No Telco and Internet Services on BERSIH2.0 Rally Day

July 7, 2011

NO Telco and Internet Services on BERSIH2.0 Rally Day

If the following report from Malaysiakini is true, then this blog too will be out of action on  BERSIH2.0 rally day, July 9, 2011. This means we will be incommunicado. This is regrettable as I won’t be able to give you any report on BERSIH activities and to entertain you over this weekend.

The people in the mainstream media and television, I assume, are lucky as they will be in full gear, giving us their own spin on the rally. July 9 will be a sad day for democracy in Malaysia.–Din Merican

Malaysiakini reports: 2.56pm, july 7

BERSIH2.o warns of Telco and Internet Blackout

With less than 48 hours to the BERSIH 2.0 rally, the movement now claims to have received information that the mobile phone networks and Internet services would be suspended this weekend.

In a statement today, the BERSIH2.0 steering committee said that such measures to frustrate the rally would make the authorities no different from Middle-Eastern dictators.

“BERSIH2.0 is alarmed by intelligence that there might be a full or partial clampdown on the Internet as we approach this weekend”.

“BERSIH2.0 warns the Federal Government that should access to the mobile phone networks, the Internet, mobile 3G services, specific websites or social media be compromised in any way, then the authorities will look absolutely no different from the Middle-Eastern dictators who have used the same measures with no success whatsoever,” it said.

The steering committee said repression, intimidation and other obstacles will not deter the movement’s resolve to gather at Stadium Merdeka at 2pm on Saturday.  “After which, we will disperse just as peacefully,” read the statement.

Should any of such repressive measures come into effect, the authorities would be seen as desperate and show an inclination towards unwarranted extremes in preventing free and fair elections, it said.

‘Enter KL before Saturday’

Meanwhile, the steering committee is also urging the rally participants to enter Kuala Lumpur today or tomorrow in view of an expected tight clampdown of the city centre by tomorrow.

“Observing the shocking fact that bus permits to Kuala Lumpur have already been frozen, plans seem to be well in place to make entering (the city on Saturday) as difficult as humanly possible,” the statement said.

The Police have been mounting roadblocks during rush hour traffic since yesterday, ostensibly to check for weapons and weed out possible protestors.

Additionally, Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) chairperson Syed Hamid Albar has also confirmed that temporary bus permits would not be issued for buses entering Kuala Lumpur this weekend.

However, Syed Hamid said that this was not a new directive in view of the rally and that it was a policy not to issue such permits during non-festival seasons. After being granted an audience with the Agong, BERSIH2.0 has agreed to government suggestions to hold the rally in a stadium and not on the streets.

23 thoughts on “No Telco and Internet Services on BERSIH2.0 Rally Day

  1. Hahahaha….
    Similar action taken by Mubarak regime when the government blocked Facebook, Twitter eventually shut down internet access completely during recent events in Egypt:..

    Putrajaya is falling down…. falling down … falling down…!!

  2. Din

    I bet you now have second thoughts on the sincerity of Prime Minister Najib – his personal interest over-rides those of his countrymen. I had hoped that he was different, more a-tuned to the constituents and the needs of our country. Frank was right – but I am not hallucinating, I just had hopes that have evaporated. We are all desperate for a New Leader with the heart of Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Where are these bred of Malays that can truly lead our nation? Frank?

    By taking down the telcos, Malaysia will leap back twenty years, and everyone will be affected this weekend, and I hope that there will be no public calamity that may compound problems for the average Malaysians. The stupidity of this government is beyond belief.

  3. And we though we are living in a civilise country ruled by civilsed UMNOputras. They are buch of piratical crooks, like monkeys given garlands to take care off.

  4. It is indeed ashame of the over-reaction of our government, and it only shows that they have absolutely no confidence of governing the nation. They have also sent a few bus load of army/FRU personel to camp in University of Malaya, and they will stayed until next week. The supressive regime of so many countries have failed to win the heart of their people, and it is sad that our government still have not take heed.

  5. Dear Dato,
    I think I have been fairly unwavering in my assessment of PM Najib. That, more than just a hypocrite, he is also indecisive, spineless, balls less, and inconsistent / flip-flop. Now worse, he’s even reneged on his promise after obtaining a truce with Bersih. Now what does that make him? Utterly despicable.

    Most of us following your blog know you have ‘expectations’ of Najib. Like as though he’s had whispered in your ears that he will flex his muscles and excel when the time and situation is conducive for him to do so. More like transforming from a mere mortal weakling doctor to the Almighty Thunder God with the strike of a wooden stick. Well looks like its not going to happen cos he’s remaining a weakling like he has always been and always will be.

    And, with this blatant display of character less behavoir, how will Malaysians in general perceive of this Prime Minister? I hope he has not been leading Dato through his garden of promises and dreams cos he does not seem to have the will to fulfill any of his ‘thoughts’?

    Much as I would hate to repeat, there is yet to be a rally from the streets waiting to bloom.

  6. How come Dato is not caught in the dragnet when 91 others got locked out?? What happened to freedom of movement? Is that not a guarantee under the Constitutoin.

  7. I remember meeting Dato Seri Najib at the Maybank Malaysian Open Golf 2010 and had a 10 minute chat with him at the bank’s hospitality marquee in the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club. He told me that he would like to make Malaysia great again.

