Appalled by Gutter Politics in Malaysia

March 31, 2011

Finally: Statement by Joint Action Group for Gender Equality*

It is time for Malaysian politics to get out of the gutter, stop campaigns to slander personal reputations and focus on the important issues facing Malaysia today.

A video that was allegedly filmed on 21 February 2011, which shows a man, allegedly an opposition politician, having sex with a “foreign prostitute”, is the latest in a series of sordid debacles to which Malaysian voters have sadly been exposed.

The timing of the release of the tape coupled with the intense politicisation surrounding the case raises some serious concerns about the state of Malaysian politics.

Seeking to undermine the credibility of individuals for political gain in this way is insulting and condescending to Malaysians.

The exposing of such a video at such a time insults Malaysian voters’ intelligence as it is clearly intended to divert attention away from the critical issues facing this country.

The Three Sex Stooges of Malaysian Politics

The critical issues being the widespread corruption, abuse of power, financial mismanagement, wastage of resources and empty rhetoric by those in power.

This farcical situation also raises the concern of what seems to be becoming a culture of spying in this country. Although it must be said that the authenticity of the most recent video is suspect, it is deeply unfortunate that such “spy tapes” are lapped up by journalists.

Even in past cases in recent years in which authentic photos or videos of politicians have surfaced, it is the role of the media to examine the motives behind such exposure and not play into the hands of those with power and money.

A further issue of significant concern is the way in which the woman depicted in the video has been treated.

The loaded terms “prostitute” of “foreign” or “Chinese” appearance in news reports are clearly used to demonise the woman, and by extension, further tarnish the man in the video.

The particular opposition leader who is the focus of this latest furore has had more than his fair share of attacks on his character.

If we are going to hold politicians to a higher moral standard, then this must extend beyond bedroom practices to democratic and ethical values and practices, and these standards must be applied consistently across the board.

The dubious circumstances surrounding this latest episode only serves to alienate the electorate and erode confidence in our political and democratic processes, especially during a time when full, clear and impartial information about the policies and promises of political parties is needed so that voters can make informed choices at the ballot box.

*The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) comprises:

42 thoughts on “Appalled by Gutter Politics in Malaysia

  1. I suppose it is case of better late than never.This is a good statement from this Gender Equality Group. They should also put out a strong statement on Bung “Bocor” Mokhtar’s comments in Parliament on women drivers. This MP from Kinabatangan deserves a dressing down.–Din Merican

  2. The obvious objective of the video is to undermine the Kedah State DUN and swing it from PR to BN with the luring of ADUNs through financial rewards and playing on the credibility of the PKR leader. Time has changed and the ADUNs can see the mood of the rakyat Jelita in Kedah. Therefore PM’s plan to do another “Perak” did not work out. With the interlok, the DPM is showing to all and sundry that PM’s 1Malaysia does not have the support of his own team. What more with the Home Minister’s action on the Bahasa Bible. The question the Christians should be asking is : why can’t Christianity have their Bible in the National Language when we Malaysians are told of the importance of learning the national language. Are those who attended the Sekolah Kebangsaan supposed to be reading their religious scriptures in languages other than BM? PM should brief his very own cousin on the 1Malaysia he preach

  3. Three cheers for Women Power in Malaysia.

    Time for the womenfolk to piss off the men-politicians in Malaysia whose idea of national development is to display their testosterone power in their trousers.

    We have idiot-politicians running wild in the UMNO hierarchy.

    Meanwhile Najib is trying to be a TEFLON-Prime Minister as though he thinks he is not responsible for the garbage thrown around by his UMNO members and supporters.

  4. The Joint Action Group For Gender Equality should be given the powers to interview aspiring Mufti’s before they are appointed . Why?

    Well mainly because they seem to have more progressive minds then that of the Mufti’s .

  5. Most disgusting—-

    “God” too was dragged into the video controversy!!!!
    Showing of porn videos = “patriotism”

  6. discrimination of the womenfolk is also a form of racism. what has rosmah to say to this? is she not interested in how women are being ridiculed by the male politicians?
    in countries where prostitution is legalised the sex workers are protected by the law. they have social security. they can call the police if needed.

    in countries where it is illegal (malaysia) or only tolerated, the sex workers are mostly forced into prostitution or have no other way of making a living. the police won’t protect them – they are no better then modern slaves catering to mostly perverse demands from men. large portion of what they earn they have give to their ‘handlers’.

    why do we, men, enjoy their services discreetly but condemn them in public?

    I am holier than you? my foot.

  7. Is it possible to ask amoral people to hold on to higher moral standards? Nazri, for example, tried to justify the election goodies and denied that they are bribes. Sooner or later, we would not need MACC anymore since bribery will be justified.

  8. The three Datos are representatives of UMNO leadership. So what else is there to say about the credibility and integrity of UMNO leaders?

    Silence by the President of UMNO indicates consent. Thus in my books the President of UMNO is as shameless as all the members of the Majlis Tertinggi. They are immoral, and have fallen to the lowest level for not speaking out or distancing themselves from the 3 clowns Asskey, Thamby and Shiok.

  9. discrimination of the womenfolk is also a form of racism. what has rosmah to say to this? – dian

    Nothing. Rosmah wears Najib’s pants andf Najib wears Rosmah’s panties.

  10. Thus in my books the President of UMNO is as shameless as all the members of the Majlis Tertinggi. -semper fi

    And Malaysians have agreed since 1957 that the President of UMNO MUST be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    So, ALL MALAYSIANS are shameless. Malaysians are born losers.

