The Sex Video: Don’t Give us the Bull, Eskay

March 25, 2011

The Sex Video: Don’t Give us the Bull, Eskay

by Sakmongkol AK47

There are so many versions of the story about the tryst involving a person resembling Anwar Ibrahim and a China Lady.Johari Abdul the man invited to see the preview of the made in Malaysia movie said the male actor involved vaguely resembled Anwar Ibrahim.

Rahim’s Major Domo

This joker Johari Abdul now has hazy recollections. In our country, perhaps that hazy recollection can become clearer in a few days, when his memory is sufficiently jogged by wads of cash. We don’t want to talk about him now.

It’s Eskay we want to talk of and about. We have often heard the oft repeated advice: Don’t kill the messenger if the news is bad. We have to make an exception in this case of the video starring “Anwar” and the China doll. If it’s not a crime, we have to lynch that Shazryl Eskay guy, the useless piece of worm.

What happens to the meaning of friendship and loyalty? It’s true like de Gaulle says, we have no permanent friends, but permanent interests. People like Eskay are a walking debit and credit Shylock, who eschews friendship and loyalty. Twenty Four Seven. Completely untrustworthy and who can sell even his mother.

Can you believe after having done this odd job for Anwar for so many times, he suddenly has a change of heart, stirred by the pangs of conscience and now thinks of the interests of the nation?

Probably what changes are really the sums of money promised to him or some promise of gargantuan rewards yet to be known to us. Don’t give us that bull, Eskay.

You have benefited from Anwar for so long and have enjoyed the fruits of that friendship and confidence. All right-thinking UMNO leaders who rule the government of the day should distance themselves from the Eskays of the world.

That he chooses to align himself with Rahim Tamby Chik and Shuib Lazim, whose house is a palace of sorts in Sungai Petani, should be comforting news. Comforting because none of the sitting leaders have anything to do with this Eskay guy. I hope so.

How can you describe Eskay? In fact, how can Anwar describe and regard Eskay, his onetime procurer of sorts and arranger for peculiar services? He must now regard Eskay as a friend with whom he parties together, brings into his home but ends up in bed with Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (I could have chosen cruder description here).

What, then, should anyone in Anwar’s shoes do? In the past, a person like Eskay will have his head lopped off.It’s clear that what the three musketeers in pursuit of the noble causes of the realm wanted was —revenge.

Rahim referred to the order by Anwar — then DPM — for him to resign following allegations of sex with an underage Portuguese girl. Lim Guan Eng went to prison for that.

Rahim is certain his own trysts were exposed by the dirty works department under the payroll of Anwar. So Rahim waits and waits and formed his own dirty tricks department with Eskay as his major Domo. So, it’s not the nation’s interest that primarily motivates Rahim; it’s his never-ending thirst for sweet revenge.

Anwar? When I wrote my previous article, I wasn’t aware of this most recent video thing. I still say Anwar is damaged goods.

27 thoughts on “The Sex Video: Don’t Give us the Bull, Eskay


  2. We’ve always heard the joke about The Indian and the snake. All that changed with the Malay stooges SK, Thamby and Shiok. It’s now kill the Malay first then the snake.

  3. At first there was a trio, now two left to meet the media. Soon, after pressure from UMNO top guns and the Police, Rahim Thamby Cik will withdraw on the grounds that he has been misled by Dato Eskay. As a result, Eskay will be left carrying the can. Is there honour among thieves?

    Let us see what happens next. Sakmongkol is already hinting that this could be the likely scenario. Eskay will be gone. Rahim Thamby Cik, on the other hand, will be protected, by perhaps PERKASA and its great Patron.–Din Merican

  4. At least the venomous snake bite you in frontal attack, but this culture of striking & injecting poison from the rear in cowardly fashion, is reprehensible !

    I feel more saddened : what is to become of our children & grand children who will be growing up as future citizens : how, inculcate them with dishonesty, lies & deceits ? what will become of them ?

    I am lost for words ! So I am impelled to say this ( not that I am terribly “pious ” ) : –

    They know this from the Holy Book, pertinent revelations :

    ( i ) ” I made Man from the highest mould and sent them to the LOWEST OF THE LOW ” …. ( and coupled with ) ;

    (ii) ” Lo, I created Man HIGHER than the angel…Nay, potentially LOWER than the Beast !”

    If as humans we are not frightened of this, at least beg for forgiveness on prostrated knees – there may yet be a chance from Someone called ” The Mercifull and The Benevolent ”

    God forbid !

  5. Always accompanied in the holy book by apparently ” mild ” but a powerfull warning :

    ” ….. if only they knew….”

  6. Before it was the Indian and the Malay and the snake..u got it wrong , semper fi . It’s UMNO and the snake..kill UMNO first. Malays are oh so fragile ,so much so they need a special position in the constitution.. whilst the UMNO bunch wants KETUANAN !!!

