Ambassador John Malott responds to NST, Utusan Malaysia and others

February 14, 2011

Ambassador John R. Malott Responds: This is why I can sue the NST, Utusan Malaysia  for Libel – and some other people, too

Washington DC

I don’t really know who Rachel Motte is, or why she suddenly has become an expert on Malaysia in the past year. But I do know that she wrote an article about me recently, saying that I am “a pet” of Anwar Ibrahim, who – according to her – has “direct connections to terrorist organizations” and a long history of being an anti-Semite.

I also know that – to her credit – when I contacted Rachel on February 12 and told her that I believed that her article was inaccurate and potentially libelous, she immediately took it down for review. It no longer is on her website, and I thank her for that.

But I also know that Utusan Malaysia has reported her article verbatim – and even went to the trouble of translating it into Malay. And thanks to Dato Din Merican, now I know that the NST has chosen to print it as well.

Motte’s Article: Why Libelous

Here are the problems with the article, and why I believe that I would be well within my rights to sue the NST, Utusan Malaysia, and others for libel. As someone who has been in public life for over 40 years, I know very well that anything I do, say, or write is open to examination. So that is why I am always very careful to have documentation for everything I say. We can disagree on the analysis, but not on the facts.

Motte’s Article: Anwar’s “Pet”? I am Nobody’s Pet

When I took a look at Rachel’s article, I had two major areas of concern. First, Rachel characterized my relationship with Anwar as being his “pet.” This is offensive to me, as I served my nation for over 30 years as an Ambassador, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, and Consul General under seven Presidents. It would be like me calling Dato Johan Jaffar the lapdog of UMNO. I am Nobody’s pet.

Second, there were many statements that to my mind are libelous: (a) that I am defending “a man with direct ties to terrorist organizations, and a man whose anti-Semitic comments and conspiracy theories are too long to discuss;”

(b) that “rational thinking men and women are able to discern the difference between good and bad individuals, people you should support, versus those you should distance yourself from,” implying that I am not a rational thinking person; and

(c) that I am “blinded by [my] support of an anti-Semite with clear and undeniable ties to an organization that supports terrorism.”

As a former Ambassador to Malaysia, I had access to intelligence reports, and I can say categorically that Anwar does not have ties to any terrorist organizations. Furthermore, Anwar continues to be a friend of former Vice President  Al Gore, former Secretary of Defense William “Bill” Cohen, and former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz.

Rachel Motte

None of these gentlemen would continue their relationship with Anwar if he had ties to terrorists. Furthermore, Anwar would not be admitted to the US if he had such a connection (and he was here last week). Furthermore, Paul Wolfowitz (who is Jewish) would not be Anwar’s friend if Anwar were anti-Semitic.

In a libel case, the burden of proof will be on NST and the others to prove that Anwar has terrorist ties and that he has a long history of anti-Semitic comments. By publishing Rachel’s article, after she removed it from her website, the NST has asserted something that it cannot prove. It has claimed that I am defending a terrorist and an anti-Semite.

These former senior USG officials would support and defend me, based on their knowledge and access to official USG records. The only “evidence” that Rachel and the NST will have will be blog postings that have circulated over the past few years, as part of a campaign to smear Anwar and discredit his reputation and standing in the United States.

For example, the efforts of Jack Abramoff and others to smear Anwar – a multi-million campaign funded by the Malaysian Government — were well-documented in US Senate hearings conducted by Senator John McCain. We also know, according to The Washington Post newspaper, that APCO was engaged in a similar effort last year, paid for by the Malaysian Government, according to APCO’s official filings.

Rachel says that Anwar’s connections to terrorist organizations are because he was a founder of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), which is based in Virginia. Like many other Islamic/Muslim groups, the IIIT was raided by the FBI after 9/11 and was investigated thoroughly. The US Government never filed any charges against IIIT. The US Government has never listed it as a terrorist organization, and the US Government has never closed it down. Yet the charges of an IIIT connection to the Muslim Brotherhood continue to circulate, without evidence, on various right-wing blogs. What do these bloggers know that the US Government does not? Does the NST take the word of unknown bloggers over the US Government? What evidence can the NST present in court in a libel case?

Anwar’s so-called long record of anti-Semitism!

