Marina Mahathir thinks the Malaysian Government feels threatened

Los Angeles, California

July 18, 2011

Does the Malaysian Government feel threatened? Marina Mahathir thinks so

by Marina Mahathir

The Malaysian government feels threatened and is in a total state of panic and cannot think clearly, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s eldest daughter Marina Mahathir said.

“They do feel threatened because they underestimated Bersih in 2007 and then in the 2008 general election they lost a lot of seats in Parliament and the state assemblies. And since then, they have been in a state of total panic and they can’t think clearly at all. Now they are obsessed about how to win them back.

“You can win back people just by being nice. You can’t win back people by being nasty. You can’t say that those people who marched are hooligans. Maybe there was a handful, not all of them. The majority of them were professionals. The group was so diverse and it was really one Malaysia – young, rich, poor of every race, creed and every religion,” she told Malaysiakini in an exclusive interview.

On July 9, Marina (right) participated in the Bersih 2.0 protest with her daughter and friends.

They started from near Jalan Pudu (Berjaya Times Square) and walked along Jalan Hang Jebat (formerly Davidson Road) in front of Stadium Negara towards the Olympics Council of Malaysia building where she encountered other friends.

She added that the people who marched were proud of the Bersih 2.0 movement. “I may not agree with your cause but you did a really good thing. We all became One Malaysia.

“Now, they are labeling us all sorts of names and let me tell you that they have lost all these votes. They may think they have lost them anyway, but let me tell you that there were a lot of people sitting on the fence and they have definitely gone to the other side. I see this clearly in the social media, especially email, twitters and blogs.”

bersih rally 090711 police shooting into tung shin hospitalMarina explained that the July 9 March had dented the image of the government and would obviously affect the ruling party “from the all the stupid statements that they are making and have been made by the government officials”.

“Imagine saying that they police fired into the Tung Shin Hospital to protect the patients. It does not make sense. Again, they cannot think clearly and it is having an effect on the government.

“The prime minister came to give a briefing to 6,000 people the following day after July 9. If you afre constantly surrounded by people who are telling you that you are wonderful and you are right, you are not going to get a true picture of what happened. You have to go and talk to people with different, not mutual views.

“If they refuse to listen to the people, the government leaders are going to be cocooned in complacency. And they are going to react in absolutely the wrong way,” Marina said.

32 thoughts on “Marina Mahathir thinks the Malaysian Government feels threatened

  1. When you are sincere and speak the truth it is alaways easy to say the right things that the rakyat will respond to. But if you have been deceitful and dishonest and corrupt in your dealings, you become defensive and tried to lie away all your actions, you will always act inconsistently and then abusely and threateningly.

  2. There’s nothing good that can come with being surrounded by Pak Ampu and Mak Bodek but Najib prefers it like that. Frankly, I think our government has gone loco. Keep on saying that it’s an opposition event. So what? The opposition can’t complain about how EC conducts the election? Our media is disgusting too.

  3. Marina your dad has a bigger say ,if he just point at any one in UMNO who he doesn’t like, will be good as gone for etc. Rafidah or Abdullah Badawi.

  4. Election Commission conducts UNFAIR & Dirty Elections since Independence.
    BUT now people know their rights thru TV, education, books, internet, exposure overseas.
    Bersih (65 NGOs) wants Fair & Clean Elections.
    There are mal-apportion & gerrymandering, roll list, postal voters, campaign period etc. These are REASONABLE demands.
    But UMNO govt declare Bersih illegal, with an ostrich mentality.
    The Police then arrested people wearing Bersih T shirts.
    The Police raided Bersih Office.
    When UMNO was declared illegal by Judge Harun Hashim, did the Police took down UMNO sign & logo???
    Did the Police arrest people wearing UMNO shirts & caps???
    Did the Police raid UMNO HQ and branches???

    UMNO use the Police to do its dirty work.

    UMNO leaders are out of touch with the people & their aspirations.
    Martin Jalleh said UMNO is the most corrupt entity in the country !!!
    Bakri Musa said UMNO is acting like Allah !!!

    UMNO is intoxicated with POWER & MONEY that they are living in the clouds.

    In 2004 when Abdullah Badawi promised to eradicate Corruption, the people gave him the biggest victory ever. BN won 219 seats & Opposition only 21 seats. Everybody thought it was the end of Anwar & PKR.
    But ABB did not keep his promise.
    In 2008, with the opposition united, the people voted against UMNO-led BN, denying the 2 rthirds majority.
    Opposition also won 5 States including Selangor Penang and Perak.

    From feedback the next General Election will be a 50 : 50 chance for UMNO led BN to win & lose.
    You snooze, you lose.

    UMNO has lost points in the mis-handling of the 9 July 2011 Bersih Walk For Democracy.
    On the ground the average Malaysian detest UMNO and its high handedness.
    It is quite likely a new page in History will be written in a year or two.

  5. BTW Marina, of course this Government feels threatened. Their over reaction says it all doesnt it?They have never bee challenged and have never allowed challenges. Time to take stock and really think hard how they are handling things.

