Khairy Jamaluddin: From 4th Floor to Basement

November 13, 2011

Khairy Jamaluddin: From 4th Floor to Basement

Written by  Mathias Gomes, Malaysia Chronicle

No matter how much UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin is going to argue and present the so-called facts on his blog ( I guess there is no traffic there) or to the online papers to support the UMNO version of what happened at the National Feedlot Corporation, it will not make sense to normal folks.

Everyday Malaysians would like to eat beef at least twice a week if they can afford it, or else the only source of protein for them will be chicken which is still considered affordable. Fish especially from the sea is almost out of reach for them, the price of fish has sky rocketed to new highs in recent years, with the price of the people’s favorite ikan kembong (scomber) is about eleven ringgit a kilo!

With this in mind if the NFC can sell beef cheap to the normal folk, this will make sense to them. Then he can argue till all the cows come home and nobody would mind. Right now it is better for him to shut up, and keep his distance from the NFC debacle.

Before the cows, there were the APs

The great NFC scandal will surely affect Shahrizat and Prime Minister Najib Razak more than anybody else. It is highly unlikely she will be chosen to challenge her lost seat of Lembah Pantai, or be given a seat to contest at all.

This is going to make her arch enemy and predecessor Rafidah Aziz aka Mrs AP rub her hands in glee. I can imagine the smirk on her face now – she was waiting for this day. As for Shahrizat, this will be the end of the road for her recently resurrected political career, but well, at least she got a hefty bonus and a condominium from UMNO and several cows with love.

Dresses smart, looks smart, walks smart but …

Coming back to the former Top Gun on the 4th floor, he dresses smart, looks smart, walks smart but is a pea brain when he shoots his mouth. If he wants to stay in politics especially, UMNO he needs to have a strategy to strengthen his base. He may be strong on paper qualifications, but his basement is weak. It’s something he needs to rectify fast.

Currently he has an MP’s seat in Rembau and is relevant to UMNO and to his own political career. If he is not an MP he is finished, so he must make sure he is fielded in the coming polls.

For this, he has to work his butt off or put all his money where his mouth is in order to win in the elections and stay relevant in politics. In the event if he is not chosen to run in the elections, which is unlikely given his position as the UMNO Youth Chief, then he has to make a choice.

Leave UMNO to survive in his personal political career so that if at 40, he can’t be the Prime Minister, then at least at 55, he can be one. That means, he would have to take his place in the queue after Mukhriz Mahathir (The Chosen One) or Nurul Izzah (the People’s Favourite) have had their turn.

De-facto PM to a Nobody

The 35-year-old Khairy, who used to rule the nest of young strategists hired by his father-in-law and former premier Abdullah Badawi during the 2004 to 2008 period must surely miss his cushy 4th floor office in Putrajaya.

From de-facto PM, Khairy is now at the basement of Umno politics. Even with a powerful portfolio as an UMNO Youth Chief , he was not given a ministerial post, which was a disgrace.

And to rub salt into the wound, Mukhriz was appointed the Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, although this was possible only through the intervention of the Mighty One (his father and former premier Mahathir Mohamad).

Will Dr M ever forgive Khairy

Now everyone knows Mahathir detests Khairy, they don’t get along well. For Khairy to immediately emerge from oblivion, he has to face his nemesis, the great Mahathir, and fight his fear of the ex-PM. If Mahathir forgives Khairy, then all will be well for him in UMNO.

Khairy can’t turn to Najib because the PM is fighting his own little devils inside and outside UMNO, and whether Najib is able to maintain his own hand on power is suspect. So Khairy has no choice but to fight his battles on his own, his father in law is of no help. Other options he has are to hibernate for a few years in the business world or leave UMNO and join another political party.

Whatever he chooses, he has to do it fast – time is not on his side with all the brickbats UMNO is receiving from the opposition because of huge scandals. Indeed, an on-the-run UMNO is fast losing ground to the opposition and the chances of UMNO forming the next government is vanishing.

Even the Basement will not be there for Khairy if he doesn’t act fast now.

Malaysia Chronicle

17 thoughts on “Khairy Jamaluddin: From 4th Floor to Basement

  1. Do we rule out anyone in politics? KJ is smart and knows how to play the game. Right now, as UMNO Youth Leader, he is doing what is expected of him: Defend his colleague, the Wanita UMNO Chief, in the name of solidarity. But it is to be expected that some of his strong supporters are seeking a new patron so that they are safe when the axe falls.–Din Merican

  2. The trouble with KJ is that despite a modicum of intellect, subscribes heartily to the tribal elitist culture of “Entitlement”. Umno Youth is pure hog-wash and have long-lost the idealism of youth – except to maintain their BumiPutid status.
    Defending the indefensible shows corruption of the heart, mind and soul. There is no hope for this guy and the whole culture of entrenched Bodekism.

