Don’t Politicise Sensitive and Racial Issues, says Malaysia’s King

March 7, 2011

DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Agong: Don’t Politicise Sensitive and Racial Issues

DYMM The King and His Prime Minister

DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin today expressed concern over the tendency of certain quarters to raise sensitive and racial issues and politicise matters which they should not.

He said the sovereignty of the Malay rulers, the position of Islam as the religion of the federation, the special position of the Malays and natives of Sabah and Sarawak, and the legitimate rights of the other races encompassing citizenship and fundamental rights, as enshrined in the Federal Constitution, should not be questioned so as to avert disunity.

At Parliament House

“I urge all quarters to uphold the rule of law and the constitution,” he said when opening the first meeting of the fourth session of the 12th Parliament.

Tuanku Mizan said that though Islam was the religion of the federation, there was healthy practice of moderation in the country which enabled other religions to be practised in peace and harmony and these religious festival days were also recognised and regarded as public holidays.

He said it was hoped that to ensure peace in the country, non-governmental organisations would avoid touching on issues which could jeopardise harmony and undermine the nation’s image when implementing their programmes and activities.

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong said that although the economy was now going through rapid recovery, as a nation that practised open economy, Malaysia must be sensitive to external factors such as the uncertain global economy which posed a challenge to efforts towards strengthening the country’s economy and subsequently the efforts to achieve a developed nation status with high income in 2020.

However, the King hoped that the Government Transformation Plan and Economic Transformation would benefit the people fully so that they could enjoy the improvement in the quality of life including education, health, housing transport and public amenities.

Tuanku Mizan also congratulated the government on Malaysia’s success in being placed on the 10th spot in the World Competitiveness Report 2010 but hoped Malaysia would not be quickly satisfied with the achievement.

On education quality, the King said educational transformation at the school level, particularly pertaining to the standard of curriculum introduced would be able to raise further the education quality. Tuanku Mizan also called for an improvement in the quality and skill of teachers and lecturers in teaching and learning besides maintaining dedication and integrity.

The King welcomed the strategic cooperation between the police and armed forces in tackling crime such as using military camps to train police personnel, to absorb former soldiers into the police force and to carry out joint patrols.

“I’m most impressed by this development because previously such strategic cooperation had been rare. It was a positive development that would bring much benefits to the people and country,” he said.

In tackling corruption, Tuanku Mizan called on all quarters to give solid support and confidence to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in fighting corrupt practices, power abuse and irregularities in the country.

The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong recorded his appreciation to everyone involved in ‘Ops Piramid’ to bring back Malaysian students from Egypt following the unrest in that country recently.

He also congratulated national athletes who had brought glory to the country at the international level, including at the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and the Suzuki AFF Football Championship, besides hoping that Malaysian athletes would continue to perform excellently at the Olympic Games 2012 in London.

52 thoughts on “Don’t Politicise Sensitive and Racial Issues, says Malaysia’s King

  1. Among others, PERKASA and its Patron should heed DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Agong’s call. It should cooperate with all Malaysians to make Malaysia a safe and peaceful home for all. Malaysian society is founded on respect for the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the tenets of Rukun Negara.

    Ibrahim Ali and his colleagues should lower their voices and be realistic in their demands. The Way Forward is via cooperation and mutual understanding among Malaysians. It cannot be a zero-sum game if 1Malaysia is to succeed.–Din Merican

  2. Komando,

    The King’s Address to Parliament is prepared by the Prime Minister’s Department, and discussed in Cabinet before submission to Istana Negara for consideration. At Istana Negara, there are very qualified Palace Officials who do the vetting before it is adopted by The Agong.

    The Address to Parliament represents a national commitment which is to be debated in and adopted by Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara. I personally take His Majesty’s Address very seriously. But I can’t say the same of politicians inside and outside of the corridors of power.–Din Merican

  3. Surely this is not the first time such a reminder has been made by the King. But the do you think Utusan, Perkasa or UMNO cares.

  4. ” Among others , Perkasa and its Patron should heed DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong’s call. It should cooperate with all Malaysians ……. “. – din merican

    Very well said Din.