  6. Er, forgive me, Marina and kathy, but why should this Gomen feel threatened?
    Don’t they have the Law enforcing agencies, Judiciary, Civil Service and the Armed Forces backing them? It is said that even the Election Commission, who is commissioned under the name of the YDP Agong is also under their odoriferous thumb. Therefore, Logic (if not Reason), dictates that this most munificent incontinent Gomen should be secure until hell freezes over. The incontinence from their posterior bung, is the result of removing the said thumb to press down on ‘traitorous’ citizens.

  7. More ‘neutral’ people of conscience like Marina must step forward and be heard.
    Marina’s words carry more weight that those from politicians.

  8. Marina can write anything and she gets away with it. I like to read her arricles in The Star.
    But sometimes we got to pity her. When she said something for the government, we said it’s the father talking.
    We must treat her like a thinking woman.

    P.S. Din, It’s great that you have arrived in L.A. safely. Like the dateline Los Angelese. Feel like I am reading NY Times or LA Times.

  9. Marina, the problems we Malaysians are now facing were primarily due to your father’s misdeeds when he became the prime minister. He single handedly destroyed the country’s judicial system and he laid the foundation of corruption, cronyism and nepotism which is prevalent in the government to date. You have been very kind to your father and had selectively omitted writing on his misdeeds. While you have spoken out on the injustice of today’s government, you do need to re-visit the past and tell us what part did your father played in contributing to the present rot in the government.

  10. Hey guys – it’s the message, not the messenger..
    Btw, i like Tun Siti Hasmah. Still pretty sharp and cool.

  11. Ha Scarlet, you are lucky it is only the snores, no major earthquakes or mount Kiamsiah (or sorry Mt Helena) blow ups from vertical displacements by Dato in the land of the free.

  12. Scarlet, why you ask – you the best in that field. Jeff is probably lost in translation, so help his sisters will you! On second thoughts, better not, they are minors and problematic at best, especially in the land of the free.

  13. ” More neutral ‘ people of conscience like Marina must step forward and be heard….Marina’s words carry more weight ….” – Sam01
    ” Maina can write anything and she gets away with it ” – Jeff the man

    Very true, she and a few others of the female gender can be a potent force for change & reforms….

    But think of this as a first initial step for Muslim women, including Malaysia, to carry the ” cross ” in a manner of speaking. If you could get hold of Mariam Mokhtar’s article on “…the UGLY MUSLIM..”, it could really help to liberate and do the emancipation. i propose Muslim Women the world over are the most oppressed, suppressed & subjugated….If Marina & gang join togther and be part of Sister-In-Islam, that will be a great service to Malaysia as a whole….

  14. Ironically, it is mostly the ” Western ” Women who use Islamic tennets on Equality of Women ” to liberate & free themselves from the clutches of male chauvenism….

  15. Abnizar7,

    Why must you bring in religion, Islam, here?
    Leave religion to the believers.
    If you are not, your choice!
    I am a believer!

    After all, no dead man comes back alive !!!

  16. “Precisely, you are a believer, so am i…..see what happens when the Teachings have been DISTORTED one sees the Arab Uprising leaving them in post-tsunami upheavels, catastrophic ! Distortions/corruption done by Leaders.
    Just recently, see the row by Indonesia about ” execution ” of workers and maids…..too easy with the power of ” religion ” by the Arab/muslim nations.

    There is a cry for emancipation, whilst the west has achieved considerably, we have retrogressed by the grip on religion, esp by those in power & mainstream orthodoxy !
    Have to hear one such cry – Mariam Mokhtarin her ” Ugly Muslims ” & we are the worst oppressed compared to others.
    Still no wa wake-up call felt, except by the few the two MMs ?

  17. Marina
    The BN Govt is not only feeling threatened, they are in denial on almost all decent proposals made by the public, including the Opposition. Leave the PR aside. They have to fight their political fight with BN and at the same time convince the public about their bona fide as a group capable of ruling.
    I think God has made the BN Govt deaf so that they cannot hear the good news. He has made them dumb so that they cannot speak the truth and He has made blind so that they cannot see any good. Normally as the Quran says this the prelude to their downfall.

  18. Marina, your dad is awfully quiet on this, not that he is not awful the rest of the time. In particular, I would appreciate a pronoucement from him on the civilian use of silat to protect the goverment, and the goverment endorsing such assistance.

  19. I dont have the need to know what her father thinks right now since he is the cause of all this.

    CLF yes they feel threatened but I dont care if the government does, its the people right to choose who to govern them. Its time they wake up to the realisation that its the people will not the Governments.

  20. “You can win back people just by bneign nice.”
    You mean marina, by bneing fair, by being Just by having sound policies, by stopping the race adn religion card, by having a sound education system, by having the Rule fo law, by having transparency, by having democracy, by having free and fair elections.
    Plkease there is no more ttime to just be nice. its a matter of life for the people. Its a matter of decent living for the people ecnomically and being treated with dignity . Its more than “being nice”. Alot more.

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