Congrats, Ambassador Tan Sri PG Lim

June 10, 2011

Congrats, Tan Sri PG Lim

THE Panglima Setia Mahkota (PSM) award (which confers the title Tan Sri) bestowed on Datuk Lim Phaik Gan (better known as P.G. Lim), in conjunction with the birthday of Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, is indeed a well-deserved honour.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak recently paid Lim a glowing tribute when he said: “Datuk Lim Phaik Gan is well-respected as one of the country’s pioneer female lawyers.

“During his administration, my late father, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, appointed her deputy permanent representative to the United Nations in 1971 — the first Malaysian woman to hold the post. Her contributions have been invaluable to the growth of the nation.”

Nonagenarian Lim is a woman of great achievement and accomplishment — UN representative, diplomat, noted lawyer, union champion, director of the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration, feminist, wife and mother — all woven into one distinguished grand lady.

Lim always stood up for people who didn’t have “voices” and, in her heyday, the Cambridge-educated lawyer fought some of the most well-known courtroom life-and-death battles.

She was equally well regarded in the trade union movement, especially for advising and representing in the late 1950s, the Railwaymen’s Union of Malaya, National Union of Plantation Workers and Transport Workers’ Union, among others, in their legal battles to secure improved working conditions, wages and benefits.

Appointed to serve in the UN as Malaysia’s first woman ambassador, her 10-year tenure in the foreign service took her across Europe on various diplomatic assignments. Lim was also the recipient of the prestigious 2009 Merdeka Award for her outstanding contributions to the nation.

RUEBEN DUDLEY, Petaling Jaya, Selangor–

20 thoughts on “Congrats, Ambassador Tan Sri PG Lim

  1. PG Lim is a truly outstanding Malaysian diplomat who was recently awarded a Tan Sriship by DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong. I offer her my sincere congratulations. –Din Merican

  2. This lady has earned the status of national heros. Why only “Tan Sri”? No offence intended. Why not “Tun” considering that she is already nonagenarian?

  3. If there is someone who deserve to be recognized then Ms. P.G. Lim is the person. She served the country well both as Ambassador as well as on the Arbitration Commission. Congratulations. Tan Sri.

  4. PG Lim is from a breed of lawyers of another age when the profession is filled by honorable men and women, the pride of their profession. Not anymore.

  5. Here is a laywer who comes from a privileged background but who was devoted defending the underdogs. Today they fall over each other to represent the rich and the powerful – even if that means sacrificing the values they were sworn to uphold by their rigorous training.

  6. PG Lim comes from a distinguished Penang family. Her brother the late Lim Kean Siew was a well respected Old Penang Free, prominent lawyer and a dynamic Labour Party politician. I know her well and consider her in the same rank as the eminent R.Ramani, who was our UN Permanent Representative to the UN in the 1960s. I was privileged to have work with the late Ramani whenever he came back to consult with the Ministry of External Affairs during my early years there.

  7. PG is the very antithesis of the doctrine of the submissive wife. The man would have to submit to her. So what is the difference. Somebody has to be on top.

  8. PG Lim deserves the accolades and the recognition – so many decades of dedication to the union movement, the welfare homes and her free legal aid service to the poor (notice I did not mention her roles as UN Deputy Permanent Rep, her role in arbitration etc which are well known). To many Penangites, we recognise her too for her work with those less privileged.

  9. PG Lim is awarded her tan sri title for her public service . Having dedicated a major part of her life towards the community , it is hoped that she continues in this mould and helps the ra’ayat lift the weight and burden of cost inflation , as generated from Dr Mahathir’s 22 year legacy.

    Yesterday , Prime Minister Najib is quoted as having said that Anwar Ibrahim
    ” tanked ” the economy ( while he was the deputy prime minister ) to discredit Dr Mahathir and in that process hasten his appointment as prime minister . Just imagine the benefits for 28 million Malaysians, if Anwar had succeeded :

    1. the IPPs would already have been reviewed in favour of the 28 million Malaysians. Today in the Malaysian Insider , Tengku Razaleigh has called for a Royal Commission to look into the IPP agreements but also the ownership of the Kulim power plant – the first IPP. Why should Mahathir’s wealthy cronies like the people behind YTL, Malakoff , etc and the senior management staff of TNB benefit and 28 million Malaysian’ suffer? ;

    2. Similarly , the PLUS and other highway operaters toll rates . The terms of the agreements again here suggest that their benefits is GUARANTEED and it is also GUARANTEED that 28 million malaysians suffer higher toll rates . If Anwar had succeeded , these agreements too would have been rewritten in favour of the 28 million malaysians;

    3. YTL’s agreement to share in the airport tax paid by passengers of Airports Malaysia for the high speed train to the airport , too would not have seen the light of day, if Anwar had succeeded ;

    4. Musa Hassan would not have made it as IGP. Also our Attorney General would have suffered the same fate . This would mean that we would have TODAY a better police force and a better legal service should Anwar have succeeded.

    The same would apply for the Judiciary. The ” correct , correct , correct ” episode would not have even been necessary.

    These are amongst the benefits , all Malaysians would have shared , should Anwar have succeeded in toppling Mahathir in the late 90’s. Reading the list ( and the list is incomplete )above , would’nt you want to topple a Prime Minister who is guilty of the above ?

    So who says ONLY UMNO knows how to govern. UMNO only knows how to STEAL from the Ra’ayat . And PG Lim should continue her role and help the voiceless turn things in their favour.

  10. ” Readers are not that stupid and as naive as you think .” – Bean

    Bean ,

    I am sure the readers are not as stupid and naive as you are . I for one have great regards for most of the readers here but you are not one of them. You sound too drunk and incoherent most of the time and second, your comments seem like someone suffering from coitus interruptus regularly.

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