The Malaysian Insider Perspective on BERSIH2.0

July 5, 2011

The Malaysian Insider Perspective on BERSIH 2.0: Winners and Losers

So it is settled, after weeks of harassment and thuggish behaviour by the government, the people for free and fair elections will gather in a stadium on July 9.

This episode has once again demonstrated how fractious and divided Malaysia is with enlightened and liberal Malaysia on one side and almost fascist powers on the other.

Some individuals emerge from this episode with reputations intact, others with image destroyed forever. The Malaysian Insider gives our take on the winners and losers.


•    The organisers of BERSIH: let’s be honest, until a few weeks ago this was a movement at the periphery of most Malaysians. Okay, so some 100,000 people would have marched on the streets on KL. But thanks to the government’s blanket arrests, use of draconian laws and decision to behave like a repressive regime, BERSIH became a buzzword. Much to the government’s chagrin, everyone has forgotten about Datuk T, all the wonderful projects under the ETP. Today, people remember BERSIHh as the people fighting for clean and fair elections, and the Barisan Nasional (BN) government as the people frightened of free and fair elections.

Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan: She was called names by the prime minister and threatened with having her citizenship revoked by the Malacca chief minister and was under severe pressure from the police and security agencies. But the former Bar Council president did not lose her cool or become rabid like her detractors. She stayed the course and was always civil. Maybe our politicians should take a leaf out of her book.

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong: his measured last-minute intervention gave the government and BERSIH face-saving escape routes from confrontation. This is what Malaysians expect of the monarchy: for them to be honest brokers, not mouthpieces for the ruling party. In all likelihood he was asked by the government to issue the statement on Sunday but it does appear that he was unwilling to demonise BERSIH.

Malaysian public: in the wake of all this talk of riots and tension, the man in the street was unmoved and unconvinced by the fairytale stories of communist plots and Christian funding — a sure sign that the governed are more mature than the government.


Dato’ Seri Najib Razak: he has now agreed to meet BERSIH leaders to discuss the venue for their rally. One has to ask why as the PM he did not engage the activists but instead he allowed them to be demonised by his UMNO party. The mishandling of the issue also allowed Malaysia’s image to be tarnished and undid a lot of good work done by good men in the administration. He allowed the hardliners in government and his party to call the shots when he should have been leading from the front.

Dat0′ Hishammuddin Hussein: where does one start with this major disappointment of a minister? He left many stumped by his illogical statements and his John Le Carre scenarios. He has ambitions of becoming the country’s prime minister. After this performance it is arguable whether he is the best person for the home ministry portfolio.

Dato’ Ibrahim Ali: he has been at the forefront of the attacks against Ambiga and BERSIH. And he has also tried to turn the issue into one of race, to protect Malay rights. But it became abundantly clear that Bersih 2.0 had the support of many Malaysians from different races. It was not about race after all but the issue of free and fair elections.

The PDRM: the police have made a mockery of the law by arresting people for wearing T-shirts. While it is arguable whether preventive action and detention should still be allowed, arresting people for wearing T-shirts was a ridiculous act. Continuing to detain people under the Emergency Ordinance over the rally is also a classic case of abusing the law. In the end the police should remember that if a permit was granted the rally would not have been illegal. The police must not act as if the country is under siege from its own citizens.

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  1. In my humble opinion, the real winners are the peace loving Malaysians led by DYMM Yang diPertuan Agong, Al-Wathiqu Billah, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Almarhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah.

    I know that the end of 2011 is about 6 months away, but Tuanku Mizan is my Malaysian Man of the Year. DYMM Tuanku showed true leadership by example and genuine concern for the safety and well being of all Malaysians. By his timely intervention, the country is spared the trauma of political unrest and social disruption on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.–Din Merican

  2. An unnecessarily one-sided perspective. Winners and Losers? Common sense won…

    If organisers had displayed a fraction of the same common sense prior to announcing the rally, the country would have saved itself the tension. Will they ever learn that street demos do not prove anything? We shall see.

  3. What a disappointment as far as I’m concerned. Merely accepting a stadium venue to protest without insisting for a direct high-level, face-to-face meeting with the regime to trash out electoral fraud is a missed opportunity. The ultimate aim of Bersih’s protest is to force the regime to be serious about electoral discrepancies. The intervention of the Agong provides a golden opportunity for Bersih to ask for a direct meeting with the regime.

