Minister Nazri Aziz: New Laws on Terrorism, Race and Religion

September 20, 2011

Minister Nazri Aziz: New Laws will focus on Terrorism, Race and Religion

UPDATED @ 09:14:02 PM 20-09-2011
By Clara Chooi

One of the two new security laws will focus on terrorism while the other will regulate race and religious issues, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said today.

But the de facto Law Minister pledged that the two new laws to replace the Internal Security Act (ISA) would not be as repressive as the controversial law being repealed. He stressed that the two replacement laws “cannot” be more repressive in nature as the Prime Minister had promised meaningful reforms to the country’s preventive laws.

The Minister said that one of the laws would tackle terrorism while the second would specifically deal with safeguarding public peace and order, and touch on racial and religious relations.

“But these laws, as the PM said last week, must comply with two fundamental issues — one, no one can be arrested on the basis of differences in political ideologies and two, extended detention can only be approve through the courts. These are the two safeguards,” he told reporters after meeting with representatives from the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia here this evening.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced last Thursday the repeal of the ISA, the three Emergency Declarations and also the need for annual printing and publishing permits when both Dewan Negara and Dewan Rakyat have their next sitting.He said two new laws would be enacted in place of the ISA to protect the peace, harmony and security of the country but admitted that they were “risky but necessary for our survival.”

Just days after Najib’s announcement, resistance began to surface, with political hardliners like Perkasa’s Datuk Ibrahim Ali calling on the Prime Minister to preserve the spirit of the ISA in the two new laws.

Those across the political divide remained cautiously optimistic of the reforms, expressing fears that the enactment of two new laws meant the ISA was merely being repackaged.

Nazri, however, reminded Malaysians that both laws would still be subject to lengthy parliamentary debates and public consultation before they are enacted.He rubbished criticisms that the laws could be more repressive than the ISA or that they would merely be a repackaging of the ISA, saying such statements were “ridiculous”.

“If they are that repressive and yet are passed in Parliament, then the opposition must be sleeping,” said the outspoken Minister. Nazri also revealed that the Attorney-General (A-G) is scheduled to brief the Cabinet tomorrow on the abolition of the ISA and issues surrounding the two new laws to be drafted.

He said the laws should be ready to be tabled by the March Parliamentary sitting after the A-G gathers feedback and consults with all relevant stakeholders.

On proposals to repeal and make further amendments to other security and press laws in the country, Nazri expressed confidence that if the ISA, the “mother of all laws”, could be repealed, the government would likely have no qualms doing the same to other pieces of legislation in the future.

The Minister also said there was no need for the government to apologise or compensate former ISA detainees, insisting that they had been lawfully detained.

“Anything that was done in the past was done according to the law.Similarly, if we decide one day that it is no longer illegal to steal, should we then apologise or compensate all the thieves who were punished under the law in the past?” he reasoned.

29 thoughts on “Minister Nazri Aziz: New Laws on Terrorism, Race and Religion

  1. Every time i read about this flur, my eyes water. His ‘reasoning’ bothers on absurdities.

    Lets get this straight, (from David Hume: Treatise of Human Nature):
    “Reason is and ought to be the slave of the passion; and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them.. Morals excite persons and produce and prevent actions. Reason itself is impotent in this particular. The rules of morality, therefore, are not conclusions of our reason.”

    Does this guy have morals? Or is he just schizophrenic?
    The GE will be held before any Parliamentary perusal of ‘Replacements”. So forget about Repeals and so on until then.

  2. Oops! ‘Bothers’ should read borders.
    So now, we are copying and plagiarizing ‘Laws’?
    Wasn’t that what we did wrt MACC vis-a-vis ICAC?
    God of the Gaps solutions – none original! “Expletive” deleted.

  3. The right thing to do is to take out race and religion from the country’s Constitution of 1957 so that politicians could not make issues of either. Politicians make issues of race and religion, not because they matter to us but they matter to them. To us folks we want to be able to put food on the table for our families, a roof over our heads, jobs to those looking for jobs, education to those who seek education, police to provide for our security and the courts to enforce our laws.

