Wisma Putra: Do something about this diplomatic stupidity

August 2, 2011


Wisma Putra: Do something about this diplomatic stupidity

(Inquirer) – MANILA, Philippines—Former president Joseph Ejercito Estrada on Monday chided a Malaysian diplomat’s wife over her message on microblogging site Twitter calling Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal an “infidel Malay.”

Estrada said that Dato Zainab, wife of Malaysian Ambassador to Manila Dr. Ibrahim Saad, insulted Rizal and sowed religious hatred as she lashed out at Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, an ally of the ousted Philippine leader.

“It appears that in her desire to insult Anwar, she also effectively insulted our national hero Jose Rizal and the Filipino people who regard him with reverence,” Estrada said in a statement posted on his website.

Dato Zainab, in her tweet originally written in Bahasa on July 16, said: “Anwar Ibrahim is clearly pro-Christian, an admirer of Jose Rizal the infidel Malay! Oh yes, don’t forget…”

Ibrahim, who was jailed on charges of corruption and sodomy but was acquitted in 2004, is visiting Manila to hold a lecture on Friday at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City on the influences of Rizal and Benigno Aquino Jr. on the Southeast Asian Leadership.

While in prison, Ibrahim was said to have been inspired by Rizal’s novel, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, two of the hero’s searing social commentary against the oppressive Spanish colonial rule.

Estrada likened the former Malaysian deputy prime minister to former president Corazon Aquino, calling him  “a fighter for real democracy.”“Let us do what we can do to join him in this cause of bringing genuine democracy to the Malaysian people,” he said.

At the same time, Estrada reminded Dato Zainab to be respectful of other cultures and religions.“We must remember that regardless of religion, we are all Asian brothers. Our attitude must be towards strengthening our Malay ties and building our Asian community instead of using religious diversities to sow hatred among nations or ostracize political adversaries,” Estrada said.

54 thoughts on “Wisma Putra: Do something about this diplomatic stupidity

  1. Wives of Diplomats are trained in proper etiquette so that they can conduct themselves appropriately. It is obvious that this lady does not know how to behave herself as she is not trained by Wisma Putra. As a result, she not only embarrasses her husband but also creates problems for Malaysia vis a vis the Philippines. Dr Jose Rizal is of a Malay descent, and a national hero. –Din Merican

  2. Jose Rizal is a “mestizo”. Yes, Dato Din. She should apologise to the Filipino people for insulting their national hero.
    Jose Rizal is not at issue here. She is just an Ambassador’s wife and has no standing. That’s why she must always shut up, and be doing things like charity work, which can help to cement people to people relations, creating goodwill. Wisma Putra should investigate and deal with the matter. If necessary, as a last resort, our Ambassador should replaced.–Din Merican

  3. Not enough,

    Declare them both PNG and throw them out of the country. Who the hell does she think she is?? Roshma, Junior??
    Ambassador Malott,

    If there is no response from Wisma Putra on this matter, the Filipinos might do a PNG on them. Terrible thing to happen. We are seen to be arrogant by the Filipinos and the Indonesians, and maybe others in ASEAN. This is because we think we are God’s gift to the region.–Din Merican

  4. Embarrassing ourselves and offending our host i.e. ruffling two birds with one twit. It’s diplomacy by blunder. Kan kena bayar ufti kepada Filipina pulak.

  5. Another diplomatic faux-pas which did not happen during my time or yours, Din.

    And coming from a housewife, it’s all the sadder. Obviously she did not attend the Intan courses on etiquette for wives of diplomats. She’s best harnessing her energy on riding horses, which I am not mistaken is her hobby.

    Rajmah Hussein (I am sure you know her Din) should have taught her diplomatic niceties before she followed hubby to Manila. That’s the trouble having politicians as ambassadors, not career diplomats. And Ibrahim Saad was once Anwar’s man. He was a failed Penang Deputy CM.
    She probably has an inflated view of herself and obviously has no manners. No amount of training can help such types. When I asked Wisma Putra to do something I meant ending her husband’s tour of duty.

