More on the Johari Abdul Expose

March 24, 2011

More on the Johari Abdul Expose

Comment by Kee Thuan Chye

So, those who surmised that the sex video revealed by ‘Datuk T’ was a political ploy have been proven right. The people behind it – three of them – have confessed to it.

They were forced to reveal themselves because PKR’s MP Johari Abdul had earlier spilled the beans on them. It all unravelled like a cheap soap opera.

Former Malacca chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik, businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Shuib Lazim, treasurer-general of Perkasa, have come out to say they are ‘Datuk T’. And they have the cheek to call for a royal commission of inquiry into the sex video.

In the first place, they have transgressed Section 292 of the Penal Code for possessing and distributing pornographic material. Regardless of who the person in the video is, the trio are culpable. Exposing a politician’s sexual activity does not protect them from the law.

After their intended target, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, had lodged a police report, the inspector-general of police, Ismail Omar, announced that the case would be investigated under Section 292.

That being so, the police should now logically arrest all three for possession and distribution of pornographic material and have them charged in court. They should have moved in right after the trio gave their press conference to reveal themselves.

If the trio were the authors of the statement given out to the media calling on the politician (said to be in the video) and his wife to quit politics, they should also be charged for blackmail.

So what’s holding the police back? Are they awaiting further instructions from Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein? If so, Hishammuddin should observe the rule of law. He should not protect these people because they are UMNO members or pro-UMNO. This is where the public can judge how sincere the government really is.

If the trio go scot-free, it will be a sure sign that the government practises double standards. The trio’s call for a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) into the sex video is unwarrantable. Why should there be one? In the case of VK Lingam in 2007, there was ample cause for an RCI – the issue of the fixing of judges was of immense public concern as it affected one of our country’s institutions.

Where is the public concern for a case involving a man, even though he may be a public figure, visiting a prostitute? How does that affect the public? It’s his own private concern, and the public is no worse for it.

In calling for an RCI, the trio appear to be trying to distract us from the offence they have actually committed. In fact, if they were also the ones who masterminded the videotaping, it would mean they are far more immoral than anyone who merely visits a prostitute. They would have no moral right to cast stones at others.

Their actions would have to be seen to be nothing less than repulsive. Even inhuman. For what kind of human being would do something as despicable as this to destroy another human being?

A larger force at work?

But for now, they have not said they were behind the videotaping. They maintain that Shazryl discovered the four cameras and recorder in the hotel room where the sexual liaison took place when he was asked by the politician to go back there and retrieve his Omega watch.

If that is so, who set up the cameras and recorder? Who wanted to catch the politician in the act? And why? There might be a larger force at work here. Finding out who or what it is would be finding the key to the mystery that surrounds the whole drama.

Another key question is why, after discovering the video, Shazryl hooked up with Rahim and Shuib to expose the politician. Why did Shazryl not ascertain the source of the videotaping before deciding to go public with the video?

He admits he was also in the tape but refuses to say why he was at the hotel where the sexual liaison took place. Does this mean he was caught on tape unknowingly or was he in on the taping as well? From his saying that he had felt “used by Anwar for far too long”, could it imply that he wanted to get back at the man by setting the whole thing up?

The association with Rahim is most intriguing. He was the Malacca chief minister who had to resign in 1994 over allegations of his sexual relations with an underaged girl.

At yesterday’s press conference, he indicated he had a score to settle with Anwar by accusing the latter of lying to him. He urged Anwar to take responsibility for his actions by stepping down, like he himself did in 1994.

Did Shazryl go to Rahim after discovering the video, or was Rahim also in it from the beginning? Is all this part of a plot to exact revenge?

Onus now is on the police

Is the sex video also aimed at luring PKR MPs to defect? As PKR’s Johari Abdul  has revealed to the media, he was invited to privately view the sex video on Monday by the trio, after which they made him offers of financial incentives, suggesting that he defect.

He says they also offered to take him to meet Prime Minister and UMNO president Najib Razak, and asked him to bring more Pakatan Rakyat MPs to see the video. He inferred that the trio wanted to also turn them against Anwar.

If all this is true, we are seeing yet another instance of gutter politics being practised. The sort that is as dirty as that perpetrated in the Perak coup of 2008.

As it has turned out, the soap opera has apparently not unfolded as it was scripted, and this whole ugly and sordid drama could actually hurt UMNO and BN. Even if Rahim and gang were acting on their own, we have now managed to see further evidence of what UMNO (and PERKASA) people can resort to.

Besides, we still don’t know who actually masterminded the videotaping. There could be deeper and more sinister implications. There could even be a larger conspiracy. This is a mystery the police must solve.