  4. The right thing to do is to take race and religion out of the country’s constitution. For far too long politics in this country has been shaped by issues of race and religion – race and religion will always be issues in a country so racially diverse as Malaysia. But we do not need such issues to be further complicated by the political party running the government to leave an imprint of their views in the country’s most sacred document. They should remain within the party manifesto.

    What folks want is to be able to put food on the table, clothes on our back, and a roof over our heads, jobs for those who need them, an education for those who seek it, police to provide us with the security we need and courts to enforce our laws.

    As a country we are already over-regulated. Consider the laws we need to comply the moment we step out of our house – the forms we have to fill, the documents we need to carry like our national ID, our driving license etc the disclosures we have to make about ourselves (race, religion etc) before we could get the service we need. Our financial and banking sector is over-regulated. Government has grown too large and has encroached into areas best left to the private sector, where private initiative and private enterprise means increased efficiency and greater savings and less wastage.

    We do not need more laws but less laws. Not more regulations but less regulation. We have all the laws we need. What we need is the will to enforce what we already have and a repeal of those laws we no longer need.

    What we need is common sense.

  5. Why should we have a law for race and religion? beats me, are they trying to legalise racism and religious extremism? these fellas are not stupid but are cunning; there is more to come, just wait. you don’t need Bush to see the axis of evil here.

  6. Dr. Kamsiah and Dato Din,

    I’m still in Hamburg and trying to see through the haze of malaysian politics. sometimes it is embarrassing when people ask me about our politics. we are still stuck with race and religion whereas others have moved on. in certain ways we can compare Malaysia with nazi Germany. a bit of exaggeration maybe but the elements are there.

    an old Herr (90yrs old) I know is well versed in malaysian politics and a great fan of…Mahathir! He was a fighter pilot in WWII flying the then famous JU 88 Bomber.

    good times are coming to Malaysia soon

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland (Greetings from Germany)
    Nun, mein Freund, wir müssen immer positiv sein und in der Lage sein, über die dunklen Wolken der Untergangsstimmung zu sehen. auf wedersehn.–Din Merican

  7. Why should we have a law for race and religion? beats me, are they trying to legalise racism and religious extremism? — reeperbahn

    We already have them. To quote a few, we have Article 3 and we have Article 11(4), Articles 153 and 160(2). The intention is not to create a divided nation, along race and religion but to unite a nation so diverse; but over time Articles like these allowed racists and bigots to put their proverbial foot in the door and we became a nation divided by race and religion.

    Forefathers of the American Revolution and the U.S. Constitution saw that religion is too complex an issue and too divisive and chose to omit religion out of the U.S. Constitution altogether and with the First Amendment did just that. Still that did not stop bigots and racists. You can legalize out racial discrimination but not racism which will continue for as long as humans walk the earth who look different and speak different languages.

  8. ‘Looks like Najib ‘s ISA reforms is nothing more than putting old paint in a new cam.

    It is now more likely an ELECTION PLOY and bloody waste of time… like those Royal Commission farce played out by this UMNO-BN govt.

    It is all about FORM adn no substance…. Najib, true to character, has no balls.

    He is allowing fools like Nazri and his half-clever cousin to talk about his reforms and confusing the voters. Najib should can these two loose cannons and shut them up.

    Buang masa saja!!

  9. Malaysiakini reported:

    “The practice of detention without trial will continue even with the repeal of the Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) and other similar laws”, said de facto law minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz.


    Tipu rakyat!!!

  10. Najib Razak = P.M Malaysia = Penipu Menteri Malaysia.

    Najib MISLEADS Malaysians with his speech on Malaysia Day. It is all bullshit, after all, about the intent of repealing ISA and emergency laws.

    Malaysians taken on a syok sendiri ride by Najib.


  11. Aspan Alias got it right and hit the nail on the head and perhaps saw through Najib’s pretenses and “lies” on wanting to reform the security laws and repeal the ISA

    Najib is taking Malaysians on a long ride to nowhere with his Malaysia Day speech .

    Aspan Alias’s article is worth a read!!!