    Diplomatic snafus of this sort cannot be tolerated. Imagine what Tun Ghazalie Shafie would have done with Ambassadors who cannot control their wives. –Din Merican

  6. Persona non grata then it is, Ambassador Malott. I have never seen you consumed by anger until now.

    Don’t these people attend some kind of school being wives of diplomats and all?

  7. What school? Grooming school? These Umnoputras attend only one school – Sekolah Kronisme Simpang Tiga, Tebing Tinggi where Al Kutty is the principal.

  8. For a moment I thought this Ibrahim Saad fella is long gone. He’s Malaysia’s ambassador in Manila? Another Umno has-been like the JJ fella in Washington. We’re really scrapping the bottom of the barrel. I wonder who they gonna send to Mongolia?

  9. This woman was doing what UMNO and Perkasa know best… race and religion slurs to hit out at opponents.

    Perhaps she thought she was still in Malaysia where UMNO can call people names are get away scot free even without an apology.

    Even our Ambiga was branded anti-Islam by no other than the PM.

    If one looks around there are many UMNO rejects who end up as ambassadors. Even one UMNO bottom-pincher has been made a ambassador.

  10. I agree with you Din Merican. This is stupidity of the first degree by the wife of an Ambassador ! It is not diplomatic and civil.

    I am surprised that Ibrahim Saad is now an Ambassador.He has not been in the news for years. Ibrahim apparently was the staunch supporter of Anwar when he was Deputy Prime Minister.

    When Anwar was sacked by Mahathir as DPM, it looks like Ibrahim has changed allegiance. Do you trust such a man ?

    Ahmad Zahidi seems to look the same. When Ahmad Zahidi was asked to step down as UMNO Youth by Mahathir during the Financial Crisis and Political Crisis in 1988, Ahmad refused. Then Mahathir used the ISA to jail him without a trial and put under solitary confinement.

    Ahmad Zahidi broke down under the torturous conditions & cried. HE RESIGNED. & Mahathir released him from jail # # # This is an abuse of power & misuse of ISA.

    Ahmad is a weak person. But today he is the Minister of Defence.If he was caught by enemies in a war , he would probably sell off the country for his self survival. Corrections, Criticisms & Comments welcome.
    His proper name is Datuk Seri Dr.Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Minister of Defence.

  11. Tak kan bengang kat anwar ( pasai career suami kantoi ) : boleh jadi kurang ajar sampai macam ni…..zainab tu perasaan socialite….padahal adalah tante girang saja….

  12. Kasi malu sama kite punya negara aje.

    Why … oh why do we continue to send idiots, mongs, dungus, gimps etc abroad to represent us??

  13. Mr Bean, sorry for appearing so consumed by anger… but I still think the Philippine Government should throw both her and her husband out of the country.

    And it is outrageous that the wife of an ambassador should be tweeting slurs against the leader of the opposition. Can you imagined what would happen here if a wife sent tweets like that about the leader of the Republicans or the Democrats?

  14. Of course you can apologise and pretend you are sorry. But let’s be honest, this is an UMNO family with their prejudices and contempt for others not like them, either in Malaysia other countries.

    You cannot hide your character and upbringing. Every time you lie when you speak to others. Sooner or later you let slip.

  15. Best tweet of the year, we learned how low the EQ of our BN Ambassador’s wife is. She is still emotional because her husband had lost to Lady Azizah.

    I doubt Wisma Putra will have the intelligence to bring her back. Well Filipinos, you all better teach her a good lesson there because our BTN is busy churning more idiots here, using our taxpayers money.

  16. Joze Rizal is of Chinese descent from Fujian. He is not a Malay though he may be a hero of the Philippines. A statue of him was built in 2002 in Jinjiang, Fujian, the place of his forefathers. Surprised ah!

    The Rizal family is considered one of the biggest families during their time. Domingo Lam-co, the family’s paternal ascendant was a full-blooded Chinese who came to the Philippines from Amoy, China in the closing years of the 17th century and married a Chinese half-breed by the name of Ines de la Rosa. Check it out at http://knightsofrizal.org/.
    At the end of the day, Jose Rizal is a Filipino. –Din Merican

  17. Most Third World Countries appoint their Heads of Mission from outside the Foreign Service. After independence we too had most of our Heads of Mission from outside the Foreign Service. But in the 80s and 90s 90% of our Heads of Mission were from the Foreign Service.Now it appears that we are moving back to retain our Third World Status.

