in-law of the late Indira Gandhi, became India’s most powerful woman for dynastic reasons but she has consistently demonstrated that she is a shrewd behind-the-scenes political operator.  For her, the main task at hand is to strengthen the Congress Party, which in early 2011 she was elected to lead for an unprecedented fourth term. But she has also expended considerable energy on promoting women, particularly their representation in politics. Indeed, she pushed hard in backing Pratibha Patil to become India’s first woman president.

Similarly Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh’s prime minister, who carries the mantle of her assassinated father, has become a keen advocate of development issues, with a special emphasis on women and their needs. That agenda, missing in her first term, has dominated her current period in office.

In East Asia, too, women are on the rise politically. Park Geun-hye (right), daughter of Park Chung-hee, President of South Korea from 1961 to 1979, is now one of the two likely candidates to succeed President Lee Myung-bak. While Park derives some of her power from her family pedigree, she has proven to be an astute and seasoned politician – one who climbed the Grand National Party’s leadership ladder over the last two decades to emerge as a national figure. Her role in championing an inclusive agenda for women provides a new lens through which to assess the power of Asia’s new leaders.

Compare Park to Corazon Aquino, who, when elected President of the Philippines, famously remarked that she was simply a housewife, not a professional politician or an experienced leader. It was clear that voters elected her because she was the widow of the slain opposition hero Benigno Aquino. By contrast, no one would deny Park’s professional credentials. She is taken seriously more for her own experience and political power than for her family connections.

Even in Japan, a similar change is in the air, but with no hint of dynastic trappings. Yuriko Koike (left), a former defense minister and national-security adviser, is one of the country’s most powerful figures; indeed, she could become Japan’s next prime minister.

Unlike many other leaders of her Liberal Democratic Party, Koike has no real family connection to any major political figure. Instead, her standing reflects her unique political talents: an academic background in Arabic studies (she studied at Cairo University) and fluency in English, which give her a global perspective that most of her male colleagues lack. Koike is not the only Asian woman without family ties forging a political career that may lead to the top.

Indonesia’s Sri Mulyani Indrawati, a former finance minister and currently a managing director of the World Bank, is often mentioned as a leading presidential candidate in her country. Indeed, a party has been formed specifically to entice her to run for president in 2014.

In Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, is making a sustained and powerful challenge to the incumbent president in the election due in January 2012.  Having helped to draft Taiwan’s special state-to-state act that regulates relations with China, and then having headed the country’s Ministry for Mainland Affairs Council, she is well positioned to manage the thorniest issue any Taiwanese leader will face: the relationship with China.

Another newcomer to political leadership is Yingluck Shinawatra (right), Thailand’s Prime Minister. Clearly, one reason she swept to power this year were her ties to her brother, exiled former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who controls the country’s strongest political party. But she made it clear during the campaign that she is her own person, a seasoned business leader with appropriate professional degrees.

Then, of course, there is the Burmese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. The daughter of the founder of independent Burma, Suu Kyi is now engaged in perhaps the most delicate task of her remarkable political career – trying to engineer a true democratic transition from decades of military dictatorship.

Unlike the first generation of Asian women leaders, who gained power primarily because of their familial connections, the emerging crop are strong, confident, and ready to take on the challenge of leading their nations on their own terms. Their followers appear to see in them harbingers, unjaded by history, of the change for which their societies are clamoring.

At a time when, despite economic growth in Asia, there is much social and income inequality, as well uncertainty about the durability of peace in the region, the desire to find fresh solutions to problems has given a powerful boost to women leaders. They are poised to take their seats at the top table – and perhaps to change its shape.

Vishakha Desai is President and CEO of Asia Society, which will host the Women Leaders of New Asia Summit in Zhenjiang, China, April 19 – 21, 2012.

Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2011.

79 thoughts on “Asian Woman Power

  1. Competent, confident and strong,they have soft power and should be given a chance, they may turn out to be better leaders than the men. What do you think, guys?

  2. -man remains a 14 year old throughout his life.
    -we would’nt be having many wars if women had more power to influence the politics!
    -as they say behind every successful man is a woman. But in the animal kingdom the leader of the pack is usually a male.