But first, the police must also do what’s right. Already, the public has lost much faith in them. If they don’t act against the trio in accordance with the law now, they will be seen to be mere puppets of the BN.

40 thoughts on “More on the Johari Abdul Expose

  1. When Rahim was Melaka CM, every Melakan knew that he would go gaga over small sized girls and would go all the way to ‘get her’ and satisfy his urge.
    One of his flings was with a Portuguese girl named Josephine Nunis. After satisfying his lust and promising to marry her, he dumped her. That was when she got Karpal Singh to sue him for breach of promise of marriage.
    Details of their sexual exploits were contained in the Statement of Claim and Affidavit filed at the Melaka High Court (in the mid 80s).
    The case was finally withdrawn. The rumour then was, she was paid a hefty sum of money to shut up and go on a holiday to Japan.
    Karpal will confirm the truth of the above.
    Rahim has no business to take the moral high ground.

  2. The police will justify the actions of the three since theirs was a patriotic act to defend race, religion and country.
    Come on, police don’t arrest UMNO patriots?
    They may instead charge Anwar for soliciting the services of a prostitute.
    This country is standing on its head.

  3. Sec. 292 of the Penal Code does not appear to make mere possession of pornographic material a crime. The intent to profit financially is an essential element of the crime.

    Unlike in the case of child pornographic material when mere possession is itself a crime.

    There appears to be only one crime under Sec. 292 Penal Code i.e. the crime of distribution with intent to profit financially. Not mere possession.

  4. In view of the easy access to internet porn, does Malaysia have laws pertaining to child pornography? Over here mere downloading of child pornographic material onto your hard disk of your computer is itself a crime.

  5. The TV series “Sex and UMNO” will be screened on RTM1 soon.

    Shazryl Eskay Abdullah will play the role of Anwar. He is the best look alike and already appeared in video.

    They are looking for an actor to play the role of Ramli Thamby Chik. It seems the talent scouts are talking to prison wardens for convicted statutory rapist for the role who looked like a politician.

    Ibrahim Ali has been approached as guest star in one of the episodes. They like his performance in Aljazeera when he appeared live two years ago.

    As for the role of the chinese prostitute, plenty around KL.

    UMNO is financing the series and one of the Perkasa committee members have formed a company undertake the project.

  6. I heard they are also looking for a Malaysian expatriate from US (preferably from New York) to play the role of a CNN reporter in three of the episodes. Looking for a 60-plus old male familiar with UMNO and with legal background.

  7. Kee Thuan Chye is either dumb or plain stupid.

    Doesn’t he know by now, after all these years as a political analyst and commentator, that the laws in Malaysia ONLY appliy to NON-UMNO Malaysians???

    Kee Thuan Chye has nothing else better to write to dish out nonsense about pushing the law barrel at these UMNO crooks.

    Kee Thuan Chye should go and study some Malaysian history on those court cases where UMNO crooks are involved. They get promoted and become Chairman of RISDA, and get nominated to stand in election like that small size corrupt crook in N. Sembilan.

    Even non UMNO cronies like that Indian lawyer who “kopi korek” , oops!!! I meant “korek korek korek” got scot free despite the royal commission.

    The murderers of Teoh Beng Hock in MACC are still not caught. The two policemen who had to take the fall for the murder of the Mongolian woman and presumably in jail, could somewhere overseas on UMNO’s account until the whole issue boils over.

  8. Mr Bean,
    read properly Sec 292 PC, it says: sells, lets to hire, distribute…. etc .. or circulation, makes, produces or HAS IN HIS POSSESSION… thus possessing also a crime.

  9. Datuk T (Thamby) is a real laughing stock 🙂 He tried to imply at the press conference that he is a person of high morals and uncorrupted, and said “Anwar, with all his ambitions of becoming PM, and Malaysia’s standing in Islam, I don’t want to see a leader with corrupt morals and character”

  10. Pendek, the grandmother of the under-aged girl whom Rahim Thamby raped had been quoted as saying, ‘ the baby boy borned to the girl had similar features with Rahim Thamby’. With the DNA evidence now being in vogue and parliament having passed the DNA Act, the police should reopen its rape file on Rahim and get the DNA of both Rahim and the baby boy.

    This is what malays used to say, ‘ you don’t have trouble, you got itchy courting for one’.

  11. “…it will be a sure sign that the government practises double standards…”

    kee tuan chye is equally ignorant.

    What bloody “…will be a sure sign”? are we talking about here? Whats so difficult to get to the point?

  12. ok lah rahim is a crook,eskay is rotten and shuib is a shit!

    but did anwar really do it?that is the question!

    the 3 dato T,is not our PM to be but anwar is!

