CNN reports: Police Clash with Civil Society

July 9, 2011

CNN reports on BERSIH2.0 Walk for Democracy: Police clash with Civil Society

(CNN) — More than 1,600 demonstrators have been arrested in Malaysia, Police say, after clashing with riot police Saturday as they marched in the capital Kuala Lumpur to demand electoral reforms.

Police fired tear gas as several thousand people gathered near a sports stadium where the demonstrators had planned to rally.

Some 1,667 people had been arrested as of early evening local time, according to the Royal Malaysia Police, with 16 children among them. Protest organizers said at a news conference earlier in the day that about 400 had been detained.

The protest, which the government says is illegal, was organized by a loose coalition of opposition groups known as Bersih 2.0.

The government has previously declared Bersih an illegal organization. Police said that anyone found with Bersih-related materials, such as yellow T-shirts, could be arrested.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was among hundreds of protesters who gathered at the Hilton hotel in Kuala Lumpur before heading toward the Sentral Station. There the protesters breached police lines to march through the rail station, before being met by riot Police with tear gas on the other side.

Ibrahim posted on his Twitter account that he had sustained a minor injury during the demonstration and that a staff member had been badly hurt. He also said his youngest daughter had been arrested.

Writing on his blog ahead of the protest, Ibrahim said the “intended peaceful gathering” was to bring Malaysians together “as one united people in pursuit of clean and fair elections.”

He went on: “Our reason for gathering is pure and simple — to demand that the electoral roll be cleaned, that the postal voting system be reformed, that indelible ink be used, a minimum 21 day campaign period be instated, free and fair access to media for all be provided, public institutions be strengthened, and for corruption as well as dirty politics to be stopped.”

The protesters planned to rally at the Merdeka sports stadium in the city, Ibrahim said. Opposition groups have been seeking to put pressure on Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government, which has been in power for decades, ahead of elections expected to be called next year.

The Malaysian state news agency Bernama reported that the prime minister had attended an event Saturday at which he described the protest as “an illegal rally organised by a section of our community.”

“If there are people who want to hold the illegal rally, there are even more who are against their plan to hold the illegal gathering,” he is quoted as saying.

There was a strong police presence around the city and many roads had been closed off, local media reports said.

A similar demonstration called by the Bersih coalition in 2007 was broken up by Police using water cannon and tear gas, local reports say.

CNN’s Eve Bower contributed to this report.

74 thoughts on “CNN reports: Police Clash with Civil Society

  1. KUALA LUMPUR, 9 Julai: Seorang peserta perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 yang terkena semburan water canon dan gas pemedih mata di KLCC meninggal dunia sekejap tadi.

    Baharudin Ahmad, 58 tahun, bersama rakan dan keluarganya berkumpul di KLCC terjatuh dan pengsan apabila disembur gas pemedih mata oleh pasukan keselamatan.

    Beliau yang dibawa ke Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) disahkan meninggal dunia kemudiannya.

    Jenazah beliau kini masih berada di HKL.

    Menurut rakan beliau, Suhaimi Long, Baharudin pengsan selepas terkena gas pemedih mata di di bawa ke HKL di mana anak perempuan mangsa bertugas di situ sebagai seorang doktor.
     sumber : harakah

  2. If there is one memorable day to be entered into the annals of history in the year 2011, it’s pure thuggery vs the peaceful people of Malaysia. Citizens of all races and religions, the old and the young, working people, students, retirees, makciks and pakciks face the most hideous assembly of state terror with their phalanx of weapons of intimidation arrayed against them. They break through the mighty cordon of barbed wires, armed hooligans and their water trucks to show the world that intimidation does not break the spirit of freedom.

    The regime has conveniently abdicated its duty over to the state’s thugs to do its dirty work. Disobeying the advice of the Agong, this regime has committed high treason against the Agong. It has attacked the people of Malaysia who are asking for a just and fair election. Instead of complying to the wishes of the Agong, the regime has used intimidation and devious methods to divide the people with racial and religious baits. Today the people has shown that they have not rise to the bait.

    This is an achievement for Bersih to keep on its fine work. Keep the pressure on the regime until they are drag to the negotiating table. Power to the people, down with thuggery.