  3. It is a matter of time isn’t it, that this would happen. The role of women was already discussed in the 12th Century and how complete they are and capable. They have been somewhat overlooked. What with juggling the home, children, and other responsibilities that occupy them. However the opportunity has now risen, the ingredients are there, people want fresh change.

    They have a quality over and above qualifications and that is nurturing. They can nurture back to health and a sick nation needs just that.

    M’sia will no doubt follow suit and there will emerge someone from somewhere obscure , totally independent of the current people, because that is what M’sia is ready for, real change.
    Kathy and women of your generation,

    It is man’s ego which prevents them from acknowledging the role of women in family, community and nation and beyond since time immemorial. Women of my late mother’s generation, for example, preferred to stay behind in the background, exercising subtle influence. They suffered from indignities perpetrated by insecure men. But it was the women who kept families from disintegrating.

    When my dad died in 1946, my mom raised 3 kids on her own, two of us received tertiary education. I learned from an early age to respect the soft power of women.They have my greatest respect. Today, I am pleased that with good education–and the Malay girls are doing very well at universities compared to the Malay boys, for example– and financial independence, women of the 21st century have become very assertive in public life.

    This trend, I submit, is irreversible. It should be good for the future of humanity.The recalcitrant male chauvinists must now accept this reality.Gender equality is a noble end.–Din Merican

  4. Unless you are from the Indian subcontinent where you have to wear a saree, all women who want to show they have power, have to wear pants.

    Hiillary Clinton is their role model…. pants= power

    Men losing power because of the following:

  5. …..respect the soft power of women.The recalcitrant male chauvinists must now accept this reality,It should be good for the future of humanity. -Dato Din

    Ouch!! That will hurt Mr Bean real bad. Strikes at the heart.
    Frank, Hang Mongkut Bean is still at his watering hole. When he is sober, I expect a response. I am sure Semper Fi has something to say on this issue.–Din Merican

  6. When it comes to the treatment of women, the Indian men are the worst offenders. They have turned out to be wife beaters. That’s real. MIC cannot deal with this problem, thanks to the Sammy Value who has receded into oblivion.

  7. Dato’, thats an excellent message you have sent there for women. I know you have lived by truth that is why you are untainted.

    You remind me so much of my father.

  8. ” They suffered from indignities perpetrated by insecure men…..” -Dato Din Merican.
    ” Man’s Ego ” – the base desire to overpower what is ‘ weak’, and this ‘ Nafs ‘ are the base desires of the Beastly Kingdom….reeperbahn.

    True, we forget the parallel to the natural world, all those things we call Mother-Nature, not only in terms of nourishments, but the prior Attribute of Femineity in all of Creation.

    How can Man then perpetrate all kinds Trespasses, attacks and physically abuse the female gender, especially those of tender age, innocent children and under-aged who are in guardianship.

    In the same parallel that we see and Revere our very own Mother, could we not pay equal reverence to Children in general, whether male or female , BECAUSE THEY ARE THE FUTURE ” MOTHER” OF MEN ?

    Is it not sad & emotional to witness everywhere these molestations, physical abuses and dastardly animal behaviour being perpetrated on these Helpless Innocent Sweet Little Things of Mother Natures’ benevolence upon the human race, but instead Man himself demonstrates Ingratitude in his own being in this worldly existence…? ?
    Such Cruelty !

  9. FLOM did not make the list?

    Described as “absolutely gracious and very easy to deal with”, and “nothing like the woman often portrayed by the local media for her extravagant lifestyle” she would have been a hands-down shoo-in candidate as she went about relieving the Malaysian Treasury of precious dollars Down Under.

    Such grace under pressure, trying to spend as much as possible in so short a time. The stress must have been tremendous. Yet she came out smelling like a bunch of posies. And to think the likes of Bhutto and Suu Kyi and Indira beat her to it. The shame of it all.

  10. I am all for equality guys !! Sometimes a woman has to be on top. The man cannot be made to do all the work all the time. That’s gender bias.

