Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister Opens 25th APR in Kuala Lumpur

May 31, 2011

ISIS Malaysia celebrates its 25th Year of its founding and hosts the Annual Asia-Pacific Roundtable in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

May 30, 2011

Congratulations to  Chairman, Tan Sri Mohamed Jawhar Hassan and its Chief Executive Dato’ Dr. Mahani Zainal Abidin  on the occasion of the 25 Anniversary of ISIS Malaysia. I also wish to pay tribute to its founder Chairman, the late Tan Sri Dr. Noordin Sopiee, for his contributions to this premier think tank.

ISIS Malaysia as the organiser, and ASEAN-ISIS (a group of leading strategic studies institutes from across the ASEAN region) are playing host to HRH Raja Dr. Nazrin ibni Sultan Azlan Muhibbudin Shah, the Crown Prince of Perak, prominent scholars, researchers, diplomats, and policy makers of the Asia-Pacific Region (APR) from May 30-June 1, 2011 of the 25th APR Roundtable. This year, some 350 participants who are in Kuala Lumpur will hold fank and inclusive dialogue on topical issues of regional and international concern.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, The Hon’ble Tan Sri  Dato’ Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin delivered his Keynote Address on Reflections on Southeast Asia and the Broader Region”.  Today’s luncheon talk was delivered by the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Indonesia, The Hon’ble Dr. Raden Mohammad MARTY Muliana Natalegawa, to be followed by the 25th APR Anniversary dinner speech by HE Dr Surin Pitsuwan, Secretary-General of ASEAN.

ZOPFAN: Creating habits of cooperation

Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister said that 2011 marks the 40th Anniversary of ASEAN’s Declaration of ZOPFAN (Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality). He finds its core principles relevant since it continues to reflect ASEAN’s approach towards the major powers. “The management of our relations with the major powers is one of the most important strategic challenges that we face today…The process of formulating ZOPFAN was crucial towards cultivating habits of cooperation between ASEAN member states. The fruits of that early instance of collaboration are now evident across multiple categories, as we move closer towards an ASEAN community”.

Peaceful Settlement of Disputes

Muhyiddin alluded in his Address to the present dispute between Thailand and Cambodia over  the territory surrounding the ancient Preah Vihear as “rather challenging for ASEAN”. But thanks to the effort of the Indonesian Foreign Minister  and in true spirit of ASEAN, both countries have agreed to refer the dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and resolve their differences by peaceful means”. In this regard, the Malaysian Deputy Minister sought to remind his audience that:

“The peaceful resolution of conflicts is the bedrock of ASEAN as embodied in the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation(TAC) and urged ASEAN member states to uphold  the spirit and letter of TAC .” We must remain vigilant and reaffirm our commitment to this tradition. If ASEAN member states do not take the TAC seriously. we should not expect the other signatories to do so”. He added, “We have a moral duty to lead by example and thereby binding signatories such as China, India, the European  Union, Japan and the United States to their pledges  on the non-use of forces in the settlement of disputes”.

Strategic Importance of China

Given the strategic importance of China to ASEAN and the world. Muhyiddin said that China “has proven to be a very good friend”. He goes on to say that: “For the good part of the new millennium, China has walked the talk of ‘peaceful development’ and has extended its hand of friendship to Southeast Asia. These are warmly reciprocated  by the member states of ASEAN. China is now an integral part of regional cooperation and community building…I am indeed heartened that in the case of the South China Sea dispute, China has shown its willingness to work with ASEAN  to formulate a Code of Conduct(COC)…There is no better affirmation of the strong ties between ASEAN and China than a peaceful and expeditious resolution  to our overlapping claims in the South China Sea”.

Sixth East Asian Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia

The Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister made reference to the October Sixth East Asian Summit (EAS) in Jakarta where ASEAN will see the participation of the Presidents of Russia and United States, bringing the number of countries in the EAS to 18. However, he feels that Malaysia’s commitment to an open regional architecture for security “should not come at the expense of building an effective forum where participants can engage in meaningful dialogue…we need to keep the membership of EAS as lean as possible”.