  3. How idiotic can an IGP be to estimate the crowd at only 6,000 while admitting that 1600 were arrested?
    That would mean there were only 4,400 left in the mammoth rally.

    If he wants to spin, then please lah spin with using your brain.

  4. BERSIH must send its petition to DYMM YDP Agong and we can only hope the process of electoral reform will commence soon after that. It also depends on the Najib Government’s willingness to consider BERSIH’s proposals.

    Right now, given the ill will generated by this Walk for Democracy, it is unlikey that the two sides can sit at the same table to talk and discuss the 8 demands and a Royal Commission on Elections. The Government, as reported on TV3 this evening (8pm Berita Nasional), thinks BERSIH is a political front for the Pakatan Rakyat coalition. TV3 also pointed that key Pakatan leaders are behind Ambiga and her cohorts in the NGO movement.–Din Merican

  5. “Baharudin Ahmad, 58 tahun, bersama rakan dan keluarganya berkumpul di KLCC terjatuh dan pengsan apabila disembur gas pemedih mata oleh pasukan keselamatan”

    You spray water at some speed and laced with pepper at some guy and he dies. You take your victim as you find him. You’re liable. But the now deceased demonstrator knew water cannons and rubber bullets were going to be used, he went ahead and he assumed the risk. He consented to the battery and the assault. Like two men consenting to a fist fight. His estate has no cause of action against the police.

  6. I was not able to be there because I was down with flu over the last few days. I am sorry about that as I was there in November 2007. In fact, I struggled to keep up with blogging.

    My sources tell me that some 20,000-30,000 people–Malays, Chinese and Indians- converged on Kuala Lumpur. More would have come from as far as Penang and Kedah in the North and Johore in the South if there was no massive blockade of the city. In that sense, the Police did a good job.

    Most people I talked to during the week before the rally told me that Ambiga and her NGO friends were correct to seek electoral reform, but because it is being viewed as an adjunct to the Pakatan coalition, BERSIH is held with suspicion. The presence of Pakatan leaders at today’s rally confirms that BERSIH allowed itself to become a political tool for the Opposition. What do you guys think?–Din Merican

  7. I hope that the police will maintain the same level of competence in dealing with other crimes in Malaysia.

  8. Din

    Bersih is open to everyone, including Najib and he was invited to participate. Of course Bersih is an opportunity for the opposition to capitalize upon, and of course the ideals of Bersih is favorable to the opposition. The whole idea of Bersih is to give Malaysians representation in a democratic society. Electoral reforms means to allow anyone a fair chance of being elected and that election results are representative of the desires of the voters. Inherently, it means kicking out the incumbents who are beneficiary of an unfair system. Why else would you have electoral reforms – if the leaders are representative of the ballots cast, then there is no discrepancies to correct.

    We all have seen how crooked the Malaysian democratic system has become. We all know the ills and that electoral reform is the only way for our people to have a true democratic choice. Bean has stated that legislative reform is the key. True but without the means of putting a representative of their choice in government, Malaysians have no chance of changing laws. As it is, we have no means of ensuring our government is accountable.

    BN and UMNO are power hungrey mongrels that have no moral standing. These are dictators, fascists and thieves and scum that our society has allowed to become the leaders of our country and they are not going to give away their licenses to empower themselves and their families. How they have acted in the last two weeks is true demonstration of their reckless disregard for public opinion and they have shown themselves to be professional liars and traitors to the King.

    Obviously, if the electoral reforms are beneficial to UMNO and BN, they will join the Bersih Wagon. These reforms, which translates to a fairer and more level political field attacks their unfair political advantage. It means that UMNO and BN are only in power because they are cheating. And cheat, lie, threaten, kill, they must because they are such creatures that cannot change for better.

    Today, a Malaysian died for all of US. Baharuddin Ahmad’s sacrifice for us should not be forgotten. Din, if you know how we can contribute to help his family in such adverse times, please provide the link.

    Thank you.

  9. The presence of Pakatan leaders at today’s rally confirms that BERSIH allowed itself to become a political tool for the Opposition. What do you guys think?–Din Merican

    Dato, it is also about our right to free speech as Malaysians. When you regulate the content of speech or determine the identity of the actors, then you’re interfering with our constitutional right to free speech

    That said, time and place restrictions are not restrictions to free speech..