    Those who cannot read in Bahasa, SHAME ON YOU!!!

    Read A href=””>Aspan Alias’s article HERE


    “…Apabila kata-kata pemimpin tidak diyakini – masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri.

    Orang tua-tua yang berilmu dan mempunyai ‘wisdom’ yang tinggi selalu berpesan, jika datang yang cantik dan yang nampak elok jangan terus di terkam kerana mungkin ada celaka di sebaliknya. Jika datang pula yang tidak elok dipandang jangan terus ditolak kerana mungkin ada kebahagian di sebaliknya.

    Maksud nasihat ini ialah supaya kita membuat penilaian dan penelitian dengan sebaik mungkin terhadap perkara yang di timbulkan dan jangan mengambil keputusan dengan terlalu cepat untuk menerima atau menolaknya.

    Ianya mesti dihalusi dan dipertimbangkan dengan sebaik mungkin agar kita tidak mudah tersilap dalam membuat sesuatu perhitungan dan keputusan dengan baik serta bijaksana.

    Keputusan ‘self congratulatory’ DS Najib tentang pemansuhan ISA (Akta keselamatan dalam negeri) baru-baru ini juga mesti kita pertimbangkan dengan sebaik mungkin tentang ketulusan dan keikhlasannya kerana mahu tidak mahu keputusan itu merupakan keputusan politik bagi saya.

    …… Pengumuman beliau tentang pemansuhan ini telah di ‘stage managed’ dengan persediaan secara ‘live’ dari merata lokasi di seluruh negara untuk mendapatkan komen sokongan dari mereka yang telah diatur terlebih dahulu dan ianya hanya merupakan keputusan politik untuk mendapat ‘popularity’ semata-mata.

    Kita memahami apa yang ada di dalam pemikiran Najib itu. Kita tahu beliau mahu di anggap sebagai hero pembaharuan dan mahukan kredit yang besar untuk menghadapi pilihanraya umum yang beliau ketuai buat kali pertama.

  12. If the repressive laws are repealed Nazri Aziz and Hishamuddin Hussein will be out of a job. So have to fight for the new laws – job security mah

  13. Frank, semper and Dato, you guys were quick to praise Najib, heaping praises on the guy and now you guys are making a 180 degree turn ….. lol. What was the plot? You got to get to the choreographer. Najib is just the stunt man.

  14. Mr Bean,

    There is a difference between giving support and encourage and “praise”.

    We gave Najib support and encouragement, that’s all.

    Check in the American dictionary the actual meaning of “praise”.

    As the euphoria settles down, it appears Najib is just playing wayang kulit with the Malaysian voters and putting voters on a train ride to nowhere.

    At this rate, Najib will go down in history as WORSE than Badawi,,, a disgrace to the memory of his great father.

  15. Mongkut Bean
    We didn’t praise Najib but rather were encouraged by his announcement. As you agreed with me that “you’d never thought that Najib would make such an announcement” and you responded ” in a word -yes”.

    We were skeptical though and I even said Najib can make the announcement to repeal the ISA but in the end he will hide behind “it’s the Cabinet decision”

  16. Well, it is comforting to know my reading of you guys is still intact. For a moment I thought it must be the water you’ve been drinking. I can’t be sure about Dato though. I know he never smoked.

  17. Mongkut Bean
    Don’t we love underdogs?
    Najib is cornered on all sides. His DPM is waiting to stick the kerambit if given the chance. The puppet master Che Det has started his campaign. The economy is failing. The BN government is dysfunctional and infighting amongst the component parties is at an all time high. His “lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu” formula doesn’t seem to work. His court jester Minister Nazri and Home Minister cousin have even decided for him about the new laws. Even his wife is upstaging him.

    He is left with by Gunny Patel and MACCai Kassim. He is afraid to call for election. He is not confident of even winning his own seat in Pekan let alone BN winning by a comfortable majority. Electoral Reforms as demanded by Bersih 2.0 is fresh on his mind with daily exposure of electoral fraud. Anwar’s case is not going as expected. Now Malaysians are debating whether Malaysia did indeed became independent from the British. Even his knees are giving out. The list go on and on.