    The regime has been avoiding direct meeting for years and the mere offering of a stadium to Bersih without wanting to go any further with electoral reforms checkmates Bersih’s ultimate aim. Najib is insincere because he was mocking Bersih, saying that Bersih can go to the stadium and shout all day as far as he is concerned. Yes Bersih can shout and claim victory in a stadium milieu and probably prepared their 8 demands in a memoradum to the Agong; but Najib will have his last laugh. The regime doesn’t have to be forced to meet for serious talk. The regime will go on its business as usual and the memorandum to the Agong will find its way into the dustbin.

    What about arrest of Bersih’s people. Are they going to be released immediately? What about Bersih’s limbo status since it was summarily banned by the regime? Will it be lifted?

    Unless and until Bersih can provide such answers, Bersih is being screwed by the regime big time. I say Bersih and the people of Malaysia is the bigger loser.

  4. While the stadium scenario is far from ideal and many folk are disappointed, esp those who are travelling to K.L., it is important to realize that FLOM was pushed to the extreme corner. The real danger was not mere Chaos or even civil strife or economic meltdown. The clear and present danger was application of the EO, with suspension of the Parliament. Unrewarded Hardship and draconian Laws with mass jailing and body snatching are key to ingredients to victory, is it?

    Unless we are sure of an Egyptian or Tunisian (even those are unresolved) revolt, discretion is the better part of valor. This is a ‘war’ for the hearts and minds, not a bodily skirmish and all out do-and-die thing, that does nobody and favors.

    My gangsta grand-dad used to say “A live coward is better than being a dead hero.” and “Keep your back against any solid surface – and face your enemy with your arse covered!” Do you think he was wrong?

  5. Btw, you guys better read up about Chaos Theory and come up with some calculations to show that the alternative was better, by far. The reality is that Man becomes an animal when trapped. They bite, claw and snap as well any cornered rabid rat. Some have higher tolerance, but others like ‘Aristocrats’ have minimal. Have you ever seen tantrums by spoiled brats. I kid you not – they are demented! Ask Dr Kam who has to handle such horrible juveniles, on a daily basis..

  6. Four big idiots became bigger idiots as a result of this episode:

    i) Hishammuddin looks much more a liability he was thought to be, now both feet in his big mouth;

    ii) Ibrahim Ali Katak lost all his credibility, I think his sponsors might even stop sponsoring anymore, his head is now too big for his songkok;

    iii) Ismail Omar, the IGP, proved his ex-boss Musa Hassan right that he is a dumbass and a scumbag of a cop to succeed him as IGP;

    iv) Ezam Empat Kotak, his mishandling of the group of marauding Mamaks demonstrating in Georgetown including causing the longest traffic jam along the Penang Bridge, turned the entire Penang against BN forever! Lim Guan Eng will get more than just 2 more terms, thanks to Ezam Empat Kotak!

  7. Bro. Din,

    Who wrote this? It is not me.

    “Darn right vsp. Palace yellow paled out Bersihs yellow!!!

    Tean – July 5, 2011 at 11:35 pm “

  8. Better comparisons instead of the Arab Spring which certainly hasn’t arrived yet, despite the torrid summer, is the Latin American countries of Argentina, Chile and Peru. Even Che Guevara (played by Antonio Banderas) had a tough time figuring it out. “So share my glory, so share my coffin..” sang Evita.

  9. Din,
    You sure? You have too much high hope on monarchy. In Thailand, even the Thai King should have intervened in 2005 but he didn’t. I am sure it’s not Thai King’s idea of harressing red shirt supporters & its leader, Thaksin. But it’s the so called monarchy movement led by Londhi & its chief backer, that Prem something that denied Thaksin & its allies 3 times.
    Me not sure about Bean Chai or Mongkut Bean. If these goons just leave Thaksin alone, Thailand would be a more prosperous place.
    Let see what Najib & goons gonna do with his baggage tricks & his spins