  18. Common sense , common decency is not something one can teach another. Stupidity , whether diplomatically or other wise is stupidity. That cannot be taught either. Yet she probably thinks she is smart. I have met those like her. They scare me because they think they are smart. They always seem to be placed in positions of power. Scary stuff.

  19. foreign minister…bring back the ambassodor home…good for everybody…the man, country, host and yourself…..and the prime minister…..my 2 cent advise…..

  20. myself ..melayu jati from south thailand….my cucu , she a bit of malay,bugis, chinese and what else but we are malaysian and proud of it…….

  21. “At the end of the day , Jose Rizal was a Filipino.” – din merican

    In the same token , so is Dato’ Dr Ambiga , Felix Fernandez , Din Merican , Tok Cik , Tean , Salmiah Hassan, Tony Fernandez , Jeffery and Pairin Kitingan , Mohamad , etc. – they are all Malaysians .

    So Tang Loon Kong , what is the big deal ? Are you a Chink first malaysian?

  22. There is no need to use derogatory words like “chink”. We don’t need racists on this blog. One would have thought that the month of Ramadan would stop jerks like you from continuing to engage in making slurs against readers. Hiding behind multiple handles only serves to confirm your cowardly disposition.

  23. Ibrahim Saads wife just like Rais Yatims wife are Rosmah’s KAKI, and husband a has been politically was given a new lease of life as Ambassador to the Philippines . The dyed hair gang member must have thought it CUTE to TWEET about Anwar and might not even realise that Jose Rizal is a reverential figure in the Philippines. It would be great if she and husband is PNG out, but at a minimum she should be asked to perform the nude squat ( hahaaa) like our immigration officials did on the two Singaporean ladies who entered an unmanned checkpoint inadvertently at the Johore causeway recently !!

  24. It is OK, Ambassador Malott to be passionate about issues. You were a professional (and still are because one never really loses one’s professional reponsibility and code of conduct even though one may have left the profession) sent from the U.S. Department of State to serve as Ambassador to Malaysia in the ’90s and behaviour like this one by the spouse of a diplomat is a slur on the reputation of diplomats everywhere.

    Spouses of U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators know better never to tweet or comment on anything that would interfere in the work of their husbands and wives. They know their lives are under public scrutiny.

    Anwar Ibrahim is pro-Christian? So what if he is?? Jose Rizal an infidel and a Malay? She should go get some education. And such contextual use of the word ‘infidel’ is offensive.

  25. “She is just an Ambassador’s wife and has no standing. That’s why she must always shut …” Din Merican

    Correction. She is the Ambassador’s wife and her standing is that of an ambassador’s wife.

  26. Can this twittering Twit be considered to be engaging in ‘Spousal Abuse’? Would this episode be taken into mitigation should the aggrieved husband (assuming he realizes the magnitude of the diplomatic guffaw) ask for a divorce – er.., on grounds of imbecility?

  27. Do people care about what Filipinos think of this issue? How cute. You listen to a former President of ours whom we OUSTED??? Erap Estrada is a JOKE here in our country. Thank goodness he’s no longer our President because he is a moron!

    Obviously, Jarius Bondoc, the stupid columnist/paid hack of a lot of dirty politicians, was paid to write all this nonsense. Dato Zainab was merely TAGGED on Twitter. She did not write the tweet herself. The original source of the tweet was “BikMama2U” and people who know how to use Twitter would know that Dato Zainab was just TAGGED.

    Unfortunately for all of the critics, Dato Zainab and Dr. Ibrahim Saad are well-respected here in the Philippines. Whether Malaysians want them out of the Philippines or not because of this issue, the most important thing is that they have GAINED THE TRUST AND CONFIDENCE of the FILIPINOS.

