UIA lifts Prof. Aziz Bari’s Suspension

October 24, 2011



UIA lifts Prof. Aziz Bari’s Suspension

The Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) has lifted its suspension order with immediate effect against law lecturer Abdul Aziz Bari today.

According to his lawyer Zulqarnain Lukman, he received a letter from the university informing him that his client must report to the Dean of the Law Faculty tomorrow.

The lawyer confirms that this means that Abdul Aziz can resume work tomorrow, but he will first have to hear the results of the investigations against him.

The letter receieved by Zulqarnain states that investigations is still ongoing because the university needed time to deliberate on Abdul Aziz’s reply to a show cause letter.

Abdul Aziz’s reply was submitted at 2.30pm today, ahead of the deadline tomorrow, while the letter which stated the lifting of the suspension was received by fax four hours later.

He was informed of his suspension in a show cause letter issued last Wednesday for allegedly “making statements that run contrary to the interest of the university”.

Zulqarnain believes that the lifting of the suspension was a result of pressure from the university staff, students, academics, Deputy Higher Education Minister Saifuddin Abdullah and the public. “I was at the Professor’s office today and I saw posters in support of my client in the faculty,” he told Malaysiakini.

40 thoughts on “UIA lifts Prof. Aziz Bari’s Suspension

  1. UIA authorities have either woken up to their hasty action or they would not like to embarrass the Prime Minister who is scheduled to visit the campus in Gombak tomorrow. Take your pick, guys.–Din Merican

  2. They lift the suspension but will suspend him after they have reviewed his response. Buying time till after Najib’s visit. Thinking like a Malay here, jaga ayer muka.

  3. I think more students will be accompanying Prof Bari to the Dean’s office (if given their own volition), than welcoming the “Cool” PM, who is totally out of touch with reality.

    The good Prof will be given certain ‘conditions’ and read the riot act. Then he will have to thank the Cool Guy, for his most awesome munificence. Any questions?

  4. The next step is for Prof. Aziz Bari to leave the university currently run a bunch of useless kangkung professors and professional cowards, a disgrace to their degrees and to their professions.

    After this incident, the Prof has NO MORE future in the university. He should leave this country and work in a foreign university.

    NUS in Singapore will take him anytime. Many of our talents and brains and academic top guns (both Malays ans non Malays) have gone to Singapore where the intellectual enviromment is refreshing, unlike in Malaysia where the universities are run like SECONDARY SCHOOLS.

    My humble suggestion to the prof: Leave as soon as possible… it will be our loss, but who cares, there is world out there.
    Look at Prof. Jomo Kwame Sundaram. He left MU and is now doing well at The United Nations. He is also an award winning economist. Aziz Bari should emulate him.–Din Merican

  5. “The lawyer confirms that this means that Abdul Aziz can resume work tomorrow, but he will first have to hear the results of the investigations against him.”

    Finally they understand the meanings of the principles of natural justice expressed in Latin as ‘nemo iudex in causa sua’ and ‘audi alteram partem’. Such universal principles have been made fun of by Mahathir when he ousted the country’s Lord President in 1988.

    The University realized that they have put the cart before the horse.

  6. Nemo iudex in causa sua (or nemo iudex in sua causa) is a Latin phrase that means, literally, no-one should be a judge in their own cause. It is a principle of natural justice that no person can judge a case in which they have an interest. The rule is very strictly applied to any appearance of a possible bias, even if there is actually none: “Justice must not only be done, but must be seen to be done”.

    Audi alteram partem (or audiatur et altera pars) is a Latin phrase that literally means “hear the other side” or “hear the alternative party”. It is most often used to refer to the principle that no person should be judged without a fair hearing in which each party is given the opportunity to respond to the evidence against them.

    “Audi alteram partem” is considered a principle of fundamental justice or equity in most legal systems. The principle includes the rights of a party or his lawyers to confront the witnesses against him, to have a fair opportunity to challenge the evidence presented by the other party, to summon one’s own witnesses and to present evidence, and to have counsel, if necessary at public expense, in order to make one’s case properly.