    I am not that optimistics! I would rather be like the Mahatma Gandhi……just charge ahead. Me doesn’t much high faith in monarchy anyway.
    My patience is wearing thin because I don’t really think Mirzan fella would really do the job. The objective should be free & fair election. So what if there is another Amritsar…….Non cooperation till our demands are met. Nothing more or less

  10. Din,
    What if Amritsar massacre did not happen, you think India would eventually acheive its independence. We must lose our real objective. It seems Najib has done a little trick in this case
    Remember of the PSM members who are incarcerated in prisons. We should demand their release before we bow down to these goons demand of having rally in stadium. Non cooperation till our demands met. Very simple

  11. CLF,
    We never try. We’ll never know. It reminds of the melayus who tied the cows in the midst of flood to vote for UMNO in Tenang. Such stupidty!

  12. VSP,
    Bersih is screwed big time this time. We must continue our non cooperation just Gandhi did to the British master till they gave in.

    I am sorry. I am not satisfied with this so called resolution. Frankly, I was mocked by our Europeans for being too docile creatures. Malaysians are too docile for far too long. Gandhi’s non violence is the real solution now!

  13. loess, we don’t have a Gandhi, Martin Luther King or Mandela to lead us. We only have a rag-tag bunch of politicians who out to glorify themselves.

    Ahimsa or nonviolence is an Anarchic Hindu-Buddhist and Christian concept, not applicable in this country – with the rabid racial-religious baiting. To be Anarchic means going against the norm of human dyadic thinking process. I would love to walk hand-in-hand with my brothers in arms, if courage was all that was needed. Unfortunately this is not possible as the goons are determined to run amok, cause as much bloodshed and mayhem as possible – then use it as a political expedience to enslave what is yet not within their grasp.

    Do you think many like me who have seen true suffering here in Malaysia and around Asia/Africa are comfortable with the ‘compromise’? Heck no! A mark of awareness, discernment and maturity is to understand what it means to Don the Armor of God (Ephesians 6). We cannot defeat evil, we can only stand up to it, and to remain standing – while It destroys itself – as it invariably does. There is a season for everything (Ecclesiastes). We as Christians, need to reflect on action befitting our Love for Others, not only for our own emotional satisfaction and show that we can.

    Who knows, the rally may still proceed from the stadium? Have faith, hope and of course you know the Last commandment of All.

  14. Btw, loess why don’t you talk about the Horror of the Partition of India, where millions were displaced, genocide was rife and the terror that today still reverberates throughout the sub-continent. Amritsar was nothing compared to it.
    Confront evil as the last resort and martyrdom awaits. Don’t go actively looking for it, as a measured response is always better.

  15. It’s a draw (tie) between the ruling regime and Bersih 2.0

    Meanwhile, certain Ministers have shown us that they
    are political Neanderthals who have not awaken to the realities of the
    Internet Age i.e. by making threats against an increasingly
    well-informed and politicised citizenry.

  16. Will they ever learn that street demos do not prove anything?- Isa Manteqi

    Isa Manteqi,

    You are wrong. It did.

    It brought down the corrupt Marcos govt.

    It brought down the corrupt Tunisia regime

    It brought down the obscene regime of Husni Mubarak

    And it changed the politics of the Communist old-men of China after 1989 and forced Deng Xiao Peng to revolutionalise the economy of China. However, the issue of human rights is still on the table… so is the case in Malaysia.

    I am not sure whether you ever learn history.

    You think the French Revolution which encouraged the British colony in the US to fight for independence came about by the French proletariat sitting in their homes playing with their thumbs and pray to God?

    You think the Russian Revolution which took down the Russian Czar, for better or for worse, came about with the Russians with their feet tied to their chairs at homes.

    In the history of mankind, when people are oppressed and they feel they don’t have a proper recourse to voice their frustrations by the powers-that- be, and even that happened, it is all useless, then they make decisions with their feet on the street.

    So, Isa, I think you need to be more circumspect in your views. I respect the sincerity of your intentions in your views, but you need to have more depth in your thoughts before expressing them.

    The fact is, Street demos prove a thing.

  17. Street demos led to the demise of the Malayan Union proposal
    of the mid-1940s. And to the rise of the original,
    moderate Malay nationalist UMNO
    (not the UMNO Baru of Dr Machiavelli).

