Congratulations to HRH The Duke and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

April 30, 2011

The Beautiful and Elegant Royal Bride

Congratulations to HRH The Duke and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

April 29, 2011

HRH Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton were pronounced husband and wife in a glittering ceremony filled with traditions and history at the Westminister Abbey in London. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their vows in front of 1,900 guests and the eyes of the world (over 2 billion people were glued to the television to watch the occasion).  We offer our sincere  congratulations and good wishes to their Royal Highnesses.

Official Wedding Photograph

The  wedding ceremony passed without hitch, with the only moment of tension provided as Prince William struggled to put the ring, fashioned from Welsh gold given to Prince William by the Queen, on his bride’s finger. Otherwise, it was indeed a sparkling display of what Britain is all about–flawless  planning, organisation and execution. It was described by commentators as a fairy tale wedding, not seen since HRH Prince Charles-Princess Diana marriage.

Taking a Leisurely Stroll

After the vows Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, declared: “I pronounce that they be man and wife together, in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

Let their Hands be strengthened

23 thoughts on “Congratulations to HRH The Duke and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

  1. Royalty tends to marry among themselves giving rise to in-breeding. In the U.K. cousins were marrying each other until the 1900s. Believe it or not in the State of New York today, the law allows first cousins to marry each other. It is legal.

    In Malaysia, among Muslims, first cousins are allowed to marry each other.

  2. Congratulations Prince William and Princess catherine. We wish them well . They look so happy and she has already started her duties so well. As their carriage was going into Buckingham palace Prince William saluted and Princess Catherine bowed her head in respect. Well done to her. Perhaps she is born to shoulder this.

  3. The beauty of it all is that the Opposition is allowed to question the cost of the wedding which is in excess of 30 million pounds. Over here it’s a hush-hush matter only for the ears and eyes of the PM. That’s democracy.

    Although million of pounds of public money is spent, the country gets a higher return from tourism, promotion, live telecast etc.

    Who wanna see a royal wedding in Malaysia?

  4. Marriage among first cousins is more common than we think, and in some places a person can marry his niece.

    But that aside, when it comes to pomp the Brits are best.

  5. None here will live long enough to see the coronation of Prince Wlliams as King. The queen will not abdicate and should the queen do the unexpected and abdicate so Prince Charles could be king (and Carmilla, a divorce quuen – God forbid) it is unilkely Prince Charles would abdicate so Prine Williams could be king.

  6. What have you got against divorcees Bean? in Bolehland a divorcee is the First Lady of the country !! ( If u can agree to Rosmah.s claim to the position of FLOM i.e )

  7. Kathy,
    You must be enjoying this song by Dana, “Fairytale”

    Din & Gang,
    Do you know that hurdred years ago, there is not much hype about the monarchy in UK. It’s only after Victoria, this process has begun

    Enjoy the song

  8. Malaysia has a unique system found nowhere else in the world where the sultans (hereditary rulers from each state) sit around a table and vote for one of them to be King.

  9. Bean chai,
    That’s because Malaysia is a federal system laa……UK too…..If not because of the Union, Uk might have at least 2 Kings….King of Scotland & King of England

  10. And Ken, you’re referring to the country’s Prime Minister and his wife. Najib is not the Agong.

    While there may be no law against the Agong marrying a divorcee or take on a foreign wife, convention may still be an issue. Malaysia is a country which is only some 50 years old. So there is nothing much in the way of convention. The English monarchy dates back to 400A.D. Malaysia is nowhere on the world map then.

  11. Bean chai,
    You talking what happen King Edward VIII. What’s status of Camilla hah? Why Tony Blair & Gordon Brown not invited? My gosh, it’s like after the procession, forgotten about the monks who do the procession
    I about to put Spitting Image on royals in Din blog but then again Ah din might blog it

  12. Looes74,

    Malaysia is not a true federation. If it is a true federation then it would have two independent tiers of government i.e. state and federal. There is no state courts and no state police etc. It cannot levy its own taxes.

  13. At one time the Sultan of Pahang married an ex-bunny from the London Playboy Club. What happened to her? Don’t know how many wives he has. But if his turn to be Agong comes around again, I suspect he will not make her Permaisuri Agong to avoid controversy. Not because she is a divorcee but a foreign born woman. On the other hand I may be wrong. When it comes to Malaysia, expect the unexpected.

  14. Bean.. Najib is PM, not Agong even a dope from Memphis would know that. What i said earlier is divorcee Rosmah masquerading as FIRST LADY of Malaysia and taking a dig at your earlier statement should Camilia gets to be there next to Charles should he be King !! 9 Sultans vote in the Agong, of Bolehland, not at par with KING/ QUEEN of UK ma !!!

  15. Bean chai,
    In 1957 federal constitution, malaya states can’t raise taxes laa…..Anyway, it’s good revise the constitution. Germany would be the best model

  16. In Brunei, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah’s father and Raja Isteri Saleha’s father are brothers…. the no. 2 brother ie Prince Mohamed Bolkiah, the foreign minister, also same, his father and wife’s father are also brothers, in fact exactly same combo as the Sultan.

    Two years ago, it almost happened – the Sultan’s daughter (I think Princess Majeedah) was almost bethrothed to Prince Mohamed’s eldest son Prince Abdul Qawi… phew!

    Luckily the Crown Prince AlMuhtadee Billah married HRH Princess Sarah, a commoner of 50% Irish blood!

  17. Sentinel,
    Brunei is one of the few countries practices absolute monarchism. I do wonder if that can last forever. Anyway, Brunei & Singapore are in good terms. It’s an open secret that Singapore is running Brunei’s treasury…..Or managing

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  19. What have you got against divorcees, Bean? — Ken

    Nothing. The divorce rate in Malaysia is catching up with the rate here – with lots of young single mothers.

  20. Hey Looses, thank you for the song. Yes fairytales do come true. Hwoever when Princess Catherine becomes Queen the world will be different. The United Kingdom her husband inherits will be different too. God Bless them both. Good luck to them and I pray they will make the difference the world needs right now.

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