Rachel’s other claim was what she called Anwar’s long record of anti-Semitism. She said that I am supporting an anti-Semite. The reality is, there is no long list of anti-Semitic comments by Anwar Ibrahim. Indeed, throughout his political career, Anwar often has been accused of being close to Jews. For example, Ian Buruma recounts two stories in his New Yorker article on Anwar. (

The first is that when Anwar was kicked out of the Cabinet in 1998, Mahathir – who had accused George Soros and the Jews of causing the 1997 Asian financial crisis – briefed the Cabinet on Anwar’s Jewish connections, pointing out that his friends were people like  Robert (Bob) Rubin, Bill Cohen, James (Jim) Wolfensohn, Paul Wolfowitz, and so on. All American Jews. The second Buruma story is Mahathir’s famous comment that Anwar would make a “good Prime Minister of Israel.”

Rachel wrote an article, “The Reversal of Anwar Ibrahim,” claiming that Anwar had become an anti-Semite, in the New Ledger blog on April 29, 2010. But two months later Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin undercut her thesis and his own Government’s efforts to portray Anwar as anti-Semitic when he said on July 1, “We know for a fact his ties with pro-Zionist groups.


According to The Washington Post, the Malaysian Embassy and APCO worked hard last year to publicize Anwar’s comments on “Zionist aggression,” after the May 31 Israeli action against the relief ship Mavi Marmara. But for reasons that are very understandable, the Malaysian Government did not want to call attention to Najib’s own remarks, which were even stronger, accusing the Israelis of terrorism. Najib called the Israeli actions a “blatant act of aggression and terrorism” committed by the “Zionist regime.” He also referred to “Zionist atrocities.” His remarks are on the official website of the Prime Minister’s office, at

Najib also said that, “The Israeli commandos shot the activists point blank and even from the back, and this is an act of a coward which cannot be forgiven. These blatant acts occurred because the world gangsters, Israel, feel they are protected by a world power.”  The latter reference, of course, is to the United States. (

Anwar’s comments last year caused a lot of problems, but to say that he has a long history of anti-Semitism, and that I therefore am linked to an anti-Semite, is wrong.  I know that the NST has been running op-eds attacking me everyday. But they need to be careful about crossing the line into libel.–John R. Malott





58 thoughts on “Ambassador John Malott responds to NST, Utusan Malaysia and others

  1. Dear Ambassador Malott

    Good for you, Sir!

    I doubt they will translate your reply into Malay or even print it in English in the govt-owned “news”papers here.

    BTW, your original article has been circulated to the members of “Sociologists Without Frontiers” and thus, gone worldwide in the academic world.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Din, friends and H.E. Ambassador Malott

    I have followed all articles written by Ambassador Malott. I am not disputing what he says, whether it’s right or wrong.
    It’s his right to say since he has the info after serving our country.
    But please Your Excellency, say some things nice about Malaysia for a change. You don’t have positive things to say about us.
    What you write may be the truth, but you are viewed with suspicions by our powers that be since you are looked upon as pro-Anwar.
    You are described as undermining our country.
    I fear that since you regularly write in the influential ASWJ, it will scare potential investors to our country.
    Maybe you have some bad memories during your tour of duty when Mahathir was in power, but we have changed regime twice since you left.
    Najib is trying to set things right. Our government is now engaging well with the U S government.
    Prez Obama has acknowledged Malaysia as a spokesman of a moderate Muslim nation.
    So please help Najib and the government in doing this and also Malaysia’s economic transformation policies under One Malaysia credo.
    We do not want our country to be seen by the Americans and the world as not earning your president’s high regard for us.
    And if you noticed, Najib is not confrontational and let your viewpoints about us pass. If it’s Mahathir, you will get loads of vitriol as a backlash.
    As for Rachel Motte she does exist. i also follow her articles in the New Ledger. And I don’t intend to repeat her allegations of Anwar’s link with terrorists in her article.
    She writes in Evangelical Outpost, in CNN. com, and heard on radio stations in the U.S. She has also interned in former Congressman Jim Ryan’s office in Capitol Hill.
    She likes writing about Malaysia since she said she has a following among Malaysians. And all her write-ups are full of praise for our country.
    we dont expect praises all the time, but sure you see some good that our government to be a great nation, despite our smallness in size.