  18. I posted the Malaysian Insider piece to tell you guys that the alternative media in this instance can be as bad or as good or even irresponsible, depending on how one looks at it, as the mainstream media. It can also be equally provocative and one-sided.

    Let us put the BERSIH2.0 issue in its proper perspective and also be realistic. The BERSIH2.0 demand is for free and fair elections (8-point agenda). Playing the devil’s advocate, I ask why can’t a proper petition or memorandum be submitted to our King or the government. Having done that, BERSIH should wait for the response, failing which a protest or street demonstration can be justified.

    Was this grandstanding or political brinkmanship necessary? Only politicians on both sides think so and they have exploited it. BERSIH is a NGO, but it has unfortunately taken a political approach and therefore it is itself open to a political response (from an ultra Malay nationalist PERKASA, the idiotic Silat Mahaguru, and UMNO Youth’s Khairy Jamaluddin who is desperately trying to be in the good books of the Prime Minister).

    While there is no national security risk– the Police thinks so– there is certainly going to be some form of social unrest. That possibility led to Police action, although I may disagree with the sledgehammer approach to dealing with an ant called BERISH and opposition politicians in particular the treatment of my good intellectual friend Dr. Michael Jayakumar and his PSM colleagues who are still under detention under EO. Michael and his colleagues should be released soonest.

    If there is unrest, we all bear the consequences of provoked passions and anger generated on the streets. We should not underestimate what mass psychology can do to people. DYMM YDP Agong’s intervention was a timely one to prevent Malaysians from getting hurt or killed on July 9.Who knows what can happen.

    I congratulate BERSIH for accepting the King’s advice and the Prime Minister for his decision to allow the BERSIH rally to take place in a stadium. I now hope the Prime Minister and his government recognise the need for electoral reform to ensure free and fair elections and take action to address BERSIH’s 8-point agenda. So I say again, as a result of the King’s intervention we have avoided a confrontation between Malaysians and the Police and the FRU on the streets. So everybody wins.The country wins and we have shown to the rest of the world that we are a mature polity and are capable to deal with our internal affairs peacefully.

    Is Dato’ Ambiga a kind of Joan of Arc heroine as the Malaysian Insider seeks to project? Don’t make her more than what she already is–a good lawyer and a responsible citizen. I acknowledge her conviction and perseverance. She was subjected to enormous pressure . I admire her courage and respect her resolve. But let us not go beyond that and create myths around her. Let us not make Dato’ Ambiga a political issue to be used by people with axes to grind.

    My unsolicited advice to Dato’ Ambiga is that she should not let this sudden fame and adulation go to her head. She must decide for herself if she wants to be a politician and if she thinks that it is her desiny, then she must accept the consequences that can come with that role.

    To my fellow commentators on this blog, who are obviously unhappy with BERSIH’s acceptance of our King’s advice, I ask: Is there another alternative? There is none I can think of. So we should help to cool down temperatures and adopt a more conciliatory mode. Let us for once be rational and hope that good sense prevail all round. This is our country we are talking about and if we want peace and order, let us cooperate.

    The message that we want free and fair elections for Malaysian democracy is conveyed to those in power in no uncertain terms. The government must respond via electoral reform or else there could be a BERSIH3.0.–Din Merican

  19. Din,
    This has nothing to do with whether some of us are happy with Ambiga’s decision to accept the so called “peace” plan but simply to point out if the original objectives that have been made clear ever since have been met.
    What sort of cooling down temperature you are talking about? Read news recently where 500 goons who are “allowed” to protest in Penang causing mayhem. Like I say before, I am not very optimistic of this “peace” plan & I felt that we should not bulge so easily to their demands especially Najib Tun Razak.
    Anyway, he’s the mastermind on all this mayhem going on. Don’t tell me otherwise. Aaargh……since Najib & his allies asked for provoked response, let them have it the Gandhi’s way

    I bet that by the 9th July, 2010, Jeyakumar would still be incarcerated in prison. under EO some more. Doesn’t Jeyakumar deserve better rights than that idoits Ibrahim Ali

