Prime Minister Najib’s Malaysia Day Address: Another View

September 18, 2011

Prime Minister Najib’s Malaysia Day Address: Another View–Cynical or Realistic(?)

by  Ismail Dahlan, Malaysia Chronicle (09-17-11)

Prime Minister Najib Razak appeared to be nursing a stiff neck, and certainly looked terribly nervous and uncomfortable as he started his speech. Having no doubt been advised by his handlers to establish eye contact with the audience, he nevertheless managed to look furtive doing it. His body language spoke far more than any words that he spoke. Mr Najib is a worried man, fearful of his future.

He cannot improve on the BN’s performance of 2008, he knows this, and in fact the BN will fare worse. Which means Mr Najib will be deposed after the election by his own party. His short and hitherto unimpressive career will be over. So he has decided on a radical new strategy, to take on the mantle of a reformer; overnight!

He first started off with a dull history lesson, focusing on the fact that Malaysians (Malayans rather) had been able to vote in an election for the first time in 1952, and as a free country in 1959. Since that makes Malaysia about the same as every other country that ever became independent of a colonial power (including the US), we were left wishing that he would get to the point. And we were quite sure there was a point, as Mr.Najib could not afford another pointless speech.

“The three Declarations of Emergency are hereby cancelled 40 years later”. Big deal. Better than Gaddafi, but that’s about it. Broad false smile from Hishamuddin Hussein.

“The ISA will be annulled in its entirety”. More false happy signals from Hishamuddin. Rais Yatim doing a terribly good impression of a prune. The IGP nodding his head like one of those vile nodding-head dolls that people are always bringing back from their travels. Unenthusiastic clapping from the very perpetrators of these vile laws, the BN’s flabby, flaccid in-bred ruling class.

And a bonus, “no more Printing Presses Act”, so the newspapers will be ‘free’. They’ll still need a license to operate though, so maybe not so ‘free’. The Executive will still control them. You can look forward to the usual garbage from the mainstream newspapers. Opposition newspapers will of course not be given a licence.

So, what, in the end, was Mr Najib’s point?

Sure, BN can change, no doubt about it!

Well, Mr Najib would like you to believe that, contrary to current conventional wisdom, the BN can change without being thrown out first. He would like the fence-sitters to vote for him. He would like to disentangle himself as an individual from the BN’s unpopularity. He would like some of the urban vote, which he has entirely lost, back.

But he offers nothing! The announcements of September 15 are superficial garbage. The ISA was a law that was politically impossible to use any more, so what difference that it is repealed, other than symbolism. Two new laws will be created, Mr Najib announced. Just like that. He needed to discuss it with no stakeholders? The judiciary remains under the thumb of the executive. The police remain unreformed, the IPCMC blocked. The MACC a farce in itself. The AG will have his powers unclipped and we may look forward to more selective prosecutions.

Already his underlings like Hishamuddin Hussein and Nazri Aziz are undermining even these miserable changes. The current batch of ISA detainees have yet to be released two days after Mr Najib made his speech. Hishamuddin Hussein now claims that they are all being held for ‘terrorism’. It is indeed a very sudden surge of it!

Najib’s version of freedom

There are some who have welcomed Mr.Najib’s speech, but they may very well be suffering, as tweeted by Ms Latheefa Koya, from a severe case of Stockholm syndrome. You do not thank your captor for letting you go because it has now become expedient for him to do so!

To add insult to injury, Mr Najib claims to have ‘freed’ the newspapers. He will however have the right to pull their license whenever he chooses! This is Mr Najib’s idea of freedom. Very different from Mandela’s  and a Sword of Damocles over your head.

The only clear fact that comes out of his announcements is that Mr.Najib believes that Malaysians can be easily fooled. His speech on the 15th was an exercise in talking down to the electorate. Few will be fool enough to swallow this lukewarm swill he would serve us.

Mr Najib may keep his half-measures and expedient speeches. Or he may spout them from the opposition benches after the next General Election. What cannot be countenanced is another five years of incompetence, economic mismanagement and arrogant rule by the BN.

Malaysia Chronicle

10 thoughts on “Prime Minister Najib’s Malaysia Day Address: Another View

  1. When you flip-flop too many times, it’s hard for people to believe what you say anymore. Action speaks louder than words.

  2. He is guilty of the crime of deception by omission. Period. The more space devoted to this issue (repeal of the ISA), the more times a lie is repeated, it acquires a ring of truth. Some people will then give him credit for the repeal. Never mind its resurrection by another name announced by his Ministers immediately after.

