To Westwood Memorial Park, Hollywood

Los Angeles, California

July 20, 2011

Planned Visit to Westwood Memorial Park–Time Permitting

Dr. Kamsiah and I plan time permitting and with the help of our buddy Ibrahim Karim (aka Semper Fi) to visit the Westwood Memorial Park, Hollywood to pay respects to some of our favorite actors and entertainers. They include Mel Tome, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, and Peggy Lee. Right now, we are at Anaheim, outside Los Angeles, which hosts Disneyland. –Din Merican

17 thoughts on “To Westwood Memorial Park, Hollywood

  1. I assume you must have visited President Kennedy’s grave site in Washington DC before you left DC in ’70.. Not too far away you could find Lee Marvin, tean’s double – well almost.

    Don’t miss Michael Jackson.

    Yes, beside his grave lies the graves Robert Kennedy and his son Patrick. Now we have Jackie and Teddy Kennedy in the same area. Achmed was thrown to sharks in the Carribean…be is being reincarnated as the scarlet in New York.–Din Merican

  2. Scarlett Pimpernel,

    I know of a Scarlett Pimp, not the one with “enrnel” after it. Achmed and Mongkut Bean are being replaced this new character.

    Michael Jackson’s body I am told by some people in LA is being kept in some secret place. He is embalmed and preserved like Uncle Ho, Uncle Mao and Ferdinand Marcos for future display to enable fans to pay homage to him and see his body and the people behind this could be raking in tonnes of money.That is capitalism and the power of ideas and foresight.–Din Merican

  3. Frank old chap, you should know by now that Dato was never a fan of rock ‘n roll. King of Rock is not on the list. Period. Maybe Bill Haley at one time. I don’t think Chubby Checker is. He developed a taste for jazz which has remained with him.

    But picture this. Tall dark and handsome (over here that’s the description for the most sought after bachelor because to have that pale look means you are working class with no money in your pocket to go on holidays and so people go to extreme length to get a tan in their backyard), in drain pipe trousers (as tight pants were referred to then), with raised collars and rolled up sleeves (just like James Dean), hair combed straight back and held in place with grease (today’s gel), comb in back pocket and with a little side burn. That’s the picture of Din Merican in the ’50s. Many a fair lady fell for him. Some went on to become damsels in distress. But never you mind Drkam. Believe you me his ‘distressful’ days are over now that he is in your arms.

  4. What the heck is our old retired U.S. Marine doin’? It is time you take Dato across the border to Tijuana and have some tequila and dance to La Bamba. But while there missus is advised to keep an eye on Dato which is a Spanish name. He might go AWOL.

  5. Pay your respects! Gasp!
    To all these infidels. Double gasp!
    The national fatwa council might have a word or three to say to you and dame when you get back.
    Might be in for a Bersihing.

    By the by. I heard Guruji is a faded star. He’s been replaced by one from the north, the land that sacked your Alor Setar in bygone days. And did he give an earful to she with the 24mill dollar ring.

  6. Mr Bo,

    “Pay your respects” is coded language for the believers to say “Go have fun with your 72 virgins but that’s all you gonna get. More demand than there is supply” It’s Economics 101. No disrespect.

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