    And please, if you want to play fair, you might all want to read these articles which have clarified everything:

    http://asiancorrespondent.com/61501/twitter-confusion-causes-diplomatic-incident-between-malaysia-philippines – Twitter confusion causes diplomatic incident between Malaysia and Philippines

    http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/lifestyle/08/01/11/malaysian-envoys-wife-denies-dissing-rizal – Malaysian envoy’s wife denies dissing Rizal

    http://www.gmanews.tv/story/228066/nation/malaysian-envoys-wife-denies-tweeting-rizals-an-infidel – Malaysian envoy’s wife denies tweeting Rizal’s an ‘infidel’
    Certified Filipino, damage down, but in the interest of fair play, I have allowed your post through, although I know that you don’t like Erap. I hope you are not a paid hand yourself.–Din Merican

  28. To Peach Ann Nacion

    So why Filipinos could accept Jose Rizal as their hero in spite of his racial background whilst the current Malaysia administration under UMNO and Perkasa condemns people like Ambiga? Should not Ambiga be taken as a hero too by the current Malaysian government in the same style as the Filippinos with Jose Rizal whose memory is immortalised in their history?

    Therefore Peach Ann Nacion, this case is not about being Malay, Chinese, Indians, Orang Asli, Kadazans, Ibans being Malaysians.
    Tang, look at it from a proper perspective. In terms of achievements, Dato Ambiga looks pale in comparison to the erudite Dr.Jose Rizal. She led Bersih2.0 and that is all. –Din Merican

  29. She’s not the only one Dato’. There is a certain Ambassador’s wife who pulled the same one on Facebook too but this time on Bersih. I was shocked by the language used considering it came from an Ambassador’s wife and a mother. These people should be restraint from using social-networking sites if they don’t know how to shut up. If bragging about the things they have bought isn’t enough, they have to show their frivolity, ignorance and crudeness.

  30. So what if Jose Rizal is a christian malay? Is there anywhere in the Quran that states all Malays should be Muslims? So what if one admires a person from a different race and religion? Does that make him less of a muslim than you?

    We can’t have these ignoramus ladies running around calling for the death of Bersih marchers or insulting other countries. Take away the internet if you have to.

  31. Its not her (Dato Zainab) fault. She is just imitating 1Malaysia’s First Lady Rosmah who has been very active of late deputizing for her husband, the First Man Najib and acting like the 1Malaysia’s government spokesperson. Dato Zainab is just trying to impress Rosmah that she has what it takes to be amongst the 30% Women Power by 2016.

  32. Arrogance among certain malaysian malays seem to be going off the rails. The unfortunate fact in life is that nothing last for ever and what goes around, comes around.

  33. This female cow (Dato Zainab) should be told to shut her racist mouth. These are the types of Wisma Putra wives that we have abroad. No brains but only wants to have a good time at the expense of the taxpayers – shopping, parties, fun and games.

    What has Malaysia got to show – any nationalist leader like Jose Rizal? No. Only a bunch of UMNO leaders and Malay Rulers who were more than happy to work with and defend the colonial power until 1946. In fact, they were all accomplices to British rule. Whether Rizal was a Malay Christian or not is not important. What is important is his legacy.

    BTW, no comments from Marina Mahathir and those feminists in Sisters in Islam on this. Of course, the Obedient Housewives Club will stand by her.

  34. Najib as Prime Minister, who appointed Ibrahim Saad as Ambassador to the Philippines, should replace him and move to urgently repair the damage to bilateral relations caused by Dato Zainab, the intemperate wife of a failed politician from Penang. Anifah Aman must advise Najib to do so.

  35. It is ok to claim Dr Jose Rizal as one of “whoever you want him to be” for his great contribution in this region(The Philippines are very proud of him, so we are too) but it is of absolute arrogance to call him a kafir without first checking the fact who he really was, politically correct, he is A HERO, a Filipino and of Chinese descent and a Hokkien. Tang Koon Loon is doing his part by providing the truth based on historical fact and even Dr Mahathir thought he(Dr Jose Rizal) was Malay too(if this was earlier known[ignorance], he would not have been subjected to this blunder and name-calling.

