BERSIH2.0’s Response to Chandra Muzaffar

July 3, 2011

July 9 Rally: The BERSIH2.0 Show will Go On

Let us listen to the political humour of Hishamuddin Rais. This is followed by a serious message from Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan.

United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said of her: “… Ambiga Sreenevasan, has a remarkable record of accomplishment in Malaysia. She has pursued judicial reform and good governance, she has stood up for religious tolerance, and she has been a resolute advocate of women’s equality and their full political participation. She is someone who is not only working in her own country, but whose influence is felt beyond the borders of Malaysia. And it is a great honor to recognize her ...”

Dato’ Ambiga explains the mission of BERSIH2.0 and also why the show must go on, despite recent actions by our government. In the same breadth, both Hishamuddin and Dato Ambiga answer Dr. Chandra Muzaffar.

Article 10(1) grants freedom of speech, the right to assemble peaceably and the right to form associations to every Malaysian citizen but such freedom and rights are not absolute: the Constitution itself, by Article 10 (2), (3) and (4), expressly permits Parliament by law to impose restrictions in the interest of the security of the Federation, friendly relations with other countries, public order, morality, to protect the privileges of Parliament, to provide against contempt of court, defamation, or incitement to any offence.

Article 10 is a key provision of Part II of the Constitution, and has been regarded as “of paramount importance” by the judicial community in Malaysia.

Hishamuddin Rais in Action

Dr McCoy speaks his mind

Mrs Bhupalan Speaks

Civil Society Led-BERSIH2.0

Thank You, Dato A. Samad Said from Your Generation of Malaysians

Finally, I am posting a picture of Dato’ A Samad Said with his controversial poem Unggun Bersih.

Dato’ Samad (born in 1935) is a Malaysian intellectual of my generation and our internationally respect poet and novelist who, in May 1976, was named by Malay literature communities and many of the country’s linguists as the Pejuang Sastera [Literary Exponent] receiving, within the following decade, the 1976 Southeast Asia Write Award and, in 1986, in appreciation of his continuous writings and contributions to the nation’s literary heritage, or Kesusasteraan Melayu, the title Sasterawan Negara.

To you, dear Dato’, I say thank you for showing men and women of our generation that activism is not out of date, even at our age. Let us do it for the generations after us. We did what we had to do before but are now called upon to do it all over again for freedom, democracy and justice. Allah Selamatkan Malaysia, Negara tercinta.–Din Merican

19 thoughts on “BERSIH2.0’s Response to Chandra Muzaffar

  1. Hello Obama, you support this regime which breaks all rules and laws under UN charter on human rights? I don’t see you being any different from Bush.

  2. I just did it. So far 290 people before me have signed the petition. More will be needed to convince the Prime Minister. Keeping quiet is not an option. Thanks. eiz.–Din Merican

  3. Din,

    Thank you very much for signing the petition link.

    Also my apologies for thinking that you have gone to the BN side. Now I understand you are just trying to provide a balanced view. For those who have not signed up, please join us.
    Thanks, James. Free and Fair Elections is what we need. I am committed to bringing views and perspectives from both sides of the political divide. I respect my readers for their intelligence and maturity. This blog promotes rational discourse; it welcomes diverse and different, even conflicting, viewpoints. If not, how else to be we being able to become tolerant and accommodating of those who differ from us.At the end of the day, may the best ideas and programmes prevail.–Din Merican

  4. At the end of the day , i hope all the crooks and thieves from UMNO – Bn like maha kuty , ling leong sik , daim , etc ., end up in prison and the other inmates there make their arseholes crooked !

  5. Where in the Federal Constitution of 1957 does it say that we could petition the government for anything?

    It says so in the U.S. Constitution: First Amendment.

    Why would you guys think Najib, being in the position he’s in right now, would be persuaded to take notice of numbers? He’s not into the numbers game. He knows his number.

  6. With the threat of mass arrests (it cannot get worse than this) looming large, and the threat to use force and the constant reminder of lives which could be lost, Malaysia has reached near rock bottom if not rock bottom in the issue of human rights.

    Malaysia is not a signatory to the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Should anyone be surprised, shocked??

  7. I respect my readers for their intelligence and maturity. This blog promotes rational discourse; it welcomes diverse and different, even conflicting, viewpoints — Dato

    Does that include this reader of your blog who wrote this?


    Wonder what they call children spawned by mothers who are/were mentally disturbed.

    moid – June 26, 2011 at 9:31 am

    He called my mother a mentally disturbed woman just so he could feed his own ego.
    I am sorry Mongkut Bean. If he writes responsibly, I will not bar him. His remarks about your mother escaped me and by the time I realised that, it was too late. Don’t belabor the matter.–Din Merican

  8. You can call me names. I can handle that. But involving mothers? How much lower could you go?? It is time Dato you impose the correct standard of civility in your blog.

