Datuk T calls to RCI on Sex Tape

March 23, 2010

Datuk T at Press Conference: Calls For RCI on Sex Tape

by Regina Lee @http://www.malaysiakini.com

Former Malacca Chief Minister Rahim Thamby Chik, who today admitted that he is one of the three persons behind the sex tape scandal, has called for a royal commission to determine the authenticity of the clip.

The mystery of a ‘Datuk T’ – the person who had shown the video to journalists on Monday – was also revealed as a code name for ‘Datuk Trio’, comprising Rahim, former honorary Thai consul Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and PERKASA treasurer-general and ex-senator Shuib Lazim.

Confirming PKR’s claims of their identities earlier today, Rahim also called for a royal commission to include three key opposition leaders – PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat and a DAP representative.

He suggested two other personalities to sit on the panel – KITA president Zaid Ibrahim and PERKASA chief Ibrahim Ali.

Rahim said that the commission should work to determine the authenticity of the tape, and invited others to be in the panel. “If the government wants to send a representative, they can. The NGOs should also appoint their leaders to sit in the panel.

“I also have no problems if there are foreigners in the panel, like those from Singapore, Australia or Indonesia,” he said.

“Then the person accused of being in the video can also bring his own experts to see if it is really him,” said Rahim.

Reiterating his press statement earlier as ‘Datuk T’, Rahim maintained his call for journalists to sit in the panel. “This is because they are the diseminator of truth and information,” he said. The 20-minute sex tape showed a man having sex with a woman in a hotel room.

Wan Azizah’s husband and PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim had on Monday denied he was the man in the video. He has also lodged a police report.

Shazryl: I am 100% sure it’s Anwar

Shazryl (right), who was also present at the hastily arranged press conference in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon, said he was “100 percent” sure that it was Anwar in the tape.

“Because I was also in the tape,” he said, refusing to answer other questions about his role in the tape as well as his presence in the hotel where the alleged sex act take place.

According to those who have watched the clip, there were initially two men at the beginning of the video.

He also said that he was a friend of Anwar, but he said that he felt “used by Anwar for far too long”. Shazryl also said that he had intially went to Shuib and Rahim – whom he described as long-time friends – after stumbling across the video recording and had asked the former CM to find a “safe place” to screen it.

“When Shazryl found out about the video, we thought that the rakyat and especially the media should know about the man who wants to become prime minister,” add Rahim, who sat beside Shazryl.

“They told me to find a secure place, so I suggested Carcosa Seri Negara, because it’s safe and a little secluded.”

Rahim tells Anwar to ‘follow his footsteps’

Both Rahim and Shazryl Eskay refused to answer further questions pertaining to the sex video, saying that the police are already investigating the matter. Rahim called on Anwar to emulate him in quitting politics.

“I just want him to follow my footsteps and to take responsibility and step down,” he said, referring to his resignation from all government and party positions after he himself was claimed to have been embroiled in a statutory rape case in 1994.

“Although the courts found me not guilty (sic), I still took responsibility and stepped down because of my loyalty to the government and party,” he said, adding that Anwar, as deputy prime minister had lied to him about former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s wishes for him to resign.

“Anwar said that Dr Mahathir wanted me to resign, saying that I’m a liability. But it turned out that he was lying to me,” he said.

“Anwar, with all his ambitions of becoming PM, and Malaysia’s standing in Islam, I don’t want to see a leader with corrupt morals and character,” said Rahim.

In 1994, Rahim resigned as Malacca chief minister after he was implicated in a sex scandal involving an underaged girl. In an controversial decision, then attorney-general Mokhtar Abdullah refused to charge him due to lack of evidence.

Rahim, who was then an up-and-coming UMNO politician, was also forced to step down as UMNO Youth chief following the scandal.He was seen to be closely linked to then premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and had claimed to be a victim of a plan hatched by then deputy premier Anwar’s men.

Rahim also accused PKR MP for Sungai Petani Johari Abdul of demanding a pay-off.Johari, who had called a press conference earlier today, had revealed the identity of those involved in the sex tape scandal.

According to Rahim, Johari had asked for RM100,00 as “duit pelincir” (‘grease money’) and RM1 million for each Pakatan lawmaker he would bring to watch the video recording.

In a related development, DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang asked why the Datuk T trio had not been arrested over the screening of the sex video to various quarters.

Why trio not arrested?

Citing Section 292 of the Penal Code, Lim  said it is an offence to publicly exhibit “any obscene or pornographic material” for which it is liable to a jail term of three years.

