BERSIH 2.0 is outlawed

July 3, 2011

BERSIH2.0 is outlawed

The Coalition for Clean & Fair Elections (BERSIH 2.0) has been declared an unlawful organisation effective yesterday, the Registrar of Societies (ROS) said today (July 2, 2011).

In a statement, ROS Director-General Abdul Rahman Othman said the declaration was made by Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein under section 5 of the Societies Act 1966.  Investigations showed that BERSIH 2.0 was not a registered organisation, he said.

The statement said BERSIH 2.0 had been moving actively, creating unease among the people.  It said the coalition had also been spreading pamphlets containing propaganda with the aim of toppling the government.

Its activities had brought about negative impact on the country’s image and threatened public order, security, economic prosperity and the country’s sovereignty, and undermined harmony among the people, it said.

‘BERSIH create unease among races’

According to a statement by the Home Ministry, the BERSIH 2.0 coalition is not a registered society. “However, BERSIH 2.0 has fulfilled the definitions of a registered body under Schedule 1 of Societies Act 1966.”

But it found that BERSIH has:

  • Moved actively and incited an environment of unease and worry by the peoples of all races in the country.
  • Spread seditious propaganda to the people with the purpose of toppling the government through distribution of certain literature.
  • Through its activities, have given a bad effect to the image of the country, and can threaten public order, safety, economy and sovereignty of the country, thus affecting the harmony of a multicultural society.

“Henceforth, the Home Minister has declared the Bersih 2.0 society to be an illegal society under Section 5 of the Societies Act effective July 1.”

Hindraf outlawed in 2008

BERSIH 2.0 plans to organise rallies in Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Sarawak on July 9 to call for clean and fair elections.

In October 2008, the Hindu Rights Actions Force (Hindraf) was declared an illegal organisation. Then Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar said the decision to outlaw Hindraf was made after facts and evidence that showed the organisation was being used for unlawful purposes and posed a threat to public order and morality.

Hindraf organised a massive rally calling for a better deal for Indian Malaysians on Nov 10, 2007 – two weeks after 40,000 turned out for the first BERSIH rally.

Registrar of Society Act 1966

5. Power of the Minister to declare a society unlawful

(1) It shall be lawful for the Minister in his absolute discretion by order to declare unlawful any society or branch or class or description of any societies which in his opinion, is or is being used for purposes prejudicial to or incompatible with the interest of the security of Malaysia or any part thereof, public order or morality.

(2) An order made under this section shall be published in the Gazette and shall operate to cancel immediately the registration of any such society or societies, if already registered under this Act; and no society against which an order made under this section applies shall be so registered.

(3) The provisions of section 17 shall apply in respect of a local society affected by the order made under this section.

44 thoughts on “BERSIH 2.0 is outlawed

  1. This move should not surprise BERSIH 2.0 leaders. They know that the government is determined to stop the rally and has done that by declaring BERSH 2.0 is illegal. Game is all but over.

    BERSIH 2.0 must reassess the situation in a cool and rational manner. It can defy this order by going ahead with the July 9 march, but the consequences will be dire for those who defy the law. The Police and the FRU will enforce the law.–Din Merican

  2. “..Moved actively and incited an environment of unease and worry by the peoples of all races in the country.

    Spread seditious propaganda to the people with the purpose of toppling the government through distribution of certain literature.

    Through its activities, have given a bad effect to the image of the country, and can threaten public order, safety, economy and sovereignty of the country, thus affecting the harmony of a multicultural society.”

    Good God! I read it 3 times.

    ROS has with 1 stroke actually outlawed Perkasa and UMNO/BN BTN Govt. They are guilty of all the above points quoted by ROS! But then, no one has to gather in the name of Bersih.

    There’s more than 1 way to skin a cat!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  3. Are we going to be doomed to further plundering, corruption and abuse of power or will Najib take this as a lesson learned and fulfill the demands of the people?

