Peaceful BERSIH2.0 Rally Overseas

July 10, 2011

Peaceful BERSIH2.0 Rally Overseas

While the Kuala Lumpur city centre was thrown into chaos today as the Police tried to stop BERSIH 2.0 supporters from rallying, Malaysians across the globe gathered peacefully in support of free and fair elections.

The contrast was evident in Singapore today where about 120 people came out in support of BERSIH2.0’s call at Hong Lim Park and distributed yellow roses to passers-by.There was no need for law enforcement as they did not have make speeches or carry banners.

In Melbourne, Australia, some 750 marchers gathered peacefully at Federation Square, brandishing banners and placards in BERSIH’s signature yellow.Whispers of “peace” were passed along supporters, who also chanted slogans for electoral reform.

Here is a view of the people who turned up for the Bersih rally in Melbourne on July 9, 2011:“The whole rally was smooth and peaceful. These shows how united we are even though we are far from our country,” said student Wei Liang.

In Sydney, supporters gathered at Sydney Square and sang the national anthem “Negaraku”. The gathering was approved by the police and the New South Wales City Council after the organisers applied for a permit. After about two hours, the participants dispersed just as peacefully as they had gathered.

It is reported that other Bersih rallies in cities across the world will be held later tonight. Bersih 2.0 said today (July 9) the rally in Kuala Lumpur was a great success as about 100,000 people turned out in support of the movement.

The rally had spawned the BERSIH 2.0 Global Solidarity Network, which encouraged Malaysians abroad to add their voices to the movement.

Support groups have been set up in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, France, Ireland, Sweden, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Scotland, Canada and the United States.

Date: 9 July 2011 Time: 3pm Venue: Malaysian High Commission, 4-1 Hannam-dong, 140-210, Seoul

Date:9 July 2011 Time: 12.00pm Venue: Malaysian Consulate in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney (simultaneous)

Date: 9 July 2011 Time: 3.00pm Venue: Tower of the Sun, Osaka

Date: 9 July 2011 Time: 10.00am Venue: Consulate General of Malaysia,550 South Hope Street,Suite 400, Los Angeles

Date: 9 July 2011 Time: 9.30am Venue: Chrissy Field Picnic Area, Presidio, San Francisco.

Date: 9 July 2011 Time: 10.00am Venue: Consulate General of Malaysia, 313 East 43rd Street, New York

22 thoughts on “Peaceful BERSIH2.0 Rally Overseas

  1. Similar protests were held in cities all over the world. There were no mayhem, no lockdown of infrastructure and no massing of security apparatus to stop the rallies.

    But not here in Malaysia. The police, instead of being an disinterested party, decides to play politics and becomes the official goon of the regime. The regime has no belief in its people; it treats them as subversives for asking a transparent request to have a fair and free election process. The disproportionate use of force strengthens the belief that the regime does not want a free and fair election.

    Score: Bersih = 2; the Fascist regime = 0

  2. Once the govt of a country begins to attack and abuse its own citizens, then it is the beginning of the end of that government!

    Looking at the peaceful rallies held simultaneously in Melbourne, HK, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Singapore, it was obvious the violent nature of the rally in Kuala Lumpur was instigated and provoked by the police themselve!


  3. Anyway, the ex-IGP was right on 1 point, the successor Ismail Omar is a dungu alright! Can’t count beyond 6,000!

    He should resign for the police shooting teargas canisters straight into the maternity hospital along Jalan Pudu!

    As for the various of police bashing up protestors with batons and kicking and stepping on them, let me say this to them, don’t give the excuse of “ikut arahan” because we can see you are all plain animals out to kick the shit out of us!

    We had put up our hands to surrender and disperse at 3.45pm but you refused to let us disperse peacefully and continue to swing your batons and throw those teargas canisters and chased us thru the streets until KLCC! Bloody sadists you are, polis Malaysia! PTUI!

  4. Yes July 9th is over.

    The present debt crisis in Greece could be seen as a message form God to those countries that live beyond their means. July the 9th is also a message from God to the people and government of Malaysia to change the manner in which we run this country, partucularl, in relation to the contradictory inconsistant application of the rule of law regarding important matters.

    It took 10 years for the debt crisis in Greece to come to full bloom. I presume that we, too, will have that amount of time to put matters right in this country. Otherwise our new peers, Vietnam, may find themselves ahead of us by that time.

  5. Yes ANONYMOUS you have generously given ten years to change our country. It might take that time. But I tell you what – it might be much quicker if, instead of confronting each other, we decided to TALK and keep talking.

    In the meantime, we must ensure that our opposition keeps getting stronger and more credible so that never again shall we have a situation where Malaysians are left without an alternative.

  6. Isa, how can ensure our opposition is stronger when they are continously being arrested or on trial on trumped up charges. How can we have a real opposition when our votes either dont count or when the government can simply increase their votes by stuffing ballot boxes? How can we have a stronger opposition if our people are not willing to stand up for their rights? Isa, you makes a lot of sense but you cannot play gentlemen rules with monkeys – they simply pee or shit on you as they are on higher elevation and they have no rules to bind them.

  7. In Malaysia the Police declare WAR on protetors (as instructed by their political masters) as opposed to other more civili & developed countries.

    The Police has MIS-HANDLED the situation.
    IGP asked people to make reports of Police brutalities to Police Stations.
    How can the Police be objective???
    No body can self-regulate itself.
    You need an Independent Body to monitor Police Brutality & Behaviour.

    Sivarasa said the Police shot & killed 278 people from 2000-2009 including a 15 year old student Aminrulrasyid.
    81 shot dead could not be identified !!! What does that mean ???
    Malaysian people view the Police as corrupt, unfriendly and aggressive officers.

