Now who is running yellow over BERSIH2.0

July 5, 2011

Now who is running yellow over BERSIH2.0

by  RK Anand


If the allegation that BERSIH 2.0 has a hidden agenda is true, then kudos to its leaders, for it seems that the goal has been achieved.

All it required was a press conference to announce the date and venue for a rally. As expected, Barisan Nasional leaders took the bait and turned it into a roaring success even before it hit the streets.

And if it is true that BERSIH chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan harbours political ambitions and plotted to use the rally to make herself famous, this objective too has been achieved.

With all the publicity given to her by the media, including the likes of Utusan Malaysia and TV3, the former Bar Council president is now a household name.

Even foreigners have taken notice of the media blitz as illustrated by an incident where a Burmese restaurant worker pointed to her photograph and remarked to the surprised patron holding the Tamil newspaper, “Ini perempuan banyak berani, macam itu Aung San Suu Kyi.” However, he stopped short of saying if the BN government is behaving like the Burmese junta.

Running yellow over Bersih

The powers-that-be are running yellow because they fear that a massive turnout similar to the BERSIH and Hindraf rallies of the past will shift the political tectonic plates again, creating another tsunami, perhaps one even more powerful than its predecessor, and submerge Putrajaya.

Then again, if BN is convinced that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is on the right track and that the public have lost faith in the opposition as claimed, it should allow this rally with a “hidden agenda” to proceed and exploit the dismal numbers to its advantage and silence the critics.

It will prove that Malaysians believe the Election Commission has been executing its duties without fear and favour, while all those allegations of electoral fraud in the past are hogwash. Perhaps, intelligence reports indicate otherwise and this prompted BN to pull all the stops to ensure that the rally does not take place, especially when memories from the Middle East are still fresh.

But the government claims that it is an issue of national security and the livelihood of taxi drivers and businessmen will be affected. One MCA minister argued that people will lock themselves up in their homes for no less than three days – the day before, on the day of the rally and the next day. In dollars and cents, she said, this will be nothing short of a financial catastrophe.

So in other words, protests, no matter how just the cause, are wrong because it is bad for business. It is indeed a shame that leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were not privy to such pearls of wisdom.

But if BERSIH has a hidden agenda to sway the political momentum in Pakatan Rakyat’s favour and if the opposition coalition is truly serious about reforms, then isn’t three days of losses a small price to pay for a corrupt-free, transparent and equitable business environment in the future?

The MCA minister also appealed to the people not to participate in the rally for it will tarnish the country’s image.To her, the police’s crackdown, the use of draconian laws, groups baying for blood and those urging the King to strip Ambiga of her citizenship have done nothing to affect the nation’s pride.

Locking up the wrong people

As for the rally being a security threat, it is because of the likes of PERKASA, which never fails to stoke fears of violence, and a martial art exponent who has vowed to wage war because he considers himself the third line of defence and therefore feels duty-bound to stop this enemy, armed with dangerous yellow T-shirts, banners and placards, calling for free and fair elections.

And while those who propagate violence continue to roam free, others campaigning for a peaceful march to safeguard their rights enshrined under the Federal Constitution are locked up for wearing yellow T-shirts.

PERKASA’s chief Ibrahim Ali warned that BERSIH stands on the verge of committing treason but stressed, in his usual warped logic, that if the movement forges ahead with its rally despite the King’s advice, then he will do the same.

Ibrahim is nothing more than a political opportunist exploiting a vacuum left behind by the post-2008 UMNO, which decided to leave the keris in its scabbard to entice Indian and Chinese voters.

UMNO’s critics claim that the party has now sub-contracted its Malay supremacist agenda to PERKASA and it is because of this, Ibrahim is allowed to get away with verbal murder.

The BERSIH issue has become a public relations disaster for Najib, with observers claiming that in a matter of weeks, he has lost much of the ground gained since taking over the reins two years ago.Public sentiment, the observers noted, has shifted and the premier’s image is soiled.