  9. Please listen to Dr. Ronald S. McCoy and Mrs F.R. Bhupalan. They are my seniors, but we belong to the same generation who grew up under British Rule and have lived through 53 years of UMNO-BN rule. We have seen the changes that have taken place since the days of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Father of Malaysian Independence.

    Now we lament the state of our politics, and the weakening our institutions of governance and the destruction of our Judiciary and the absence of the “Rule of Just Laws” (to quote Dr. McCoy) over the last 31 years (22 years under Mahathir, 6 years under Badawi and 3 years under Najib).

    Dr McCoy is a life member of the Malaysian Medical Association and was its President in 1995. He is a founder member of Malaysian Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (MPPNW) and has been its chairman since 1989. He is Co-President of International Physicians for the Preventive of Nuclear War (IPPNW), a Federation of 83 national physicians’ groups, representing 200,000 doctors world wide and dedicated to the elimination of nuclear weapons. Dato’ McCoy is currently a member of the Canberra Commission on the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, a group of seventeen distinguished and eminent persons from 12 countries appointed by former Australian Prime Minister, Paul Keating to propose practical measures for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

    Mrs F.R. Bhupalan, the founder president of the Women Teachers Union of Malaya, led the historic struggle for the equal pay of women teachers and won.

    It was just the first of her many accomplishments. After graduating from University of Malaya in Singapore, she became a dedicated teacher and later a principal. After teaching for 36 years, she was awarded the Tokoh Guru in 1986. She was also actively involved in social work and non-governmental organisations. She was protem chairman and later secretary general of the National Council of Women’s Organisations, the first NGO to unify all women’s groups under one umbrella body.

    She broke the glass ceiling when she became the first Honorary Secretary-General of the Malaysian Teachers National Congress, which is affiliated to the World Confederation of Organisations of the Teaching Profession (WCOTP). She was the first Afro-Asian woman to sit on the WCOTP executive committee.

    She also made her mark through the Women’s Institute, Young Women’s Christian Association, Girl Guides Association of Malaysia and National Anti-Drug Abuse Association (Pemadam) and Malaysian AIDS Council.

    Wherever she went, she was never afraid to speak her mind. “I would give my views,” says Bhupalan. “But I would accept it if the majority didn’t agree with me, though that was rare. I would sit on a committee and speak up if I saw something that needed to be corrected,”she added.

    At 83 years old, she has not lost her passion for change and social justice.She is an inspiration to us all because she showed us that age does not limit one’s capacity to think, serve and do what is right for our country.–Din Merican

  10. ” She is an inspiration to us all because she shows us that age does not limit one’s capacity to think, serve and do what is right for our country . ” – Din writing about mrs Bhupalan.

    I am told Mrs Bhupalan is marching .

  11. SPR umpama pengadil yang tak adil. Kenyataan Wan Ahmad kalau diumpamakan pengadil bola sepak yang sepatutnya menjadi pengadil mengadili perlawanan tetapi membuat kenyataan pasukan A semakin kuat dan boleh menang. Disamping itu memperkecilkan pasukan B seolah-olah pasukan B perlu dimusuhi. Kalau kenyataan sebegini bodoh boleh keluar dari mulut Timbalan Pengerusi SPR maka tidak salahlah jutaan rakyat sama-sama dalam program BERSIH untuk membersihkan SPR dari sampah sebegini. Ayuh rakyat Malaysia yang sayangkan negara ini, marilah sama-sama kita memastikan asas demokrasi negara kita dipulihkan.Jom kita berpesta kuning seluruh negara pada 9hb Julai 2011. Kalau anda sekeluarga tak dapat hadir pun sekurang-kurangnya pakailah pakaian warna kuning pada hari tersebut. Biar seluruh negara kita berimej kuning pada tarikh tersebut.

  12. The Agong has asked both sides to talk. This is good. The government had been adamant to talk about electoral reforms for years, and now it has no choice but to submit to the Agong’s order. This is a sort of “victory” for Bersih 2.0 to trash out the matter in an official way. Let’s see: the government has to release all those it arrested. Utusan Melayu and Perkasa should stop their incendiarism. And Mahathir Mohammad should stop stirring up the sh*t. I hope Bersih 2.0 should take up the opportunity here and get down to serious work. Congratulations and bless the Agong for his wisdom.

  13. This intervention by the country’s constitutional monarch is without precedent. One must be very careful. If he is not careful he could be putting the entire system of constitutional monarchy on the proverbial slippery slopes. Rather than act alone, he should call a meeting of brother Rulers which would give it more legitimacy.

  14. If he is not careful he could be putting the entire system of constitutional monarchy on the proverbial slippery slopes. – Mr Bean

    The slippery slope HAS BEEN TRAVERSED long ago.

  15. True. I forgot what happened in Perak and what happened on earlier occassions involving the Agong. But those turned on their own facts and circumstances. But since when is one mistake better served by another? From now on we may be seeing an interventionist role by future Agongs which may not have anything to do with public order. If this goes on to become routine, it may sound the death knell for the monarchy and the role that has been laid out for it by the country’s constitution.

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