Importance of ASEAN reaffirmed

Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin concluded his Keynote Address by reminding his audience that “Southeast Asia views its security as being intimately linked with the wider region. That is why we have sought to develop an extensive network of cooperation. And that is why we put such great store in the ASEAN Plus Three and the East Asia Summit. I am confident that ASEAN’s role at the centre of regional cooperation will continue to grow in importance, especially as the world’s strategic centre of gravity shifts towards Asia.”- Din Merican

34 thoughts on “Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister Opens 25th APR in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Some lessons from India and the Indian diaspora for Malaysia and our Malaysian disapora (with its estimated one million Overseas Malaysians and ex-Malaysians):

    Good governance + progressive public policies + ending of institutionalised racism + dual citizenship = lots of OUR PEOPLE people returning from foreign lands to the land of their birth (with
    capital, useful skills, years of work experience, contacts)

  2. Too many of the higher level appointee’s like the chairman etc are special branch appointees or report back to the special branch . Even Nordin Sophie was not true to his doctoral disertation titled ” From Malayan Union to the Federation of Malaysia “.

    We need people with strong principles in ISIS , not weak dooblly-gooks who turn the other way when political leaders do the wrong thing or sell their soul and sacrifice their principles for nickle and dimes .

    Like Albert Einstein has said ” The world is a dangerous place not because of people who do evil ( Dr kutty comes to mind ), but because of good people ( senior appointees in ISIS comes to mind ) who look on and do nothing about it “.

  3. WRONG Person from the Malaysian Govt to open the APR Round Table.

    WRONG Person to talk about peace when he is one of the subscribers to divisive racial politics in his own country with his silly “I am Malay first and Malaysian Second”.

    In fact WRONG Person to be the second in command to run this country… and WRONG person to give the baton to run this country. God forbids.

  4. Having Muhyiddin open the APR Round Table is as good as asking Ibrahim Ali to do the honours on behalf of Malaysia as the host country.

    Malaysia should clean its own backyard first before trying to be party to peace and harmony in the region.

  5. Spot on frank !! Talk about regional cooperation when you cannot even run a government capable of ensuring good governance and observing respect for institutions such as the judiciary and police and deliberately allowing the spewing of racism and religious bigotry by selected henchmen .Sheer hypocrisy !!

  6. PRC is a ‘good’ friend?
    Only in your dreams. Maybe, our most astute leaders can explain to us why they haven’t sold Petronas to PRC? That’s our modern equivalent of the ancient ‘bunga mas’.
    Then, let us talk about the ‘Oriental’ Stalemate over the Spratly’s and lo, behold the belligerence of ‘Might is Right’. Except of course, the Seventh Fleet is lurking around. Whatever it is, this guy is suckling on the wrong teat!

  7. ” I am sure that ASEAN’s role will grow in importance …. as the strategic centre of gravity shifts to Asia “. – din merican

    With the number of superlatives assigned to an idiot who delivered the keynote address , one wonders if this is the early but subtle signs , of a strategic shift by the blog host too.

    Afterall , if like has been said above , the higher up’s in ISIS belong to the intelligence communities , then this cannot be all that surprising.

  8. The criticisms here against ISIS Malaysia are not justified. During its early days of this think tank, it had outstanding individuals like Prof. Ismail, Zainal Aznam, Professor Zakaria Ahmad, B A Hamzah, Farish Noor, Al Alim and others. A new generation of researchers have taken over but ISIS retains its reputation for quality policy analysis and research. I know ISIS Malaysia over the last 25 years.–Din Merican

  9. CLF,

    I have the impression sometimes you are over stretching in your comment towards anything China, not sure if that is your politically correct stance or just want to be in a reverse role of your good pal rightways, both cited instance of Petronas and Spratly don’t sound sane at all. Whoever up there would still need to pretend to be a friendly party of China.

  10. This forum is about Asean Pacific Roundtable, Hua Yong. If anything is irrelevant to the world at large – it is these types of small minded unfruitful yakkity-yak. In the ‘good’ ole days there were: Asean+3, APEC and other strange sounding acronyms of ‘Syioking Sendiri’.

    Reality is, this parochial tempurung village idiot has been tasked to build up a ‘relationship’ with PRC while his party chief is loafing all over the US/Europe. If he wants to talk Asean, talk Asean, Malindo or whatever. But this article imputes that PRC is his ‘baby’. All this after a single trip to the boondocks – where he was met by third tier PRC officials. Only he was oblivious about it. Me, avid China Watcher la. Yes, PRC regards him as a feudalistic underling..

  11. Malaysia should clean its own backyard first — frank, the caffe-latte adict

    You cannot clean your backyard because once you do it is by definition no longer your backyard. You merely need to give your backyard some semblance of order. Kapish?

