Daulat DYMM Tuanku Sultan dan DYMM Sultanah Kedah Darul Aman

December 6, 2011

Daulat DYMM Tuanku Sultan dan DYMM Sultanah Kedah Darul Aman

From December 13, 2011, DYMM Tuanku Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah will become the first ruler to be elected twice as Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the oldest Sultan to be crowned in such position (at 84 years 15 days), beating the previous record holder, DYMM Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz of Selangor, who was crowned at 73 years 49 days.

DYMM Tuanku’s return to Kuala Lumpur as Malaysia’s Head of State is regarded by his subjects as a great honour to Kedah and we join fellow Kedahans and other Malaysians in offering our sembah tahniah to His Majesty and His Consort and pray for Their Majesties’ good health and happiness. May our country prosper and remain in peace during His Majesty’s  5-year tenure as our King.–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

25 thoughts on “Daulat DYMM Tuanku Sultan dan DYMM Sultanah Kedah Darul Aman

  1. Outwardly they look majestic….I wonder what holds their inner self.
    Maybe I am biased, but I believe that DYMM Tuanku Abdul Halim, 14th Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, will be a kind and compassionate, and just King for Malaysia. He is revered by his subjects in Kedah. Dr. Kamsiah and I had the opportunity and honour to meet both Their Majesties at Istana Anak Bukit, Alor Setar, Kedah on January 18, 2011 on the occasion of His Majesty’s 83rd Birthday.They are a lovely and gracious couple.–Din Merican

  2. Dr. Kamsiah and I had the opportunity and honour to meet both Their Majesties at Istana Anak Bukit, Alor Setar, Kedah on January 18, 2011 on the occasion of His Majesty’s 83rd Birthday.They are a lovely and gracious couple.–Din Merican

    His mother was my grandmother’s younger sister. She died young in a car accident. The last time DYMM visited us was when his aunt, my grandmother, passed on in ’69. DYMM is a decent man, not cast in the same mould as the sultans of some of the other states whose legacies are tainted with controversy.

    I am confident given the freedom and the choice, he would make his country proud. Having said that these are difficult times for the sultans. Controversy has a way of following those who seek not its rewards just as it does those who do.

    I pray so DYMM has the strength of courage and conviction to stand up to rogue politicians who come knocking at his door — and leave a legacy we could be proud of. Already he has left his mark in history as the first Agong to be King twice — and the oldest to sit on the Throne.

    Malaysia has a unique system of rotation among constitutional monarchs never practiced anywhere else. Long Live the King!

  3. Mr.Bean never thought you are inter-related to the Royal Blood….but you look cool and humble…hopely this New Appointed Agung will further progress our country. Daulat tuanku.

  4. Tell that to Dato Din Merican. He still couldn’t expose me tried hard as he did with palace officials …. lol. Though we shared a meal together once.
    I am not giving up. Persistence is my second nature. I know Kedah’s royalty very well. Your auntie Tunku Sofiah Jewa cannot remember the New Yorker Bean. I will ask to Tunku Ahmad when I see him again. Take care.–Din Merican

  5. Being a Constitutional Monarchy the Agong’s role is restricted but can be of importance if the ruling party plays by the rule. But will this ever happen? The Perak debacle has affected public’s opinion and it will take a miracle to overhaul it.

    Met Harry Jenkins, the former Australian parliamentary speaker, during dinner at Miles Kuppa’s residence in Jalan Lengkok Golf last night. He praised the way we picked and rotate the monarchy. But was silent on our parliamentary system.

    I told him our speakers, especially Pandikar Amin Mulia, have plenty to learn and catching up to do if we aspire to emulate the Aussies. He simply smiled. Wonder whether he was being polite or what.
    DYMM YDP can use moral suasion and DYMM Sultan Abdul Halim of Kedah (ascended the throne of the old sultanate in 1958) certainly can because he is a very senior in ranking among his brother rulers, and highly regarded Ruler of his own state.Character matters. Tuanku Sultan Abdul Halim is DYMM YDP for the second time and at nearly 84, he has years of experience and wisdom to be our 14th King. Perak is an exception that does not become the rule. So, that is my take, Tok Cik.

  6. “Being a Constitutional Monarchy the Agong’s role is restricted but can be of importance if the ruling party plays by the rule.” — Tok Cik

    Don’t know where you’re going with that Tok Cik.

    The Agong shall “shall act in accordance with the advice of the Cabinet …. except as otherwise provided by the Constitution”: Article 40(1) Federal Malaysian Constitution 1957.

    Notwithstanding the above, the ambit of constitutional discretion given to the Agong under Article 40 (2) (a) and (b) remains untested over the years.

  7. Let’s hope this Agong will not be used to test the ambit of the constitutional discretion allowed the monarch under the country’s Federal Constitution. We have seen where that has led the Sultan of the State of Perak. His legacy has since been tainted by controversy and for a very long time to come his decision will be scrutinized by constitutional law experts and students for its legal implications and ramifications. There is no telling what could have happened had the Sultan decided to dissolve the State Assembly and have fresh elections.

  8. The question to be asked here is “Apa Dah Jadi Pada Raja Raja Melayu semasa pemerintahan UMNO” Why worry about what will happen, lets concentrate and focus on what had happened.Perkida should change name to “Perkuda”, kuda UMNO.