  11. Ahhh….. didi, from now on it should be FLOP all the time…befitting of Malaysia, b’coz elswhere in the world FLOM is the right verbiage….

  12. Is old frank trying to impress the ladies on this blog?? Doesn’t he know that Kathy and didi are taken. That leaves only Makcik. Somehow I got this distinct feeling early on that old frank was going after Makcik — now we can confirm. But old frank may be in for the biggest shock of his life! Makcik is likely to rise to the occassion.

  13. How can you leave out Mak Cik LL.B (UMNO) such impeccable credentials
    LLB – Loyar Loyar Burok dari University Melayu No Otak.(UMNO)

  14. Women Leaders of New Asia Summit? Wtf?
    Another scam and brand lah. What exactly does this do? Recognition of “Syiok Sendiri” in all it’s manifestations. Just like the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards or the Top Insurance Agency of Asia.. etc.

    The real heroines in the gender war do not need to be recognized. They are our Mothers. Indignity? What indignity – they are our dignity, without whom we do not exist.

    For those who are wondering what the heck is happening, the Global Summit for Women 2012, will be held in Greece in May. See here:

    The fairer gender may apply. Those with extraneous appendages between their legs go sulk in the corner. We the males, are screwed, as always. That’s called the ‘beehive complex’ aka drones..

  15. Good article.

    Women in positions of political power will pay more attention to
    “female issues” (but which affect the welfare of children, the next generation,
    very much).

    Nevertheless, a person’s character is of primary importance, not his/her gender.
    As someone pointed out, we have our FLOM!
    Zimbabwe has its Grace Mugabe, Philippines has its Imelda Marcos.
    And Nazi Germany had its sadistic female concentration camp guards !

  16. Very true, Phua. In US, we have women such as Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. There are women who would want to push women-kind backwards unfortunately.

    I probably wouldn’t know what “rise to the occasion” means, Bean. I’m very “puritanical”. But Frank definitely should have a go with Makcik.

  17. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia,
    Ex-PM Helen Clarke of New Zealand,

    And may Aung San Suu Kyi be the next leader of Burma !

  18. Yes a very very good point Mr Phua. it is definitely the character and how well grounded one is. That determines all.

    p/s being a woman would help too! its time.

  19. The Holy Book clearly warned that women for obvious reason numbered more than men in hell..but guys never took this for a rjde as some will stay longer in hell than women due to their unforgiven sins.. So men are known to commit wrongdoings more than women?

  20. there is no question about the capabilities and adaptabilities of the fairer sex, we have witnessed these in our history and our culture.

    actually we should talk about the maturity of men! are they matured enough to accept women as equals and let them compete in the higher echelons of business and politics??

    Gott sei Dank! its changing now. very soon, malaysia will have its own Ms Prime Minister! ….not Rosmah lah!

    -majority of capital crime is commited against women and children
    -victims of wars are always women, children and old folks

    change we must, for starters listen to your womenfolk at home, friends.

  21. oh and james, what do you mean by “guys bever took this for a ride?

    and also,James, why do you question the possibility that men can do more wrong doing then women?

  22. A lady should be allowed to to be liberated to the extent that she wants to be. And it is through that simple principle men have secured the psotion that they have today.

  23. Yes reeperbahn,in my comment/s above i had confined specifically to particularise on matters affecting all the Afflictions of cruelties & brutalities the world over perpetrated on women, children & those underaged. like what you say –

    – majority of capital crime is committed against women & children

    – victims of wars are always women, children & old folks

    What causes humanity so much pain & distress is to see via the Astro footages about how men brutalise, physically abuse, murder & rape female children of tender age ( those helpless sweet innocent kids ) AS IF we lost Reverence for our own ” Mother ” whom we literally ‘worshipped’ in those tender years of childhood ?

    Is that not what james is saying that men will remain longer in Hell than women ?

  24. Why should’nt We keep on repeating this centuries old predatory Inctincts rebuke on human nature ”

    ” Even Animals protect their young….”

