Najib’s Approval Rating Drops

August 30, 2011

Najib’s Approval Rating drops to 59 Per Cent

by Nigel
Aug 29, 11

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s approval rating has declined six points to 59 percent, according to the latest report by independent pollster Merdeka Center for Opinion Research.

Merdeka Center attributes the decline to increased concerns over the spiraling cost of living as consumers begin to feel the impact of recent increase in fuel and electricity prices. The pollster also acknowledged that the way the government handled the Bersih 2.0 rally had generated some “adverse” negative perceptions and eroded the Prime Minister’s support.

The latest announcement puts the Prime Minister’s approval rating at its lowest point in nearly two years. Najib’s approval rating has been on a steady decline since June 2010, after having achieved a record high of 72 percent.

This is the first time that his approval rating hits below 60 percent since September 2009 when he scored 56% – his second lowest after his not-so-impressive showing of 45% in May, a month after he took the helm from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi [see below].

On the up side, the number of people who are dissatisfied with the Prime Minister remained unchanged at 27 percent.The survey period was between Aug 11 and Aug 27 which coincided with the announcement of the proposed parliamentary select committee on electoral reform, and a month after the Bersih rally of July 9.

Down three points

The survey, based on 1,027 respondents, found that slightly more than half – 51 percent – felt that the country was going in the right direction, down three points. Along ethnic lines, Najib’s support among ethnic Malays declined slightly by four points, down from 73 percent, whereas support from the ethnic Chinese tumbled, dropping a whopping 11 points to 38 percent.

The outlook of Indian Malaysians on the direction the country has taken also took a dive from 54 to 39 points, but interestingly, they are the only group to have increased their support for Najib, up two points from 67 percent.

Based on the survey, almost one third of respondents are worried about the rising cost of living, a concern that cuts across ethnic lines.

Najib had on July 27 announced that the seventh National Key Results Area will be introduced to the Government Transformation Programme to address the spiraling cost of living, but the Government appears to have done little to soothe concerns.

NAJIB’S POPULARITY RATING (2009-2011)       


May – 45%
June – 65%
July – 64%
Sept – 56%
Dec – 66%


March – 69%
May – 72%
Nov – 69%


March – 67%
May – 65%
Aug – 59%

22 thoughts on “Najib’s Approval Rating Drops

  1. Disappointing is’nt it ! If you look at the picture above , you see the faces of several individuals with whom there has been a fair bit of disenchantment. And yet , even if the ratings by this pollster indicates a reduction , 59% maybe be considered too high, when considered against the magnitude of the disenchantment , as felt by the ra’ayat.

    Wonder if it is a reflection of the weakness of the poll , the pollster or the indicators used?

  2. “The survey, based on 1,027 respondents, found that slightly more than half – 51 percent – felt that the country was going in the right direction, down three points. Along ethnic lines, Najib’s support among ethnic Malays declined slightly by four points, down from 73 percent, whereas support from the ethnic Chinese tumbled, dropping a whopping 11 points to 38 percent.”

    Let’s see the profile of these 1,027 respondents, how they are selected etc.

  3. Rightways, I agreed with your thesis….equality must be seen and not merely mentioned…it seem our premier’s promises just a non action intention….simply a political propaganda. If he never promise …may bd his popularity will not tarnish and keeping out of pace from the others mult-ethnic support esp..chinese and indian. The best part the poll results at Sarawak proven that no matter how much BN dump in …DAP got the maximum in the PRU 13 will prove what Mr.Rais said tonite that PM popularity was stable and always uphill ….just a big hidden liar and not a honest comment.

  4. Bean, the sample size is crap and the cohorts sampled is certainly not up to Pew standards. Like in all things, statistics in this country is ‘plastic’.

  5. That’s right, Familiaris.

    Just like the computation of the Consumer Price Index or CPI by the Statistics Department. It all depends on what goes into the ‘basket’ and the weightage given to each item in the ‘basket of goods’.

  6. Come on rightways,

    Equality in what ? Equality as most people understand it, is in the total structure of the Nation, is’nt it ? ie : the socio-politico-Economic Structure of the Nation, any nation.
    If the Economic structure alone of which 90% national wealth & asset belong to 10% of the minority constituting economic predominance, whilst only 10% wealth is distributed to the 90% majority population…..surely the Equation is not right either, wont you agree ?.
    You are being one-sided , as always, when you persistently harp on inequality in the Socio-Political field, is that fair…..please don’t simply use lofty words to cloud over issues at hand

  7. there must be socialjustice, political justice & Economic justice : the socio-political justice EMANATE from the prior, which is the Economic justice….

  8. Equality is based on ‘universal values’, not one-sided, Abnizar7 .

    You blame the minority economic success?

    The minority success is due to attributes of hard-work, sacrifices, the so called garage culture enduring hardship and difficulties – dirty politics, social and racial discrimination, injustices and inequality among races.

    The injustices to be addressed have been addressed and scarified like NEP, etc for the last 54 years. It cannot be forever taking for granted and remains ungraceful

    It would be wasting more national resources, money and times. The majority and the whole nation will suffer and stagnate if they don’t change and improve within themselves.