The controversy has diverted attention from the problems in the opposition camp and once again brings to the fore BN’s arrogance and impunity for which it was punished in 2008.

Back to the Mahathir era

What is transpiring has turned the clock back to the era of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and earned the Najib administration the title of being a repressive regime which uses fear to intimidate opponents and citizens in order to remain in power.

Perhaps Najib has taken heed of Mahathir’s reminiscence at a recent function that under his rule, people did not have loose tongues. While the current administration may decide to board a time machine and return to Mahathir-Malaysia, it must not forget that the former premier ruled over a generation that had little access to information and gave little thought to issues of constitutional rights and freedoms.

It is a different ball game now, and the tricks of the past will not work. Even Mahathir’s daughter feels the same. In the final analysis, even if BERSIH calls off its rally or shifts it indoors, the movement has managed to get the message across, hidden agenda or otherwise. And if the turnout is poor, it can always blame the authorities for instilling fear.

40 thoughts on “Now who is running yellow over BERSIH2.0

  1. Padam muka! Lose face-water (er, the ‘-water’ is optional)! +++Sounds just right for UMNO, esp FLOM, dPM and their outsourced proxies Perkasa, Mahagururu (whatever), Patriot Umno-Youth and Polis Malaysia (forget about the diRaja, for the time being) etc.

    By meeting with Bersih 2.0, a illegal non-entity, the YDP Agong has in one stroke, legitimized its virtual existence. It’s like the Mind regaining control over the cacat Body which has been wracked by all sorts of exo- and endo-parasites. Now the Mind says time to apply the anti-parasite medication both internally and externally.. Now, let the detainees free!

    Btw, there is a ‘rumor’ that the Patriots want to join in the fun. My humble opinion is to ask them to menerbangkan layang2. Meanwhile, Mahagururu kith and kin may practice their stabbing implements on pisang tanduk!

    As for that Chinese female canine minister mentioned above, it’s time to pack her bags and luxuriate in the cyanide laced streams of her “Constituency”.

  2. ” . . . Hakikatnya demonstrasi jalanan banyak membawa keburukan daripada kebaikan walaupun niat asalnya baik. . . .” DYMM Agong

    From the above statement, Ambiga & Co’s intentions were described as good. There is no indication that she is doing anything wrong, but her actions could trigger backlash that can go out of control through no fault of hers.

    Hence Ambiga & Co were told to stop the march in the name of humanity, so that the Malaysian society can enjoy peace and security. It was a request for a small sacrifice on Bersih 2.0’s side.

    Ambiga & Co have shown that they are all magnanimous people who represented Bersih 2.0 instead of the evil characters as dreamed up and publicised by the PDRM,. Perkasa, and UMNO Youth.

    Ambiga & Co were granted an audience with the Agong. This is truly an honour for the Malaysian civil society. Truly also an honour for all Malaysians, especially for the Indian people, and the woman folk.

    The Agong has made a landmark statement, and also a landmark consent to grant Ambiga audience. We should all wonder, why the others detractors, like the Perkasa and UMNO Youth did not seek audience with the Agong? They must have seen the writings on the wall [so to speak] from the Agong’s statement if they had requested an audience. The above statement suggests Ambiga & Co should not be blamed for the situation? Who or what is else is there in this mallee?

    Now Amiga & Co have to start looking for stadiums. Is there going to be live-telecast on all major TV channels, or is the BN government going to look the other way and pretend nothing is happening.

    Four more days to go. Not very much time.

    Which are the stadiums? Is there any webcam communication between the stadiums? What about security? Can PDRM be relied upon to do its duties?Is the entrance fee or ticketing? How many to invite? Speakers? Any free drinks and snacks? Any sponsors? What about printing of publicity materials and handouts?

    Good Luck to Ambiga & Co for this coming Saturday’s events. It is going to a cool “Saturday Night Fever a la Bersih 2.0”.