  25. C’mon guys !!

    It is rather late to be dwelling on the difference between being a man and a woman. Is’nt it obvious that men have disappointed women? The significant half is no longer significant. Today many are turning to each other for love and security. They live together and have children of their own. Now they want to be able to marry each other. That’s how equal women have become over here. Soon it will be declared unconstitutional to be teaching kids about the birds and the bees. Today school children cannot salute the flag, cannot use religious symbols to school, recite the pledge of allegiance.

    You don’t think the United States have anti-sodomy laws, do you? Yes, we do. Such laws have only been abolished as recently as the ’70s in some States; in others they remain on the books but are not being enforced. If they were to enforce the laws easily one-half of the adult population (men and women) would be in jail.

    Ayatollah Khomeini didn’t call the United States the Great Satan for nothing.

    But all that does not stop old Frank from having ideas about Makcik. In his old age ‘Yellow River’ may have lost some of its appeal but if you think he cannot rise to the occasion, think again. So can Makcik i.e. rise to the occasion.

  26. One more question , what Hell ? Where is this Hell?

    Kathy – January 27, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    Be very careful what you ask for. The capital city for Hell is Las Vegas. San Francisco, the gay capital of the world, would be its twin city. And together they make up the modern day cities of Sodom and Gommorah.

    Don’t you know Kathy that you are qualififed to apply for asylum in Oz?

  27. Abnizar,

    I agree with you, and James.
    Hell is specifically created for MAN!
    the atrocities committed against children and women are far more than what we see on TV footages.

    we have lost reverence for our ‘mother’ but this ‘we’ is a minority among man. the biggest problem is that the majority see this happening but do nothing – they are not bothered.

    only if we guarantee a good upbringing and unbiased education for our children will the situation change for the better.

  28. Mr Bean, you want to know where Hell is?

    drink a bottle of cheap whisky… the next morning you’ll wake up in hell.

  29. That was Kathy’s take on the concept of Heaven and Hell. Frank would go one step further to say God is sexist because He prepares 72 virgins for His male followers. No mention of women followers.

  30. The capital city for Hell is Las Vegas. – Bean
    Correction, even Satan fight shy of Las Vegas. There are more people praying (Oh God, let me win) in Vegas than in churches and mosque anywhere else. Satan was thrown out of heaven so how can Satan be in Vegas the Heaven on Earth.

  31. but reeperbahn…those who are drunk believe that those who drink go to sleep, those who sleep don’t make sins, and those who don’t make sins go to heaven…so they say let’s drink and go to heaven….gulp!!

  32. And sometimes I wonder why gals are calling God’s name when they are about to reach orgasm. Could Heaven be something that exists only in one’s Head. Kathy could be right.

  33. “Satan was thrown out of Heaven so how can Satan be in Vegas the Heaven on Earth.” — semper fi

    As the story goes, Satan was one of God’s Angels before he was cast out of Heaven. He could have fallen in Kathy’s backyard.

  34. Wow,
    What an interesting debates? Anyway, to add on to the discussion, Margaret Thatcher is one heck of the role model for woman leader. Though she’s bossy but yet she treated Dennis well. Unlike that Rosmah. Poor Najib! One Spitting Image on Margaret Thatcher

  35. Bean suk,
    Please don’t mess with the ladies. Haven’t you heard of “Hell hath no fury…….” Fill in the dots……Hahaha
    Enjoying the spitting image on margaret thatcher

  36. Sometimes a woman has to be on top. The man cannot be made to do all the work all the time. -Mr Bean

    Those who want women to be on top of them and do all the work are not only lazy but irresponsible… they should be deprived of their manhood by hudud- based castration, the penalty for dereliction of divine duty and for not shouldering a God-given responsibility.

  37. whats wrong with these girls, they can’t stand still or they have ants crawling all over their bodies and trying to shake the ants off?

  38. But first you will have to educate Australia’s Immigration Tribunals which hear immigration cases of your belief in Sufism.

    Mr Bean – January 27, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    Well actually this is not quite accurate because Malaysia is signatory to a treaty somewhere in the Middle East to say that moslems are not allowed to persecute other moslems who are:
    all the different sects and also Islamic Sufism is included in that agreement.

