BERSIH2.O: Civil Servants Warned

July 7, 2011

Civil Servants Warned: NO to BERSIH2.0 Rally


Faced with mounting pressure that a rally will be held this weekend, the Public Services Department (PSD) has issued a circular barring civil servants from participating in an illegal assembly or any movement which may hurt the security of the nation.

The letter dated June 30 and signed by the PSD director-general, Abu Bakar Abdullah, did not name which rally. Three are planned for this weekend, organised by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH 2.0), PERKASA and UMNO Youth.

NONEAbu Bakar, in the three-page letter addressed to all ministry secretaries-general, all federal department heads and state secretaries, reminded civil servants not to become actively involved in any movement or gathering by any parties, attend them during office hours or use office equipment to distribute materials for an illegal gathering.

The PSD director-general reminded civil servants to protect the principles of neutrality and impartiality in the public service, to ensure the service rendered is stable, neutral and does not support any movement, inclinations or political parties.

He went on to cite various regulations under the Civil Servant Officers Standing Orders 1993 under which actions could be taken.

Education Ministry circular is more blunt

However, an Education Ministry circular similarly dated June 30, signed by the Director-General Abd Ghafar Mahmud, was more blunt in specifically stating the electoral reform group Coalition of Free and Fair Elections BERSIH 2.0.

The letter was addressed to all Education Ministry division directors, state education department directors, Teachers Training Institute directors and Matriculation Colleges directors.

It claimed that BERSIH2.0 or the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections is holding a “Walk for Democracy” directed at seeking transparent and fair elections.

“The Police have classified this as an illegal assembly and would lead to riots, demonstrations and internal conflict. It is stated that the gathering may upset the security and stability of the nation,” Abdul Ghafar said.

“All officers and staff under the Education Ministry and students in learning institutions are prohibited from attending or participating in the rally by the illegal organisation BERSIH on any day or events organised by them,” he said.

Abdul Ghafar said the directive is to help officers, staff and students avoid any action by the authorities.

The Education Ministry Director-General had forwarded copies of the letter to the Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, his deputies Wee Ka Siong, and Puad Zarkashi, the Secretary-General of the ministry, Deputy Secretary-General, Deputy Director-General, heads of various division of the ministry, the Legal Advisor and the public relations department.


Ambiga meets Top Cops at Bukit Aman

With less than 48 hours to the July 9 rally, BERSIH2.0 chairperson Dato’ S. Ambiga is leading a four-member delegation to meet with top Police Officers at the Federal Police Headquarters in Bukit Aman at 2pm today.

Ambiga, BERSIH steering committee members Wong Chin Huat and Haris Ibrahim and national laureate Dato’ A Samad Said entered the Police HQ at around 2pm.

According to Wong, the meeting was arranged after they made a former request to the police for the meeting. Speaking to reporters before going in, Wong said they will be informing the Police officially about the rally BERSIH is holding this Saturday.

8 thoughts on “BERSIH2.O: Civil Servants Warned

  1. Uncle Din,

    Please cover the Ahmad Sarbani’s inquest. MACC is quickly descending into the realm of stupidity and outlandish.

  2. didi – Everything about BN is about stupidity. But Ahmad Sarbani’s case is not just about stupidity. It is about this government killing its own people. The righteous die, while the corrupt enjoy life. The fruits of Mahathir’s leadership are ripening…..But it is no longer Malays versus the other races, it has come to Malays killing each other to grab riches that will destroy their own families and lives. Just look at Daim, all the riches does not bring him a happy family. Look at Taib – he does not have a happy family either. But we must act, because the safety of our people are at risk. Our government is now a fascist state. it cares not for its people but only for their power and pockets.

  3. The doctrine of civil service neutrality has long been tatters and a generation has grown up unable to conceive the idea behind it and its significance. It is central to our form of parliamentary democracy. Instead the civil service is run by the political party that governs as an appendage of its political machinery. The police whose role is to safeguard public order instead of playing the role of umpire becomes a player and advocate.

  4. Soon they will instruct toddy shops to bring down their shutters on July 9. The date is beginning to hound the Umnoputras in Putrajaya. Only God knows what else these desperadoes will do to protect their interests…

  5. If Najib leaves for Rome to piously keep an appointment tomorrow with the Pope, it can only mean Ops Lallang II will descend on Kuala Lumpur.

  6. How’s the rental of X-rated movies?-Mongkut Bean.
    No Bean the CharKuat places will go empty this Saturday. Maybe they will have a fire sale full service for price of hand job.

    Police busy with Bersih so no police on beat duty. Bukit Bintang will be like Mardi Gras Malaysia. Next Tourism promotion will be Mardi Gras Malaysia.

  7. A Civil servant is also a citizen of Malaysia.
    He has duties & responsibilities to the country.
    A civil servant work for the people & country. He/she is not neccessarily aligned to the political parties in power.
    The Police & Army is to protect the country and the people and NOT tyrants/dictators in power.
    Belgium is without a govt for 2 years. Yet it is running smoothly so far!!!
    We should all assess the cost of keeping an elected govt in power to run the country.
    We must assess its cost-benefits.
    How much can the country afford ???
    Becos with corrupt political leaders, they can drain the nation’s coffers dry !!!

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