It’s a Pity, Mahathir can’t let go

February 24, 2011

The Malaysian Insider says: It’s a Pity, Mahathir can’t let go

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is an amazing man. A leader who took Malaysia kicking and screaming into the 21st century, turning vast agrarian spaces into the cement and chrome of industrialisation of the 20th and 21st century.

A man who is set in his ideas. The person who thumbed his nose at most parts of the world and stared down the royalty and judiciary. But of late, the good doctor from Kedah has turned his back on some of his ideas and philosophies during his 22 years in power. The idea of Bangsa Malaysia contained in his The Way Forward speech that was the genesis of Vision 2020.

In his latest diatribe, Dr Mahathir accused PAS of falling over backwards and losing its Malay-Muslim identity to appease its Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition partner, DAP.

The former prime minister claimed that PAS was even willing to drop its call for an Islamic state and defend Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, whom he called “the father of DAP.”

Dr Mahathir added that instead of PAS introducing Islamic ways to DAP, as the Kelantan mentri besar had claimed, “the evidence shows that it is PAS that has been influenced by DAP.”

“Just look at the disrespectful behaviour towards the Sultan and Raja Muda of Perak by PAS members, rolling around on the road to stop his car,” he said, referring to attempts to block Datuk Seri Zambry Kadir’s swearing-in as Perak mentri besar in 2009.

He might hammer PAS members for their behaviour towards the Perak palace but wasn’t Dr Mahathir the prime minister who went around the country twice, in 1983 and 1993, arguing that the powers and immunity of the royalty must be curbed.

Has he forgotten that on his instructions, the media and UMNO politicians ridiculed royalty back in the day. Until they relented and today, we have a Special Court whose proceedings are suddenly kept away from the public eye. Dr Mahathir and UMNO can play hot and cold with the royalty but others cannot.

And if they do, they are wrong, is that it? It is understandable that Dr Mahathir continues to bat for the current UMNO, which he formed from the ashes of the old UMNO that was deregistered in 1988. Or renew his battle with foes like Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat, Lim Kit Siang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim or even Lee Kuan Yew.

But the battle cannot be at the expense of his past philosophies or conveniently assigning blame to everyone else.

To his credit, Dr Mahathir has brought development under his watch but he has also destroyed many of our institutions. Now he seeks to lash out to protect his beloved UMNO and his legacy, sparing no thought for the aspirations of generations who have come after his time.

Perhaps, it’s too late for him to be an elder statesman to guide Malaysia where Bangsa Malaysia is supreme and the government is one that is of the people, by the people and for the people. A pity.

23 thoughts on “It’s a Pity, Mahathir can’t let go

  1. Mahathir thinks he is the only man left standing who can lead Malaysia, not Najib, not Badawi (justified of course). He threw Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh and Anwar Ibrahim out because they were perceived to be a threat to his position as Prime Minister.

    Irreplaceable ? Wrong, no man is indispensable. Give Malaysians space and new leaders will emerge to take us on to better times.

    Pak Abu, over to you since according to you, your Ayahanda Tun can do no wrong. In fact, Mahathir thinks he can walk on water.Only Isa (not Isa Samad of course) could and it was a miracle.–Din Merican

  2. Hello! YAA TDM has resigned as Prime Minister. How can you say that does not want to let go. He should be free to make comments on current affairs and should be teated just like us. If we say something that is against the constitution he too like should face the music. But we cannot stop him from talking because if we do that then we will be contradicting ourselves.

  3. I read your comments which i take to be most complimentary. Since it is intended as private communication between you and I, I have chosen not to share them with others in this blog. I am glad that you are one of the defenders of Mahathirism. Regards, Din Merican.

  4. “But we cannot stop him (Mahathir) from talking because if we do that then we will be contradicting ourselves.” thumblogic

    Mahathir although no longer the country’s PM is what we call still a state actor. He cannot be silenced, shouted down etc because that would mean interfering with his constitutional right to free speech.

    You Dato, can do that with poster Ilham. Delete his postings and not interfere with the constitutional right to free speech as guaranteed under the country’s Constitution.

  5. Second that, Bean.
    Sickening to read about this narcissistic flur.

    There seems to be a concerted effort to keep him in the public consciousness. He shouldn’t be relevant, even if we have people who consider him a demigod. Let him undermine whatever half hearted attempts Jibbo is trying to achieve. I personally don’t give a turd.

  6. No Din, just like Margaret Thatcher……Mahathir still thinks that he’s still have the magic wand to save the day. If you have watched spitting image, Mahathir can be represented with a caricature of THE MESSIAH…..Anyway, that what happens when Mahathir decided to introduce fix currency policy in 1999…..

    The best way of shafting Mahathir would be denying the publicities that he craved so dearly

    In short, Mahathir operates on this wonderful motto


    That sums up the character of Mahathir bin Mohammad…….He is a god damned INDIAN….Check NUS registrar

    Another’s blogger comment on Mahathir……It’s time for Mahathir to go now

  7. As a retired politician, Mahathir should take a different approach where he should come out with good agenda/ideas which will be something for the common good of Muslim/Malays and all Malaysian as a whole. His time has passed and he should not be too vocal of demonstrating his own political rusted ideas.

    If he is really good, Malaysia today will not be disastrous like what we are having right now.

  8. An old man passed 80 is till carrying a heavy burden on his back, real miserable. If I will him, I would have gone to Hawaii, or somewhere to enjoy my life with all the money robbed.

  9. ” …. dr mahathir accused PAS of falling over backwards and losing its Malay Muslim identity to appease … ” . – article above .

    Is’nt this the path forward for Malaysia and all the communities in Malaysia ? As we evolve and go forward we should all – malays , sarawakians , kelantanese , sabahans , chinese , ibans , orang asli’s , thais , indians etc should all progressively dilute their respective ethnic identities in favour of a malaysian identity.

    This is the natural path for all Malaysians. It will take a long time , but we will all get there eventually , i am sure . Institutions like Jakim and individuals like Mahathir , however much influence they may wield , can only delay this process . The natural process can never be stopped.

  10. Dato Din, why give this Maha Firaun the much attention he is craving in your blog lately. Forget about him kerana setiap perkataan yang kelaur dari mulut beliau adalah pembohongan dan penipuan. Latest desperate attempt , beliau sanggup keluar dalam program bodoh di TV3 bersama2 artis bodoh seperti Siti Nurhaliza !!!
    Kita sama2 boleh bayangkan how senile he can be. Regards
    The more we expose him the more silly he will look. There are still many people who think he is God’s gift to Malaysia and that includes the man himself. So Ariffdanial, we have keep harping on his errors of judgment and deceit. –Din Merican

  11. Good one salmiah hassan !

    That’s the vision for a truly happy, united & prosperous Malaysia when Tanah Melayu was ” conveyed ” to become ( Tanah ) Malaysia.

    Look at our neighbour Indonesia, with such a large & diverse population, I must say they have GROWN UP WITH MATURITY.

    I am not saying Malaysia is childish or immature…… BUT WE ALL NEED TO GROW UP ! Yes, a lot more !

  12. Apanama’s atrocities is finally catching up and making him mad. All the prayers of the people that he mistreated is causing him to lose his marbles and trying to shift the blame to those that worked for him.
    Spare him the agony, send him to Kamunting or Tanjung Rambutan.

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