Congrats, Tan Sri Robert Phang

November 27, 2011

Robert Phang received the Master Class Award in Anti-Corruption 2011

My friend Tan Sri Robert Phang recently received  the Master Class Award  in Anti- Corruption while his Social Care Foundation was granted the Socially Responsible Company Award 2011.

Congratulations Tan Sri and may he continue in this worthy cause of fighting rampant corruption in our country. In his honour, I am posting “Corruption Spawns Violence”, an article from GW Business, a publication of The George Washington School of Business, The George Washington University (Fall, 2011 issue). –Din Merican


Corruption Spawns Violence

When it comes to war, multinational corporations have been blamed for everything from causing the conflicts to profiteering from them. But the Director of GWSB (George Washington School of Business)’s Institute for Corporate Responsibility argues that business can a force for peace.

Timothy L. Fort (right), who is also a professor of business ethics at GWSB, has written three books to show how companies, run honestly, can promote peace in society. “Ethical business behaviour has an unexpected payoff”, he said. ” It contributes to more peaceful relations among people”.

The premise of Fort’s fresh take was a study he worked on with Cindy Schipani, professor of business administration at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. That research showed how corruption fuels violence. By comparing two indices, one measuring corruption and the other political conflicts, they discovered a nearly perfect correlation between corruption and violence in countries around the world. The more corrupt a regime, the more likely it was to resolve disputes through violence.

The violence doesn’t just flow from rulers, said Fort. Sometimes the populace is so frustrated by corrupt leaders that their resentment finally explodes in a physical act. The  uprising that has spread across Arab countries began earlier this year with resistance against the corrupt leadership of Ben Ali in Tunisia.

“Those protests were largely peaceful”, Fort said, “but the point is the level of frustration that can build in a corrupt system”.

Ethical companies build trust in three ways, he said. Hard trust comes from following the law. Real trust comes from running a company that is fair and honest to workers and customers. Good trust comes from moral excellence in everything you do.

Ethical companies can promote peace in countries by respecting their laws, contributing to economic development and engaging in community building. “To the extent that a company can have a strong anti-bribery policy, it does something to move the needle away from violence, he said.

In his book, Business, Integrity and Peace, Fort shows it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for businesses to behave ethically. He said that the basic components are already in place. That is, peace and ethics are deeply rooted in human, even primate, nature. People and companies just need to draw upon those instincts in contemporary times.

Asked whether any companies are known for acting ethically in foreign countries, he said it’s difficult to say because corruption is hidden from public view. But, given that caveat, he said, Motorola, Caterpillar and Deere & Company all seem to run ethical shops.–GW Business (Fall, 2011)

6 thoughts on “Congrats, Tan Sri Robert Phang

  1. The National Feedlot Corporation ( NFC) is a clear example of a company that is unethical and utterly corrupt. Yet our leaders are not prepared to come down heavy of its management. This is because an UMNO Minister who came to the Cabinet via the back door (as Senator) after losing the 2008 elections is involved in this scandal.

    Maybe at the forthcoming UMNO General Assembly, some delegates will raise this matter and pass a resolution to remove the Minister and to commence a full investigation into the major national fiasco, involving rm250 million of taxpayers’ money.–Din Merican

  2. Our country is beautiful, culturally diverse and rich. But I am not sure that we are Asian Fusion, given the state of our “divide and rule” politics. We can better if our leaders learn to respect our intelligence and maturity. It is time to give us more freedom to be ourselves, to think and act and to serve our country on merit and without becoming a crony.–Din Merican

  3. We all echo the same chorus here that Dato Din Merican deserves the same kind of Award & Recognition. Why Not?

    The problem with our Government esp those in UMNO, they would only recognise and confer Trans-shit-ship to those who ” gravitate ” almost on bended knees, around dumb-No people who greatly suffer from Inferiority Complex/es…..

    Congratulations to Tan Sri Robert Phang!
    Thanks, Abnizar, but tak payah semua tu.I will serve our country in my private capacity. I am right now actively engaged with my friends and officials in Cambodia, where our country’s image has been severely impaired with an Ambassador (Anifah Aman’s friend) who is unable to develop close relations with Cambodian leaders. Political appointees are giving our country a bad name, not only in Cambodia but also in the Philippines. –Din Merican

  4. and yet he was “removed” from MACC panel because he has the guts and conviction to go against the AG for the latter’s indiscretion. hello, I thought this BN govt is bringing us revolutionary laws and get rid of corruption?
    well done, Tan Sri> Be steadfast and you have my greatest respect. God bless you always and your family.
    Robert Phang has conviction and lots of guts. He is passionate about his mission.–Din Merican

  5. Cambodians are skeptical about Malaysian “investors” or Malaysians coming with proposal. They’ve been burned and learned a bitter lesson. Malaysia needs to repair this image of “ugly Malaysian” by showing the Cambodians that we are decent people and not exploiters and opportunist.

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