    How clever and stupid are Ambassadors and their wives they represent our country! Yes I fully agree even the Philippine people proudly considered him as one great citizen hero that is so unlike Malaysia’s divisive race and religion on personality.

    This is a case of a rotten fish that got into trouble elsewhere what they are practicing in Malaysia. The husband and wife should apologize pofusely to the People of Philippines and Malaysians too.


  36. At a diplomatic function, the blond-haired wife of bolehland’s ambassador to the Philippines was asked, “What do you think of Red China”?

    “Oh, It’s okay as long as it doesn’t clash with the color of the tablecloth”, the moron tweeted.

  37. It is important before any discussion starts, all relevant facts must be established, just in the court of law. Otherwise, time is wasted and decisions are made wrong no matter how committed or intelligent the participants are. And then the participants become the laughing stock.

    Datok Ambiga, by going through with Bersih 2.0 is telling all the ‘rakyat’ that there is something seriously wrong with the electoral rolls and the elections process. It impacts the entire nation and all of Malaysia’s recognition as citizens.

    (Read Malaysia Chronicle 3 August 2011, about “More ‘instant Malaysians’ discovered after IC scam”)


    More importantly, would the majority race in one country accept somebody not from the majority as its leader if that person was the best person there was to lead that country, just as Jose Rizal has been accepted by the Fillipinos as their national hero. This is what the entire discussion boils down too. A modern but rare example in the image of Joze Rizal would be President Barrack Obama of the United States.

  38. There could be an intellectual trap waiting for Dr Ibrahim Saad in the University of Philippines lecture, if he has not got all his facts right on the topic about Jose Rizal and Benigno Aquino Jr. His performance during the lecture would be a big reflection of the quality of his doctorate, and the quality of the Malaysia’s diplomatic corp. I hope he gets all his facts right before he begins his lectures for Malaysia’s sake.

  39. Tang Loon KOng ,

    He may have a doctorate and a dr before his name but let me assure you that he is no intellectual. Hence , even if there is an intellectual trap he won’t know it .

  40. Well if it refers to china ware coloured red, the colour of the table cloth does matter !! Conversations between housewives ok lah !! PRC is no longer refered to as RED CHINA lah Mr Bojangels !! Mao is long gone.

  41. My earlier posting above at (August 3, 2011 at 8:05 am) should have been Tang Loon Kong instead of Tang Koon Loon, sorry for the error.


  42. I for one would rather a feisty wife instead of one who walks 3 paces behind her husband.

    I’m afraid quite a few of you sounded like one who would prefer the latter.

  43. Ai Tze,

    You must be confused here. This is not feisty, it’s just plain stupidity. I wouldn’t want to walk 3 paces behind my husband but I wouldn’t want to embarrass him either with stupidity. Would you rather have a rude, idiotic wife?

  44. I understnand that the m quote attributed to her actually came from a person who sent a message to her. In any case, when you are the Wife of an Ambassador you must keep out of politics and focus on issues realted to charity work. Let you husband do the talking.

  45. “Would you rather have a rude, idiotic wife?”

    That she is..
    Besides the diplomatic FUBAR, why is everyone so hot and bothered about Nothing? Yup, because of this some agency or other will now be tasked to ‘train’ all spouses of diplomats on taxpayer’s account. I’d rather send them to the nearest foreign-domestic manager (i.e Maid) agency for basic etiquette.

  46. hahaha..laki dr? bini dok tang tu gak? kasihan? laki x ajar? laki ajar cara2 atas katil aje? heheheh?

    If she wants to have some intelectual discourse (not sexual discourse!) please engage with those who has IQ and more brainer; then she will get a good response and result regarding whatever topics. rather than blasting things that she would never know about it?

    hahahaha..bile mesia lantik king of malaun jadi duta like her husband??

  47. Din Merican, just to state the facts correct; Jose Rizal is José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, a Filipino Christian, not a Malay. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jos%C3%A9_Rizal. The wife of the Ambassador is blatantly ignorant of such facts and as the spouse of a diplomat, she should be apolitical. Perhaps the government should consider to return, if not, the Philippines government should dismiss her.

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