  7. You guys are surprised at the latest Malayan soap-opera? I am the least surprise.. What goes around comes around.. we are being brought back to 15th century Malacca where the illustrious Hangs once roamed the land , rendering their undivided loyalty to royalty cozily occupying and neatly tucked within the palace’s walls .

    A glorious household of days of old , only to be infested with the presence of vicious double-crossing characters .

    My hunch is – Raim Thambiboy is a direct descendant of that cunning weasel Tun Ali – their notoriety connects .
    Eskay should be the ringleader of the Siamese entourage that whisked the Bunga Manggar away to a different direction , far away from Chulalongkorn’s ancestors as he possibly could.

    wShuib , on the other hand , most likely be the elderly Istana’s high priest cum ‘Bomoh” reincarnate.

  8. Just a thought . Does anyone think there is a link between this blue film video thing and the rm 20 million ringgit case in court between Eskay and the company that got compensated for the crooked bridge?

    Maybe after this , Eskay will win the case or maybe settle out of court for a certain some of money ? Maybe this is why he produced this blue film – to show that he has burnt his bridges with Anwar !!!

    What do you call this – shadow play or just plain wanker ?

  9. Dato Din, I believe we have enough of these shit surrounding this Pariah UMNO. Very depressing dan meloyakan!!!
    This time they have too far !!!
    Jelas membuktikan yang Melayu2 hari ini sudah rosak , bodoh dan bangsat.

  10. “Completely untrustworthy and who can sell even his mother.” Sakmongkol AK47.

    Well Dato’, do you know why Siamese community in Kedah will chain their female dogs when certain type of people passing through their villages?

  11. Mr Tean,

    This Eskay character is the scum of the earth. He should be investigated by the Police and then charged in our courts. In some places, characters like Eskay are made to face the firing squad and shot and his family made to pay for the bullet.

    Rahim, the serial rapist, is a disgrace to UMNO. He has embarrassed the UMNO President and must be sacked as Chairman of RISDA, while the Lazim fella is just a fool with nothing between his ears.

  12. @rightways

    You are spinning it out of control!

    You desperately still want the simple minded people to retain perception that was first planted Anwar was having sex and the proof being caught on video.

    Never mind that the video recorded with a look alike, faked or whatever. Planting a false perception was the objective and the spinning was to ensure it remains, isn’t it?

  13. children who will be growing up as future citizens : how, inculcate them with dishonesty, lies & deceits ? what will become of them ? -Abnizar7

    yes, you are right. the positive thing is that we are giving them a sound sex education which our schools do not dare teach.
    a shameful politics by politicians who should be doing their jobs caring for the people.
    the emphasis in the latest sex entertainment is on Anwar and the ‘chinese’ prostitute. what if she has been malay or others..not so bad stupid??

    wake up malaysia! racism leads to self destruct. look whats happening in the world. its time we change and start to live like global citizens.
    we live in a beautiful country with beautiful people (as foreigners used to say) why should we make it KAPUTT.

  14. …the emphasis in the latest sex entertainment is on Anwar and the ‘chinese’ prostitute. -dian

    ‘chinese’ prostitute’? Could be another MALAYSIAN SCANDALS in the making!

    Can’t remember? Malaysia Government apologized to China for Malaysian prostitute: Hemy Hamisa Abu Hassan Saari:

  15. I am told that the Sex Workers Union in Mainland China has reported the case to Human Rights International demanding equal treatment for their members in Malaysia. The Omega watch was a gift.

  16. I am a non-Muslim and view with concern the number of X-rated videos and sodomy cases being reported every other day in Malaysia by the mainstream papers. Don’t we Malaysians have nothing better to do than reporting and giving prominence to these sordid tales repeated over and over again.

    At this rate, the Hollywood and Bollywood scriptwriters would have been put to shame by the Malaysians.

    As Kee Tuan Chye said that it was more than coincidental that the Mahathir memoirs regarding 4 prostitutes with an ex-DPM comes at the opportune time with this revelation. More so, that the Home Minsiter came out so quickly with a denial that the Police were not anvolved and the PM denied any UMNO involvement.

    Come on Malaysians, why are we so fascinated with with these sex or sodomy related news made so prominently by MSM ?
    We are not fools and can make judgement for ourselves.

    It is sad that fellow Muslims are throwing shit on their brother Muslims who happened to be on different side of the political divide. Worst still, if these drama enacted are fabricated with all the lies and deceit wrapped into it these events will bring Malaysia down the balck hole sooner than later.

    Are we not making Malaysia a laughing stock among the world community of nations ?

    Our political leaders should compete with each other more on leadership qualities, management of the nation’s economy, competency, reduction of corruption and improvement in the quality of life for the rakyat rather than throwing shit at their opponents.

    Enough is Enough !.

  17. Right as facts shown, most of them have been corrupted, incompetent and shameful indeed!

    Beware of outsiders watching us! Outsiders have freedom of choices and actions
    which the corrupted Malaysians depend upon as they cannot, never never learn and change within!

    Look another: International bribery scandal, Alcael-Lucent barred from Celcom Asiata, TM deals:

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