    Is that right, Mongkut Bean? These are in Latin. You can’t expect the President of UIA and his Rector to understand it. They only know Bahasa Malaysia.–Din Merican

  7. Dato, most succinctly expressed.

    My law professor could not hope to do a better job. I think you should put yourself on a law course immediately and join VK Lingam’s alma mater.
    You know me well enough to realise that I would not go to VK Lingam’s alma mater if I wanted to do law even if I were awarded a scholarship to go there. In fact, his alma mater should disown him. Today, he is so powerful that our Malaysian Bar Council is unable to act on his case.He should be barred from practice.–Din Merican

  8. Only his alma mater offers a 2-year course in Law. The Inn cannot disbar him because he has not been convicted of anything. If they do he will take them to court.

  9. Yes Mr Bean, it will be good to know a bit of Latin :

    Affirmanti Non Neganti Incumbit Probatio – The burden of proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies….

    ( Lord Chief Justice Goddard passed his Roman Law only on yhr 9th attempt and rose to be one of the finest Judges in the UK )

  10. Dato, most succinctly expressed…. I think you should put yourself on a law course immediately and join VK Lingam’s alma mater.- Mr Bean

    Hahaha.. funny one!!

    VK Lingam’s alma mater will teach everything is correct correct correct

  11. Uncle Din,
    The debacle started by people listening to The Froggie Senator E*am who has nothing better to do than to report here and there that the “Contrarians” are breaking the law. Now everybody knows better that The Froggie Senator E*am cannot be trusted and his words may even harm the government of the day. He is making himself obsolete by his own action. There are plenty more like him, jostling to find a place at the centre stage. To Prof Aziz Bari, please don’t leave. There are thousands of others like you in the universities fighting against mediocrity and political interference. In politics as in life, it is tenacity that counts. Salam perjuangan!

  12. To Prof Aziz Bari, please don’t leave. There are thousands of others like you in the universities fighting against mediocrity and political interference. In politics as in life, it is tenacity that counts. Salam perjuangan!- zaidi

    zaidi, personally, I would want Prof Aziz Bari to stay on and not leave the country and fight these useless kangkung professors and those idiots in power.

    But knowing the sickening politics of this country run by idiots and supported by students and citizens who don’t care what happens outside their front gate, the odds are AGAINST the good professor.

    They will marginalise and intimidate him from now on, at every opportunity until he is so tired and fed up that he will just give up… and God forbids, he decides to sell his soul and joins up on the other side, like that turn-coat Chandra Muzzafar.

  13. zaidi,

    Look at that Emeritus Kangkung Professor Khoo Khay Kim…he donated his functioning brain in the National Museum about 15 years ago. Since then he writes about Malaysian history with what his left between his legs.

  14. If his used brain is put up for sale it would fetch a good price.- scarlet.pimpernel

    Point of order… The kangkung professor MISUSED his brain.

    It was worthless even the kangkung professor knew he could do nothing about it and felt it is best kept in preservatives in the National Museum to help future researchers to figure out how good brain could be severely damaged and turned bad by UMNO-BN.

  15. I strongly agreed with Frank that the Prof should leave, look at what happened to Rosli Dahalan.
    Many Malasyians are still day dreaming about our political scenario and it will take longer time for them to wake up like the Arab Springs.

  16. If he is fleeing persecution and wants to make his application for political asylum, ask him to call me.- Mr Bean

    Not to worry, Singapore’s elder statesman LKY’s cybertroopers are also reading THIS blog and following Prof Bari’s case.

    Those guys in white open collar short sleeve shirts from our little-dot down south of the border will be making trips to UIA to talk to the good prof in no time.

  17. Who wouldn’t want, least of all our smart neighbour down south who is having irritations from Kuala Lumpur from time to time, an expert in CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, especially on Malaysia, to work and given a Permanent Resident status as a bonus, in your own country?

    Brigadier-General Lee Hsien-Loong is already plotting the scenario right now.