    His programmes on paper are designed with that purpose in mind, but they have yet to be implemented in earnest. I gently and politely reminded him that he was endowed with awesome power to make things happen for Malaysia and I promised that I would support his policies. I think he has the correct approach but I am still figuring out what is it that is holding him back.

    Now I realise that he has to depend on the support of his party to implement his New Economic Model and his ETP and other schemes. His survival as Prime Minister rests on his being able to retain the UMNO Presidency and having a mandate of his own from the electorate. He cannot allow himself to suffer the same fate as his predecessor, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Recall what happened to Islam Hadhari after Badawi stepped down for losing 2/3rd majority in the 12th Parliament. Islam remains but the Badawian Hadhari disappeared the moment he surrendered power to Najib nearly 2 years ago.

    Najib has to handle right wing conservatives within UMNO and Ibrahim Ali’s ultra Malay nationalist PERKASA which seems to have the backing of Mahathir and his faction in UMNO. That is tough. He is in a political dilemma.

    Today he is at the crossroads. He knows he must initiate reforms but he has encountered resistance. BERSIH2.0 makes his task a little complicated as this civil society group is being perceived as challenging his executive authority. So he must now demonstrate that he has what it takes to manage a very tense situation and reassert himself in the process. He cannot be seen by UMNO as being weak and hesitant, or bowing to pressure.

    His priority at this moment must be to contain this civil society- led challenge to his authority. He cannot allow BERSIH2.0 get out of control. Najib has chosen to be tough, in the way Mahathir was in 1987 when he took on Tunku Razaleigh challenge, opposition politicians and civil society leaders, but it will come at a cost in the short term to Najib because his overzealous Home Affairs Minister and the Police have overreacted to the perceived provocations of BERSIH2.0.

    Najib cannot back down now. He lost the opportunity for compromise since he did not take advantage of the King’s intervention to commence a dialogue with BERSIH2.0 leaders about free and fair elections. As a result, he has a full blown crisis in his hands. If he succeeds, then he will be in a much better position to deal with dissensions within UMNO and tackle the problems of the Barisan Nasional coalition in particular MCA and Gerakan. That said, I am surprised that given the severity of this Saturday’s rally, Najib has decided to go abroad when the BERSIH matter requires his leadership and presence in our country.–Din Merican

  8. Din,
    Forget about Najib lah! Perhaps, finally dreams do come true. UMNO is finished. Just like UMNO was mampus in Singapore 1963 GE to the horror of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

  9. Isn’t the ballot box the very reason for the current situation…………..unless the manipulation there is stopped, the ballot box cannot be depended upon to produce the change this country obviously needs.

  10. sir, najib has the unique power in his hand, indeed he has: called the police restriction and let BERSIH go on. simple as that. no dilemma.

  11. That said, I am surprised that given the severity of this Saturday’s rally, Najib has decided to go abroad when the BERSIH matter requires his leadership and presence in our country.–Din Merican

    What do they say about people in the kitchen who cannot stand the heat?? You put as much distance as you can between yourself and the heat.

  12. Allah be thanks. The demo is called off. All 91 including Ambiga, Anwar, Hadi, Ibrahim Ali and KJ are banned from the city centre on Saturday. Thank You Najib and the police for saving us all. We will remember this always.

  13. Din,
    What dialogue? Najib willing to listen meh? Since Najib so afraid that Bersih would tear UMNO house down, aaargh… be it. How many men, women & children BN gonna tekan? Remember, Malaysia is no far flung obscure African country.

    What makes you think US won’t intervene if Najib wanna be stupid? What makes you think that even Thailand would keep quiet

  14. The true face of Najib and Co. A man not of his words. Why backtrack from the rally in the stadium. People are losing faith in BN more and more. Anyway , thanks to the high handed actions, there is ample publicity for BERSIH and lackings and manipulations of /at EC.

    Malaysia Boleh

  15. I live in a country, where a demand for fair governmental elections is deemed illegal; whereas rapists, robbers and serial acid splashing criminals are left to run free on the streets.

  16. Najib wasn’t even elected by the majority of Malaysians. He’s UMNO choice and that doesn’t require much. Just a wave of the keris and few racist words and you’ll be good to go as the leader of that party.

  17. The truth, the official truth and nothing but the official truth: that’s what you will get.

    All leaders are charming in person, except very late in the game. Our individual reminiscences of them are relatively meaningless. It is we who are responsible for keeping them on the straight and narrow, never letting them forget who is in charge. This is the burden of democracy (There is an appropriate quote by Elridge Cleaver). For us to do our part, criticism, however, unreasonable, false or infamatory, is essential (There is an appropriate quote by JJ Rosseau).

  18. Bro, you said “I think he has the correct approach but I am still figuring out what is it that is holding him back”. Quit figuring bro, in simple terms this man speaks with a FORKED Tongue. He is completely bankrupt of honesty, Integrity and leadership. What can we say of a man who does not even blink when he OK’s a C4 episode? Malaysia does not need scum like him and we are better off if he stays away.
    He will carry the FULL burden of responsibility if anything untoward happens tomorrow whether these acts are carried out by the PDRM, Perkasa, patriot, Mat Rempits or even the army. Should any life be lost, I certainly expect that he will be held responsible and he should be punished to the hilt by the full power of the law of this country.

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