  11. Following the Westminster model of parliamentary democracy, the leader of the political party that wins the elections gets to be invited by the constitutional monarch to form the government. Unless of course we want to change and follow Presidential system which has separate and direct elections for the post of President. Even then there is no guarantee that the presidential candidate that has the electoral vote also has the popular vote. There is no guarantee that the President may not end up being chosen by the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court instead of being elected by the people.

  12. Najib wears Rosmah’s silk panties? This practice is more prevalent than you and I may think. A check with my CEO friends confirmed that. They love the feel of silk panties and the wives feel secure and comfortable wearing crocodile brand men’s underwear. So they tell me.

  13. Under the Westminster system the leader of the party that has the most seats does not necessary become the PM. The MP with the most support can be elected PM. The Malaysian model stinks, you vote for an MP but get a PM instead. In Malaysia the PM goes so far to say he was voted to be PM by the rakyat, bunch of BS. Anyway it’s water under bridge or gutter shall I say.

  14. Congratulations to JAG. Only yesterday I was asking a good lady friend why all the women’s organizations were keeping quiet on this gutter politics.

    As a united force you can shame these MCPs and immoral men from UMNO.
    Hats off to you.

  15. In the ecology, the monitor lizard, the rat, the cockroach, the worm and bacteria all have their place in recycling scum. If someone can distract and redirect anger and opposition from grand theft and systematic violation of rights for days or even hours – e.g. by making outrageous comments on women drivers, private sexual conduct, or minorities – the masters will reward them well.

  16. Why is there a specific ‘felt’ need for women groups to come out to bash these PEEGs?
    I don’t see anything more they can or should add. This is politicizing gender wars. Repeating what has already been said does not edify anyone.

    Is sex not mutual, barring hermaphrodites?
    Even ‘sexing’ have become “tribal”?

    It’s better to focus on smut in the computer base of MACC and PDRM. Or haven’t you heard..?

  17. Bung would have been forced to step down if he is in AUstralia or other western countries for his many “shocking” remarks, but fortunately this is Malaysia. Most of our ruling gomen has only brains for sex, money and power, nothing more, and that’s why our country is getting more and more backwards. We are a country that looks behind, not forward.

  18. Mongkut Bean,

    I will be having tea tarik with Semper Fi tomorrow (April 2) at Restoran Ismail in Jalan Tun Mohd.Fuad, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail at 9.30 am. I will introduce him to my favorite dentist. We have plenty to talk about when we meet, both business and contemporary issues. Frank and Tean Rean, if you both are free, please join us. –Din Merican

  19. It is too obvious & glaring in this Malaysia of ours that the Women’s Action Group are too much SUPPRESSED by the Male Chauvinism Syndrome for ages ! Fighting hard to gain legitimacy & emancipation for gender equality falling to deaf ears each time they voice for something that’s trampelled on them !

    See how agonising the efforts of Sisters In Islam to correct misimpression and distorted official MISINTERPRETATIONS by religious bigots on the question of gender bias against muslim women who are regarded as INFERIOR and sub-human to be enslaved and confined only to the kitchen !

    Religious bigots would always use religious edicts or fatwas to shout down upon them to stop clamouring for their ” rights ” using God’s name to shackle and intimidate them !
    How about Men’s Group go round rallying for them ? Hope I am not behind time in suggesting this ?

  20. Dato,
    Where the heck is Restoran Ismail, Taman Tun? I used to know my way around Taman Tun once upon a time but today I’d be completely lost. Give my regards to your favorite dentist. Didn’t realise Semper Fi is back home. Thought he was just testing the waters with me but he actually touched home base. I’m jealous.
    Restoran Ismail is in Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, near the VADs Building (previously IBM Plaza. We will share an additional roti chanai in your honour. Sorry, Mongkut. You must make a visit to Kuala Lumpur, someday soon.–Din Merican

  21. But God willing, one day we will meet.

    But by then the ravages of Alzheimer would have taken their toll and Semper Fi may think he’s in Patpong when he is in fact in Bukit Bintang, KL – what with Sami Tean acting as guide. Hopefully by then we would have our very own No Hands Restaurant.

  22. Who cares what Rosmah thinks . We know she is biased. But way to go womens groups, Sisters In Islam. Time to show the men in Umno how its done and done properly!

  23. Kathy,

    How could you say that about Rosmah? Don’t you know that she’s a recipient of two great humanitarian awards from US and Turkey respectively? At this rate, she could be a contender for the Nobel Peach Prize. I mean peace.

  24. Hi didi, have they got the wrong recipient or have they run out of contenders, err legit ones?…peach prize alright!

  25. But way to go womens groups, Sisters In Islam. Time to show the men in Umno how its done and done properly!- Kathy

    Show the men…done what??

  26. show the men that EGO doesnt work . Politics for the sake of politics doesnt work. Tackling issues of the plight of the people is what works , what has to be done right now. The Syariah system doesnt work, the civil courts are fairer in handling family law issues, the breach of Human Rights by allowing poverty to prevail. Need I go on? The Rule of Law needs to be reestablished. They need to be a strong force to influence policy changes. frank, If I list all the rubbish that goes on back home, there will be no space anymore here .

  27. Kathy

    For a moment I was worried that the women groups and Sisters In Islam might dampen the male ego of the men.

    This is because the latest news is that the POLICE refused to allow access to NGO Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) to the 2010 Crime Statistics booklet prepared by its Sexual Crimes and Child Abuse division.

    Reason given:The published book has been classified as a SECRET DOCUMENT under the OSA on the instructions of Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar.

    Meanwhile the Pakatan Selangor State Assembly has passed the Selangor Freedom of Information Enactment 2010 which gives the public access to state documents.



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