BERSIH2.0 Rally: Anwar Ibrahim and Khalid Samad hurt

July 9, 2011

BERSIH2.0 Rally: Anwar Ibrahim and Khalid Samad hurt

FRU Personnel itching for a fight

BERSIH2.0 chairperson Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan and PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang have been arrested.

BERSIH 2.0 steering committee member Maria Chin Abdullah and PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim’s two daughters–Nurul Izzah and Nurul Hana– were also detained.The four were arrested when they marched together with hundreds of supporters from the Hilton Hotel in KL Sentral to Stadium Merdeka.

Earlier, Ambiga met Anwar, his wife and PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and several other opposition leaders.

Anwar tweeted that his daughters – PKR vice president Nurul Izzah and Nurul Haza – have been arrested as well. The Police have also arrested other Pakatan leader such as R Sivarasa, Tian Chua and Ngeh Koo Ham were arrested for marching towards Stadium Merdeka.

“My arrest is totally in bad faith. I was trying to negotiate a peaceful march out of here. I was just forcefully pulled away when we could resolve this much better,” said Sivarasa.

Anwar, Khalid hurt

Anwar also tweeted that he was hurt in a melee with the policy outside KL Hilton Hotel.PKR leaders said that he was hurt in his head and leg while his bodyguard suffered facial injury.

It has been reported that Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad too was hurt when the Police tried to disperse the protesters.It was alleged that tear gar cannisters were aimed at them directly.The PAS leader is said to have suffered a serious head injury and has been taken to a hospital.

After being dispersed from KL Hilton, the BERSIH crowd gathered at Brickfields. Eyewitnesses say their numbers sood at about 40,000. Several thousands were also holed up at a private maternity hospital near Pudu Raya while thousands of others had taken shelter near Pasar Seni.A tweet from BERSIH said that the crowd was singing the national anthem Negaraku.

It is also learnt that the tight police cordon around Stadium Merdeka and Istana Negara has forced the protesters to reroute their march towards KLCC in Jalan Ampang.

Federal Police said eight leaders were arrested. They are Mahfuz Omar, Salehuddin Ayub, Mohamad Sabu, Fauziah Salleh, Tian Chua, Dato’ S.Ambiga, Hadi Awang and Azeez Rahim.

20 thoughts on “BERSIH2.0 Rally: Anwar Ibrahim and Khalid Samad hurt

  1. Najib and gang miscalculated the will of the people , now BN will suffer serious consequences comes 13th GE.
    Najib will be the last PM from BN.

  2. Not enough to throw him out…wait for GE13, but he still has time to recover. Right now, he is overeas to see the Pope. His wife will be summer shopping in Milan for the latest fashion items. I am sorry for the businessmen who are accompanying her. She spends big and they foot the bill–handbags, shoes, watches, jewellery.

  3. Mat Dulu, don’t feel sorry for the business people who are spending, they always get more in return. Feel sorry for those lion heart grannies and moms that with Bersih today that got wacked by the Malaysian Police. The Malaysian Police is a NATIONAL DISGRACE to our country.

  4. KK, only people from the Pembangkang will agree with you. If Anwar Ibrahim and Khalid Samad got hurt durinhg the stupid protest it was their own making. You cari fasal you tangung lah!!!!

  5. Well you defy the law you pay for it. Peaceful Rally??? what’s peaceful about something as provocative disobedient and in defiance of law? Ambiga is attempting a Pakatan Rakyat take over of the country outside the Ballot Box. Strip her of her Datukship. She and Gopal Sri Ram privately advised the Perak Sultan about sacking the government there whilst she preached civil order and upholding the law. Between her Sivarasa, Nair and Thomas and Sri Ram they made MYR 6,000,000 for that advice. Arrest detain her and throw away the key.

  6. PAS menuntut supaya Presidennya, Datuk Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang dibebaskan segera sebelum satu juta ahlinya turun berkampung ke Bukit Aman.

    Penolong Setiausaha Agung PAS, Dr Syed Azman Syed Ahmad Nawawi dalam sidang medianya menuntut Abdul Hadi dibebaskan dalam masa 24 jam sebelum ahli-ahli PAS dari seluruh pelusuk negara datang berhimpun di Bukit Aman.