  3. I would call it damn success. I will tell you why. Many who were scared would now attend the rally since it is legal and most of them won’t be driving. They will walk, walk in groups, groups will join and a huge crowd will walk into the stadium.
    After the function many more thousands will leave the stadium and walk along the roads peacefully. Its not a rally. Its a stroll.

    The turnout will exceed 100,000; here we have it. A banned Bersih given audience by the King, banned T-shirt will be in full display in a river of yellow. What has happened to the Christians and Communists?

  4. Slow down Dato. You’re opening up too many threads and too quickly.
    Mongkut Bean,do you have a problem with my trying to give different perspectives on the BERSIH matter?–Din Merican

  5. Slow down Dato. You’re opening up too many threads and too quickly.- Mr Bean

    Aahh!!, Mr Bean is indeed getting old….

  6. You need to take a cue from our dead terrorist Achmed, Frank. Premature ‘detonation’ is bad for health. You don’t want to be Mr Hurricane when it comes to ‘premature detonation’. You want to take it real slow.

  7. Bukit Jalil’s, my bet.
    Easier crowd control for the goons. The crowd will be massive.
    You coming Frank? Revert to previous thread, old man.. Meanwhile, something Sting sang on that fateful day on 09/11:

  8. finally something pleasant from the witchhunt conducted by our government instituitions and some ultra right NGOs. Ms. Abiga S., has become a champion for the rakyat but enemy of the umno/bn canines who will do everything to destroy her. they understand Bush like logic only; you are with me or against me.

    umno/bn and bloodhounds should thank Allah that the Agong saved their skin at the eleventh hour. Mr Bean getting old..? flomex helps, I thought!

    by ‘opening up too many threads and too quickly, he probably meant that Dato is splitting hairs. one more awful american term??

    cheers to the malaysian civil society and Ms. Ambiga in particular! and to Dr. Kam and Dato for keeping us informed.

  9. Who is running Yellow ? The Fascists in BE-END had been slapped down by the Conservatives (Financial Tycoons) in the Government and Malaysia !

    Please remember no Directive from the Agung if it is not “jointly” issued by the Govt.

    The Financial Sectors Conservative who had invested in Malaya and later Malaysia had seen the reckless and dangerous “play,play ” by the BE-END Fascist faction to destabilize Malaysia without caring about the

    1st. Play Play
    Hundreds of BE-END Mat Rempits tried to create chaos near some
    building which was ironically near the Balai Polis.

    2nd. Play Play
    This was the straw that broke the Camel’s Back … only several
    hundreds( 300) rowdies and cause a 10Km traffic Jam on a bridge.

    All the above was orchestrated and manipulated and they(fascist) thought
    they were clever…
    The Conservatives and Financial Manufacturing Sectors saw through their “chaotic,dangerous & reckless ” schemes and understood that

    The Fascist Section of BE-END are the Scumbag Politicians who plundered Billions from Malaysia but all their ill-gotten gains(90%) had been siphoned out and parked out Malaysia and so will not be affected if Malaysia is destabilized whereas the Conservative Financial Sector will bared the blunt of the consequences of an unstable Malaysia and that’s is WHY the Fascist Faction of BE-END was slapped down and a Cordial Message was issued.

    Finally no guessing who is the Leader of the Main Fascist Faction of
    BE-END !

    Hidup Malaysia !

  10. Here’s what Najib really said “Come in peace, and leave in peace” He did not say “Live in peace”.

    But he spared himself of what could be the consequences of a Freudian slip. He could have said “Leave in pieces”.

  11. You coming Frank?-C.L. Familiaris

    Will definitely be there.

    I hope it is in Merdeka Stadium….the place where it all started in 1957.

    I doubt the pariah UMNO Malays will allow Najib to agree. You see, Najib also listens to those pariah UMNO Malays around him besides Rosmah before he makes any important decision. I think he has SMS Ibrahim Ali the “shit.shit.shit” (check with Aljazeera TV on this) Perkasa chief what he thinks.