    Wasn’t there an open ended invitation to all civil society advocates nothwithstanding what their political affiliations are?

  10. Mongkut Bean,

    Let us not get into a legal argument. In stead, we should acknowledge that there was one dead this time when there were none in 2007 Bersih 1.0. That is by any measure regrettable.–Din Merican

  11. It is sad indeed to hear of a death. Very sad that it is happening in our country.

    But about Bersih? A much-needed message to the government.

    But the wrong method of delivery.

  12. And so in the end democracy in Malaysia is not dead. I thought I saw a digital image of policemen shaking hands with demonstrators as they were released. Now that is a moment the significance of which should not be allowed to pass us by. The rank and file of the police have friends and family members among the demonstrators and they can empathize. Some women demonstrators should have offered flowers to those baton weilding, gun totting men in blue. Imagine the power of that image when it is beamed across the world.

    Instead we’re left with the image of Deputy City Chief of Police Amar in police turban and moustache, with Chivas in hand (to borrow the expression of one reader here) and another cocking his pistol.

  13. All I can see with my two eyes was PLUS deliberately causing unnecessary traffic jam. There are 15 lanes at toll plaza near my place. PLUS (maybe taking order from police ) closed 13 lanes and all cars crawling for miles to go through the two opening lanes.

    It looks like the only modal the government can do is to screw the rakyat by causing massive traffic jam and blaming BERSIH. TV3 is going to town repeating the same story but the reality is that they deliberately causing havoc and provoking people to get mad at Bersih.

  14. “We are all Thais. We speak the same language. Let us talk”

    Thaksin was reported to have said this. Perhaps we can learn from his message.

  15. The presence of Pakatan leaders at today’s rally confirms that BERSIH allowed itself to become a political tool for the Opposition. What do you guys think?–Din Merican

    That’s the most cynical thing to say about Bersih. Bersih advocates a just and fair election. Bersih is open to everyone – whether to the ruling parties or to the Opposition. Election is a political process and it’s easy for someone who had benefitted from an opaque system to dismiss Bersih as a political tool. I was surprised that such a fair request should be met with a paranoid of fear and indignation. When a party can openly say: “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”, this goes without saying that the process of election is terribly broken. The ruling parties enjoy the apparatus of total power and definitely they will state vehemently that Bersih is a political tool because it will break their control over the EC. The opposition will be attracted to Bersih’s call because it will ensure a fair playing field. The Opposition definitely has genuine cause for grievances. When you peruse Bersih 8-points of demand, they are neutral to the contending parties: they ensure that the party with the most merits will deserve to win – not through naked power and money.

  16. That is by any measure regrettable.–Din Merican

    dinobeano – July 9, 2011 at 10:08 pm


    Only to put matters into their right perspective so we know where we’re going.

    What are these people complaining about loss of business, about the traffic jams and disruptions of public life? Surely we cannot expect demonstrators to be lining up, holding hands two by two and marching smartly ahead; and the police, ,on the other hand, joining hands with them for a kumbaya moment??

  17. That’s the most cynical thing to say about Bersih — vsp

    I do not think the bloghost meant to be cynical. I think Dato is all about what he sees and hears.

  18. I agree, our bloghost is trying to be fair to everyone.Isa Manteqi, how would you deliver the message from Bersih to the Government?
    James, thanks.

    Two circles are some distance apart. How do we make the two intersect and find common ground to have a dialogue. What is urgently needed is a dialogue between the Government and BERSIH. For starters, both sides should stop scoring brownie points.

    Neither side won yesterday. The Malaysian people won when they showed that they want electoral reform. The Government, on the other hand, showed that it will not compromise on law and order. But then what law and order are we talking about if the Police, who have forgotten their sacred duty towards citizens, was given a free hand to deal with the rally.

    The Police had a field day on July 9 as they have been itching for this since BERSIH1.0 in November, 2007. It is time to implement the Royal Commission Report of PDRM and ensure that the Police becomes a genuine professional force, not an instrument of any, repeat any, government in power. Their raison d’etre is the protection of citizens and their constitutional rights, not repression and suppression of citizenry.–Din Merican

  19. The presence of Pakatan leaders at today’s rally confirms that BERSIH allowed itself to become a political tool for the Opposition. What do you guys think?–Din Merican

    Party supporters from Pakatan were wearing two hats. One of those is a civil society hat. They left their party hat at the door when they left home to particiapte in this so-called Freedom March. No Malaysian can be neutral on the issue of what is fair and just.