  13. If you go by the recent sequence of events starting with Sodomy 2 to the formation of PERKASA, and the book by the Dr. from Kerala it looks like the people behind this sex tape are the same conspirators from Sodomy 1 with the resurfaced of Ummi, Thamby, Eskay from the crooked bridge. See how low and despicable creatures can be

  14. What idiots we must all be, arguing the authenticity of DSAI as the fcuker in the 3rd. rate “porn production”.

    If it was really him, the whole commando unit would have already dragged him out from his house and, the whole world – through CNN, Al-Jazeera and etc.. would have been made to watch him hauled in with profound humiliation.

  15. Hello bloggers! Are we that dumb? Absolutely NOT!

    It is a smoke-screen. It has been given prominence courtesy of the STAR to find it fit to be the front page news with a big photo of Anwar – the opposition leader.

    With the Sarawak GE looming around the corner, Najib and Muhyuddin’s unsuccessful attempt to make Taib Mahmud step down before the election, being fully aware that TM’s excess baggages will lead to BN’s downfall, gave Najib and Muhyuddin a frightening nightmare if all their efforts to avoid defeat in the coming SGE are in vain.

    Don’t be fooled by SNAP. PKR may think SNAP is part of them when in truth, they have committed themselves to BN. Courtesy of Leo Moggie, the prime mover. After the SGE, SNAP will jump into BN en bloc. That is why they wanted 40 seats, not 3 or 8 as offered by PKR. That will take care of the Dayak (Iban) votes concentrated in the remote or suburban electoral locations. Personally, I don’t have anything nice to say about PKR’s negotiators with SNAP. Suffice to say, they are doing the best they can.

    What comes to our mind is the land grab of tanah adat (NCR), Bakun Dam, rapes of Penan girls… Speaking of which, if the Penans and other indigenous group, not to forget the international community, were up in arms over the rapes of the Penan girls, what better way to tell them that Anwar – the Opposition leader of the PKR is no better. They can’t tell the difference. It will be easy fodder for BN to use the so-called Anwar’s sojourn with a prostitute during the election campaign to fool the voters. Flyers or video tapes will be used to the limits to fool the voters to maximum effect. We can tell it is all a lie, a conspiracy orchestrated by BN, and we already know who the perpetrators are. The same is not the case with the voters in the remote areas in Sarawak due to their lack of access to the medium of information.

    Believe me, whatever actions by the police, the AG, the court, against the perpetrators, if at all, will only drag on until BN is safe, home and dry after they win the SGE. Malaysia Boleh, Conspiracy Inc.

  16. How could they be so certain the woman in question is a Chinese, and not just a woman with Asian features? If they are so sure that the man in the video is Anwar, why the need to demand RCI to authenticate the tape?
    At least I confessed, haha.

  17. They will tie a noose aorund their own neck and they will self destruct in a bid to destroy others and they will be no more. We wiill wait and see the end of them.

    They have casued much pain and anguish and shame unto the country.

  18. 1. It boomeranged

    2. The public’s contempt for UMNO/BN and hypocritical “moralists” has increased many more knotches

    3. The “adult movie” producers are poorer by lots of ringgit

    3. Focus returns to more important things i.e. the
    forthcoming Sarawak state election (and political tsunami)

  19. UMNO dulu, UMNO sekarang, UMNO hilang. The writings are on the wall.

    Hey! What have come of the Umno cybertroopers who constantly spam Din’s blog? Semua dah hilang???

  20. RPK should know this Eskay fella well to spill some bean here. Eskay is TDM man’s who is not in Najib’s good books.

    From Langkawi to Bkt Kayu Hitam to Kuala Nerang, people have been talking about this Eskay.

    Please RPK, write something fast, don’t keep us in suspense>>>>

  21. The stories that they came out with sound so ludicrous like Saiful’s stories. Dato’ Eskay doesn’t know where the police station is? He’s a Dato’ with infinite amount of resources so surely taking a taxi, a simple google search or using a GPS wouldn’t be a big problem for him? As for Rahim Thamby Chik, I can still remember my parents discussing how he got away scot-free with statutory rape. I think it freaks every parents out there to be thinking that the same thing could happen to their daughters. Still he wants to talk about morality. blah!

  22. Prof Din,

    I remember that you used to talk very highly about politics and governance in Malaysia when you were in Phnom Penh a few years ago. But when I read Mr. Kee’s article on your blog, I am shocked to learn of how dirty politics can be in your much respected country.

    I remember the hard work of Ambassador Mr. Deva during the difficult days of my country in 1991-1996 to help us. Mr. Deva was a very outstanding man and since his departure in 1996, Malaysian Ambassadors are of low quality.