    Remember the late Mokhtar Dahari , one of the best if not the best footballer that Malaysia has produced ? To be fair , he was really exceptional. But i still think , without Soh Chin Aun, the late Arumugam and Santokh Singh alongside him, i don’t think Mokhtar’s best would have seen the light of day.

    What we have to remember is the fact that they played together as Malaysians and not as Malays, Indians or Chinese. This is how it should be .

  5. I personally like messages like these, because they are simple, direct and well weighted. There is bound to some editing and wrangling done before the message is read out.
    This YDP Agung is no pushover and i have the greatest respect for him.
    It really doesn’t matter what the politicians or other politicized royalty say or do, but this is what i would consider an Inclusive message.

  6. Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy but Malaysia is unique with its rotation system between the Malay Rulers who take turns to be King. As if lack of support among the Chinese and Indians for the idea of a Malay constitutional monarchy and Malay rule is not troubling enough in its early years, one is called to change one’s loyalty to one’s King once every five years.

    I do not think the Speech should make mention of “sovereignty of the Malay Rulers”. It is like listening to the Queen of England calling for support for her monarchy. Granted the Speech is written for him (the King), it should be the reserve of the Prime Minister to make a statement touching on issues like the continued future of the country’s constitutional monarchy.

    Blame continuing to be heaped on the Brits does not carry the same force of persuasion it used to have once upon a time. It is now five decades later. While five decades is not long or a significant time in the life of a nation state, its adaptation and evolution should have provided us with some clues.

    We are left with a system of constitutional monarchy and a fourth pillar of government that is unique, has no parallel anywhere else in the world and we have to make it work somehow. However, we are as clueless as when we started.

  7. Agreed with the King. But he MUST direct that statement to the pariah UMNO Malays and the racist bigots in Perkasa.

    No point telling that to the general rakyat.

    The King should be seen credible by now at a time when the Malaysian monarchy is perceived by the rakyat as being a stooge of UMNO.

  8. As the fourth pillar of government the YDP should have his royal address written by Istana Negara and not by the PM’s department. When then PM’s dept writes the speech it’s just parroting what the BN government wants. Always shifting blame onto others.

    The YDP should be like the British or Thai Royalty, held in high esteem by the rakyat and not showing any signs of taking sides. Remember the words “His Majesty Government” means that regardless which political party is in control of Parliament they form His Majesty Government.

    Right now the YDP is just a showpiece without any real influence or power even over Malay customs and the Islamic religion. Hence the controversies.

  9. We have to phase out the “Bela Ayam Dalam Reban” policies and move over to “Bela Ayam Free Range”.Then at least our Ayam will become more competitive and be able to make a living in any place on this earth.

  10. Since the nation has a makeshift monarchical system , found no where else . And the symbolic throne is rotated exclusively amongst hereditary Sultans hailing from Semenanjung Tanah Melayu . The Malaysia makeup should be taken with a pinch of salt , ultimately so when the bulk of the nations economic prosperity is drawn from the two Borneo entities which compliment the setting-up of Malaysia as a sovereign nation . The Country’s monarchs , a fourth pillar of Government indeed is a symbolic gesture which deserves an undivided loyalty of its citizenry . Nonetheless , The component states of where the monarchies are rulers within the Malaysian federation possess no powers in relation to foreign policy and so they (states) enjoy no independent status under international law. Hence , to reciprocate Sabah/Sarawak contribution to the nation , a two tier federation could just do the trick of tilting the balance.

  11. SemperFi,

    The Queen of England has her speeches written basically by the Prime Minister, or collectively referred to as Ministers of the Crown and not by the head of state or its representative.

  12. danildaud,

    The Conference of Rulers or CoR is the fourth pillar (normally there are three i.e. executive, legislative and judicial) of government meant to exercise real and substantive powers over matters concerning the Muslim religion, Malay customs and Malay special privileges.

    It is not meant to be a ‘symbolic gesture’ like you say, or a meaningless superfluous appendage; and never has been and never conceived as such by the country’s federal constitution.

    The fact that the CoR has not been able to function the way it was supposed to, has not lived up to expectation, should not be allowed to derogate from the constitutional role formulated for it.