Section 5(1) of the Film Censorship Act 2002, meanwhile, stipulates a fine of up to RM50,000, five years’ jail, or both, for the same offence.

“Do the trio enjoy immunity and impunity for breaches of the law and actions which have brought world-wide shame to the nation?” asked the Ipoh Timor parliamentarian.

The veteran politician also asked how the police and the top BN leaders such as Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz could be completely unaware of the Carcosa Seri Negara video screening as to the identities of ‘Datuk T’ trio.

This given the presence of almost a dozen mainstream and alternative journalists and editors at the hotel who were informed about the screening on Monday.

“A despicable and dastardly political ploy to destroy both Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat’s chances in the Sarawak general elections may prove to be the last straw to break the back of public confidence in the credibility and legitimacy of the Najib premiership and to convince the majority of the people that the time has come to end the mandate of BN and UMNO to continue to govern Sarawak and Malaysia,” said Lim in a statement.

Press Interview –Datuk Trio

32 thoughts on “Datuk T calls to RCI on Sex Tape

  1. Now that Datuk T has been identified how come the Police have not tried to arrest them. Maybe Police still investigating. Hey Polis Datuk T have already admitted. Go and bring the men in balaclava and 30 other Special Forces in case Datuk T tries to resist.

    Get a remand order for 7 seven days while you complete the investigation. Apa Polis sangat bodoh. Arrest them and hold for investigation. Meantime get the MACC officers to grill and interrogate them better still do it at Plaza Massalam. Hello IGP Ismail, you still there? Why not even a squeak, why kecut teloq ka?

  2. Hahaha..very funnylah..kindergarten stuff…that Eskay admitted that he was in the tape; which means he was in the room with ‘Anwar’. And MP Johari said..from the video tape there was initially two man…one man (must be Eskay) was in the room preparing to video tape the act and the other was that ‘Anwar’ ready for action.

    When the reporter asked Eskay, what was he doing in the room when ‘Anwar’ was in the act..Eskay can’t answer. Probably the malaysian police will believe this Eskay fella.

    That is why I have no respect for Datuks and Tan Sris and avoid addressing them as such. Look at these Datuks and Tan Sri characters. Getting involved in making blue film. The Agong shld strip this Tan Sri title from Rahim. It is an embarrassment. A Tan Sri getting involved in blue film.

  3. Anwar would be well advised to use the ‘Lingam’ defense which is, “He looks like me, moves like me, talks like me, even screws like me” but it is not me.

    This defense has been used to such success that even Bill Clinton recently caught with Lady Ga Ga is now looking into it. It has made its way into law books over here and it is the talk within legal circles.

  4. Remember these guys are UMNO members and as such as they are judged by a different set of rules and regulations. PERKASA is also involved. So you and I cannot say what we like as we will be called to account quickly. This is reality. UMNO calls the shots in Malaysia. MCA and MIC and others in the BN are mere cheerleaders.

    That is why I rather read Shakespeare or some other book for relaxation. I have posted a commentary (above) by A.C Graying on Shakespeare, in which the philosopher mentioned A. D. Nuttall’s book Shakespeare the Thinker which I read recently. Hope to read Harold Bloom’s Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human later.–Din Merican

  5. Dato Din

    You mean you prefer to read Shakespeare than to watch a blue movie?

    What’s happening to the world???
    Frank, true. Gone are the days when life was sheer merriment of youth. At my age, I have become a bit of a street corner philosopher to keep my sanity. I can’t believe that a former sex offender has the audacity to hold a press conference to talk about leadership and character. Worse still, the A-G, Home Minister and Police have not pounced on Datuk Trio, including my home state kaki, former Senator Dato Shuib Lazim.–Din Merican

  6. Who is this Thamby Chik to call for a RCI? The YDP Agong have other important things to do than entertain this has been politician and sexual predator. Over here he will be listed on the A list and will be wearing an ankle bracelet and must stay 1000 feet away from schools and parks.

  7. UMNO and Perkasa have been claiming to be defenders of their faith and religion.
    Which religion allows its followers to denounce, humiliate, vilify and demonize its political opponent?

  8. This Shazryl Eskay has an uncanny resemblance to Anwar Ibrahim.

    Could he, with some make-up be screwing the chinese prostitute and then blame it on Anwar.

    You get the best of both worlds… screw a prostitute and blame it on someone.

    Better than reading Shakespeare.

  9. Rahim Tamby Chik Dr mahathir’s blue eyed boy you know . That is why , he now making blue films … cartoon characters all .

    Top Cat would have done a better job.