  18. It seems that every Msian University is not a conducive place for knowledge development. The situation would turn from bad to worse and worst if this country was continued to be ruled by the present regime. It is the power of the people that could initiate changes from negatives to positives. Hence lets make the BEST use of the next GE. @OPajar #11X25

  19. Stay here and fight them or flee? That is the question.

    I would go for the latter as one should never argue with idiots. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

    Unless you want to contribute to lowering the average IQ levels and dumb down the uni to the general level of all bolehland institutions.

  20. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience. – Mr Bojangles

    I think what is worse, it is that beat you with THEIR experience

  21. The Chinese and Japanese Emperors claimed that they ruled with the Mandate of Heaven or God.
    The people lived at the pleasure of the Emperors.
    The Emperors could just kill any of his citizens at will.


    Religious leaders also claimed God spoke to them to lead the world.
    But God has NEVER acknowledged them.
    It is a one sided claim by the so called Prophets.
    King Frederic said Moses, Jesus and Mohammad were imposters.

    If a person makes ridiculous claims, he will be ridiculed.
    If a man comes up with a “cock & bull” story, he must NOT expect others to believe.
    Religions FORCED people into the religion or face death or ostracise.
    Read the History of religion.
    When Abu bakar, Umar, Othman, Khalid Walid etc went to attack and conquer the Christian Byzantine Empire. They killed millions of Persians, Tajiks, Azeris, Afghans etc
    The Muslim Arabs laid of eternal enemies. Even the Turks admitted.
    Religious leaders killed thousands of people.
    They raped the women.
    They practice slavery.
    The Turks forced people to convert in the Balkan Peninsula.
    The Turks kiled millions of Serbs, Bulgarians, Armenians etc
    The Muslim Mughals killed millions of Hindus during their centuries of rule in India. Read abour Babur, Auranzeb etc
    The Muslims burnt down Hindu temples. Mughals slaughtered cows in Hindu Temples.

    Even in 2001, Muslims bombed Huge Buddha Statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan with rockets.
    Muslims believe in destroying other religions.
    How will Muslim feel if USA bombs Mosques in Mecca, Medina etc ???

    Religious leaders defend their “forced claims” by
    1. Asking their followers to get angry & be violent if anyone comments
    on their religions/prophets. They protect lies with FORCE.
    2. Religious leaders intimidate others who criticise.
    There are many examples.
    3. Religious leaders asked their fanatic “soldiers” to harrass followers of
    other religions so that they leave the place.
    4. Religious leaders also say, “As Christians (Muslims) we cannot do
    this…………This is to put off an ignorant listener. But not those who
    read and analyse.
    5. “My husband is very religious” is another way they try to give good
    impression. But being religious is NOT equivalent to being good.
    Priests sexually abuse their young followers.
    We don’t need religions to teach us Universal values.

    Religious leaders want to have a say on almost everything in this world.
    Religious leaders must LISTEN what others say of them, too.

    There must be Freedom of Religion and freedom from Religion.

    Because religions had committed atrocities against mankind, religions are NOT exempted from scrutiny and criticisms.

    I believe in God. But I don’t believe in religion.
    We can live without religions. We will not die.
    BUT we cannot live without water. Ask the Arabs.
    We cannot live without oxygen.
    It is better we take care of our environment rather than to spend billions, time and effort of UNSUBSTANTIATED claims of religions.

  22. One should never be cynical about religion and love. These are unknown forces and you will never know when it will hit you. And when it does you have no alternative but to obey its comand.

  23. Well Anon, i agree with you absolutely.
    It constitutes spamming since this opinion has nothing ‘cerebral’ about it and it’s repetitively unedifying.
    Especially when one can’t actually define ‘Love’ – but can only understand that which is ‘Un-Love’. It would be good if the purveyors of anti-religion define what “religion” means exactly.

    I’ve had enough of this kind of intellectual masturbation: “I believe in God. But I don’t believe in Religion.” What’s the difference between this clown and political whores?

  24. Mana ada natural justice in Malaysia. Semua ada UMNO justice with too much kerbau mentality. Mongolian ladies are scared to come tomalaysia now, and Najib should be banned from chogm meeting on Character grounds.

  25. CLF : I think the debate is about having a FAITH and following ORGANISED RELIGION. The two ought to be mututally separate
    if only political authorities would leave everyone alone.