    Ibrahim Ali is going to suggest that Bersih holds the rally in the Chinese Assembly Hall, sincde this Bersih March is all the bloody pendatangs’ doing against the Malay race. UMNO Youth is thinking of asking the Bersih Rally to be held in Penang since the CM is a pendatang and Ezam Noor can go and demonstrate against Lim Guan Eng another time.

    Ezam Noor is suffering from Media-Deficit Syndrome (MDS) and he needs to see his name in the papers eversince he frogged out of PKR to join UMNO. Once in UMNO, they shunted him into the Senate to shut him off from the public. But Ezam’s adrenaline needs media exposure. Don’t be surprise if Ezam Noor asks Khairy to demand Bersih to go to Penang… the Padang is big enough.

  12. Mongkut Bean,do you have a problem with my trying to give different perspectives on the BERSIH matter?–Din Merican

    Don’t know which thread to go to. Not about perspectives.
    You see, friend, I have given you freedom of choice..Din Merican

  13. A permit is required, which means that PDRM has the final say. What if the permit comes only after July 9? Is that a possibility, Frank? –Din Merican

  14. That’s the general idea of imposing conditions. They decide the venue and the time. Perkasa and UMNO Youth can hope to take that first dip at what is available and take the thunder out of a BERSIH rally by going ahead. Any argument can be easily rebutted with claims of limited police personnel involved in crowd control etc.

  15. I hope it is in Merdeka Stadium….the place where it all started in 1957. — Frank.

    You can forget a venue with that kind of history. Like you they have not missed the significance of it.

  16. I hope it is in Merdeka Stadium….the place where it all started in 1957. — Frank.

    I was there, was six years old, was it not the Selangor Club Padang opposite the High Court, where it all started?

  17. I think it’ll have to be on the 9th. and the offer will be Bkt. Jalil. Merdeka Stadium is difficult to control, besides being too ‘close’ to the KL Police HQ & Bkt Aman. Who knows what can happen? The permit ain’t a problem at the say so of the Palace.

    In Penang, the venue is not a problem. They’d have to shunt a lot of bodies across the Bridge – ‘cuz the pariahs there are increasingly isolated. The Padang is surrounded by trenchant PR folk. Watch out for Selangor though.

  18. What if Najib were to offer the Cheras football stadium or the Kampung Baru stadium to Bersih? Najib can justify that a crowd bigger than 3,000 will be a menace to national security, will cause a big traffic jam, will affect the livelihood of people going on their business. Perkasa and UMNO youth would be jealous and will cause trouble. Also yellow shirts are not allowed, no banners are allowed, loud-speakers should be toned down as it would disturb the prayers of nearby mosques. All participants will have to be registered by the police and thumb-printed. Take it or leave.

    Yes, Najib will have the last laugh because Bersih has not asked for a high-level, face-to-face meeting with the regime to seriously trash out electoral fraud. Najib has avoided the main issue and he is okay if Bersih wants to shout all day in the stadium.

    Bersih is the loser in this game.

  19. No point prophesying, vsp. You’d end up in the Desert.

    FLOM ain’t as powerful as you think. Devious and scheming maybe. He is out maneuvered, this time round. All he can do is delay. Do you think the other factions within his party are not out to get him? Think again.

  20. Hishammuddin Hussein now has both his feet in his big mouth… again! The guy is a liability to his cousin Najib and a bigger shame to the image of this country. I guess the good genes of Onn Jaafar and Hussein Onn isn’t present in his body…

  21. What if the permit comes only after July 9? Is that a possibility, Frank? –Dato Din

    If Najib or his cousin wants to delay after July 9, he is the biggest idiot Malaysia has ever produced to manage this country.

    Any delay is to the advantage of the Pakatan Rakyat and Bersih… the longer you delay, the near it gets to the GE13 and that is not what you want, especially if you are part of the pariah UMNO outfit at this time.