    Anwar can be many things to different people but he is not naive as not to know that his participation and the participation of his supporters in the march would end up tainting it as being partisan and politically motivated.

    But we are big boys now. And there are big boys on the other side too. We understand where things are going – and we never expected them to join us. Ambiga is a big girl and she must know UMNO Youth and Perkasa were never going to accept the invitation to join with the marchers. Not by any stretch. She is a lawyer and she has earned her stripes.

  20. Agree with vsp!! The remark does very much echo that of UMNO Youth’s KJ’s statement that BERSIH 2.0 cannot be supported because it is infiltrated by opposition parties. Interestingly enough, he led 1Patriot!! He is not from a political party!!?

    WHY? Isn’t the opposition also made up of political parties just like UMNO et al? Isn’t the Opposition entitled to a right, like ordinary citizens who formed BERSIH, to seek just and fair elections. Isn’t it the role of the Opposition to keep the government of the day honest? Are BERSIH’s 8 points of electoral reforms so bent on favouring the Opposition that they must not be seen in close proximity with BERSIH so as to expose the hidden hand behind the moves?

    It all goes back to square 1. Why should there be an extreme level of sensitivity on the matter and the inordinate level of fear and paranoia leading to the farcical and needless stand-off?.

    Alas the damage has been done. BERSIH has deservedly gained more than it bargained for in terms of publicity and profile of the matter being raised.

    But let’s not forget, regrettably a life has been lost.

  21. Yes. But let’s also not forget how many lives he saved by doing his bit for democracy and the rule of law and returned to us the country that we once knew and for many on this blog grew up knowing.

    He remains a casualty alongside others in the struggle for freedom and equality. There have been many others along the way who made the supreme sacrifice. Over where I am I could find them in the Arlington Cemetery.

  22. BERSIH is all about making a correction in the course the country has found itself in as a result of pilot errors. One pilot fell asleep behind the wheel; and the other the co-pilot had his joy stick in her hand.

  23. “.. but because it is being viewed as an adjunct to the Pakatan coalition, BERSIH is held with suspicion.”

    Guess we move in different circles, each circling each other and the twain shall never meet. I participated, not because of Opposition politicians, but because of conscience – my own. Know what is right and see the light for that point in time, otherwise you’d a mess of contradictions. There is always a Lesser Evil, just as there is a Greater Good.

    As for Sdr. Baharuddin, may the Mercy and Grace of Allah be yours. Al Fatihah, my brother. We shall meet again.. Meanwhile just carry on with the analyses, because ultimately nothing is gained by talking and not doing. See you guys around.

  24. JAMES : How would I deliver the message? Why, there are several ways, all of them better and more effective than collecting thousands in the streets. (By the way, has anyone heard if the much-publicised memo was delivered to the Palace today – for this was after all the ultimate aim of the gathering).

    I would start a nationwide signature campaign and when complete I would ask the PR leadership to collectively deliver it to the PM. Absolutely no problem with this. The message would have several times the number in the streets, there would be no mayhem. no tension and none of the opponents would have to bother to oppose. It would also show the world that Malaysians CAN exercise their right to dissent – and in an orderly manner.

    If this is not OK – I would request permission that a gathering similar to today’s be allowed in an open place where a resolution containing points in question would be passed and then taken by say six chosen reps. to deliver to the PM/Palace. Again, much more orderly.

    In neither of these options would it have been necessary for the unfortunate Malaysian to lose his life. How our hearts go out to his family.

    A point that has been overlooked so far… If the current opposition ever get to Putrajaya, today’s gathering will come to haunt them.

  25. Ibrahim Ali and the invalid mahaguru silat high-tailed into the sunset never to be seen or heard again. What a let down. The frog prince and the over-zealous silat exponent have little or no stomach for battle. What happened to all the craps about a blood bath and the third-line of defence? AGI IDUP ….

  26. Isa Manteqi – you are not being realistic. What you are proposing is only workable in places like Washington or London where leaders are matured and respect the rule of law and the practice of democracy.