  3. It’s a gimmick. Just like when the Anti-corruption agency was replaced by the MACC, it was promised that the MACC would be like the Hong Kong Anti-corruption agency where corruption would have zero-tolerance. But what we got was the reality of UMNO’s deceit. The MACC was used to topple the Perak state government, and nearly the Selangor state government. Witnesses that entered the front door of the MACC went flying out of the window. The MACC was never meant to fight corruption but was used to protect the corruptors of the first magnitude in the UMNO government. Even the Opposition was fooled by this obnoxious Greeks gift of the UMNO government.

    The ISA was made into law by the UMNO government in 1960, even though it was introduced by the British to specifically fight the Communist menace. The British never introduced the ISA into the Constitution. This duplicity was done by the UMNO government, not to fight the Communists, but to incarcerate its political opponents. The fact that Najib announced the abolition of the ISA during Malaysia Day is no comfort. No persons still under detention was released to date and that the ISA would be replaced by two MACC’s “bait-and-switch” type of laws, i.e. to strike its opponents by underhanded methods in order to remain in power. The ISA had been the bedrock of UMNO’s political hegemony and only political novices would fail to understand this. Just as UMNO would never abandon the NEP, it would never give up its ISA’s lifeline to political longevity. To fool the unconvinced Najib is now resorting to the “bait-and-switch” stratagem.

  4. Bean suk,
    Just like what Mahathir has done in 1999, accepting suqiu’s request in principle on the onset of GE & then breaking the promises after winning GE. Branding suqiu as commnist out to destroy the social contract

    Enough is enough! Let sink UMNO/BN. I believe there would be the winter of discontent end of the year for Malaysia. It sunk Jim Callaghan (I kinda like him) in the 70s. It shall sink Najib

  5. The cynical me ROFL. A hullabaloo on repeal of ISA next year (maybe after GE13?) and freedom of press? I won’t hold my breath for the former. An old wicked doctor in a new shirt is an old wicked doctor. Freedom of press, i can read from the internet.
    Appeasing, bribing and spinning the blur sotong rural majority will win them the votes. Phantom voters and instant-pasembor cum soto rakyak help too.

    I shall shamelessly kinda steal from Churchill: “never had so few (here & other blogs) made so much noise to so little effect…”

  6. Let us not prejudge Najib.

    “Wait and see” means being patient. If Malaysians had been “patient” for 54 years to get rid of ISA, let’s wait for the coming weeks and see what Najib will DO.

    We heard him TALK….. now all we got to do is to see whether he can WALK the TALK or his balls will shrink the moment the Kutty-Supremo opens his foul mouth.

    The least we can do is be fair to the man. Having to make the announcement is already bad enough (and his body language on TV shows it all), and then having to put up with accusations he will not go through with his promise.

    I say, let’s wait and see and give him breathing space to suck in oxygen to confront the oncoming missiles of vulgarity from the Pro-Mahathir cabal in UMNO and from that circus-NGO Perkasa.

  7. Hurricanmax,
    Righto! What the heck! We have given these goons plenty of opportunities.

    Infighting! Carry on man! Let watch a good fight man

  8. looes74

    It has already started…

    Read here:

    “…Perkasa will REJECT the new anti-terrorism laws the prime minister has proposed if they do not keep to the “preventive spirit” of the recently scrapped Internal Security Act (ISA).Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali said it was necessary to preserve or even iIMPROVE upon the preventive aspects of the ISA….”

    As I said earlier, Najib to not only steel himself to face his enemies in UMNO and in Perkasa, but convince himself he has balls of steel.

    Let’s watch Najib and how he handles his leadership in crisis. He had been flip flopping more than Badawi, and I would not be surprised if he flip-flop, flip-flop on this one too.

    In weeks to come, this whole episode of Najib’s reforms may look like the way that Prof Dr Kangkung Zainal Kling looks at the history of Malaya.

    As my neighbour likes to say when he had one too many, ” A lot of farts coming out , but no shit”. His polite way of telling his educated friends, “plenty of hot air, with no subsrance”

  9. Yeah, and my neighbor says all that wind is due to ’empty sacs’ . Somehow, certain appendages can retract into the abdominal cavity, causing intestinal obstruction, thus the constipation.

    I don’t believe he’s flip-flopping, but something is missing within his pants.

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