  8. There are more & bigger demonstrations in London than KL.
    I had NEVER seen violence in demonstrations in London.
    But I had seen violence after FOOTBALL matches.
    Should we ban football???

    How can our Police attack demonstrators with tear gas + canon water when they had PROMISED PEACEFUL and RESPONSIBLE Masrch/protest\.

    Policing is more about brains than Brawn.
    The Police cannot declare something illegal to solve a problem.
    This is like OSTRICH THINKING.

    Our Police needs to be re-educated & re-trained.

    Malaysians are more educated & knowledgeable with CNN, CNBC, BBC, Aljazeera etxc

    The Arabs Muslims now want Democracy, Freedom, Justice, Fair Play and Human Rights.
    Arabs in KL told me that they have been SUPPRESSED by their dictators for ages !!!

  9. Najib keeps gloating about UMNO’s ability to hold its numbers. If so why bother using the police to clamp down so brutally on the public who had gathered peacefully in a march for free and fair elections !! After all the n IGP stated that the crowd was a paltry 5 K !!Just read the kind of false BRAVADO that he spews when he adresses an UMNO gathering at PWTC, and all lovey dovey when addressing an international audience. Najb and Hisahamuddin must be suffering from a split personality. Has to be a faulty bloodline being cousins !!

  10. The best way to make our opposition stronger is by making sure they are elected to control as many STATES as possible. This will give them the opportunity to cut their teeth and to learn to perform as a UNITED opposition instead of three separate parties.

    We must not overlook the fact that in 2008 we gave the opposition tremendous support and expected maturity from them. Instead we got silly infighting. That is why I say it is too early for this opposition to be sent to Putrajaya. The recent PAS pow-wow where the party, for the first time, showed its modern (and hopefully moderate) face is the best sign yet that there might be hope for a united opposition to emerge. It now depends on how DAP react to this development. In the meantime DAP is doing very well in Penang. So all signs are good.

    That is why I think PR has made a grave mistake in holding hands with the NGOs in this Bersih affair. The NGOs work to their own rules, not necessarily in tune with or consistent with what is needed in our country. The street demonstration was a MISTAKE and a big MISTAKE. And PR will live to regret being associated with it. If the aim of the demonstration was simply to deliver a memo to the Palace why not meet at a stadium?

    There is no alternative to discussion. Talk and keep talking. That way lies our salvation. Confrontation will never do it.

  11. Dr. H.C.Chan : Yes the Arabs have indeed been suppressed for ages… and that is why it will take them ages to recover – a brutal fact not appreciated by many. In Egypt there already seems to be a second revolution… their grievance? that the pace of change is slow!! After decades of suppression people expect jobs and food overnight. Such is the expectation of a revolution.

    The most needed ingredient – patience – is the one in shortest supply.

    Expect more fireworks in the Middle East.

  12. The street demonstration was a MISTAKE and a big MISTAKE. And PR will live to regret being associated with it – Isa Manteqi

    Like the bloghost sometimes, you’re in search of a position that is not grounded nor rooted in reality.

    Democracy is about freedom of speech. When the government puts restraints of time and place, it is not a breach of our constitutional right to free speech. But they did not do that on July 9. They wanted to dictate the contents of our speech. And that is an attack on our rights given to us by the Constitution.

  13. Yes, i’ll agree that Bersih’s message has been delivered, confrontational as it had to be. And the priority among the this band of disparate bloggers would be to discuss the implications of our under performing economy.

    UMNO-BN cannot continue to rule for obvious reasons. The Gomen is running in deep shit of budgetary deficit and fiduciary irresponsibility.
    The fact remains that there is a very deep Hole in this country’s economy due to rampant corruption and siphoning of funds for the past 30 odd years.. Patience is a virtue ill afforded by bankruptcy and hunger.

    Should Pakatan take over the reins, it ain’t gonna to be a walk in the Park. It is no point pointing fingers, after the fact. They must get down to serious business even now, of forming the shadow cabinet and start unearthing the the missing billions/trillions. There may come a time for them to beg for help from the old timers – even Diam Daim – and the former EPU and Khazanah chiefs and underlings. Otherwise the padding over the Hole will collapse. Of course Anwar is aware of what is in his ‘cabinet of curiosities’, but he probably knows only in part.

    Meanwhile you guys can hammer out the details far a political detente, which for me is a lot of flatus.

  14. Popular democracy and people power.

    Last chance for Najib to become the Boris Yeltsin of Malaysia
    i.e. carry out real reform rather than engage in empty talk only.

  15. So Najib is on his walk-about? What about??

    Has he gone to visit the family of the late Burhanuddin to offer condolences? Of course not. I hope not. But Ambiga did and in quick time too as Muslims bury their dead within 24 hours. PAS sent their representative. I say let the family grieve in peace and in private without the media attention and without the vultures hovering over their heads to capitalize and make political capital out of a tragedy.

  16. Bean, He went to Jln TAR, to look for a pair yellow panties, to replace the one he lost yesterday. Failing to find one of suitable size that could give comfort, He rummaged into DBKLs trashcans and found a soiled pair of knickers that bore the message: “Papa told you to stop bed-wetting!” He cried. (look up the John’s Gospel, that’s really the shortest verse!)
    Wasn’t what he expected.

  17. Malaysians (and ex-Malaysians too, I’m sure) rally overseas:

    Those who have been pushed to leave Malaysia to seek an education or to find a decent job – because of the regime’s ruinous policies –
    have spoken !

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