    In Malaysia we have an idiot like Hishammuddin Hussein whose both feet are now in his big mouth and and IGP who is just as stupid and dumb as his predecessor had described him!

  27. If a govt begings to harass and intimidate and abuse its own citizens, that is the beginning of the end for that govt.

  28. Isa Manteqi, anytime friend, let us know we’ll all sign it. I’m cock sure Najib will laugh into Anwars face if he delivers it.
    better idea is to enclose $10 each in an envelope and send it to the umnoputeras, maybe then they’ll go into forward gear.

  29. ..they are only asking for electoral reforms, what is so dramatic about that.
    imagine, if umno/bn refuses to reform the electoral system and if by chance PR defeats them and takes office, THAT means they (PR) are going to stay in power for the next half a century? we don’t want that!

  30. Just as I have mentioned to one interviewer, this would be a “Winter of Discontent” to Najib. His days are numbered as he’s perceived morally wrong in running the country.

    Let Najib/UMNO berambus lah.

  31. Bean Chai,
    I thought Ibrahim Ali got entangled when he ahem ahem. Ended went to hospital for second heart bypass

  32. Isa,
    With nationwide signature you gather, Najib would throw it in the dustbin. Come on lah! In Hong Kong, more than 50K protested on the streets. No issues.
    Current street protests! No problem. Wanna protest on street! On to designated road. Give 2 hours disperse! Such a simple thing…..Yet the present government simply to arrogant to do

  33. As far as free and fair election is a NON-NEGOTIABLE item for any voter who is worth his/her salt.

    Because it is a NON-NEGOTIABLE item, to achieve it, the ENDS justify the MEANS.

    This corrupt pariah UMNO Malay leadership refused to allow the ENDs to be achieved, prevented a PEACEFUL means to achieve it… so WHAT DO YOU DO?

    You do WHAT BERSIH DID…. to go for the ENDS whatever Means it takes… because it is NON NEGOTIABLE.

    You get it? Isa Maneteqi.

    Now if the Peaceful Means is made available, ie allowing Bersih to march peacefully (and it is the damn bloody job of the police whose good life of their families paid for by the rakyat to ensure safety and security IF the rakyat wants to march to the PALACE), and if Bersih deliberately wants to resort to violent means, that I disagree.

    It is dumb stupid of some here who thinks only through a tunnel vision that BERSIH should not take the peaceful rally SIMPLY because there are others to cause trouble. Well, that is the f***ing job of the police to ensure that others don’t cause trouble.

  34. Isa Mentaqi is the only person opposed to the rally that is sane and rational. Today I’ve observed people saying that they wanted to kill Ambiga on Facebook (in public imagine that) or saying that we should be thankful always to the government (totally load shit of course). I can respect people opposing the rally if they have reasonable reasons but unfortunately there are more parrots out there parroting UMNO’s talking points.

  35. Bean, to hell with the legality of this person’s death. Someone will have his blood to haunt him. That is the end of BN

  36. Umno esp. FLOM is in extremis, even if there are denials galore. The system has been so steeped in hubris and corruption that Power is by dynastic birthright. And so desperate to cling on to vestiges of this power, that they will resort to violence and brutality at the merest challenge to their authority. No sane person would have denied the that the Electoral process has been compromised into an iredeemiable eye-wash.

    The EC is, like the most govermental agencies are slaves of the system who hypocritically ‘act’ on behest of the King. There is no way forward, except to make the slumbering public see the light of the day, reapeatedly and disruptively to their mindless daily routines as possible. If my vote becomes equivalent to a fake ‘Bangla’ vote or someone long deceased, would i not take umbrage?

    It is not about Pakatan’s ‘hijacking’ of the message. It is about the contempt with which the Incumbents treat their real citizens (if i may be called such). For all the crowing of the cretinous Home Minister and FLOM, the fact remains that power at the end of the gun, the receiving end of a truncheon and teargas is the antithesis of any despearte leader. The fact that he placed the quelling of what is essentially a peaceful demonstration to his attack dogs lead by an equine brained IGP, boggles.