    What is he to do to reduce the pressure? His advisors at APCO says make an announcement to repeal ISA but don’t let the cat out of the bag yet. Let the packs fight for the bones and when the dust settles he can come back up while the rest are licking their wounds.

  18. The only comeback this fella can stage is from his redoubt in Makassar. The French Connection is doing a Job on him and after swearing on the Quran, that “I don’t know (this) woman!”. Soon all the Sunat daggers drawn and aimed to his throat. No bISA can save him should that happen.

  19. after reading all the comments above I feel dazed. we are still fighting for independence from the Blitish umno? the intrigues happening in Malaysia exceeds those found in Macbeth, Julius Caesar and the French Connection thrown together. Until the Sherwood Forest moves to Putra Jaya umno/bn would’nt fall. Friends and countrymen lend me your err….unite to bring peace and stability to malaysia!

    I believe the end is near for the present draconian regime, malaysians will see the light soon.

  20. reeperbahn you are optimistic.
    laws to regulate race and religion?
    what on earth is that? warning bells are ringing. Just when I thought it couldnt get any worse

  21. Mr. Bean,
    thanks for the clear message.
    the intention was good and at that time we needed such laws. what beats me is, why do we need enact such new laws, now, in this globalised world? there are enough laws existing to handle any abuse of religious freedom. with creation of new laws for race and religion more new limits and boundaries would be added which would cater to the taste of the ruling party and their henchmen
    the fact is that, the fifty years of independence did’nt help us develope!

  22. Kathy,

    we are all optimistic that there will be change coming our way soon .
    you see, the arab spring is not ending, it is going on. we don’t want such situation here, if we are optimistic we can achieve change with democratic methods. we have to prove that we are civilised people, we should’nt be compared to the african continent.
    if left unchecked the situation will get worse..

  23. Bean suk,
    That’s exactly what Lee Kuan Yew is saying. The very Hard Truths! But then some singaporeans can’t take those hard truths. Aiyaaa…..

    Bean suk,
    Najib wanna hired ex Tony Blair’s PR goon to “beautify” Lajib’s image. lajib wanna embraced “Cold” Malaysia. Watch Spitting Image

  24. Yes we want change, but change for the better…

    Is it for the better, when the Law Minister says…( to the effect ) that the new sets of laws ” will regulate on race & religion ” ? It sounds funny to regulate on that : i) Religion ? Why, its already there in the Constitution, Islam as the Religion of the Federation AND people of other Faiths are free to practise their faith & traditions in peace; ii) Race ? What race ? We have all agreed to be of one Malaysian race – to regulate more would mean or entail in all the major races not wanting to INTERGRATE, is that what he is saying ? Come on, we are all agreed to intergrate to be Malaysian first, despite our differences in our ethnic origins. Just feel something amiss here, to ” regulate ” on these ?

    Anti=terrorism ? Perhaps necessary… coupled with some Preventive laws like for Eg: laws on sedition & seditious tendencies, or, inciting hatred amongst the races, and also inciting to cause an uprising against the King & nation – this too is already stipulated in our Penal Code. ?

    Well and good, that we are getting rid of the draconian ISA, but utterances like the above, not only create restlessnes but irksome…..

  25. Anyway, Najib using Tony Blair’s campaign style is an insult to Tony Blair & those people who are hired

    These goons should stay away from Najib like plague

  26. “If they are that repressive and yet are passed in Parliament, then the opposition must be sleeping,” said Nazri.

    Wow, is he a lawyer or what? If I have the majority in Parliament I don’t care how loud the opposition shouts, as long as all my MPs toe the line when I crack the whip, I can get all my bills passed. And this has nothing to do with whether the opposition is sleeping or not.

    So blame the opposition if new repressive laws are passed by the BN majority in Parliament. So clever, no wonder you are THE de facto Law Minister.

    As I state before this a great ploy for Najib; if he loose the election PR cannot use the ISA against him and his cohorts; but when he wins he will come up with even stronger laws to kill off any opposition from within and without.

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