  13. Memoir of a doctor in the House?

    This 800-page book priced at RM100 each “will take readers on a journey known to very few outside Tun’s immediate family ” “From his earliest memories of childhood including at the time when Malaya’s struggles through the sunset of British colonialism World War II and Independence to his life as a doctor ” — Malaysian Insider

    He is my late father’s friend and class mate (together with the late Khir Johari); and a family physician to whom I still owe money for a house call he made in 1967. I will buy it to repay the debt I still owe him.

    By immersing myself in his writing, I hope to be able to ride with him on the back of the proverbial kerbau amidst the serenity of Kedah’s padi fields and swaying palm trees, to experience what life must have felt like during those early years at the turn of the century.

  14. Mongkut Bean
    Having winter blues and reminiscing about Malaysia, perhaps think about Malaysia my second home.
    I’m planning a trip to Malaysia end of the month, like to come along? We can always visit the old haunts. Bionic man. Singapore Airlines having a special under $1k.

  15. Hey Shrek! Would love to.

    Would give my right hand away for it. But no can do — not now. Promise (God willing) you and I will one day do it together and meet up with our Dato and Tean-Raen and the others, and take those steps back into history for the last time.

  16. They will only rally around if they feel a threat so UMNO has played that to its fullest.- Semper fi

    Yes, the Malays have been successfully screwed by UMNO over 50 years to feel racially insecure and suffering from an inferiority complex…fully entrenched during the 22 years of the senile old man’s regime.

    The Malays’ line of defence for their racial survival so that Melayu tak akan hilang di dunia is ARTICLE 152, all wrap up with the idea of protecting the Raja Melayu institution. A good cover for people like Pak Abu and his ilk to rape the resources and loot the wealth of the country in the name of Untuk Bangsa dan Agama crap.

  17. Hey, Bean you want Al Kutty on the back of our kerbau? Think again, he might take us all to Kerala instead of into the setting sun.

    As for his memoirs. I’ll read the second edition if it’s out.

  18. Mongkut Bean,

    800 pages, surely for 22 years and the heaps of criticisms he has received during and after his premiership, he has more than two hands full to respond to and account for. I am particularly interested in what he says about Maminco (Tin Fiasco), Bank Negara Forex Losses, Perwaja, Proton, YTL IPP deal, Twin Towers (The Siti Hasmah Towers) and privatisation in general. I will be at MPH Mid-Valley to get a copy.

    His memoirs should, therefore, be an interesting read and a fine example of how to rationalise one’s decisions and actions on an “after the fact” (20:20 hindsight) basis. Tun Dr. Mahathir has both the gift of the gab and writing. That much we should grant him.

    But at Rm100 (stiff even in today’s inflationary environment), some people are making money along the way from MPH (the publisher), Kinokuniya to small distributors.–Din Merican

  19. KUALA LUMPUR, March 7 — The much-awaited memoirs by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, entitled “A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad”, will be launched tomorrow by the MPH Group of Companies.

    MPH general manager Ivy Tan said the 800-page book, priced at RM100 each, “will take readers on a journey known to very few outside Tun’s immediate family.”

    “From his earliest memories of childhood, including at the time when Malaya’s struggles through the sunset of British colonialism, World War II and Independence to his life as a doctor,” she said in a statement issued here, today.

    She said the book, which would be released for sale at 10am tomorrow, brought to life the history of Malaysia “as seen through the eyes of one who often played a vital and, in later years, decisive role in the nation’s growth and development.”

    The book is all about the former prime minister’s frank, candid, often humorous, and occasionally unforgiving assessment of the times he lived through and helped shape, she said.

    Dr Mahathir is expected to attend the media launch of the book in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow evening. — Bernama

  20. Frank
    Pak Abu’s cover has been blown by our blog host. I had posed questions on some of his claim to fame but went unanswered. Guess he’s not what he claims to be rather an UMNO CT.

  21. Din,
    To be extremely blunt, I have no respect towards that Apanama. Why should I when this fella wrote a damning letter to Tunku nong nong time ago?
    In short, Mahathir’s motto is always


  22. ” …… untuk bangsa dan agama crap “. – frank

    Yes is it really all crap .