    Isa’s predilection for ‘due process’ is his opinion, eventhough it smacks on servility, if not wide-eyed innocence. A good political leader allows dissent whether from within or from without, provided he has the ‘magmanity of soul’, charisma and of good intentions for his charges. None of these are apparent in that aristocratic fat-cat, who rules with musings of goodwill without any tangible substance. Leaders like FLOM are unintelligent and because of that become devious and irrational when faced with criticsm and dissent. Imagine.., a 10 min meeting with our blog-host can seduce him to support for a time, an agenda with no will nor substance. That is the power of Lucifer, which preys on an inherent feudalistic mindset, not yet fully awake to deceptions.

    My harshness, is perhaps to the irritations of my eyes and nasal mucous membranes. But these are minor discomforts to remain free to choose and to remind myself that i Live.

  37. My friends,

    This is a piece(below) by J. D. Lovrenciear who sometimes comments on this blog and is a regular on Malaysiakini, which I received via e-mail last night.

    JD makes an impassioned plea for global response since the Prime Minister of Malaysia has failed us Malaysians at home and abroad when he allowed the Police a free hand to suppress BERSIH2.0. “Free, Fair and Clean Elections” was the leitmotif of July 9 Walk for Democracy campaign.

    JD always has very strong views about governance and democracy. I respect him for expressing his views in very plain and clear English. Thanks JD.–Din Merican

    A Salute to those who upheld Democracy and Worldwide Scorn for the Tyrants

    The world must respond. The Prime Minister of Malaysia has failed his populace. Why and how?

    A leader who pilots a nation cannot be seen to be a champion of his own political camp. He or she must be and also be seen to be, one who can embrace all factions and provide compassion and understanding in upholding democracy. That is what makes ‘prime’ minister material in a democratic environment.

    Cruel as it is, the Prime Minister of Malaysia has proven himself to be a man who will brutalize half his populace in order to keep the other half to protect and secure his position, power and control. This is the outcome witnessed in the Bersih 2.0 citizens’ rally for a free, fair and clean electoral system this July 9, 2011.

    A nation’s leader who is prepared to unleash the brutal force of the Police on his own citizens, who came with zero defenses, is not a leader by today’s standards. He is a tyrant. One who will take any extreme measures and has no qualms in seeing ordinary, unarmed citizens being hammered away by ballistic missiles of water cannons laced with stinging chemicals, blinding, stinging tear gas and brute manhandling by battle-geared Police battalions.

    Operating from a draconian mantra of the end justifies the malevolent means such leaders who are willing to gamble with the conscience of their own citizens cannot be condoned and garlanded by the global community of world leaders.

    It is a disgrace that Malaysia that was once recognized as a promising ‘rising tiger’ in Asia and showered with accolades most recently by the United States of America as a ‘model nation’ (Hilary Clinton), has taken the route of tyranny, brutality and absolute disregard for basic human decency.

    Using the Police Force to bulldoze, brutalize and intimidate defenseless citizens walking peacefully and singing their National Anthem to demonstrate their demand for clean governance is worse than a war crime. And for this the global community of sane and pristine leaders must commit Malaysia to trial.

    The Bersih 2.0 rally has demonstrated in no uncertain terms that the present Malaysian government is a Police State that is masquerading as a democratic country. It has confirmed beyond any iota of doubt that the ruling political party has, is and will not stop going to any extremes of oppression to remain in power. This must be condemned by the civilized, democratic world leaders.

    To the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians from all walks of social strata and multifarious culture and creed who had thronged the streets despite being denied and cheated of their basic right to a peaceful assembly to appeal for democracy and civil liberties and clean governance – to these tens of thousands of men and women, you deserve a salute from all true democrats of the world.

    You have in no uncertain terms shown to the world that we need no bullets and mortar to stand up and fight for true democracy. What we need and what you men and women of Malaysia had with you was a principle centered conviction, faith and hope for human dignity and right of life in an environment that is devoid of tyranny. And for that the world community of leaders who profess, trumpet and proclaim true democracy and civil liberties must respond with urgency.

    World leaders cannot take a back seat or what we would locally refer to as ‘tidak apa’ attitude, and continue to roll red carpets for such tyrants as now being witnessed in Malaysia. It is not enough to leave such matters in the hands of NGOs.

