Anwar’s Credibility Gap widening or a J-Spin?

March 13, 2011

Anwar goes on the defence


By Joceline Tan@

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is at his lowest ebb since March 2008 and he is turning to the ceramah circuit to defend himself against multi-pronged attacks. 

ONE of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s oldest and most loyal friends ended his days as a widower on Thursday night.Tumpat MP Datuk Kamaruddin Jaffar, better known as Datuk KJ, remarried a year after his first wife died of cancer and the guests of honour were Anwar and Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

But the honour of making the speech was given to PAS politician Dr Syed Azman Syed Ahmad of Terengganu. Dr Syed Azman was the matchmaker for Kamaruddin and his Malacca-born wife and he almost brought the house down when he teased the newly-weds: “Last week, we failed to capture the Merlimau seat but, never mind, Datuk Kamaruddin has successfully conquered Malacca.”

On attack mode: Anwar, seen here in Penang, has hit the ceramah circuit again. He is training his guns at his long-time nemesis Dr Mahathir, whose memoirs touch on Anwar’s sex life.

It was a relaxing affair for many of the Pakatan Rakyat politicians that evening, and particularly for Anwar who has been increasingly under siege.

The PKR de facto leader is at his lowest point since his post-2008 political comeback. For a couple of years after the March 8 “tsunami”, it seemed like Anwar could walk on water. But very little has gone right for him in recent months, be it his party affairs or the sodomy trial.

PKR people still insist he is Pakatan’s Prime Minister-in-waiting. But most PAS and DAP leaders have stopped talking about the road to Putrajaya. They are more concerned about whether they can hold on to their seats now it is clear they are unable to hold on to the Malay vote.

Anwar has just climbed back from the precipice in the sodomy trial. The trial had been inching towards revealing the identity of Lelaki Y (Male Y), the term investigators used for the mystery man whose DNA was allegedly found in Saiful.

On Tuesday, the courts ruled that several items with the DNA of Lelaki Y could not be tendered as evidence. It was a big win for Anwar’s legal team because the evidence would have tied him to Lelaki Y.

He must have felt great relief because his detractors had begun taunting him as Lelaki Y when he campaigned in Kerdau. He was greeted with banners that said, “Mr Y, selamat datang ke Kerdau” – and that was one of the more polite banners.

UMNO's Matahari

On top of that, he had to endure a “joint ceramah” with his female nemesis Ummi Hafilda Ali who was speaking just a stone’s throw away from him. People on his side of the ceramah could hear quite clearly what she was saying about him, and it was not pleasant stuff.

PKR secretary-general and Machang MP Saifuddin Nasution denied that Ummi rattled his boss that night.“Anwar has been through a lot. It takes more than that to upset him,” said Saifuddin.

But PKR politicians are rather wary of her given the crowds she pulled in Kerdau and Merlimau. Besides, who else apart from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has spoken so explicitly and daringly about Anwar?

Anwar’s detractors would like to think that his downward slide began after he failed to deliver on his September 16, 2008 claim.But the real slide started after PKR’s trouble-ridden elections last year and the defections from his party. It gave the impression that he could not control PKR and that his priorities were too wrapped up in his court case.

” A Doctor in the House” revives 1998 Sodomy Story

Timely Released to Inflict Maximum Damage to Anwar's Reputation

Some think that Anwar is in the midst of one of those perfect storms. Apart from the trial, the publication of Dr Mahathir’s memoirs has sort of switched things up. It could not have been worse timing for Anwar. Dr Mahathir has repeated his accusations about Anwar’s sexual exploits, this time in print.

At the book launch, a mischievous Dr Mahathir said he was “trembling” at the thought of being sued. Of course, he was telling Anwar to “bring it on, man, bring it on”. The people around Anwar are furious about the book.“I’m not buying the book. It’s a story we have heard before,” said Muaz Omar, an aide of Azmin’s.