    What Najib should do is to get this Bersih Rally monkey off his back as quickly as possible so that he can set another agenda for the public think about, like a new RM2,000 hairdo for Rosmah add a RM 5,000 face-lift.

    If I am to advise Bersih as a Pakatan strategist,I would try to get that dumb cousin of Najib irritated enough and goes off the boil and he would proudly say the Bersih rally cannot be held on July 9th. Remember, the Agung granted and Najib agreed the rally in the stadium.So the issue of the rally not taking will not arise otherwise Bersih can go back to have the street March as an excuse.

    Najib’s cousin is actually an over-clever Minister…an over-cooked brainless Minister. You might not know, and knowing how stupid Najib’s cousin is capable of, he might just about to do the Pakatan chaps a big favour by delaying the permit for the rally.

  22. correction

    If I am to advise Bersih as a Pakatan strategist,I would try to get that dumb cousin of Najib irritated enough and he goes off the boil and he would proudly say the Bersih rally cannot be held on July 9th. Remember, the Agung granted and Najib agreed the rally in the stadium.So the issue of the rally not taking place will not arise otherwise Bersih can go back to have the street March as an excuse.

  23. I was there, was six years old, was it not the Selangor Club Padang opposite the High Court, where it all started?

    dian – July 5, 2011 at 10:54 pm


    I wasn’t there. I was ten years old. I think. There are more old geezers on this blog than I thought. Enough to form one Rumah Orang Tua Tua with bloghost as chairperson and Frank as deputy.

  24. As lan example of how dumb stupid Najb’s cousin is when he declared Bersih 2,0 illegal ie outlaw entity.

    He just got shit on his face when the Agung granted an audience to the Berisih leaders, ie recognising the legitimacy of Bersih.

    And Najib’s cousin is a Home Minister!!!!! And he is supposed to be responsible for the internal security of the nation and the safety of the people.

    If Najib or other UMNO leaders didn’t realise, the Agung has just shown to UMNO that the chap holding the Home Minister position is a dumb fool to declare a coalition of 62 NGOs demanding for a fair and free election as an outlaw organisation.

    Will Najib sack his own cousin from the job. Unlikely…. blood is thicker than the water.,,, the RAZAK DYNASTY MUST BE PRESERVED at all cost even at the expense of the integrity of UMNO.

  25. Fire Hishamuddin! Buat malu orang johor je. We already have Muhyiddin Yassin and Khalid Nordin. One less clown from there wouldn’t hurt.

  26. What if Najib were to agree that the rally in the stadium would be on a working day?-vsp

    Simple. Bersih should NOT accept it. The option of marching on the street is still on if Najib plays hard ball with Bersih.

    Najib has to compromise… that was the deal with the Agung.

    Bersih is now negotiating on the position of strength, not weakness, and that is thanks to the Agung.

    If anything our current Agung is smarter than UMNO thinks. He will not allow himself to be put in the corner by the pariah UMNO Malays. He is from the east coast remember ie Trengganu.

    Our Agung has given hopes to the rakyat. Something the OTHER MALAY RULERS can learn something.. that the Instiution of the Malay Rulers DO NOT HAVE TO DEPEND on kowtowing to UMNO. The Rakyat WILL ALWAYS BE ON THE SIDE OF THE MONARCHY… if they do the right thing for their subjects.

    This Bersih issue should be a watershed for the Malay Rulers. I think the Perak Royal Household despite their high level education (father and son) should learn a thing a two about how to reign the country/state from this present Agung.

  27. It came a very big surprise to read of our King’s issuing the press statement about BERSIH2.0.It also came as a very big surprise to read that with the slightest movement of the hand,our beloved king has recognised BERSIH as a legitimate voice of dissent.It is not so much as a personality but rather the cause that I believe has got the nation behind BERSIH.
    I just hope the Election Commission,the ruling government would take serious look at the present election process and the whole Election Commission and restore the original powers that was given them .Kudos to Ambiga and company.

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