    So those employed in garbage disposal would not lose their jobs. It is all about job creation.

  12. Can’t believe the quality we have as ministers . Would you believe one just said the the government has no powers to reveal the content of the IPP contracts !!!

    Then what powers does this government have? I guess the powers they have is only to cheat the common man.

    Blimey!… bloody common thieves.

  13. Look at the IPPs, currently the subject of anger and frustration from those having had to put up with the exorbitant rates. What are these IPPs and who are these IPPs? Some regular Ahmad, Chong and Muthu?

    It is time to pierce the corporate veil as we do in fraud cases and discover the individuals behind this criminal enterprise. Hiding behind the cloak of legal fiction so they could reap obscene profits, are they? Let’s put them out to pasture, and parade them for all to see.

    But first you will need to define what is unconscionable. What pricks your conscience is not always unconscionable. A prick can sometimes act conscionably.

  14. Mongkut Bean
    Whoa hold your horses. The Malaysian government knows who the IPP’s are. There’s no corporate veil to pierce. The only problem is that these first generation IPA’s are poorly negotiated. Ask Ani Arope and he can tell you how lopsided these IPA’s are. TNB is the victim here. TNB have to pay the IPP’s for all power generated (not consumed). The rates are exhorbitant and TNB in turn distribute the power at a lower rate. Some time back I understand TNB was buying at 14 sens per kw and selling at 11sens per kw. Talk about buying high and selling lo.
    Second generation IPA’s are negotiated. with better terms for TNB. However it’s still the rakyat that have to pay.TNB is a cash cow and one way to milk the cow is through IPP’s. Major IPP’s are Malakoff, YTL, Gentings. Che Det at the height of the Anwar crony claim did reveal who are the beneficiaries or rather cronies involved.

  15. It is time to pierce the corporate veil as we do in fraud cases and discover the individuals behind this criminal enterprise.- Mr Bean

    No, you can’t do that…not in the country that hosts the APR Roundtable.

    In this country, the moment you pierce through the corporate sector, you will only across one omnipresent entity : UMNO.

    No sir… the Malaysian Police will NOT allow that to happen and the Malaysian Judiciary will enforce that taboo-area for Malaysians to enter.

  16. Whoa hold your horses — Semper.

    Kat has my horse Sir Lancelot and she has been riding Sir Lancelot, riding joyously and with the abandonment of a 12-year old without a care in the world, with old man Frank screaming his head off and chanting, “No pain, no gain, says the monkey” – the familiar battle cry of a 5th Collegian in the days of old.

  17. Mongkut Bean
    Your horse has bolted the barn and is now with Kathy? Guess you still have your trusted kerbau to ride off into the sunset with Tok Cik and Dato Din. # men and a kerbau. Guess can’t name the kerbau Lance-a-lot or Prance-a-lot. Ask Helen Velu the kereta lembu singer of the 60’s to join with her lembu perkasa.

  18. Birds of the same feather flock together — mmc

    That is the right of association. Protected under the Constitution. Criminals have their own association.

  19. Dato has come down hard on Gay Patel for associating with a litigant in a civil case (and someone at the center of controversy in a possible criminal case) on a trip to the Holy City. But then this is the right of association and is guaranteed by our Constitution.
    Mongkut Bean,

    I can understand that you are trying to play devil’s advocate but there is time for play and a time to be serious. Gani Patel is the Attorney-General and Public Prosecutor. Coming from the Big Apple, your understanding of this constitutional guarantee ,or lack of it, is simply perplexing. I am sure the US University which awarded you the law doctorate would revoke it if they come to know of the views you have just expressed….but I wont tell them 😉 Take care–Din Merican

  20. “No pain, no gain, says the monkey”…..Mr Bean

    ….having a go at the porcupine. Yes?

    All that glitters is not gold, says the monkey …..(what?)

  21. Dato,

    That is merely on the issue of your right to associate. But there are other issues that relate to transparency and good governance and accountability.

    As a constituent who votes this government in, I would like my government to impose strict ethical standards on its employees – while bearing in mind that there is no such thing as guilt by association. Gay Patel did well for himself by remaining silent because there is nothing he could say that would satisfy the demands made upon him. Wouldn’t you do the same if you were Gay Patel?

    Through the doctrine of respondet superior we can make the master pay. Or can we?

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