    I will try and find it for you and let you read the website Mr Bean.

  39. The Amman Message


    ‘[T]he best resource for those who wish to travel along the straight path in their words and their actions, and in their spiritual and religious life’.

    — The Grand Shaykh of the Azhar, Shaykh Mohammed Sayyid Tantawi (may God have mercy on him), 2006.

    The Amman Message started as a detailed statement released the eve of the 27th of Ramadan 1425 AH / 9th November 2004 CE by H.M. King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein in Amman, Jordan. It sought to declare what Islam is and what it is not, and what actions represent it and what actions do not. Its goal was to clarify to the modern world the true nature of Islam and the nature of true Islam.

    In order to give this statement more religious authority, H.M. King Abdullah II then sent the following three questions to 24 of the most senior religious scholars from all around the world representing all the branches and schools of Islam: (1) Who is a Muslim? (2) Is it permissible to declare someone an apostate (takfir)? (3) Who has the right to undertake issuing fatwas (legal rulings)?

    Based on the fatwas provided by these great scholars (who included the Shaykh Al-Azhar; Ayatollah Sistani and Sheikh Qaradawi), in July 2005 CE, H.M. King Abdullah II convened an international Islamic conference of 200 of the world’s leading Islamic scholars ‘Ulama) from 50 countries. In Amman, the scholars unanimously issued a ruling on three fundamental issues (which became known as the ‘Three Points of the Amman Message’):
    1.They specifically recognized the validity of all 8 Mathhabs (legal schools) of Sunni, Shi’a and Ibadhi Islam; of traditional Islamic Theology (Ash’arism); of Islamic Mysticism (Sufism), and of true Salafi thought, and came to a precise definition of who is a Muslim.
    2.Based upon this definition they forbade takfir (declarations of apostasy) between Muslims.
    3.Based upon the Mathahib they set forth the subjective and objective preconditions for the issuing of fatwas, thereby exposing ignorant and illegitimate edicts in the name of Islam


    Malaysia and other countries are signatories to this.

  40. Kathy,

    What you have provided here has no relevance to the issue of asylum.

    Under the 1954 U.N. Convention Relating to Refugees and as expanded by the 1967 protocol anybody suffering persecution in their home country because of their beliefs (religious or political) is eligible to apply for asylum in the country of their choice.

    As somebody who believes in Sufism (not exactly mainstream Islam, correct me if I am wrong) not believing in Heaven and Hell, in Malaysia you can be sent to one of those rehabilitaton centers for two years to undergo rehabilitation. What happened to the character popularly known as Ayah Pin some time ago? He was persecuted for following “deviant teachings” – to use the language of the Malaysian government. Never mind apostates to Islam a group the Malaysian government would mercilessly persecute. Remember Lina Joy. Remember the Kelantanese Four (the 2004 case that went all the way up to the Federal Court and defended by Harris Ibrahim, better known today as the civil society advocate) sent to jail by the shariah court in Kota Bharu, Kelantan for three years. What happened to them upon their release from prison?

    There was this case of a Malaysian Chinese couple in Australia some years ago who applied for asylum there to avoid deportation. . In Malaysia she was a Muslim convert by law but a Buddhist by conviction. Her case was she would be persecuted if she were to return to Malaysia and would not be allowed to practice her religion. She could not discharge her burden of proof at first and was facing deportation. She was however successful in her appeal. It was by majority decision. Australia being a signatory to the 1954 U.N. Convention Relating to Refugees has adopted the U.N. and made it a domestic law.

    To be eligible for asylum, the applicant will need to prove he or she is a refugee facing persecution on one of five statutory grounds. You can always google 1954 U.N. Convention Relating to Refugees to find what they are.

  41. P.S.

    The Malaysian government throughout all these years has refused to sign the 1954 U.N. Convention Relating to Refugees and today is able to do what it wants with these refugees They can deport them at will. But rather than deport them, they benefit from their cheap labor.