    The bangsa supreme part represents their supremacy as pirates and petty thieves , as represented by al kutty and gang and the agama supreme part would dfinately be only as sinners – as represented by the San Miguel shares owned by al kutty’s son.

    As for the book din is talking about , i rather finish reading the one titled ” The arsehole ” without paying for it in MPH.

  23. It would be a glorious day when the MMSH is used by the Beans,Shrek, and all others who for one reason or the other(valid or otherwise) left these beautiful shores for “greener” pastures. When you are all back home we will continue to disagree with each other but we will more importantly agree to disagree. No ISA or any other Acts, to put us in cold storage, we will move along with this 1Malaysia, not die but fade away.I am not having the winter blues but the optimistic blues. I know this will be done. God bless Malaysia

  24. Yeah, semper this Pak Abu fella is another Umno cybertrooper in the guise of Mr Goodie. His claims to stardom and fame seem superficial at best. Could be one of Ilham’s many split personalities. One which is low in substance but high in form.

  25. In his memoirs he is vague about his Indian roots. Like always he’s in denial to a point of being paranoid about anything concerning his racial background. But he has the gall to call others by their skin colours and their beliefs. Wonder why he’s so ashamed of his Indian roots? Keralan or Tamilian, so what? None of here can claim to be of pure blood.

  26. I personally take HM’s speech very seriously…you got to be kidding Mr Merican !! Once approved by PM. no way court jesters can ammend it !!!

  27. $100 to read some crappy memoirs of a senile old man who tries to re write history and white wash his dirty legacy??

    Think what $100 can do for you.

    Soon the book will in sold in the basement for $19.95

  28. C.L. Familiaris

    This one is not banned and available on the internet as e-book or print version. This is a BETTER book to read. Most suitable for intelligent people.

    Read the summary of the book HERE:

    But blinkered individuals who still depend on medieval texts with doubtful origins and authorship as their source of inspiration to live in todays’ world need to have their brains examined.

  29. CLF…DYMM being on top of the welfare chain and soon to be moving into an RM 1 BILLION Palace at tax payers expense to speak his own voice and not to be oblivious of the real problems plaguing the country . Oh sorry this is supposed to be a constituional monarchy. Too much to ask !!

  30. RM 1 billion palace? Nah.., thats nothing. At least we can see it being built by slaves and other itenerants. Besides, this DYMM will barely step foot in it, before being ushered off.

    I’m more concerned about 1 billion plus Navy stealthy LCS which haven’t seen the light of day. Not to mention all those schemes and dreams of skyscrapers that grow taller than the Tower of Babel. Other projects that reek of jasmines are just over the horizon. All of them with proper sounding Acronyms.

  31. CLF.. DYMM is a musical chair for nine welfare players which takes place once in 5 years. So one DYMM goes another is ushered in. Still called a DYMM and waits to get ZAPPED by high voltage waves running from all the HIGH TENSION wires running across the new Palace , should he spend nights there .Not good for the libido . Thats why the current DYMM dont quite care being on his way out. The next one would be too old anyways !!!

  32. High Tension?
    Eee.., nampak hantu ler! Helpful if pekak and got cataracts.
    Btw, the present Istana is really in quite a bad shape.

  33. Aiya ken, you not very ‘bright’ la..
    You see the one in PJ is meant for physical hantu.
    The one in Federal Hill is for spiritus. Our DYMM is purposely esconded into the latter.

  34. some1 have this to say to your King…”Ampom tg, rakyakhamba request to hear sumthin’ new! ada?”

    btw, RM1Billion (approx USD300million?) palace for what purpose? Read somewhere a lil’ Red Dot private company set up a state-of-the-art water recycling plant in ShenZhen for under USD200million…and is now supplying a big portion of the city, benefiting millions and is making lotsa money too…liddat lah Boleh! WoW!

  35. hahaha.. ken,
    If Octo can come out with apanama, i can change absconded to esconded mah..! That’s called spinning.

  36. It does not matter who wrote the DYMM”s speech. Those in power must heed the call to run this country in accordance with the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

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