    Democratic leaders, global movers and shakers, globally celebrated thinkers – all democratic society must make a stand and make that stand known and felt.

    Then, we would have done justice to God and His creation – the very humanity that we hold sacred and close to our compassionate dream of true democracy as we soldier on in this new age civilization without borders.

    J. D. Lovrenciear
    Kuala Lumpur

  38. “The Bersih 2.0 rally has demonstrated in no uncertain terms that the present Malaysian government is a Police State that is masquerading as a democratic country. It has confirmed beyond any iota of doubt that the ruling political party has, is and will not stop going to any extremes of oppression to remain in power. This must be condemned by the civilized, democratic world leaders”.

    I heard shit. Not a squeak nor a squeal from so-called leaders of the Free Wolrd. Just a banner at the bottom of the TV screen. That sums up the empathy western leaders have for a struggling nascent democracy in the backyard of the world’s most populous nation, an exploding economic powerhouse that is still sending ripples around the globe. Empathy from those with investments to protect. Indifference from those in positions to make a difference. That sums it up. Pretty much.

    I suppose they have yet to find ways to cope with the mixed signals sent by images of men with diapers over their heads and salt and pepper beards and women in burqa or hijab over blue jeans.

  39. Isa Mentaqi:

    Your suggestions are laudable. But hadn’t all these methods been tried before and what were the results? The regime simply did not want to listen because it controlled all avenues of power. Try to bring out a resolution in the highest body, i.e. Parliament and it got killed. Bring it to the attention of the EC and you get tepid responses and it throws the ball back to Parliament to resolve. Bring the issue to the Courts and the same response. All these bodies are controlled by the regime. Send a memorandum to the King and nobody knows whether the official who received it pass it to the King or not. The police instead of acting as a disinterested party plays politics and becomes the goons of the regime. So Isa what do you expect Bersih to do?

  40. Malaysia is now left with a Prime Minister without credibility and whose words cannot be trusted. He is trying to emulate his father’s 1969 feat of using the Freedom/Democray Walk to declare an emergency, but fortunately our YDPA as Commander in chief will have none of this, as His Majesty knows that the people have lost confidence in BN.
    The people and the NGOs/group of NGOs must continue with their good work of pushing for reform of the electoral system and the repeal of ALL REPRESSIVE LAWS.
    The Main Stream Media have become the tools of the Government to suppress the people and must be BOYCOTTED as they are bringing dis-repute to the disemination of information with their lies and propaganda.
    It is important for the people to be united against corruption of all kind including corruption of our system. Our East Malaysian brothers should shed the image of being used as a “Fix Deposit”. Our failure to reform the system will doom the nation.

  41. You know what Bean, i had the misfortune of watching (hearing, mostly) an interview by the Chinese CTV (CCTV) last night about the rumble in K.L. Their talking-head guest was a idiotic commentator from ISIS, whose Carma reeks. For the most populous country on earth, their take is always about the evils of challenging status quo. No doubt, Mr J.D.Lovrenciear is not an adept at global politics, even though what he said is in the main true. Yes, Justice and God are the last thing on the minds of the ‘Democratic’ Global Community, especially those with vested economic interests.

  42. J.D. Lovelenclear is a Malaysian with an ‘orang puteh’ handle for a pseudonym.
    There you are again, Mongkut Bean. Take him on his comments, not this below the belt comment. What is your hang-up…Din Merican

  43. Take him on his comments, not this below the belt comment.- Dato Din

    Mr Bean has a preponderance for anything that lies between the knees and the waist.

    He just can’t help it. If he doesn’t do so, he can’t think logically.

  44. Dato, you are reading things into that one line which are not there. That is meant to be a statement of fact. Nothing more. But I do read you correctly that you are giving undue weight to a piece you thought was written by a foreign observer. How could I be one to exhibit displays of xenophobia when I live among ‘foreigners’?

  45. One death is still one too many. The passing of Baharudin Ahmad is not in vain. Najib now has blood on his hands. Talk of Malay unity, now Najib has killed a Malay. What say you najib?

  46. Isa, thank you for explaining. I have no problem with your approach, it is sound and a gentlemen approach. But it does not tackle the following hurdles:

    1. This government has no time to listen. If you started the petition, you will be labelled illegal, subversive and a traitor to the King. The police will come to your house and plant machetes and petrol bombs and they will beat you up in jail.