  3. Pak Abu,

    In Ambassador Malott we have a friend, not an adversary. Sometimes friends are allowed to say what is the truth on the state of our race relations. The trouble with most of us is that we do not read an article fully, analyse and digest and then react to it. We seem to be under seige as Mahathir was in when he was in power.

    We must change and engage others intellectually. More importantly, listen to our friends. Ambassador Malott is serious student of Malaysia.–Din Merican

  4. Dear Pak Abu

    I’m quite familiar with politics in America, having lived there many, many years.

    The Evangelical Right in USA are truly scary people — very pro-Israel and even welcoming of a nuclear war as it will speed up the Second Coming of Christ (!).

    One of their number is the renowned Sarah Palin.

    You can also see that Rachel Motte is a fan of the far right-wing rabble rouser Rush Limbaugh.

  5. Any journalist worth his/her salt will stand by what he/she has written. Integrity is the word and Rachel Motte is a coward to remove the posting.
    The least she can do is apologize to Mr Malott.

  6. Libel suit is serious business in the States. Over here it’s just a big joke. Something like “don’t play play” of TV sitcom, Phua Chu Kang.

  7. Rachel Motte?

    She is a right wing Pro-Israeli Christian Zionist who is an apologist for the anti-Muslim Jews and Israelis.

    She wrote, also:

    “….Islamists have ennobled their own position in the world by making Israel a global outcast. They’ve encouraged us to turn against one of our best allies, endangering our own security in the process. They’ve also enflamed the anti-Semitic suspicion and hatred that is frequently associated with anti-American convictions….”

    She wrote in her blog she was a church secretary and regular contributor to the right wing Evangelical Post.

    She is the HEROINE worshipped by o the pariah UMNO Malays and the Malays in Utusan Malaysia and NST like that pariah Malay, Shamsul Akmar

    On May 4, 2010 I cut and paste what Rachel Motte in her blog (see below)

    Declare the Word in Zion: America and the Middle East, by Rachel Motte

    America and Israel, in other words, were joined together mythically, spiritually, and, in a sense, even geographically, in innumerable ways long before they had any political dealings with each other. As much as the public might like to ignore the problems in the Middle East post-9/11, we are inescapably married to them-and we always have been.

    New Ledger, the right wing website that regularly publishes Rachel Motte’s articles have removed the offensive article written by her.

    Even that foul-mouth Barking Magpie aka Rusdi Mustapha ( ) who hops between Canada and Malaysia each year, fondly quotes Rachel Motte.
    Read here:

  8. We do not want our country to be seen by the Americans and the world as not earning your president’s high regard for us.- Pak Abu

    But the pariah UMNO leaders are not representing our nation in the best light in the eyes of the world. The condoning of corruption, cronyism, biased Election Commission, the political apparatchiks in the Judiciary and the Office of the AG, the pro UMNO Police force and the abuse of taxpayers money to fund UMNO-BN campaigns and the laundering of illegal money in GLCs by UMNO.

  9. I dont agree Pak Abu.

    True friends are those that will tell us where we are right, and often get alarmed when a close friend goes wrong, so they are sincere & honest in pointing that out.

    This is where Leaders of Eastern Nations, and particularly Islamic Nations, fail in their true appraisals being very ” prone ” to praises that lead them to wrong ” judgements ” : for this, our Malay history is replete with ” fithnah ” in the PAST, that have been told & retold in Hang Tuah/Hanj Jebat debacle, The Legend of Mahsuri, Singapura di-Landda Todak etc.

    Mahathirism also goes by this in the current ” manupulations ” to OUT-DO Khairy Jamaluddin for obvious reason.

    This culture of cronism goes by levying heaps of ” praises ” as one of the methods to get to the ” heart ” of the Leader/s – thus we see glaring appointments of putting round-pegs–into-square – holes that have caused a HUGE DISCREDIT to Govt’s efforts to gain public confidence !

    So, beware those prone to ” Praises ” for it may not be all that sincere in their postures !

  10. The feudalistic Malay mentality put paid to all claims of decency and uprightness. They’re so subservient to their masters that calling a spade a spade may be misconstrued as being “biadap” (uncouth). Need I say more?