Target Mahathir

At the PKR political bureau meeting two nights after the book launch, several party leaders felt that Anwar should not let Dr Mahathir get away with what he has written. “Anwar’s stand is that he had long ago decided to move on where Dr Mahathir was concerned. He said he’s not interested in challenging an old script and he doesn’t want to be stuck in another court case,” said Saifuddin.

Anwar prefers the court of public opinion rather than the court of law. He has been on a ceramah blitz ostensibly to promote the Pakatan manifesto, the Buku Jingga, but also to counter the renewed attacks against him.

Dr Mahathir has become a central target of his attacks the last few days. He does not rebut what Dr Mahathir is saying about his sexuality but he has hit out at the former premier’s cronies and his children’s businesses and wealth. He seems to be steering clear of Ummi, though.

A Clinton Snub

Anwar also suffered a setback when a hoped-for meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not materialise. Shortly before Clinton’s visit, a news portal reported that a meeting was being lined up. It was a rather strange report because the meeting was apparently never on the cards.

There has been a cooling on the part of the US administration towards Anwar’s cause and Clinton’s stance during her recent visit was in sharp contrast to that of Vice-President Al Gore at the height of Sodomy 1.

Moreover, Clinton’s visit follows improved ties between the United States and Malaysia. The Obama administration sees Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as a Muslim leader with whom they can sit down and have a dialogue.

In that sense, Anwar’s crusade against APCO may have more to do with APCO’s role in presenting Anwar’s sodomy case to US lawmakers than APCO’s so-called Jewish connections.

The lobby group has explained the trial in a way that Americans can relate to, that it is an alleged sexual harassment involving an employer and a subordinate and the trial is a result of a report lodged by a complainant, unlike the first trial where the Government was the main initiator.

But the most damaging strike has been the Wikileaks report quoting Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew as saying that Anwar knowingly walked into a trap. Singapore has played down the report but has not denied its contents.

Najib’s Moderate Islamic Brother: Turkey’s Recep Tayyib Erdogan

The success of Najib’s visit to Turkey was another blow to Anwar who counts Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a friend and supporter.

Erdogan had welcomed Najib in Ankara, saying, “this is my brother Najib and I am happy to have him here.”

Their scheduled 10-minute four-eyed meeting over-ran into 45 minutes and Erdogan insisted on a joint press conference. The Turkish Premier also eschewed protocol and insisted that Najib ride in the same car as him. It was a political coup of sorts for Najib.

All these events add up to a challenging time ahead for Anwar and his party.“I can’t blame Anwar if he feels he is all alone. He has been consumed by successive crises and there are now less people whom he can count on to defend him and do the attacking. To him, the trial is to stop his political ambitions and his goal of power, and it is taking a lot out of him,” said Merdeka Centre director Ibrahim Suffian.

Reporters covering his trial said he seems to be holding up well and is still able to see the lighter side of things. For instance, when a witness was asked to identify him, Anwar, who was sitting in the dock, playfully dodged as though trying to hide.

He is reportedly upset that PKR members have not been turning up in court to show him their support. Recently, party members received the following SMS from PKR Tanjung Karang chief Yahya Sahri: “Salam, sokongan DSAI di mahkamah amat merosot hampir tiada. Saya ingin mencadangkan agar kita atur kawan-kawan kita drp cabang turun beri sokongan moral, klu kita bergilir pun ok, satu cabang klu hantar 20 org pun dah ok. Jadual mahkamah akan saya sms.” [Greetings, support for DSAI in court has dwindled significantly, nearly none. I wish to suggest that we arrange for our friends from the (PKR) divisions and branches to give moral support  even in batches of 2o people in turn would be fine. I will sms court times.]

Yahya was urging PKR divisions to send members whether in rotation or groups of 20 to show moral support for Anwar because the number of supporters in court had dwindled to almost nil.