  9. I’ll go along with your arguements.

    I’ personally have consistently claimed about industry, hardwork, determination, acquisition of skills in commerce & industry in people around the globe – the jewish people & westerners on the other side. In the East, its the Japanese, Koreans & Chinese : but above all the qualities for survival & success, RESILIENCE of Character is one single factor that tops the survival factor. What’s resilience ? This extra factor of not giving up. If obstacles are placed, these resilient people will be quite determined to patiently bide for time, persevere, go AROUND the obstacles, and still reach the objectives by circumventing the obstacles…etc.
    There is no short, Bumi Entreprenuers must build up this sttrenght of character. …
    Instead of focussing on this, the top 10% who govern, enrich themselves & their cronies,including those in power with their billionaire contractors to control the wealth & assets of the nation. .
    There is no short-cut, and even if it takes another five decades, the Economic justice MUST be achieved, otherwise catastrophic…

  10. Abnizar7,

    Economic justice can be achieved if the majority Malay brothers and sisters understand the garage culture practiced by the minority. Don’t depend on government but themselves,survival of the fittest – nature laws.

  11. Agreed, your attribute of reselience in character, was built-up over 5000 years of terrible oppression of successive generations of Chinese Emperors, who were brutal.
    When Chinese migrants reached the sores of S>E. Asia, Malay population were still in their peasentries/peasents. So British came to Asia for their trading conquest, eg: East India Co. The Brits acclaimed that you all were more astute, resilient & skilled in trading : i remember, Brits had to rely on your acumen labelling you as a very astute ” middle-men ” because the Westerners were producing goods from inventions.
    So, the disadvantage the Malay pheasents had was enshrined in Article 153, in order to ” upgrade ” Bumis into people who can be economically ” viable “. Up till now, some improvements there, but impediments treamendous…. uphill battle

  12. Sorry, I cannot agree with your arguments, Abnizar7

    It is not the “5000 years of terrible oppression of successive generations of Chinese Emperors, who were brutal” which is misled by Westerners’ colonial masters to glorify, justify and maintain their monarchy Kingdom, imperialism, hegemony. Only one Chinese emperor of five dynasties was brutal. The last Qing emperor was incapable who led China down and miserable, leading to most Asian nations conquered/invaded by the Western rising powers.

    Chinese did not simply migrate to SEA on own their own but was brought in by the Western colonial masters to work as slaves in SEA. My dad was one of British slaves and all Chinese were colonial slaves before.

    Talk of “astute, middle-men, invention”, etc are all rubbish, because they are universal, nobody should claim it unless they are arrogant! Human beings are almost the same with only a razor edge difference that makes things happened.

  13. So, the disadvantage the Malay pheasents had was enshrined in Article 153, in order to ” upgrade ” Bumis into people who can be economically ” viable “. — Abnizar7

    Article 153 has been cited as the source of constituional power for all legislation, for all discriminatory policies, all government sponsored racial discrimination to rectify the imbalances, actual and perceived, alleged to have retarded the role of a particular community in the economic life of a country struggling to take its rightful place in the community of nations. It is the greatest scam pulled by corrupt leaders on its own people.

  14. Mr Bean, correct ” It is the greatest scam pulled by corrupt leaders on its own people “, i too have stated that above, because the top leaders have HIJACKED Article 153 to enrich themselves at the expense of the 90% down-rung population : that’s the greatest impediment the 90% population have been facing for the last five decades.

    But if the abuses are not corrected, time will come when the 90% will be impoverished…..and things become volatile like unexpected volcanic erruptions…..akin to Arab Uprising. . God forbid…

  15. Abnizar, feudalism has it’s advantages, as per your strange conversation with a blinkered Sino-philiac, who can’t tell the differences between that (serfdom), slavery and freedom. Some idiots are very good at pointing fingers only when things go wrong and can’t see themselves for whom they truly are. It’s called denial in hypocrisy.

    Yes, Article 153 was used hypocritically by sociopaths to justify ‘self enrichment’ and to seek glorification. That was before the completion of the Human Genome Project. All men are born equal, but not all men become equal.

  16. Hahaha.. yeah, it’s like being a hemophiliac. Bleeding all over.
    Your thesis about Asian values and self sufficiency is crap (garbage, not garage) and there ain’t no Ocean on this planet big enough to dump your blue water theories. You sound very much like Salong Sar (er, that’s Pol Pot to you), an ethnic Chinese who tried to force Cambodia into his own image. Well you know what happened during his reign of terror..

    You don’t have any idea why China goes through periodic cycles of boom and destruction, do you? It’s in the culture and over-dependence on patriarchs, tradition and feudalism even to this day and age. Not one great granddaddy of a Patriarch, are you? Btw, why did you get an MBA from UK? I heard the one in Tsinghua is better. Certainly better standard of written English. Don’t know about the spoken one, though.. Perhaps, alphabetical brains like mine can’t compete with your pictographic one, but never-mind, i’m quite happy as i am. That’s what we mean by parallel dimensions and the twain shall never meet.

  17. C.L, why do you always entertain rightways? You know he’s a sino-phile and it’ll be a waste of time to convince him about anything else. For somebody who has deep seated hatred for western “colonial” powers, to be getting an MBA from one of the powers can be considered hypocritical. You don’t speak for all chinese rightways. Sorry that your dad was a slave for the Brits but my great-grandfather wasn’t when he decided to explore out of China.

  18. C.L. Familiaris = Chinese illiterate, Sino ignorance!

    You bark at wrong tree again and again with flowering English to grind, cheat and mislead the innocents.

    Like to know ‘why did I get an MBA from UK’? Simple, I earned my British MBA because colonizers said that “British, the best’ and I wanted to know how best they are. We must know the best in order to expose the true faces of the best.

    Success don’t depend on English, Idea matters! Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong don’t know English at all.

    BTW, didi

    No, I don’t speak for all chinese, many of them are also Chinese illiterate, what a shame!

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