  42. read the three points Mr Bean. They cannot make me do anything since it si recognised now under this document for which they are signatory. They are can no longer say it is outside of mainstream Islam. It is Islam even more ture than their first levle of syariah ( the law).

    In Amman, the scholars unanimously issued a ruling on three fundamental issues (which became known as the ‘Three Points of the Amman Message’):

    1.They specifically recognized the validity of all 8 Mathhabs (legal schools) of Sunni, Shi’a and Ibadhi Islam; of traditional Islamic Theology (Ash’arism); of Islamic Mysticism (Sufism), and of true Salafi thought, and came to a precise definition of who is a Muslim.

    2.Based upon this definition they forbade takfir (declarations of apostasy) between Muslims.

    3.Based upon the Mathahib they set forth the subjective and objective preconditions for the issuing of fatwas, thereby exposing ignorant and illegitimate edicts in the name of Islam.

    They are signatories to this. The very definition of who is Islam.

    I am referring specifically to Islamic Sufism here , expressly stated here.

  43. and btw whats wrong with saying heaven or hell is a state of being?

    if they want it to be a place, so be it. I’m sure God will be glad to give them a place if thats what they really want.

  44. whats wrong with saying heaven or hell- Kathy and Mr Bean

    Both wrong… There IS Heaven and Hell… in the spaces between your ears. Heaven in the top space and Hell in the bottom space.

    If you want proof, go see your psychiatrist. He will ask you to close both your eyes on his couch and he will guide you to Heaven or Hell.

  45. They cannot make me do anything since it si recognised now under this document for which they are signatory.- Kathy

    My dear Kathy, you are thinking these pariah UMNO Malays in Govt are thinking like those MPs Down Under.

    They can make YOU DO anything THEY want. They even make the Federal Constitution look like a toilet paper with a 1Malaysia logo on it.

    Amman Document? Perhaps it is kept safely in the Kamuntiing Library.

  46. …and if THEY can have their ways, they would love to Pakatan Rakyat leaders and supporters as refugees.

    — Lim Guan Eng and those chinese DAP MPs/ADUNs deported to China or Taiwan

    — Karpal Singh and his sons and those Indian PR politicians to India and Sri Lanka

    — Syed Husin Ali deported to Yemen or Tunisia

    — The Malay members of DAP, will be sent to Rehab run by JAKIM. Dato Din on the waiting list.

    — Hadi Awang and Tok Guru Nik Aziz and the PAS MPs/ASDUNssent back to Southern Thailand or to Cambodia (Kg Cham) or Mindanao. Khalid Samad sent to Jakim’s REHAB Centre before deported for insulting Islam by being the first Malay Muslim to talk to Christians INSIDE a Catholic Church.

    — Anwar is already booked for Sg Buloh

    — Those PR frogs eg Hee the DAP frog given shares in Berjaya Holdings and Perkasa will be allowed to confiscate all assets of DAP and PAS.Zulklif Nordin will be given Motorcycle monopoly franchise and the sole rights to publishing all materials about Allah ( in English and in Malay) and he will be conferred the title “Representative of Allah in Malaysia”.

  47. I despair at the situation back home.-Kathy


    Don’t be.

    Those born-losers Malaysian voters, especially the MALAY voters, will make dead sure that country will be safely in the hands of the pariah UMNO Malays.

    The Malaysian/Malay born losers will votes to ensure we will have more of the same which we had for the last 54 years.

    The Malays in particular are NOT complaining, so non Malays should NOT be complaining.

    In fact, the Chinese corporate captains in World Chinese Economic Forum has just crowned the PRESIDENT OF UMNO as Malaysia’s FATHER OF TRANSFORMATION.

    I am waitng for Wanita MCA to give a crowning title to the Fat First Lady of Shopping.

    Hey, for crying out loud, this is Tanah Melayu with Ibrahim Ali as Pahlawan Bangsa replacing the discredited Hang Tuah and the pendatangs better shut up. YOu don’t like we do to save the Malays “dari hilang didunia”, go back to China and India..

