Gombak PR Function Halted by PDRM

March 26, 2011

Gombak PR(Pakatan Rakyat) Function halted by PDRM (Police)

A Pakatan Rakyat (PR) function here turned ugly last night (March 25, 2011) when policemen  and Special Branch personnel stopped Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from speaking, resulting in an angry mob attacking the Police(PDRM).

Anwar, who was the last speaker for the night, had spoken for about 13 minutes before the Police intervened. He was given 15 minutes to speak. The presence of a fully-armed 10-man Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) team did not sit with the crowd well, who mostly consisted of PR supporters. The crowd began throwing chairs and water bottles at the Police when they (the police) tried to stop Anwar from speaking.–Din Merican

15 thoughts on “Gombak PR Function Halted by PDRM

  1. It has the making of a tyrannical regime hell-bent on curtailing freedom of speech by all means possible. Using the security apparatus to intimidate and coerce the people is one popular method.

    I hope Jibby learns a thing or two with what is happening in Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and Libya. How much more can the rakayt take? When push come to shove, they gonna retaliate. And that will be the day..

  2. It could be that BN is feeling the heat under their collars, but simply won’t show it. You see, sometimes a scared person would be pretend to be fierce to scare off its enemies, by brandishing big weapons or displaying aggressive behavior. Of course, BN could also play chameleon, but it is a political party, and so near the next GE, it simply showed its fangs and aggressive behaviour.

    What is important is have restraint on the reaction to such aggressive behavior.

  3. The problem with these Umnoputras is simple. They have been in power far too long and the shit has creep into their heads. They feel that ruling this country is their birth right and that they are being assigned by God to be our masters.

    The Arabs have learned their lesson and are fighting back.

    Jibby, don’t take the rakyat for granted. You won’t know what gonna hit you soon.

  4. The Arab Revolution in Tunisia and Egypt started with self-immolation of frustrated, disenfranchised young men. These were the ‘martyrs’ who started the fire.
    Any takers here? Nah..
    What they are doing to Anwar will be the kindling, but is it enough?

    It will just be another Iran-like Regress, where the Army and Police remain subservient to the Pasdaran. Afterall, Octo and his hypocritical proteges are ardent fans of the Ayatollahs in suppresion tactics, if not in piety.

  5. The dirty tricks game occurs even in American and European politics. The objective is to destroy the reputation or credibility of your political opponents by manipulating perception. President Richard Nixon was one of the advocates of this kind of hardball and gutter political game. That is why he was known as Tricky Dick, but his hand is not seen, and others will take the fall on his behalf. The only exception was his cover-up of the Watergate tap-in which in the end forced him to resign or be impeached by the Senate.

    In our case, most of us know that the dirty tricks campaign and hardball politics can be traced directly to the Prime Minister and other Ministers closely linked to him, and their cronies and spinners. For example, recently Najib said that UMNO has nothing to do with the sex video saga and that we should be focusing on the authenticity of video. Read that between the lines and you know that the denial is not credible.

    So if we want to play the brutal game, be subtle, smart and persuasive, not stupid.–Din Merican

  6. Does the police know how to think?
    Who is paying their salaries?
    The RAKYAT!

    Aishehwomen (borrowed from someone)…the police –majority of them are anjing dah? u know anjing? there are many kind of anjing – shepard, chihuahua, bulldog etc…! Malaysia police are the nastiest anjing of them all!!!

    only a small portion are truely and dedicated policeman n policewoman! like my late grandfather–a policeman in British times.!!!

  7. In the era where information and communication is boundless and borderless, every political party needs to be more credible to the nation.
    When a government becomes very corrupted and oppressive, the nation suffered, and how long and how far can there bear with the pain. Whoever is the government, please take care of the nations’ welfare, and you will prosper together with the nation. Do not suppress them for fear of loosing your power, rather you should learn to give more, for you have taken far more than you can swollow over the years.

  8. Malaysia is a FASCIST STATE… MALAYSIANS voted for a fascist state since 1957.

    Malaysian voters, Don’t blame UMNO-BN for living in a fascist state, blame yourself. All of you are a bunch of losers.

  9. The next revolution is going to be in the Member States of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Just take a look at the countries. Young educated people all educated no jobs or at least do not have jobs that reward their qualifications and governments are not observing the principles of democarcy except in Malaysia.This is a potent mix and many readers have commented on it. I hope that the leaders of ASEAN will take copious notes before it is too late.

  10. “The dirty tricks game occurs even in American and European politics. The objective is to destroy the reputation or credibility of your political opponents by manipulating perception. President Richard Nixon was one … ” Dato

    True. FBI had his men trail Martin Luther King Jr. and Jack Kennedy for years. It is the oldest trick in the book. Destroy the messenger and the message would go down with him. But more often the purpose is to make the messenger do your bidding or be exposed. I will be surprised if Najib has not become such a messenger.

    But at least they do it with some finesse.

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