One Man’s Recalcitrance costly for Barisan Nasional

April 13, 2011

One Man’s Recalcitrance costly for Barisan Nasional

The Malaysian Insider reports:

With three days before polling, all is not well within the Barisan Nasional (BN) camp in Sarawak — and it is down to one man’s stubbornness.

BN officials on the campaign trail say that Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud’s reluctance to set an exit timetable, his unwillingness to accept that the ruling coalition is facing a tough challenge from the Opposition and reliance on people outside political circle, including a psychic, is a major headache in the home stretch before Saturday’s poll.

BN officials are particularly upset over Taib’s decision to refuse to accept that he has become a lightning rod for every negative about the ruling coalition in Sarawak.

“PM offering him a way out early was to help damage control and also give Taib the best way to set his own stage for standing down. But he has completely disregarded the interests of BN for his own interest,” a BN source told The Malaysian Insider, referring to Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s assurance of a quicker leadership change.

BN officials say there is no chance of losing the state but Taib’s continued stay will cost them more seats in the 71-seat assembly.“He is not even campaigning effectively and with focus. This man’s reluctance to listen is going to hurt BN,” another source said.

Though BN officials are still confident that they will retain two-thirds control of the state, as many as 20 seats could fall to Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

In the 2006 state elections, the opposition only won seven seats.A glowing performance by the Opposition could breathe new vigour into the coalition which has been stuttering of late and could scupper Najib’s plans to call for general elections this year.

Sarawak has long been seen as a very safe bet for BN because Taib has kept a tight rein on things and shut down any voices of dissent.

But disclosures over his family wealth and the effectiveness of the Internet and Radio Free Sarawak in raising questions about nepotism and cronyism has turned him into poisoned chalice this time around.

BN officials are also finding out that he has become their number 1 nemesis.Taib has openly rebuffed the Prime Minister’s promise to step down quickly by citing the need to groom  a successor despite being at the top for the past 30 years.

But the state’s longest-serving CM said last night he has a successor who has been groomed for the past two decades. He did not name the person.

“Taib is looking for a safe passage out and wants a successor who can assure him that,” an UMNO warlord told The Malaysian Insider.

“He also wants to put someone he can control just like Dr M when he picked Pak Lah,” the UMNO man said, referring to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad choosing Tun Abdullah Badawi to succeed him as prime minister in 2003.

28 thoughts on “One Man’s Recalcitrance costly for Barisan Nasional

  1. Can’t be ” one man’s recalcitrance ” alone . It is more a cumulative thing and some of the issues are :

    1. corruption;

    2. abuse of power;

    3. the progressive erosion of religious and other rights ;

    4. fear of malay supremacy and the supremacy of Islam thus eroding non malay rights and their equality of rights and access to their own religion. I dont think anyone would like to see those from the ” supreme religion ” scarring others by burning their churches or carrying cow heads around town anymore ;

    5. the non implementation 20 point and 18 point agreements with both Sabah and Sarawak that enabled these 2 states to join in making the Federation of Malaysia ;

    6. the supremacy of the constitution of malaysia being made subordinate to the Koran;

    7. they think we are stupid when we know we are not ;

    are some of the issues in play forcing this change in sarawak.

  2. It doesn’t matter whether if Taib is recalcitrant or not……It’s the whole system

    Just as the bible says, Writings on the wall

    Anyway, parting song to Taib…..The 3 degree

  3. Sunshine,

    You know Sarawak better than I. But please explain how Taib survived and prospered for 3 decades. To me, it is money politics. In this election, he has become the main issue. The reasons you gave above are valid, but he is the main actor. –Din Merican

  4. Desperate BN will resort to all foul means (never fair means) to retain power —- threat, cash, pre-marked ballots, changing of ballot boxes en-route to the counting centres, fictitious postal votes and heaven knows what else.
    The election commission, information dept, civil service and police will have to do BN’s bidding.
    BN has to win and it will do anything – even kidnapping of candidates and ‘more’.
    The stakes are high. Be prepared to see the filthiest ever election in Malaysian History.
    It’s raining in Sarawak and that’s when the frogs come out to look for cash.

  5. Din,
    It’s true…..It’s money, money money……Otherwise, one could never imagine one lady by the name of Imelda Marcos is elected to House of Representative in the Philipines…..Not to mention, Gloria Aroyo is not that clean either
    I hope Ninoy’s son can do a good job in the Philipines…..His actions on his visit in Singapore show that he’s the peoples’ president…….I believe he lives up to his parents’ name…..Ninoy & Corazon Aquino

    P.S : Don’t ever compare Rosmah to Imelda. At least she is prettier & slimmer…..Hahaha

  6. ” The reasons you gave above are valid , but he is the main actor “. – din merican

    I don’t think i disagreed with you Din. I just merely listed a few more issues that you accept as ” valid “.

    And on my part , i accept that he is an ” actor ” but i don’t think he alone has the lead role.

    Anyway, it won’t be long before we all find out.
    But i am certain that the hearts and minds of the people in Sabah and Sarawak won’t be the same after this state elections .