  4. So is this going to stop the Freedom Marchers?? This is a watershed moment that will not come again for the next one hundred years. Think about that. Don’t fall victim to the ‘kecut teloq’ syndrome so typical of many Malaysians today.

    I say “March!” Make some Molotov cocktails for yourself. Hurl these at the FRU! Strap your mortal bodies with home made bombs with the help of our friend Achmed_thedeadterrorist. What has he got to lose? He’s already dead. Make sure you don’t detonate prematurely or else you will be like him.

    Tok Cik you heard me?? Mr Hurricaaaane …. !

  5. Only KOTOR people afraid of Bersih. Politik kotor, korupsi kotor, kerajaan kotor, polis kotor, hakim hakim kotor, so these are the people that have brought disrespect to Malaysia. What the fcuk is the ROS talking about. The shit stinks to high heaven and The Home Minister is responsible for this state of affairs.

    dpp has clearly pointed out that BN/UMNO, Perkasa and the government machinery are equally guilty and they should be declared illegal too.

    Malaysians should delay or stop paying taxes that pay the salaries of these Ministers, Polis and Judges till they come clean. Can the government jail millions of Malaysians for failing to pay taxes?

  6. The idea guys if you do not already know is to grab headlines all over the world. They will think this is a follow up of the Arab Spring; and western leaders all over will take notice. What they do not know is that we don’t have winter. If there is no winter, how could there be spring?? Semen tainted spring mattress maybe. Anwar has done a good job with that and we don’t have to re-visit the Made in Malaysia spring mattress all over again.

  7. Semper, our retired U.S. Marine will be the point man. He goes ahead and we stay behind. Tean-Rean will be our radio operator. Let’s hope he doesn’t start to radio in Maria Ozawa. Menyalak-er aka Familiaris (don’t know what he is familiar with) being a man of the cloth will go around delivering last rites. Am I missing anybody??

  8. Let us not get upset or excited over it but stay cool, rational and ” legal” on this.
    Personally, I am confused about the so-called ” legal status ” of Bersih. Is it a loose gatthering of dissatisfied segments of our society, associated together to campaign for ” Bersih ” objectives, OR, is it actually registered under the Societies Act ?

  9. How can Minister deregister something which has not be registered in the first place ? If not registered, his actions itself is ” illegal ”
    Abnizar, this is Malaysia BolehLand, where everything is possible. –Din Merican

  10. Outlawing Bersih does not mean outlawing the march.


    Let the objective of the rally be the SAME….. don’t call bersih…have another acronyim… COALITION FOR FREE AND FAIR ELECTION ie COFAFE

    AND let us see how many organisations can Hishamuddin outlaw.

    The march must go on,,,, with Bersih or no Bersih….

    Let it be called PAS’s rally then

  11. Govt cannot outlaw a rally….it can only outlaw an entity.

    Govt cannot outlaw own citizens….

    The march must go on… with or without BERSIH NAME on it.

    We cannot let draconian laws to suppress the rights of ctizens under the constitution for free and fair elections.

  12. BERSIH was actually too pristine for me but now that they got Tough and Rough it …it had become contaminated,made dirty and even outlawed and banned ….that suits me I can and have placed the BERSIH badge next to my Facebook Profile!

    Hidup Malaysia !

  13. Bersih’s prime objective is to advocate for a Fair & Clean Elections, whether UMNO or Opposition is in power, for perpetuity.

    Mahathir said Bersh’s objective is political. All Electoral Reforms are political
    Does Mahathir supports Fair & Clean Elections? NO. He is a Rogue. Mahathir, fearing that he would lose in UMNO Party Election, gave himself 10 extra bonus votes for being an incumbent. Mahathir believes in UNFAIRNESS & INJUSTICE. But nobody complained !!! Why ??? Mahathir put Ahmad Zahid in jail in solitary confinement under ISA when Zahid refused to resign from UMNO Youth Chief !!!
    Oppressive Laws have been used to keep himself & others in power.

    If you can jail your political opponents, you can be in power forever. This will lead to dictatorship & tyranny. UMNO cannot be playing the game & setting the Rules. An election is a contest for power. You need a neutral and non-partisan referee.