  20. looes74, did I praise the Police? It is known that they are not even handed in the handling of the situation. They have allowed Ezam and Ibrahim Ali run wild with their political dramatics. I would go to the extent to say that the Police and the agents could be part of the rise in temperature that I alluded to earlier. The new Deputy IGP, Khalid, is trying to show that he is one tough cop to impress his political bosses. But his boss, Tan Sri Ismail Omar, is more contemplative and prudent. Compromise is always the answer against extremes. Take care.–Din Merican

  21. Well put CLF, a mid-way solution is better than no solution !
    To me, the loosers are : ( i) we have ” ministers ” who are immature. Let the CM who uttered it, lis stripped off his Citizenship. He will then have to get the best International lawyers, cant win anywhere even in ‘ World Court ‘. If a person is born here it is his inaleinable right given by natrual law – yes God-given law ( jus naturale ). Constitution is mere declaratory. He should remnewmber two previous Malacca CM was jailed for corruption. There are internal laws IF anyone breaches the law; ( ii ) a Minister who deregisters something ( a loose association ) is himself ” illegal ” for outlawing something that does not exist in law.
    The problem is, under that 22-year regime, people who saw the opportunities, helter-skelter RUSHED to become YBs & YABs in a hurry, as soon as they passed Kindergarten. …
    So God help Malaysia !

  22. Dato, don’t be overly sensitive. We gotta learn to be honest and direct – and civil. Spice it with some humor to get the right combination to suit the palate.

  23. Street demos DID bring down the regimes mentioned above but the point is that the situation in today’s Malaysia demands, not street demos, but mature dialogue. If we do not keep this in mind we shall go down a one-way street.

    Furthermore, in the examples mentioned, how many revolutions made life BETTER for the people… But that is another debate, I guess.

    Depth in my thoughts?… sure I have depths in my thoughts. I think if we do not act maturely we stand to end up in DEEP trouble.

  24. Din,
    Yes the message has been conveyed in no uncertain terms this time, and many other times before. So what? Are they (UMNO, EC, PDRM) going to act fair and give us clean and fair elections? Why are the UMNO people so damn scared of a show of feelings in the streets? Because they genuinely fear that they will be kicked out of government, knowing that they are NOT supposed to be in government because they have cheated so badly? Because they know that they will certainly lose the election if it is conducted cleanly and fairly?

  25. Spot on barry…the demand for a free and fair election process is a longstanding issue. BN and EC had stonewalled fair process ever since the days of Mamakkutty. So credit to Bersih and Ambiga for her perseverance, but sad to say, she got outflanked by Najib at the end .

  26. FRANK : In all postings on Dato’s blog on the Bersih affair, I have consistently opposed street demos. It makes me happy, not because I was right, but that common sense has prevailed in our country.

  27. Dear Din Merican,

    Your comments are generally fair. Bersih & Ambiga have gained national & international respect.BUT I hope Ambiga will NOT stand for Election.Ambiga should be taken in by Election Commission as a member.

    The world & ordinary man will not take kindly on you, if you conduct UNFAIR Elections, if you intimidate others, if you simply arrest others if you said stupid things like it is illegal to wear yellow shirts if you solve your problem or unfairness by declaring Bersih illegal.

    Hishamuddin is not a Prime Minister material. I have high respect for his father Hussein Onn and his sister a Skin Specialist. Ibrahim Ali is a washout being the proxy and mouth piece of Mahathir. He talks & behave like a mafia..

    I personally think the King stole the show by asking Najib to conduct Fair Elections & asking Bersih not to protest in the streets, but in the Stadium.

    We must practice democracy, freedom, justice, fair play and human rights.

    May God (Allah) Bless Malaysia.

    Corrections/comments welcome.

  28. Malaysian in general are peace loving, and just wish to live comfortably among all. All of us should not be perturbed by the aggressive extremist propaganda, lead by the mamak kutty and clown team. May God bless this nation that is rich in culture.

    We do not want winners nor losers. We just want a country/government that values its citizen’s contribution, fair and transparent in policies implemented. Then the country will definitely flourish.

  29. yes Isa M., you are happy that the cheating and plundering can go on forever unhampered, without the necessary REFORMS!

    did you understand the motives behind this demonstration at all?
    and you believe the PM, dPM, IGP, police and Ibrahim are all angels, their actions are justified? bravo monsieur Montequi

  30. “The message that we want free and fair elections for Malaysian democracy is conveyed to those in power in no uncertain terms. The government must respond via electoral reform or else there could be a BERSIH3.0.”