    I don’t understand how your new Prime Minister, Nr. Najib, can allow his own party members to come out with fabricated stories just to get even with Mr. Anwar Ibrahim. Is he a weak leader? Is he scared to fight idea for idea in democratic politics? Doesn’t your Prime Minister have control over his own party and the state of politics in Malaysia?

    I am very disappointed that things have changed so much for the Malaysian people. Cambodians are recovering from our tragedy under the Khmer Rouges. But our politics is not as dirty as that in Malaysia. Maybe you can explain what is happening in Kuala Lumpur right now.
    KhmerPlus, things have changed, that is true. But Mr. Najib inherited many problems from the past especially those created by Mr. Mahathir and Mr. Badawi. I like to give Mr Najib more time. Once he has his own mandate, we can be tough with him. Remember his father was a great Prime Minister and he said that he would like to make Malaysia great again. His 1Malaysia idea is being challenged by ultra Malay nationalists in his UMNO party. Thanks for your interest in Malaysia and your kind words for Mr. Deva–Din Merican

  23. Dear KhmerPlus

    This is a good quote from Louis Brandeis:

    “If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law and invites every man to become a law unto itself.”

    In their desperation to hang on to power, the corrupt ruling regime politicians in Malaysia are dragging the name of Malaysia through the mud and making us the laughing stock of SE Asia and the world. Only in Malaysia can these occur — a former Deputy Prime Minister hits himself so as to get a black eye in order to gain public sympathy (explanation given by then PM Dr Mahathir on how his ex-Deputy PM Anwar Ibrahim got a black eye while in police custody) and only in Malaysia does a victim of very rough interrogation (and possibly murder) can be engaging in self-strangulation — as demonstrated by a govt lawyer in a court of justice.

  24. Mr Bean,
    read properly Sec 292 PC, it says: sells, lets to hire, distribute…. etc .. or circulation, makes, produces or HAS IN HIS POSSESSION… thus possessing also a crime.

    Jamil – March 24, 2011 at 10:13 am

    Like I said Jamil. It is my contention that it has to be read together — not disjunctively — and if read together there is only one crime i.e. that of distribution with intent to profit financially.

    The issue is not one of giving a narrow construction to it. It is an issue on substantive law.

    But you may disagree.

  25. They are asking Anwar Inrahim for his DNA sample to see if he had poked Saiful in the butt?

    I think they should now ask Rahim Thambi Chik for his DNA too to see if he is indeed the father of the little boy borned to the teenage statutory rape victim!

    Macamana IGP / AG? Ada brani?

  26. Khmerplus ,

    Our blog host is a man of reason , patriotic in a sense , he is not gonna go to a foreign-land and discredit his country in anyway.

    What Malaysia is encountering of late are the lascivious behavior portrayed by a segment of power crazed politicians who are hell bent on prolonging the statuesque founded by a Keralan migrant who suffers a peculiar mental disease which the Germans termed as doppelganger . These political sickos are only moral against a certain political outcast who incidentally at one time was a protege of the Keralan migrant.

    It amounts to profiling . So , once again – a huge majority of law-abiding people have been lumped-in with those who choose to ignore the law and we’re all branded as sexual perverts , people of third world mentality and other degrading features .

  27. Doesn’t your Prime Minister have control over his own party and the state of politics in Malaysia? –

    Sad to say and quite embarrassed for us to admit it, our Prime Minister is spineless and has no balls to take on those in his own political party. In fact, his wife is running the country as de facto PM with a team of witchdoctors (we call bomohs)advising her and also she is our foreign affairs spokesperson. She just gave the most brilliant Malaysian perspective of why earthquake and the tsunami happened in Japan.

  28. “Sad to say and quite embarrassed for us to admit it, our Prime Minister is spineless and has no balls … ” Frank

    Not since Mrs PM got a mouthful.

  29. Only goes to show that the Police are so scared of BN by not arrresting the trio for distribution of pornography and blackmail.
    Instead of serving the Rakyat’s interest, they should realise the RAKYAT are the ones paying their salaries!

  30. There is an old Arab proverb. In this circumstances it rings :-

    `He who digs a grave for his brother, he himself will fall into it.`

    Dato SK a con man and opportunist, Datuk Rahim T, a child rapist and Dato Shuib a failed businessman very convenient people for this kind of gutter politics and conspirarcy.

    Am glad , this drama has backfired. Thanks Datuk, Datuk and Datuk.

  31. Johari Abdul laugh and admits the stud in the video is no other than yours truly Anwar Ibrahim..Hahaha you guys keep on cow dung feed by those liars and hypocrytes..

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