    Wan Ahmad Wan Omar indirectly said Election Commission hands are TIED. EC has no power. EC takes instructions from UMNO party on many things in Elections.Wan Ahmad said EC is just only a Management Body. Let us conduct Fair, Free and Credible Elections.
    Dr. Chan,
    Mahathir is the patron of PERKASA.That says a lot about our former PM.What he wouldn’t do in the name of politics and to gain public attention which he desperately craves since leaving office in 2003.–Din Merican

  14. You can do all the electoral reforms you want. If the country goes into a free fall it is not for lack of legislation. We have all the laws we need. To enforce the laws we need judges and lawyers who have the courage of their conviction, able to live up to the high expectations of their profession, be fine specimens of the rigorous training they receive as members of an honorable profession. Instead we have judges who are easily cowed into submission and lawyers who would sell their grandmothers if the price is right and throw their supporters under the bus.

  15. “BERSIH 2.0 must reassess the situation in a cool and rational manner.” Din

    I reckon Din is suggesting BERSIH aborts its planned rally. In politics the one who submits loses even before the battle is fought. In other words the end of Pakatan. To withdraw at this stage would mean a submission to tyranny,
    brute force, and abuse of power.

    UMNO can clamp down on the rally but it can never clamp their spirit. It would be more devastating for UMNO if the spirit of the people is stifled and goes ‘underground’.No government will survive if it goes against the WILL of the people.
    Did I? I agree with Frank. Go by a different name, use a different colour and–I add– ask politicians in BERSIH to stop talking. Rally can go ahead but ready for the consequences. Agent provocateurs will be in action and in the ensuing chaos, people can get hurt. The government will then blame Berish and the political backers.

    Politicians win or lose, people suffer. Discretion is the better part of valour. So use the power of your vote to bring about change like in GE12.–Din Merican

  16. BERSIH is just a domestic cat but UMNO is telling the people that it is a tiger, leopard and panter all in one.
    It wants the people to go into hiding because the cat is on the loose.
    It is how the Chinese parents frightened their children that the black Indian neighbour would catch them if they disobeyed their parents.

  17. You cannot blame our Dato for wanting to steer the middle course. You don’t want MACC to come knocking on your door in the early hours of the morning, do you? Same with Dato.
    I have done nothing wrong for the MACC come to my door “in the early hours of the morning”. I am critical of the MACC because I want the corruption buster to do its mandated duty, not be an instrument of people in power.–Din Merican

  18. I guess Dato’ is still waiting for Najib to show his leadership….joke of the century !
    Yes, Najib deserves the chance to show his true metal.If he does not, then voters will reject him in GE13.But to people in Pekan, he is doing a good job for them and that is what counts. Take care of your constituents (to quote Nazri Aziz in a private conversation with me in Parliament).Let us see who gets the last laugh, my friend.–Din Merican

  19. The Coalition for Clean & Fair Elections (BERSIH 2.0) is outlawed for relating to Hindraf who fought for the minority Hindu/Indian rights while Perkasa fights for the majority Islam/Malay supremacy rights is allowed and encouraged.

    Malaysian politics of messing up religion and race is dangerous and worse like playing fire with people.

  20. ” We are a peaceful movement and we leave it TO THE PEOPLE TO JUDGE US BY OUR ACTION. Bersih is not about me , IT IS ABOUT THE RA’AYAT “. – Ms Ambiga , President , Bersih as quoted in the Malaysian Insider this morning.

  21. By getting outlawed, Bersih has achieved its objectives. BN does not understand that whether or not the rally proceeds, the Ms. Amiga has got the attention of the nation.

  22. Dato, Najib just called Ambiga “enemy of Islam”. What kind of leader are you supporting when he twist his tongue worst that a fork-tongued snake! How can he even say such a stupid untrue thing as leader of a multi-racial country, is he trying to start a racial riot or what? What 1 Malaysia is he propagating if he even dare made such a stupid statement! He is worse than Ibrahim Ali Kataki or Ezam Empat Kotak!