    Sejarah Melayu Mark II will praise Ibrahim Ali for saving the Malay race from the infidels and from the Christian kafirs in DAP and Perkasa will go down in Malay history as the group of great Malay warriors who saved the country from having cities becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah. Mahathir will be taking up in the clouds to Heaven while Anwar and all those in PKR will be turned into salt.

  48. In case Ng Yen Yen and her ilk in Wanita MCA do not have an excuse or reason to honor our Fat First Lady of Shopping with a glorified title, here is one:

    She has contributed partly from taxpayers funds and from her own funds saved since she was young (see Iphone’/Ipad Application called Aku Jimat for details) to ENHANCE Malaysia’s International Trade.

    The Fat First Lady should be crowned Malaysia ” Mother of Boutiques and Jeweleries”. By extension she is contributing to peace between Malaysian and other shopping nations.

    Women Shopping Power…

  49. … Without UMNO, Malaysia goes nowhere into the world

    …Without UMNO, Malaysia has NO history

    — Without UMNO, Malaysia has NO future

    — Without UMNO, Melayu akan hiland dunia

    — Without UMNO, Melayu akan tenggelam dalam Laut Cina Selatan (South China Sea) dan Lautan India (Indian Ocean)

    — Without UMNO, Malaysia will definitely have a Chinese or Indian Prime Minister, and Malays will lose their lands, their birthrights and their identity.

    — Without UMNO, there will NOT be any Malay millionnaires

    — Withourt UMNO, Malaysia will be annexed by Singapore, if not by China or even India.

    Long Live UJMNO!!!

  50. Kathy,

    “(1) Who is a Muslim? (2) Is it permissible to declare someone an apostate (takfir)? (3) Who has the right to undertake issuing fatwas (legal rulings)?”

    These are Muslims coming together to set their house in order.

    In short you don’t think the UMNO-led government would send you off to the rehabilitation center to undergo rehabilitation for two years. I respect your opinion but I wouldn’t be so sure.

    Let’s just say you qualify for a bed at the center which will be yours for two years — to sample among other things, the hospitality of His Majesty’s government.

    For the record I was merely pointing out that Malaysians in your position i.e. likely to be seen by Muslim clerics in Malaysia as Muslims fallen victim to ‘deviant (Muslim) teachings who come under the threat of persecution in their home country could apply for asylum. Just check if the host country is a signatory to the 1954 U.N. Convention Relating to Refugees.

    When I tell judges of immigration courts here that in Malaysia you can be prosecuted (which really is persecution) for having a religion of your choice as there are laws, I always draw a blank look from most. To begin with religion is personal and over here religion is separated from the state. To us we know that that is how UMNO exerts their control over Malays and Muslims. Many view Sufism as a sect and a philosopy rather than a religion and I would not recommend you go on the soap box in any of the public park in the vicinity of Putrajaya to proclaim your non-belief in Heaven and Hell as understood by conservative Muslims and Christians. The Jews do not believe in Heaven and Hell either.

    And Frank is right. People like Ibrahim Ali will say you are a Jewish clone or have fallen victim to a Jewish conspiracy and demand that you be detained at one of the many rehab centers around the country for wayward Muslims caught living out the decadent Western life style like drinking alcohol and wearing miniskirts.

  51. din,

    you so claimed that this blog is for people to learn and exchange ideas, well and good but I wonder racist comment posted by Frank can also be accepted?

  52. james the sinocentric idiot,

    Learn to love UMNO…. You don’t have a choice because UMNO loves idiots like you to remain in power.

  53. Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa giving angpows in WHITE envelopes!!!

    That’s giving “pek kim” as the hokkiens will say at FUNERALS.

    So Ibrahim Ali is telling the Chinese, we are attending your funeral at this chinese new year.

    To accept money in white envelopes is swei, bad luck especially during the chinese new year period.

    Perkasa and Ibrahim is DELIBERATELY doing this to INSULT the chinese. Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa KNOWS what the word “ANGpow” means when translated. .

    But he forgot one thing… for money, the chinese does not give a damn about superstition. They will go back and wash the bad luck in the temple.

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