PKR de facto Leader in a “Distraction Mode”

Anwar is the ultimate political animal. A lesser person would have cracked under the pressure. He told Saifuddin that when he goes on the ground and sees a big crowd, he feels motivated. The crowds at his ceramah have indeed been growing and a lot of it has to do with his trial approaching a critical stage and the sensational evidence coming out.

Anwar, said academic Prof James Chin, is in “distraction mode”.“He cannot devote his full time to Pakatan or PKR. The trial is taking away his attention and focus. But everything hinges on the next general election. If Najib does not get his two-thirds majority, he is in trouble. If Pakatan does badly then they are in trouble,” said Chin of Monash University Sunway Campus.

The attacks by Dr Mahathir, said Chin, has impact among rural Malays but less so among the urban crowd.

Anwar: A liability for Pakatan?

Anwar’s supporters also bristle at the suggestion that he has become a liability for Pakatan. But privately, PAS and DAP leaders are frustrated that Anwar has overwhelmed their political agenda.

Anwar, said blogger Syed Azizi Syed Aziz who is better known as Kickdafella, has image problems in the rural Malays areas and that becomes a problem for PAS. Outwardly, DAP and PAS still stand by him but, privately, they are riddled with doubts about the trial and his ability to hold things together.

Moreover, Generation Y, the youth cohort born between the mid 1970s and 2000, is not rallying around Anwar the way Generation X took to the streets to support him during his first trial. Generation Y is neither loyal to Anwar’s politics nor affiliated with the ruling coalition. They are as critical of Pakatan politicians as they are of those in Barisan.

As such, Pakatan’s claim that young voters are with them is not exactly true. The young voters are still out there and their vote will go to the party that can offer them a better future – and that means education, jobs, homes and a lifestyle of their choice.

Anwar is in a difficult political situation and he will be fighting many fronts in the months ahead.

15 thoughts on “Anwar’s Credibility Gap widening or a J-Spin?

  1. Congrats to Dato Kamaruddin Jaafar on his recent marriage. Good luck my friend with challenging times ahead. It is great to have a companion by your side. Salams.–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

  2. As it stands today no evidence has been tendered in court connecting Anwar with Saiful’s alleged sodomy. That’s the legal position any layman & legal experts can clearly determined.

    So, the desperation by pro-UMNO bloggers and politicians squealing for “voluntary DNA test.” By any reckoning, the judge will acquit Anwar after submissions on Monday. There’s no case to answer!

    More than that, it’s been established beyond a shadow of a doubt that a conspiracy’s been hatched in which the Rosemajibs had a hand or knew of and which involves some rogue elements within I Polis Raja. It’s further confirmed by a CPO on oath that against the advice of doctors to keep DNA samples in a freezer, he deliberately broke the law and “stored” it in his office room. It’s obvious some evidence was switched between 28th June 2008 and 28 August 2008 which is why the CPO subconsciously recorded it as 28th Aug and is now backtracking on it as “absent mindedness” or “human error”!!

    So, it’s clear it’s been a political conspiracy all along. No sodomy took place but evidence has cleverly been planted and/or manipulated to appear in dubious places in and on Saiful’s anatomy and clothings. Investigators have bungled and so “half a football team’s” DNA has been uncovered!

    Only a fool will buy his “no soap bathing for 2 days” “Attempted penetration” has now been re-hashed as ‘actual” by a Govt doctor who cannot distiguish between “anus” and “rectum”!!

    Note too that at the TBH RCI Govt doctors are all re-intepreting their 1st reports tendered in black and white and testified to at the earlier coroner’s inquest!! A very contagious disease has reached epidemic proportions!!

    Can or will the judge compel Anwar to give DNA samples? I doubt it. If after 2 years, the DPP and police have no solid evidence and their tactic now is to ask Anwar to perhaps incriminate himself which is Constitutionally barred, the game’s over!

