BERSIH 2.0: Police won’t take sides, says Home Affairs Minister

June 15, 2011

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

BERSIH 2.0: Home Minister says Police won’t take sides

by Joseph Sipalan@

The Police will take action against anyone found to flaunt the law and compromise national security during the planned BERSIH2.0 rally on July 9, said Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

Law and security will take priority, he said, and the Police will not differentiate between protesters who are for or against the rally. Hishammuddin, however, declined to confirm whether or not the Police will make a preemptive move to stop the rally from happening, saying only that it depends on the police’s assessment of the situation.

“If I add on (my comments on the issue), people will say there will be political interference…what I ordered the police to do is to see to this rally professionally and also in the context of national security,” he said at a press conference in the Parliament lobby today.

BERNAMA reports:

MP Zahrain Hashim’s motion on BERSIH2.0 rejected

The Dewan Rakyat today (June 15) rejected a motion brought to condemn the plan by election watchdog BERSIH2.0 to stage a protest on July 9 over its pursuit of so-called electoral reforms.

zahrain hashim parliament 180310Deputy speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar rejected the motion brought by Zahrain Hashim (Independent-Bayan Baru), saying the matter did not warrant urgency.

He said the Home Ministry, through the police, had taken the necessary precautionary measures to handle the protest and was monitoring activities which could threaten public order and national security.

Zahrain, when tabling the motion immediately after question time, asked the house to adopt a stand to strongly condemn the BERSIH2.0 move, especially in inciting the people to take to the streets like in several West Asian countries.

He also wanted the house to demand the cancellation of the BERSIH 2.0 plan to stage a protest, whether in Kuala Lumpur or elsewhere in the country, for the sake of the security of the people and nation.

Zahrain said the actions of BERSIH 2.0 in the past had proven that the group had a narrow political agenda and intended to confuse the people for political gain.

In 2007, BERSIH used the “Yellow Wave” slogan to organise an illegal rally to present a memorandum to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong at Istana Negara for the same reason. That street demonstration undermined public order and led to traffic congestion at several locations in the city.

14 thoughts on “BERSIH 2.0: Police won’t take sides, says Home Affairs Minister

  1. Hishamuddin’s words are not to be trusted anymore. He has proven himself to be a chauvinist and arrogant minister and no one can ever trust this man again!

  2. wow what a revelation! isn’t this the procedure anyway when it comes to excellence in Policinbg? Please tell us what we dont already know.

  3. What side is there to take when the Home Minister is already on the police side. Isn’t Perkasa backed by the Minister and the police. Aren’t UMNO, Police, Home Minister and Perkasa all on the same side????
    Does he think we are fools?

  4. What the Minister is saying is that the Police will be given absolute discretion to deal with BERSIH 2.0. The IGP and his senior team will, therefore, decide the ground rules ( rules of engagement) and if they feel from Special Branch assessment that the rally will not likely be peaceful and orderly, no permit will be given. The Police serves the government of the day. Since UMNO is the government, then it will serve UMNO and its proxy PERKASA will be treated differently from dissidents from BERSIH.

    Greetings from Phnom Penh. I am with Semper Fi and his colleague on a business fact finding trip.–Din Merican

  5. In 2007, Zahrain as a senior member of PKR’s political bureau supported 2007 BERSIH rally. Now, he sings a different tune. He identifies himself with PERKASA and attempts to move a motion in Parliament to condemn the July 9 rally. See what a little inducement can do to this MP from Bayan Baru, Penang. He has no convictions at all. In the next GE13, voters of Bayan Baru should reject him.

  6. Malaysia is a Police State.

    The Police and the UMNO Cabinet ministers are paid by TAXPAYERS.

    Hishamudddin better remember his monthly salary is paid by Taxpayers ie citizens who want their voices for free and fair elections on the street because this Govt is acting like a fascist govt preventing the people from expressing its will.

    The Police should also remember their salaries to put food on the table for their families are paid the by the rakyat, NOT BY UMNO.

    Likewise Chief Justice Zaki Azmi got remind himself and those Pro UMNO judges in the Federal Court. Their expensive lifestyle is paid by the citizens of this country,NOT BY UMNO.

  7. What we will expect would be ROAD BLOCKS everywhere on that morning. Our good government will always ensure that the rakyat feel the discomfort and inconvenience with massive traffic build up with the road blocks.

    Oopps, Looks like our police and homeminister have lost the trust of the rakyat, what a shame. Lets hope that with the up and coming rally, these enforcement groups will do something to regain their lost trust.

    Why not the home ministry/police join the rally, and make it like a carnival, work for the people, care for the peoples’ interest, and bet the rakyat will drop their eyes for the change, if that is ever going to happen!!!

  8. Zahrain, the former Penang Port Commission chairman, has always been self serving. he messed the Penang Football Association. He cannot be relied to do anything straight as he is always up to making money in the wrong way. Ask the people of Bayan Baru whether they will vote for him. The answer will be a negative. Rumour has it that he is going after the Balik Pulau parliamentary seat in GE13, now occupied by a MP by the name of Yusmadi Yusof of PKR who thinks he is God’s gift to Malaysian politics. But UMNO’s Dr. Hilmi will have something to say about that.

  9. It is a little too late for that, Frank — and you know it. The doctrine of civil service neutrality is long gone. The last nail on the coffin was hammered in by none other than he who must be obeyed thirty years ago. The country’s Civil Service, Police and the Armed Forces are today shadows of their former selves and are mere appendages of the political party that runs the government.

  10. Suggestion: act like a civilised nation and
    allow Bersih people to demonstrate peacefully on one day and
    allow Perkasa people to demonstrate peacefully on another day.

  11. “..the Police will be given absolute discretion…”
    Just like they had absolute discretion on Operation Lallang. Just as the Chief Justice had absolute discretion. We are a major manufacturing nation, and one of the things we manufacure is history.

    Make no mistake, enforcement, justice and everything else is far worse in the Empire that is so eager to bring “democracy” and good old “peace and stability” to others. Most of its people are slaves for all practical purposes. The only good thing is that they are waking up – unlike us.

  12. Dissent is a cherished right in any civilised society; street demonstrations are NOT. The proposed “rally” (whatever that means) should be held by participants gathering in an open field or a sports stadium.

    Experience has shown that street demonstrations generate lots of heat but seldom any light.

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