    All from the supreme race , professing the supreme religion seem to all only be good for stealing , sinning and making blue films ! Rahim Tamby Chik of all people … a shit arse like mahathir .

  10. Good role models for Malaysian youth

    “You too can be a top movie maker” (RTC)

    “You too can be the PM of Malaysia” (Dr M)

  11. UMNO has gone to the DOGs. Thanks in no small way to Jibby, Keris, Moohodin and Rosie. They are sending this so-called parti Melayu into oblivion. Time to open up the champagne.

    UMNO dulu, sekarang dan hilang…

  12. There is no need to drag the High Office of DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agung into this case. The lwas of the land are there and it up to the IGP and the AG to implement the laws to its fullest extent.

  13. Dato Din, it very obvious that this Rahim Tamby Kecik is trying get the limelight and attention from the pariah UMNO leadership which he has been trying hard for the 10 years or so. Anyway, this kind of scandal fits very well to his own personal character (muka pantat). Known among friends that this Rahim Tamby Kecik will shed tears instead of ‘air liok’ if he sees beautiful women or.. young girls !!!

  14. The fact that the video came out just after the Sarawak parliament was dissolved and after Mahathir claimed that Anwar love foreign prostitutes makes me question the authenticity. Too much of a coincidence. That lady Ummi Hafilda claimed that she had known about the sex tapes for 13 years. Yeah right. If that’s the case, Anwar would have been nailed years ago. Why aren’t the tapes used against Anwar? Unless there are no tapes to be used anyway. She’s an embarrassment to women around the world. Jazebel of Malaysia.

  15. All Malaysians and especially Sarawakians, please take note ! This latest expose has a hidden agenda.
    Everyone knows that this hastily done porno job by BN is to discredit PKR’s leader.
    But why now? Look at the timing of this con-job and the Sarawak polls- it is related !

    BN knows that Taib is dead meat in the Sarawak elections and BN is hedging its bets by secretly trying to convert SNAP, a Sarawak opposition party that BN think will have a chance of getting the votes from the disgruntled mistreated Sarawakians. After the Sarawak elections are over , the politicians from this opposition party SNAP will then cross-over to BN so that BN can still continue to rule over Sarawak .

    Othet than offering SNAP politicians monetary rewards, BN is using this tactic ( by discrediting Anwar via the sex tapes ) as an excuse for SNAP politicians to switch sides and join BN after the state elections. You can bet that the scandal will die down after the Sarawak elections is over and the defections already sealed.

  16. God knows what next….Anwar raping a cow or a goat. Something for you to read-loose

    Don’t give this Eskay guy ideas. Remember he has over 3000 goats on his farm.

  17. As the production of this sex video by this UMNOTrio and maybe one of them is the actor, the Police dare not touch them. The IGP is now shitting in his pants.

  18. The chase is on to find the chinese prostitute by UMNO, MACC, and the Police to try to extract the DNA of the man who had sex with her to match DNA of Anwar Ibrahim.

    Anybody who knows the chinese prostitute, please report to UMNO HQ or to MACC HQ or to Bukit Aman.

    Not sure whether you can get monetary reward. Perhaps a shot at the prostitute as compensation for the services. Better than reading Shakespeare for all the hard work.

  19. Next set up project by UMNO to demonise Anwar in the works:

    Anwar’s house and office will be raided by the police the day aafter Najib calls for the next General Election. The police confiscates his laptop. A week later a press conference will called by the IGP at the UMNO Hq that Anwar’s laptop has paedophilia materials and child sex videos. Anwar is then charged with being a ringleader in an international paedophilia network. Anwar has to go to court again. MACC then has another press conference three days later with a photo of Anwar embracing a 10 year old child in a hotel room. MACC makes a police report.

    Semua boleh… Malaysia boleh….Hidup 1Malaysia.

    Long Live UMNO.

  20. Frank,
    No DNA from the China Doll becos “Anwar” use condom, They even showed how the condom was removed to prevent DNA being splattered everywhere.
    Heard Datuk T Production is interested in script writers for their next “Satu Lagi Projek Porno Kerajaan BN. This one will be rated UMUM

  21. Shazryl Eskay Abdullah aka Datuk T… here’s the deal.

    Shazryl Eskay Abdullah is in a midst of a court case on the crooked bridge. He is suing to get his alleged promise share of RM20 million from Merong Mahawangsa and Datuk Yahya A. Jalil who is the Executive director and major of shareholder Merong Mahawangsa. But Badawi decided to “C-4” the crooked bridge in 2006. The poor chap still wanted his RM20 milliion from the company.