  3. It is expected of him to defend his fellow colleague,the Umno Wanita Chief,the only thing in common with the Cow n Condo is the letter C ,n therefore from now on,the Umno Youth Chief shall be known as Cowri,that suits him to a tee.He is the De Forkto PM,yeah right and I am the New Steve Jobs.

  4. This KJ should learn to stay out of controversies not involving him. There are Ministers that should do the justifications. He’s just an MP but I guess he has something to do with the NFC to begin with since the project was approved during his FIL tenure as PM and probably with the 4th Floor Boys OK and NFC is in his home state. He should leave this to the Min. of Agriculture and Ministry of Finance to sort it out. By trying to justify he has made the case into a bigger issue. It has now snowballed into a major scandal and would probably drag down other parties.

  5. Hopefully, it will be “from 4th floor and out to pasture”.

    But I won’t hold my breath. With these UMNO- and BN-types, they have a tendency to rise, like the Phoenix, from the dung heaps they have a habit of habituating, and on to greater things.

  6. Whats all this? Don’t talk about my homeland as if its a game of chess. This is disgusting. Who cares what Mahathir thinks. His used by date has lapsed. This is not a game of chess. this is a nation we are talking about here. 50 years of playing gmaes baout who can put his son where is over. The time is now for people who can SERVE the nation. Who will make sure the monies are poured back into the country for the people. Who cares about these people. They are only human beings who have manipulated everything to their own advantage. Do not attribute and waste the people’s precious time and life about all this. They are a shame to this nation. Time to replace the whole lot of them

  7. Leadership Is a Gift Given by Those Who Follow

    12:15 PM Friday November 11, 2011
    by Grant McCracken | Comments (12)

    Here is General Mark Welsh, Commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe, speaking after lunch at the Air Force Academy a few days ago.

    The video is 50 minutes long, but I encourage you to watch the whole thing. It may be the finest piece of public speaking you will hear this year. The general is everything we want a speaker to be — companionable, funny, illuminating, truth-telling, and spellbinding.

    He’s also emotionally forthcoming. A new age warrior? Or have soldiers always talked like this? If General Welsh doesn’t move you to tears several times, it may be time to check with your cardiologist.

    But this is more than public speaking. It is an act of leadership. The general goes beyond Hollywood heroism. He is brutally candid about war and completely unforgiving in what he demands of his audience. Does the senior manager still level with his or her audience in this way?

    Welsh’s biggest theme? Leadership as an act of service. As the General says, “Leadership is a gift. It’s given by those who follow. You have to be worthy of it.”

    Words for every leader to live by.

  8. Teaching UMNO hopefuls integrity is like teaching the carnivore to be a vegetarian.
    Remember, when Khairy or Sharizat speak, their words are meant for the consumption of those dumb headed, numb brained kampong folks.

    These are the people who nod in agreement when UMNO speaks.

    Malaysian politics is decided by the less informed, not by the educated.

  9. Why should the rakyat care about where Khairy’s political career is heading when they are more worried about:
    a. food on the table for the family
    b. roof over their head (minus the mortgage)
    c. proper education for their children (not the current half past 6 policy)
    d. a job that pays decent wages (to raise a family)

    Why isn’t anyone writing about these matters in the media or actively debating about them or championing these? Wouldn’t it be more appropriated for reporters to write about these than about Khairy?

  10. To Oxford University

    We Malaysians, no longer regard Malaysians Graduating from Oxford to have any better value than those graduating locally. This has been proven now and again by those who passed from the Oxford Ivory tower as proven by KJ and others. They have been churned out willy nilly by this so called renowned University…. It is perhaps a form of sabotage by former Colonial Masters against Third Word Nations.

  11. Joe Black, it is not the studying or which University one gradutes from which is of concern. Yes it indicates some sort of level of intellect. It is what one does with that Intellect that matters. Whether one applies oneself . It seems that in Malaysia to get ahead most of them leave their brains some where else and stop thinking. They start polluting their brains and just nod to make sure they make money or get into politics to make money.

  12. Brains? What brains?!

    They are controlled by reflex neurons in the pelvis – which in them, is definitely denser than what they manifest in their cephalic portions of anatomy. That will account for the incontinent digestive and reproductive habits of smearing their Opposition with all sorts of substances that they themselves relish to exude/excrete.

    Malaysia needs leaders who are seen to be righteous, honest, inclusive, intellectually mature and incorruptible – not a bunch of irreparable reprobates – bent on trying to imitate their headman, or who are willing to suck/slurp up their indiscretions..

  13. I totally agree with CL Familaris. Surprised to say the least to say he’s from Oxford and to get into such entanglement by defending the indefensible is the ultimate sin. He may try to act like a hero and show off his superior skills in debating (just like the idiotic anak jantan Nazri) but what he says has not substance at all! Confusing, convoluted and deliberately misleading! He’s finished politically.

  14. They are controlled by reflex neurons in the pelvis – which in them, is definitely denser than what they manifest in their cephalic portions of anatomy. ..- C.L. Familaris

    Translated for those not versed in medical terms: It means BALLS.

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