  7. Zazliah, let me refresh your memory .

    In 1999 GE , it was the Non-Malay voters who rescued BN
    from electoral defeat, you can rest assured that comes 13th
    GE, there will not be such a rescue.

  8. What is the meaning of Policing?
    What is the aim of managing a crowd which promised to be Peaceful & Responsible.
    It is wrong & irresponsible to attack demonstrators who are marching for a worthy cause – For a Clean & Fair Election.
    Why can’t the Police wait for the demonstrators to march & hand a letter to the King, after which they would disperse & go home.
    How long can one demonstrate? He/she will finally feel tired and go back to rest.
    on July 9, 2011 at 8:15 am | Reply Dr. H C Chan
    There is no need for the Police to fire TEAR GAS and CANON WATER at the protestors since they were marching PEACEFULLY & RESPONSIBLY.
    Is the water laced with irritating chemicals?
    If it is, it is a chemical attack. It will be a serious provocation!!!
    It is a Police assault on the protestors.

    The Police has over-reacted in a provocative & unacceptable manner.
    Look at the British cops control bigger crowds in rally. They do it very well without any provocation & in a friendly manner. In fact often you see Policemen talking in a friendly way with the protestors.
    In addition, you don’t see so many Policemen around in London.

    The Police in Malaysia look as though they are going to war!!!
    The Police looked confrontational & aggressive & out to intimidate the people. This is wrong Policing.
    Our Police officers need to be re-orientated & re-trained.
    The Police must not treat Bersih members & others as criminals as they have the right to assemble & protest. They want Fair & Clean Elections. Is that wrong???
    Is the Police supporting UNFAIR & DIRTY Elections???
    A former IGP said the Police should be Neutral.

    The Police BLOCKED all the arteries into KL that it causes more inconveniences & disrupt many normal activities. The newspapers like Star & NST are not available for sale. Hawkers could not go out to do their business. The Police has caused more negative effects than the demonstration itself.

    It looks like the objective of the Police was to be harsh.

    You can have a Peaceful Demonstration, with both sides sending the correct messages.
    It is NOT the duty of the Police to turn peaceful demonstration into a mayhem. This is wrong. This is not the objective of the Police.
    Our Police need to educate themselves and to re-evaluate their performance in the eyes of the citizens.

  9. “The Police BLOCKED all the arteries into KL that it causes more inconveniences & disrupt … ”

    Well, in that case you do a coronary by-pass.

  10. Rally is a final warning before the final march. People at the top, please listen. In the history of countries such as Philippines, Indonesia, Mesir and many others, the failure of the government to listen to what they call the ‘minority’, had proven to be fatal for them.

  11. A Pariah tamilian, Kalai Vanar, forwarded a memo to the Agong to revoke Ambiga`s Datukship and CITIZENSHIP. Who is this clown and what tidbits thrown to him to do same. For people like Kalai Vanar, Kelab Penyokong BN, Interlok is in some ways justified.

    Didn`t see many MIC youth at the Patriot rally. Only 500 Patriots around. Perkasa chicked out.

  12. Why are some people so proud of doing stupid things? Esp the like of Dr HC Chan. Everythings the PDRM/FRU have done is wrong. The BERSIH 2.0’s walks is orderly…my foot…how come a learned person like u could be so blinded?? Had PDRM/FRU have let them ‘walked peacefully’ as per them, they would have claimed that the PDRM?FRU are behind them, same as the DSAI’s story that the Army and several MPs, are behind them during the 16/9 unsuccessful coup by PR. Poorahh!!! Luckily, with PDRM/FRU blockages into inner city, KL is safe from savages within.

  13. mohd Radzi Yusof

    So what’s wrong with having Ambiga as PM if she is duly elected? You have something against women? or non malays?

  14. If she’s elected as leader of the party that wins the mandate to govern the country. Yes. The Constitution makes no expressed reference to his or her gender or race. In fact the Constituion does not provide for the post of Deputy Prime Minister. Yet we have someone to act as Deputy. So let’s not underestimate the force of convention.

  15. Desperate BN is now manufacturing accusations against leading critics who are lawyers. See a comment above. Truly pathetic.

  16. I, as a non-Malay and a non-Muslim, affirm once again that I will vote for Khalid Samad from PAS to be my MP at the next General Election.

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