  23. PR’s decision to tag on to NGOs is a serious error. PR already have sufficient political clout to present its views to the nation, so why bring in NGOs and create unnecessary headaches for itself?

    PR needs to return to the drawing board and rethink its strategy.

  24. What right has UMNO and PERKASA got to park their vehicles in the middle of Penang Bridge last Friday 1st July to create a massive 10-km traffic jam? What right has these hooligans to do this to people who pay taxes and trying to make a decent living? Why is Najib so quiet?

    He is more interested in going around the country meeting his Facebook fans than govern this country! He fiddles when Rome is on fire! Useless bugger!

  25. rakyat2 make up the PR coalition so why don’t they have the right to go and demonstrate against unjust election practices? what kind of logic circulates in your brain – Isa M.? as irrrrational as Najibs comment about Ms. Ambiga.

    you want all malaysians except umnoputras jailed – Najib? Scholar from England? my God Elizabeth, what have you done to the education system!

  26. Rally can go ahead but ready for the consequences. – Dato Din

    In the history of mankind, somtimes one has to pay the ultimate price for the sake of the bigger good and for the betterment of others.

    The Arab youths of the Middle East are willing to pay that price so that their future generations do have a future. They have realised that their fore-fathers forsake them and allowed corrupt dictators to ruin their future.

    In any attempt for change towards a bigger good, there WILL always be CONSEQUENCES.

    The question is: what is the cost of the status quo. The rakyat had patiently waited for VOLUNTARY change from this UMNO-led Govt for over 50 years. What happened. Nothing and in fact the abuse of democracy kept on going and the rights of the rakyat were trampled more and more.

    Yes, if the police use bullets and decide to allow blood to be shed, then the blood of the rakyat is in the hands of Najib and UMNO.

    There is always a price for progress of mankind. It is time that Malaysians stand up to be counted in moments when the very soul of the nation is at stake.

  27. Even if Ambiga were an enemy of Islam — which she most certainly is not — what does it have to do with the Bersih rally? Why does a prime minister lower himself to such a despicable level to say something totally uncalled-for like this? Even if we know that he aiming it at the simple-minded and the fence-sitters, this is not what one expects from the advocate of 1Malaysia.

  28. Why does a prime minister lower himself to such a despicable level to say something totally uncalled-for like this? – Kee Thuan Chye

    You mean you didn’t know Najib can stoop as low as his ass hits the ground.

    He is spineless, ball-less leader. At least Sleepy-head Badawi had balls.

    Najib only decides what to do after Rosmah’s team of bomoh advisers from Negri Sembilan tell him what to do.

    Don’t forget Najib was the UMNO-Youth leader who wanted Chinese blood on the keris during the rally in TPCA stadium back in 1987. I wonder why that porno-actor who became President of the lapdog chinese still want to support Najib and UMNO…after all what UMNO did to discriminate the Chinese and Najib’s dislike of anyting that is Chinese.

  29. Now Najib has a dislike for Indians… because Amiga is an Indian and calls her anti-Islam.

    When he wanted the vote of the Indians in the Hulu Selangor by-election, Najib was even willing to sell off his underpants to the poor Indian labourer- voters from the estates and the MIC lapdog Indians who still carry the caste mentality continue to support UMNO despite UMNO’s history of demolishing Hindu temples and insulting the Hindu faith with the cowhead protest.

  30. Only because Rosmah is having them for safe-keeping.- Mr Bean

    Not exactly, Rosmah sent them to her Bomohs for “fore-telling the future of Najib’s political career”. Its call crystal- balling. except they belong to Najib’s.

    Check out Najib ‘s pants when he is seen in public.

  31. outlawed a non-entity? its akin to banning a word and totally erasing it from our national language! BERSIH is to be wiped off as the dodobird!

    There isn’t going to be another chance for such a show of Rakyak wanting a BETTER, CLEANER Malaysia. Whats wrong with wanting that for the future generations?

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