    And a Bersih4.0, Bersih4.1, Bersih5.0, Bersih5.7, Bersih999.0 ……..just like there is always another GE, GE13, GE14, GE99.

    Btw, write blog can also convey message what, why need dialog, audience, memo bla bla bla.

  31. Hisham has no respect to TUANKU , and does not have to follow the move made by PM.

    Whole nation now is waiting to see how our PM is going respond to this !!

    Will he quickly respond to the request of Bersih to use the Merdeka Stadium for the Rally ? Can or cannot ? If cannot , can he counter offer other stadium to be used ?

    If he choose to keep quite , he should not blame Bersih for cooperating with Pakatan if they decided to use the stadium offered by Selangor Government !!!

  32. I support Dato Ambiga & BERSIH….

    I salute YingLuck & Thais for trashing out the royalist & aristrocats.

  33. DIAN : I am sorry that my English is not good enough for me to make myself clear to you. You have also, obviously, not been following my previous postings almost from the beginning of Dato’s blog.

  34. Isa M.,(sorry, for my hasty retort), negotiation with the EC has been going on for many years. they have been saying that they will forward the recommendations to the cabinet, but nothing changed till now. at the latest talk EC claimed they don’t have the powers to change anything.

    it is not the bersih team but the ruling government which has been adamant. lately even the police refused to deal with them. what are they there for?

    Isa M., do you see the result of threatening with a demo, do you think they ‘government’ would go into negotiation on their own initiative, never!
    even now I very much doubt that Najib and Co. would bring about electoral reforms without a healthy portion of force.

    electoral reforms before GE13? nee, nix, nyet and NO!

  35. I have consistently opposed street demos.- Isa Manteqi

    I respect your position on this. I too oppose street demos for the sake of demos. I don’t know about Mr. Bean when he was in MU campus in the 60s, but I have my fair share of demos.

    The point I disagree with you is that you categorically said street demos don’t prove a thing.

    I say it does.

    Now whether the current call for Free and Fair Elections justifiy a street march, that we can debate.

    On hindsight, if there had not been a charge for a street rally, do you think it would have instigated this corrupt Govt to act.

    Street demos have one up-side, it brings the issues to the front burner in the public domain.

    The downside, it can be exploited by subversive elements.

  36. All of you guys are wasting your time babbling about this fair and free elections:

    The ones who are going to decide who wins the next Govt are the pakcik and makciks in the rural heartland… and they have no damn time to come for street rallies or yakity-yak in cyberspace or in blogs. Blogs?? What blog?

    Habis masa saja. Tak ada kerja lain.

  37. I think you guys are beginning to talk cock.-Mr Bean…. Mongkut Bean, who is talking cock?-Dato Din

    Guys, please leave the poor cock alone. Having to be sacrificed on the dinner table is already bad enough.

  38. To my fellow commentators on this blog, who are obviously unhappy with BERSIH’s acceptance of our King’s advice,- Dato Din

    Those who disagree with Bersih’s acceptance of the King’s advice are a bunch of anarchists who should be burnt at the stake.

  39. “I respect your position on this. I too oppose street demos for the sake of demos. I don’t know about Mr. Bean when he was in MU campus in the 60s, but I have my fair share of demos” Frank

    In ’68 and Rosmah was my contemporary. I thought you’re ex-MU. When I was there Malays were in the minority i.e. the reverse of what we see today. Those were from a different time when we had freedom and the rule of law was respected. We could hold demonstration within campus. Occassionaly they would spill out passed the gates and that was when the police FRU was brought in. You could see there was respect on both sides. Their role was to keep us in. They would fire tear gas but would never enter campus. We would then retreat behind the gates. The university had autonomy and the police showed respect for the law. That was later to change after the race riots of May 13.

    Here’s the deal with mass demonstrations. It is extremely hard to control the activities of isolated groups of people. The majority can be expected to behave orderly. Not the case with the hot heads and those we call anarchists, those with their own agenda. Not to mention agent provocateurs who are among the crowd for a reason and a reason only.