  7. Guys & Gals,
    Including me, the young one…..Something to reflect…..We shall overcome….We shall overcome thoroughly…….Once the buggers out, they are out forever……The Philipines is one good example. I dreaded the day when Marcos’s son come back to power again
    Like Din has mentioned, it’s money politics. Don’t think that it’s Philipines, we can ignore. The Philipines has never dropped claim over Sabah……

  8. ” Please explain how Taib survived and prospered for over 30 years “. – Din Merican

    The same way Al kutty survived and prospered over 22 years . That should be obvious .

    For the details Din, it will cost you a cup of coffee. The roti canai can be on me .

  9. What happened to Terengganu when BN lost the state to PAS in one of the previous General Elections during the premiership of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will happen in Sarawak at the coming Sarawak state election. The reason then was the incumbent Menteri Besar was there for too long and refused to give up his position. The situation in Sarawak is more or less the same.

    So, can I say, ‘Good bye TS Taib’ now?



  10. UMNO and BN are already building up taib as the scapegoat for a real possibility of a bad showing by BN in this sarawak election. How convenient. If you know the mentality of the sarawak people, especially the dayaks, they have put up with taib and kuala lumpur not for the various brands of election instant noodles, but they’ve been too busy trying to stay alive! They know that NEP’s goal of eradicating poverty never happened while their leaders became rich. That is why they have looked for survival elsewhere as far as the middle east. They are never ones to rock the boat. 33 or 35 years of taib is not much worse than 30. So little is left for him and gang to plunder that it won’t make any difference.

    This time however, the BN has crossed the threshold of their patience with the confiscation of the al kitab and Allah issue. That is the one big issue that sarawak felt betrayed by Najib more than taib. BN (UMNO) does not want to admit it. The majority of rural voters are christians. Note also that half of the Melanaus (taib’s ethnic group) are christians too!

    So the ‘recalcitrant’ taib is now being primed to hang for the impending electoral revolt (and deservedly so). However, if really a huge political shift takes place on 0416, it would be the rejection of Najib’s UMNO as much as taib and sarawak BN. Then Najib should ‘hang’ too.

  11. Well that man most probably is guilty of the many allegations against him.
    I think he has his reasons,
    1) he do not like to be arm twisted by Umno/BN
    2)Deny Umno/BN entry into Sarawak.
    3)to show that Sarawakians should hold sway over affairs of the state.
    4) to help PR topple BN in Sarawak.
    5) win or lose, he is already a goner.

  12. Ibat,
    Send them to MACC building…..It’s like sending them to Hotel California……Enjoy!

    P.S : In consumer electronic industry, they use Hotel California song to test how good the audio sound is

  13. Loose74, of my all time favourite groups and songs. But Taib Mahmud sings the last verse his way:

    Last thing I remember, I was
    Bein shown the door
    I had to fight all and stay back
    CM for life is what I’m for
    ’relax,’ said Taib old man,
    ‘We are programmed to deceive.
    I can checkout any time you like,
    But I can never leave!’

  14. Guys & Gals,
    Ok lah, the song is a bit R(A). The real message I am bringing across is……TAKE YOUR TIME, DO IT RIGHT…..VOTE OUT TAIB/BN, VOTE FOR PR

  15. Jesus did not say , don’t vote for UMNO – Barisan. But he did say ” THOU SHALL NOT STEAL “.

    This one commandment alone should be enough to throw out this ” dirty old man ” and all the others from the UMNO – Barisan coalition. Let them all go steer shit in anyone of the indah water ponds.

  16. A wise king once said 3 millennia ago:
    “As a dreams come when there are many cares,
    so the speech of a fool when there are many words.” and,
    “Much dreaming and many words are meaningless. Therefore stand in awe of God.”

    In vino veritas.

  17. i hope that the voters in the interior/rural areas can do like the kelantanese…take the ca$h in hand and vote the other way.

    The ‘Thou shalt not steal’ doesnt apply to the current bn gomen. They hijacked the rakyaks money and look at it as their rightful ‘commissions’. Period.

  18. take the ca$h in hand and vote the other way – hurricaneMax

    I may most probably be wrong, but, I am inclined to believe that the rural folks in the interiors of Sarawak will not be so ‘cerdik’.

    These are the so-called real/actual BN fixed deposit voters who are deprived of even the basic necessities of water and electricity and are probably illiterate too. They may not even be able to imagine how a radio or tv look like. And, for RM5 or just under instructions, they will gladly give their votes to BN. Talk to them and even show posters about DSAI or Tuan Guru Nik Aziz and I am sure they will stare blank at you. How to talk about changing state govt.? Change these peoples’ livelihood first and we may progress to something else.

  19. Din.. apa yang si RPK tu merepek dalam TV tu? Tak kan hang sengaja buat fitnah nak pekena Najib… Hang orang baik.

  20. Yes Dato, what’s up? My earlier comment went missing. Just like didi mentioned it was on TV3, some blogs as well.

  21. Soren Kierkegaard:
    “Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.”

    Do not despair, Din.
    Why am i not surprised? Friends and acquittance’s become mere ‘conveniences’ in politics. Shifting blame is part of the game.
    It’s a risk all have to take, for the cause of freedom. The story is as old as mankind himself.

  22. Election after election, people are being promised development and aid. Why are there still many Sarawakians who do not have the basic necessities?

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