    2. Or the government will accept the petition and do nothing. After all there is no pressure to anything.

    Isa, if you cannot see what BN has not done and done in the last two weeks, you need to wake up. This government is not interested in the good of our country. The Prime Minister himself lied to Bersih about using a stadium. His cousin labelled Bersih illegal even though our own King has given Bersih time to help reconcile with the Government. We are dealing with monkeys and apes that are more apt at stealing from the treasury than leading our country. These monkeys are making a mockery of our country. If you want to play gentlemen rules with monkeys, what more can I say?

  47. But, Dato, I must admit I am weary of reversed racism practiced by Asians upon their own kind. I am not one not to notice it when I see it. I’m sorry. What ‘hang up’ are you talking about? The last time I came out with my argument on the country’s Constitution, in response to an observation made by one of your readers, he responded by calling my mother “a mad woman”. The same reader who had been combative with your other readers and using derogatory language. What did you do? You only offered me an apology on his behalf after saying it escaped your attention but refused to censure him. You have your delete button. You could have used it.

    You can call me names. I can handle that. It is part of free speech. Bad speech is still free speech.

  48. Sadly there are some malaysians who think that the government can only be BN and only BN can be the government. These very same people too keep on saying that we should be grateful for the development the government brought to us. I guess UMNO succeeded in miseducating Malaysians on the true responsibility of a government and on democracy. Why should people be thankful to them when it’s the people that put them into office?

  49. “Sadly there are some Malaysians who think that the government can only be BN and only BN can be the government” didi

    These are the idiots we have to put up with on a daily basis. So long as they’re around and are ever ready to receive what little crumbs Umno is prepared to throw at them we, the rakyat, will be in a limbo forever.

    Will these idiots ever learn?

  50. At a ceramah recently I heard some catchy phrases regarding the mainstream media. Here they are:

    a. RTM = Rehat Tunggu Mati.

    b. TV3 = TV 3 suku.

    c. NST = Now Siok Time.

  51. “… because it is being viewed as an adjunct to the Pakatan coalition, BERSIH is held with suspicion. The presence of Pakatan leaders at today’s rally confirms that BERSIH allowed itself to become a political tool for the Opposition…”

    A disturbing revelation of the true agenda of this blog.

  52. A disturbing revelation of the true agenda of this blog.

    semuanya OK kot – July 10, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    Let’s give a chance to the bloghost to make his rebuttal. The bloghost missed my comment and saw only my footnote. At least I’d like to think that.

    Lepas tu semuanya OK kot.

    To be fair to the bloghost, I think the bloghost in his search for the alternative, a more politically neutral position on some of the issues in not wanting to appear that he is simply echoing the thoughts of just another critic of the ruling regime, ends up feeding albeit unwittingly into the disinformation and misinformation the UMNO-controlled media has laid and laid out most cleverly at times. While we may be aghast at the range of political tools our political adversaries give themselves, we must not fall victims to their political mind games.

  53. A disturbing revelation of the true agenda of this blog.
    semuanya OK kot
    Pray please tell me the true agenda of this blog. I’ve been following it since it’s inception and am still not sure what it is. I always thought that this blog is all about a free and just society and creating a platform for serious discourse and discussion, interspersed with music and some humor.

  54. Mongkut Bean
    I’m going to Hell Kitchen Flea Market in NYC in a bit. You keen on looking for antiques? Going to a show after that. Aaaah New York New York

  55. Go have a nyotaimori for me, Semper. Take some pics and send me.

    Tok Din kita dok reliaaaq. Tak pa. He has the right to remain silent. Anything he says may be used in evidence against him in a court of law. If he cannot afford a lawyer, there is always Jose Baez who has replaced Johnny Cochrane. We will pass the hat around.

  56. Mongkut Bean
    Traveling New England and was in New Hampshire over 4th July. In New York to enjoy summer in the Big Apple and took in Tony DeSare concert at Salon Millesime at Hotel Carlton. Great music by a wonderful trio.
    The heat is not too bad at about 83 deg F at 3.00 pm. Man you’re getting too spoiled.
    Didn’t see you at the Consulate General of Malaysia NYC last Saturday. What happened?

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