    Over here nobody can stop the legitimate exercise of our First Amendment rights. Nobody as in nobody. Certainly not the government. They will always be clashes with baton wielding police and those on horseback. Tear gas would be fired, bodies would be bruised and heads bleeding. Rubber bullets would be fired. You get the picture.

    That’s democracy. It is all about the legitimate exercise of our fundamental freedom. It is noisy. It is anarchic. But that’s democracy presided over by a responsible government, transparent and accountable. But with a government lacking in legitimacy, rigged by corruption and has a record of police misuse of power then the mobilisation of public opinion and the mass display of displeasure would be its natural consequence.

    With racial polarisation at an all time high and a newly found freedom that comes with the internet and facebook etc, yes things can go out of countrol. Never mind about copycat demonstrations. What has that got to do with anything? Despite the exhortations of racial unity, and public displays of racial unity things can go wrong. And things that are wrong could go wrong.

    But it is democracy.

  40. BERSIH should be allowed to go ahead with planned demonstrations and without heavy police presence. Heavy armed police presence would be provocative. There will be pockets of demonstrators who would be out there to cause mischief. But their leaders should be dealt with swiftly by police. That is what police are for. Crowd control. Public order. Not suppression and oppression. That is not their role.

  41. Things can go wrong?
    Yeah.., Sogo overcharges for their exotic banana trunks. Must go make complaint this Saturday. Frank, how’s the weather up there?

  42. Having public rallies within the confines of stadiums would not obviously have the desired impact. It is about numbers and media headlines over international media – and media snippets that would rage for a day or two. But here’s the deal. Remember there would be numbers on the other side too.

  43. It is democracy at its best folks. So press ahead with the public display of displeasure. It may attract royal displeasure but hey it is not about him. He doesn’t know what it means like to live under a rogue regime that has no respect for the rule of law. This one seems to want to show some empathy – and that is good.

  44. But if you ask me if it is going to happen. I doubt it would. It is the stadium for you guys and at a time convenient to your political adversaries.

  45. “Those who disagree with Bersih’s acceptance of the King’s advice are a bunch of anarchists who should be burnt at the stake.”

    Frank, my friend. You’re all pumped up and on fire yourself. You got your adrenalin flowing and out of control. Someone should douse you to cool you down.

  46. I think it’s gonna be a mega bust-up with the cock-up by the authorities, buddy. What to do.., being ‘nice’ defeats the purpose of being good. What was it about nice vs good girls? I forgot. Go to new thread, your expertise on ‘Legalistic Illegal’ vs ‘Royally Legitimized Virtually’ needed, sans the politics.

  47. Be like the Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts. No permit in KL fine, do it on the highways to KLIA. Do a running battle with the FRU and Polis, Gather at every 5 kilometers. Spread the FRU thin. Create roadblocks leading to KLIA. There are 3 major highways to KLIA. Play the cat and mouse game. The Polis and FRU cannot be in all three places at once. Element of surprise. That will attract international attention.

  48. Dian,
    That’s what I told Din Merican. What compromise? Bullshit! I think we must do Gandhi, rightnow! Go ahead! Do an Amritsar in Malaysia! Malaysia is no Rwanda you know! USA got plenty interest here. You think Obama stood by watching keypoint state koyak. Since these jokers wanna play brinkamnship, so be it…..We only live once. Niki theme suggested it…..Just do it!…….Why stop now!

    Meet our demands now! Or we go for STREET rally! WE do the GANDHI style

  49. CLF,
    Why next time! 6000 Roman soldiers willing to martyr themselves because they don’t wanna their faith & creed. Enjoy!

  50. Bean chai,
    Your Thai King so “powderful” do nothing….Or it is because Prem Thiinasolular shit! I am extremely happy when Thaksin win ok….Me red shirt supporter. Me like Chiang Mai a lot……Me know many Thai people ok
    That Prem should resign now for creating so much havoc in Thailand!

  51. That’s what I told Din Merican. What compromise? Bullshit! I think we must do Gandhi – looes74

    Do Ghandi? Beleive me even when he was alive you don’t wanna do him.

  52. Since the government is intent on arresting Malaysians who wear Bersih shirts, then maybe the protestors should wear a new “Kerajaan KOTOR” shirt.

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