    What services did this Shazryl Eskay Abdullah aka Datuk T offer to Yahya Jalil. In court he said helped procure he had procured the rights to the Malaysia-Singapore International Gateway (SIG) bridge project (the infamous “the crooked bridge” project).

    How did he do it? He said said Yahya Jalil had sought his services and his “discretion and good relations” with the governmentto procure the project from the GOVERNMENT and to secure RM640 million in foreign funds for the project.

    Shazryl said in court he had also helped Yahya Jalil to gain access to then-deputy prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim.

    Read all above HERE

    Ha! There’s the catch and the connection. Remember he was reported to have said he is a friend of Anwar and Anwar let him down.

    OK… so what has that got to do with the sex-video tape?

    Here’s the deal. He still wants his RM 20 million. That crooked bridge is an UMNO-crony project.

    A deal is struck. Let’s fix Anwar with a prostitute in a hotel and expose that to coincide with an election in Sarawak. UMNO will hand over to Shazyl what he is suing for, Rm 20 milliion or slightly less, if that can be done.

    The project was given to Shazyl to materialise. Who better to bring in an accomplice than Ramli Thamby Chik who got caught with statutory rape of a young Malay girl when he was a Chief Minister of Melaka and Anwar, then as DPM, forced him to resign, Ramli Thamby Chik has NEVER forgiven Anwar for that.

    To further legitimise the whose sex-video setup, get PERKASA involved,

    They rope in Perkasa’s treasurer, Shuib Lazim, who happens to be an uncle of one of Anwar’s man in PKR, Johari Abdul the PKR Sg Petani MP. Hopefully Shuib Lazim can get Johari to be the mole in PKR on this sex-video project. Things went sour, possible not enough money change hands to bring more PKR frogs out of the woodwork.

    How to get Anwar into a compromising situation with a prostitute. The prostitute cannot be a Malay (khalwat problem). Indian prostitute…nah!! Samy Vellu not around to back up the story.

    A chinese prostitute is the best. Get her screwed and send her back to China. Plenty of them in Klang Valley working as GROs in Karaoke Bars.

    What about Anwar? Can he be tricked to be in the hotel room with a chinese prostitute and have him screw the prostitute. But Anwar’s schedule is too tight withh the court case on his sodomy charge. And who can approach Anwar to come to the hotel to screw the prostitute.

    Looks like no candidate can get to Anwar to come to the seedy hotel room.

    Rahim Thamby Chik looked around and turned to Shazryl and said, “hey, YOU got Anwar’s look… why don’t you take Anwar’s place and screw the prostitute. We will use a B&W video and have 4 cameras and position such that we get the correct angle. We can do some video editing to show it was Anwar having a jolly good time. You can try all the positions on the prostitute and I can lend you the Kama Sutra “

    Now, that a look at THIS photo of Shazyle.

    Oh, good heavens, for a moment I thought that was Anwar, without the wrinkles and the age factor.

    And the rest is history.

    As for the chinese prostitute. The use of “C-4” was totally discounted after the fiasco with the Mongolian woman. They sent her straight to KLIA and paid her ticket back to China and erased her entry into Malaysia from the Immigration files.

    That is why they don’t or cannot produce the chinese prostitute to finger out Anwar as the stud in the sex-video. If she is around, then Shazyl’s seminal fluid and DNA will be all over the prostitute. And we still don’t know which hotel the screwing took place. Surely they should have kept the bedsheet and the towels and the toothbrush for DNA.

  22. In 1998, UMNO tried to roast Anwar with sodomy 1. That failed

    Then they tried to fry Anwar with sodomy 2. That is about to fail.

    Now they try to make a saugage out of Anwar. They used the wrong recipe.

    Nex one? they will try baking…

  23. UMNO dulu, sekarang dan HILANG. That’s the fate awaiting this parti pembela orang Melayu. Bela apa? Bela periok nasi depa.

  24. So much fear of Anwar Ibrahim the
    “homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, CIA agent,
    pro-Zionist, anti-Zionist, race traitor etc.” on the part of UMNO and Perkasa?

  25. Frank @ March 24, 7.33am,

    I like your sleuth work and analysis. Sounds very probable. As Mr. Bean commented, Anwar’s defence is simply “He looks like me, moves like me, talks like me, even screws like me but it is not me”.

  26. didi,

    A lady is defined as a dignified woman. To address Umni Hafilda Ali “lady” ???

    She should be addressed as Frank posted in a previous “What is the word for female dog”?

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