  11. The Malaysian Government, UMNO, NST, Utusan, Berita Harian and the TV stations have hurled hundreds of unfounded allegation against Anwar Ibrahim. All imaginable accusations have been made – sodomite, terrorist, pro-Jew, anti-Jew, pro-American, a fugitive-to-be etc.
    Anar would seem to be the most vilified human being on earth.
    Any man would have crumbled against this cruel onslaught but he is there fighting.

  12. “The Evangelical Right in USA are truly scary people ” Phua

    That is the case throughout the world my friend wrt any Evangelical rightist. The Book of Revelations is the only portion of the Bible they read, misinterpret and manipulate. These chaps are in the same mold as the rabid Islamic fundamentalists. They only differ in their ability to influence the extant Super Power on this planet. An Amellinialist like me look at them with true horror and disgust, as they fail to understand the Jesus command to “Love others as you would love yourself.” Yes, they remain the proverbial “amphibians under the coconut shell”.

    Dear Amb. Malott,
    While it is expedient to sue the Malaysian MSM for libel – do not expect “Justice”, in the true sense of the word, to be meted out in the compromised Malaysian courts. It would be better to file it trans-nationally in the States, if such a thing were possible. Like many here, i thank you for being a True Friend of Malaysia.
    Our friend, Mr. Bean J.D., might be able to help – when he come’s out of his Valentine’s Day funk.

  13. John Mallot – brilliant reply! When push comes to shove, Rachel Motte knows you can’t bullshit about without solid FACTs in hand!

    Let’s see what the racist Utusan, sycophant MSM and NST Shamsul Akmar in M’sia have to say.

    Anwar is battling it out in OUR courts for his integrity, following provisions in OUR Constitution. It he was a terrorist, it would be so easy for him to have fled the country and take his battle outside where the M’sian Govt can’t touch him. Does that look like someoene who is a lackey of Zionists and the USA?

    And our PM, APCO, politicians and Utusan et al must decide once and for – is Anwar a Zionist tool or just someone, like many others here, who has Jewish friends albeit in high, influential places?

    They can’t have it both ways and that’s how they have shot themselves in their own goolies!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  14. Ambassador Malott may have a good case in defamation possibly.

    As for Pak Abu, you are the epitome of the Mlaysian who only wnats to hear “nice” things baout M’sia. Survival of a nation doesnt dpend on saying “nice” things. This is not childsplay, it is a question of survivial and therefore hard issues must be looked at, criticsms must be reflected upon ( not just knee jerk reactions) and objectivity is imperative in asessing any given situaitons that affect us .

    Being nice is when you are at kindergarten.

  15. Pak Abu reflects those who rule this nation and tells us everything is nice , and people write nice things and they are our friends.

    PLEASE for once show some leadership to our young ones.

  16. True friend’s stab you from the front.

    Pak Abu, you are still slumbering in your coconut shell. Wake up for haven sake…..

  17. What can we say about this madness from the lunatic Minister. It’s reported in Malaysiakini –

    “Nazri wants Malott banned from Malaysia”

  18. Typical knee jerk reaction from Nazri. Ambassador Malott doesn’t need to visit Malaysia. No reason to since he can post his views on the internet. Ambassador Malott can do more damage in Washington DC if he wants to. What an idiot Minister, ban this, ban that, ban ban ban. Nazri should watch the ghonim video and start making plans to emigrate.

  19. …you expect any contrition or apologies from these creatures? Good luck. They are from a culture where everybody nods their heads and bows and scrapes at statements from the ministers and other great ones no matter what drivel is spewed.

    And they are sitting smug because they feel they are untouchable because of the incestuous relationships between those in power and the other organs of state. There is after all honor even amongst thieves.

    Just listen to the rubbish by the ilk of Nazri. Just because the reporters from Utusan, NST, ad nauseum, nod their heads vigorously makes these clowns think they are saying great things.

  20. Pak Abu is typical UMNO product , forever reverential of westerners and western values when out of Malaysia ( look at Muhyiddin groveling for US peace corps assistance when calling on Hilary Clinton in Washington and given no opportuinity to meet VP Bidden !!) and turning and twisting about the sanctity of Malay feudal values when back in Bolehland !!!

  21. When you want to be a first world country, no one says nice things to you. Being first world is about critique, asessment, performance, deliverables, outcomes, standards, quality, scrutiny, public standards,public expectations.