    Tak habis habis menakutkan orang Melayu yang Melayu akan hilang taraf dan kuasa dan kelayakkan. Sekarang ini dengan pemerintahan Melayu (UMNO) Melayu dah pun hilang identiti dan juga kebolehan untuk berfikir. Melayu menjadi pengemis dalam negeri sendiri. Melayu berharap atas bantuan kerajaan untuk memberi pelajaran kepada anak anak Melayu melainkan mereka terdiri dari gulungan atasan atau yang kaya.

    Yang kaya pun mengharapkan pinjaman atau biasiswa untuk menghantar anak ke Universiti. Kereta besar menjalar depan rumah yang besar saperti Istana siap dengan pagar batu setinggi 10 kaki tapi anak tak mampu dihantar ke Universiti kalau tak ada biasiswa atau pinjaman. Celek kan mata wahai orang Melayu, selama mana kah anda sanggup diperkudakan oleh UNNO.
    Mereka cakap tak serupa bikini. Tiada keikhlasan langsung. Bukan kah Pekida Malaysia itu cawangan gangster UMNO. –Din Merican

  9. Maaf Tuan Semper Fi, saya anak melayu yg tidak pernah mendapat bantuan dari kerajaan,kontrak or otherwise,could have taken advantage of my aunty’s position as DYMM Raja Permaisuri Agong ,but never did nor want to,I guess I am too proud as ass hole for being that,but then I have my pride n my children’s Uni education,smart kids being half chinese never ask for pinjaman or whatever,I have a nice car n big house,but that’s from my determination to succeed,syukur.

    I have business with foreign companies,not all Malays are like what you think they are ,we don’t need GOM tongkat,saying that I know 8 out of 10 rich Malays that hounds the Umno for contracts,if they can live with taking the Rakyat’s money,then let them be answerable to Allah.
    Lok1, I am proud of you. We all should make sure that we do not need government to get on in life; like you, be self-reliant; instead make government need us. Make our votes matter.–Din Merican

  10. Syabas Tuan Lok1. Anda adalah sebilangan kecil Melayu yang berdikari atas usaha sendiri, akan tetapi kebanyakan yang lain bergantung kepada UMNO dan Kerajaan termasuk beberapa ahli keluarga saya sendiri. Bukan niat saya hendak mengecilkan kaum Melayu tapi anda boleh lihat sendiri keadaan kaum Melayu dibawah kerajaan BN. Sebagai majoriti dalam negeri sendiri Melayu sepatutnya rasa lebeh bangga atas kejayaan yang dicapai melalui usaha sendiri dan bukan bersandar atas kerajaan.

    Betul, Pak Semper, lihat sendiri, kes baru berkaitan dengan Shahrizat dan Keluarga–mereka tiada maruah– dan lembu mereka. Peluang dah dapat di selahgunakan pula. Patut kena siat and tentu boleh dapat bukti CBT. Tetapi, Timbalan IGP, Khalid Abu Bakar (Khalid Ash Burn) berani membuat keputusan bahawa Police tiada bukti.Itu tugas Peguam Negara (A-G) Gani Patail dah. Bodoh punya orang dan kaki bodek..–Din Merican

  11. Apa nak kata lagi, semper? You’ve said it all.

    A non-Malay friend of my son said this to him. “I don’t want to be an ordinary Malay. I want to be an elite Malay. Being an elite Malay I get to enjoy all the perks.”

    Doesn’t this say something of our state of affair under Umno?

  12. Scarlet I thought you march to a different drummer and are made of a different mettle. Naaah you can’t join them, you don’t qualify.

  13. “Timbalan IGP, Khalid Abu Bakar (Khalid Ash Burn) berani membuat keputusan bahawa polis tiada bukti. Itu tugas Peguam Negara (A-G) Gani Patail dah. Bodoh punya orang dan kaki bodek.” –Din Merican

    Memang bahlol betul si pembodek ni. Apa nak kata seumor hidup dok mengampu aje. Otak memang tak ada. Sedarkan diri lah…

  14. I am very very interested to know what our new Agong going to say on His Majesty first address to His Majesty’s subjects.

    During His Majesty absent, an ex-dictator has taken over the country and had ruled for 22 years. His regime has prosper during this time.

    Since our Agong is back, I would like to hear what changes has His Majesty have seen before and after on His Majesty’s subjects in Malaysia.

    Hopefully… not…

    Wow! Beta ada Istana BARU!

  15. You ought to know that speeches are written for constitutional monarchs. A key address like that not only would be written for him but would be closely vetted for nuances and inaccuracies and would never pass the PM’s desk without him reading it personally first.

    With all the other speeches given off the cuff at odd places like mosques, once in a while comes one not quite right in the head, fancies himself as a politician and wants to add stuff and admonish a deputy Prime Minister; and at other times clubbed his caddy on the head and escapes manslaughter charges which anywhere else he would be made to answer.

  16. You can bet that this Agong is a very conservative one and will not be the oddball that some states have produced. He doesn’t need to. What can they do to him as the Agong should he decide to do what is required of him by the country’s Constitution?

    The Kedah royals are not known to need the support of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet to fund their high flying glamorous life styles. They don’t trod the globe and seen at casinos in Las Vegas and at playboy clubs in London. There is no mad Rasputins lurking the palace’s corridors either.

  17. There is no mad Rasputins lurking the palace’s corridors either.- but I hear there’s some restless spirits in the Balai Nobat that for some reasons will play the Nobat on certain occassion.

  18. The story I grew up listening to as a child behind the Balai Nobat — the melancholy sound made by drum and the flute — is that of a cruel bendehara to the Sultan who slit open the belly of a pregnant woman to get out the forbidden fruit that she ate. According to legend her skin went into making the drum that you hear.

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