    As for RPK’s “perception”, it’s not determined by Govt owned mouthpiece MSM and pro-bloggers alone. Many don’t care about the private peccadilloes of one, Anwar Ibrahim. There are many larger issues for many to vote in the Opposition after 54 years.

    Putrjaya, here we come!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  3. Jocelyn Tan is a female lap dog of UMNO. Pointless to give coverage to her article.

    There is another word for a “female dog”. What is it?

  4. It is unfortunate that Dato has decided to give a lot of space to the Old Man but none to Anwar and his sodomy trial II.

    Thanks Donplaypuks for filling up the void.

    There is hope yet for justice in Malaysia. Even the UMNO sponsored justice system in Malaysia is unable to keep pace with the twists and turns, and controvert the course of justice to the point of making Malaysia a mockery of what justice should be.

    Anywhere else, a break in the chain of evidence would mean reasonable doubt and that is sufficient to set the accused free — without more.

  5. “..a break in the chain of evidence..”

    Planted evidence.
    This fishing expedition has gone too far. It’s about time to give up. But they won’t. There will be appeals and counter appeals until the kerbau expires. That is the due Process, that we are so familiar with.

  6. my congrats to the newly weds too.

    I’m your opinion as well, dpp.
    if this goes through and they find Anwar quilty then it is the biggest joke of the century. justice in malaysia served by half apes.

    such crude methods of DNA evidence taking and safe keeping would be accepted in no other courts except those in bolehland.

  7. CL,
    The whole idea is to character assassinate Anwar….Even RPK believes so……So do some of the folks…..With so many setting up of parties including MCLM
    APCO is damn good…..That’s why I say…..Gun down UMNO first……Refusal of listening to this advice at your peril

  8. Jocelyn Tan is more like writing gossip with intention to shape perception, perhaps she would do better if her column is about Iking and Lohan. Overall, I would say typical rubbish from a typical trashpapar.

    “But most PAS and DAP leaders have stopped talking about the road to Putrajaya.”
    Purely conjecture breeds from retard brain. Besides, most of her sources of contention remain predictably unchanged – Mahathir, Ummi and a moral bankrupt blogger named Kickdefella.

    “Anwar also suffered a setback when a hoped-for meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not materialise. Shortly before Clinton’s visit, a news portal reported that a meeting was being lined up. It was a rather strange report because the meeting was apparently never on the cards.”
    What kind of warp logic she has? How that can be a setback if it is rather strange report in the first place? Kill two birds with one stone eh? Which “news portal” she talking about, NYT or CNN?

    “Their scheduled 10-minute four-eyed meeting over-ran into 45 minutes and Erdogan insisted on a joint press conference. The Turkish Premier also eschewed protocol and insisted that Najib ride in the same car as him. It was a political coup of sorts for Najib.”
    Najin visit in the capacity of Malaysia PM and how can a meeting between two country leaders is a blow to Anwar?

    The only paragraphs that worth reading is perhaps the last three, which I think all politicians must take note.

  9. HuaYong

    You are wasting your time trying to analyse what the UMNO female chinese lap dog writes.
    Frank, Jocelyn is a cheeky writer. As a survivalist, she knows which side of roti is buttered. I posted her piece to provoke our blogger friends.–Din Merican

  10. JT likes to fantasise and sensationalise in order to keep her readership intact. STAR, her employer would add here and there to make a story for those who were bored doing nothing but read over the weekend.

    I wonder why she is given space here. Din likes fantasy too..?

  11. come to think of it – I’d never think of having such a dog on my lap, lah. even though it is haram for muslims to have a pork eating dog on their laps, umno has lots and lots of them on their laps. hypocrites.

    do you know what one lap of a prostitute(umno crony) said to the other lap? inbetween us lies a lot of money!

  12. When UMNO had to resort to Ummi Hafilda, I would not be too worried if I’m Anwar. I can’t believe that there are still people out there who believes her. Even my UMNO fanatic relatives moaned when they heard Ummi has returned from her slumber.

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