    When we are in the mindset of nice we are out eating ice cream. Thats nice.

  22. Mr Malott, you have said your piece and others disagree…and because others disagree you want to sue have said nothing good about Malaysia and you expect us to maintain silence and let people like you get away with a load of rubbish…isn’t this an obvious ‘oppression’ by expound ‘freedom of speech’ but your response suggest that its freedom for you and your kind only … and just because algore, wolfowitz who also has nothing good to say about the country are friends of anwar does not in anyway make him an angel…I dare say you are evil man just like anwar…SUE ME!!

  23. Din, Mr bean, Abinzar and others yang sewaktu dengannya (borrowing the parlance of youths now).

    You guys are my pals. Never my adversary.
    So is our esteemed ambassador Mr Malott.
    If not I won’t be brave to be in this blog, since it looks like I am the only one in the other side.
    I think you all read me wrong. Give praise when it’s due.
    But if Malott does not have anything good to say of us then so be it. It’s better to criticise truthfully than showering false praises.
    I do not like over-zealous people like Hardev Kaur who went out of her way to please the boss when she was not told to do it.

  24. Nazri??? Another of the so-called well groomed Umnoputra who is so screwed up…He still wants nice things to be said of him and the country when ilks like him are tearing the country apart.

  25. malaun

    I am neither of the categories you mentioned.
    I am proud of my tag insigneur. I am in the business of constructing rather than demolishing.
    I have projects in some parts of the world through my network of connections when I studied on both sides of the atlantic.
    My friends are from a polyglot of nations.
    I do not have any favors from UMNO. But being an UMNO man, facilitate me of some red-tapes. That is all.
    But I am a strong believer of my country, right or wrong. My party right or wrong.

    Phua and Frank.

    Yes rachel motte is what you guys mentioned. But sometimes we singled her out because of what she says that suit us.
    She’s one of those who are in Rush Limbaugh’s radar.
    I am on her e-mail list and also Sarah Palin. Do not admire them. But because i connect with many Americans, they found a way to my e-mail.
    I am also in the White House facebook via my connections when i was a student.

  26. Let’s be nice to Pak Abu. His message is from the heart (even if we disagree with him).

    We need more people like him in UMNO/BN.

  27. Well said Pak Abu!…you have said it right and as usual the pro-opposition supporters have nothing much to say save for more character assassinations, more foul language which reflect people of low intelligence and morality … just like …. well you know who…

  28. Pak Abu sounds familiar…….
    it sounds like the late….,….,….,
    when someone once called him ‘ bodoh punya melayu’……
    it slips my mind….

  29. “But I am a strong believer of my country, right or wrong. My party right or wrong.” Pak Abu

    “Let’s be nice to Pak Abu.” Phua

    With a statement like that, you must be joking, Phua. Umno represents all that lacks Conscience, Righteousness. Wisdom and Discernment. They are the embodiment of all that is Wrong! Do we have to be ‘nice’? Or shall we let them stew in their Hubris? If the latter, then Woe betide Malaysia.
    But they can’t change, can they..?!

  30. “Give praise when it’s due.
    But if Malott does not have anything good to say of us then so be it. It’s better to criticise truthfully than showering false praises”. Pak Abu
    I am not pro Umno/BN but……..
    You have my respect, Pak Abu!

  31. I am on her e-mail list and also Sarah Palin. Do not admire them. But because i connect with many Americans, they found a way to my e-mail.
    I am also in the White House facebook via my connections when i was a student.- Pak Abu

    SO WHAT?

    So you can go to Alaska and see the Russia from the verandah of Sarah Palin’s house or go moose-hunting with her?

    White FaceBook? Any dumb fool can be included in that page.

  32. Pak Abu, whatever you’re smoking, can I have some?

    The trouble with us Malaysians, as Din pointed out, is that we don’t read carefully enough. Motte accuses Malott of factual errors, but her article actually contains them. And she makes sweeping statements without substantiating them.

    Parts of it are libelous, especially the one saying that Anwar is connected to terrorists. No wonder she took the article off her blog. But NST should have known better. They should know what is libel. Perhaps it’s an indication of how low mainstream journalism has sunk, such that its journalists don’t know what libel is any more.