    Perhaps this is what ROBERT had in mind.

  26. To start with, Prof Aziz was suspended for interpreting the law as it is. If that is insulting the Sultan, then it was not Prof Aziz who insulted the Sultan but the law itself, which means the parliament which passed the law.

    The action by UIA management to suspend Prof Aziz would have been influenced by either the Istana circle or UMNO/BN Government who tried to potray their “loyalty” to the Sultan. Interestingly in today’s environment, even the malays are not easily taken in by such issue. This spells trouble for UMNO as a party that claims to represent the malays.

  27. Whether we like it or not, E.O Wilson, the eminent Professor of Biology in Harvard acknowledges that: “Religion and science are the two most powerful forces in the world today. Both are manipulated to political ends.” And he is a secular humanist.

    While you may want bicker about what “organized” Religion and nebulous Faith is, my concern is about Ethics – the code of behavior we share on the basis of reason, law, honor and an inborn sense of ‘decency’ – which many like me ascribe to God’s will – which is an integral part of “religion”. A secular humanist, will see it with the same point of view although he will ascribe it to Nature and Evolution.

    So what is Faith without a system or set of religious doctrines? An atheist is as dogmatic in his rejections of Supernature, as a Theist who believes in it. This is not a forum to discuss the pros and cons of Religion, Agnosticism or Atheism, and certainly has no bearing whatsoever on the topic of Prof Bari.

  28. I spoke TOO SOON….The harassment of the Prof already started…Believe me, they are out to make his life as miserable as possible, to a point he can’t teach and he can’t put his mind on this professional expertise

    I say to the good prof,….LEAVE… These UMNO lackeys and kangkung professors don’t deserve you. Let others benefit your contribution to society.

    Malaysiakini reported, “Law professor Abdul Aziz Bari, whose suspension by Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) was lifted yesterday, said the situation is from over. In fact, it has worsened.

    “They (the university) expect me to work and do things as usual, but I remain a suspect as the police continue to harass me,” he told Malaysiakini.

    Mindful of this, Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) plans to proceed with voicing the students’ protest later today. In a press statement issued this morning, the coalition said it wants to create awareness that academic freedom is being stifled and that this extends beyond Aziz’s case.

  29. CLF : Reason, Honour and an “Inborn” sense of decency are nebulous too. Hence the need tio keep terms as simple as possible for the sake of us ordinary folk..

    Faith and (organised) religion represent that simplicity.

  30. “The Kingdom of God is as small as a mustard seed.” That is faith. It is of the Spirit (nebulous).

    There cannot be faith without doctrine (principle of belief). Religion is a reflection of that doctrine. If there is no Principle, where is the belief? Therefore the term “I believe in God without religion” is impossible. A true Agnostic will just say “I don’t know”; and an Atheist will say “I don’t believe”.

    But doctrine can become dogma (a system of taught beliefs with imposed structure). Religion which becomes dogmatic is prone to error. Differentiate between doctrine and dogma. The problem is not with religion, the problem is in unreasoning dogma. Thus it is not about religion per se but about Man’s need for control…

  31. “To start with, Prof Aziz was suspended for interpreting the law as it is. If that is insulting the Sultan, then it was not Prof Aziz who insulted the Sultan but the law itself, which means the parliament which passed the law.” Pok Li

    If that logic is carried through then the PM should be impeached for passing into legislation such an ambiguous law – or at least not revoking it. Assuming there is a process of impeachment. But there is none. Also it was not passed during his watch. So this PM cannot be made to hold the baby. So who can??

    Well, maybe all the former retired justices of the federal bench since independence should be made accountable for not using their gray matter which they claimed at times overflowed out through their ears? Or maybe it is just waste that flowed out. Garbage in, garbage out? They could have reviewed the law de novo?

  32. “I spoke TOO SOON…. the harassment of the Prof already started. Believe me, they are out to make his life as miserable as possible, to a point he can’t teach.” Frank

    I’m not a rocket scientist – and don’t have to be. And this is what I said earlier:

    “It is not over yet for him. It is only the beginning.”

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