  33. But NST should have known better. They should know what is libel. – Kee Thuan Chye

    Kee Thuan Chye, you cannot be serious. How could you say they should have know better. They DON’T and they won’t. They got no balls at all.

    Those idiots in NST are NOT journalists. They are a bunch of ball-carrying UMNO propaganda copywriters.

    The classic example is the head honcho of Malay Mail who took the Malaysian bloggers a ride while acting as a snake in the blanket for the senile old man.

  34. We need more people like him in UMNO/BN.- Phua Kai Lit

    No, we don’t need anybody in UMNO-BN.

    Race-based parties should be constitutionally abolished and banned if Malaysia wants to move forward among the more civilised international community.

    Race-based parties are a disservice to the Malays and to the non Malays. In the longer term, the bigger losers are the Malays, no the non Malays. Malays have decided to put a fence around them, while nonMalays see the world without boundaries. They will move on while the poorer section of the Malays will continue to be suppressed and depressed by the elite UMNO Malays.

    Pak Abu’s stay in UMNO is for HIS own self interest, nothing to do with his altruistic interest to help the country.

  35. In my humble opinion, no one is beyond the pale except for fascists and Nazis.

    Nothing wrong with being nice to your political opponent if he/she is not a fascist/Nazi.

  36. Frank

    Stop being judgemental on me being in UMNO. It’s my choice. What self-interest do I have when I am just a small fry there?
    And don’t belittle me and associating me with Sarah Palin.
    i am not fond of the Tea party movement.
    The only Tea-party Congressman that I like is Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.
    She’s the founder of the House Tea party Cacus.
    I follow her on TV and in the U S MSM and she’s got more grey matter than Palin.
    Anyway what does it matter what we think of them?
    I pray Pres Obama will get two-term and Hillary Clinton succeeds him.

  37. Stop being judgemental on me being in UMNO. It’s my choice.- Pak Abu

    I feel disappointed that such a waste of intelligence and intellectual resource to be located in a place full of vacuous minds.

    Unfortunately, on all things considered it is a BAD choice.

  38. Well, Pak Abu

    We are only trying to save your political soul 😉

    And I am trying to prevent you from being demonized 🙂

    If PR forms the govt in the future, it will still have to deal with about 1/3 of the MPs who are from the Other Side. So, we all need to learn to get along in spite of our (strongly held) political views and our distaste, nay contempt, for UMNO/BN-style racial politics.

  39. The only Tea-party Congressman that I like is Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.She’s the founder of the House Tea party Cacus.I follow her on TV and in the U S MSM and she’s got more grey matter than Palin.- Pak Abu

    You like Michele Bachmann??

    Sure you do! Like all UMNO Malays, they like Pro Israel Zionist Christian politicians in the US who hates muslims anywhere in the world and who don’t blink an eye with Israeli’s disastrous atrocities against the Palestinians. UMNO Malays such as Shamsul Akmar loves people like Rachel Motte, another right wing Zionist Christian.

    It does not matter if Israeli army kills innocent Palestinian women and children, steal Palestinian lands, rob their homes, and deny the Palestinian a decent homeland.

    You are truly an UMNO Malay who loves Zionists and Israel-lovers from the US.

    Even orthodox Jews hate Zionist Jews and state Israel should not be allowed to exist(read HERE)

    Here is one article from the Minnesota Independent

    “Bachmann: America ‘cursed’ by God ‘if we reject Israel’”

    At a Republican Jewish Coalition event in Los Angeles last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann offered a candid view of her positions on Israel: Support for Israel is handed down by God and if the United States pulls back its support, America will cease to exist.

    The Republican Jewish Coalition is the same organization that recently hired former Sen. Norm Coleman.

    Here’s a transcript of some of her remarks at the RJC event:

    “I am convinced in my heart and in my mind that if the United States fails to stand with Israel, that is the end of the United States . . . [W]e have to show that we are inextricably entwined, that as a nation we have been blessed because of our relationship with Israel, and if we reject Israel, then there is a curse that comes into play. And my husband and I are both Christians, and we believe very strongly the verse from Genesis [Genesis 12:3], we believe very strongly that nations also receive blessings as they bless Israel. It is a strong and beautiful principle.

    I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilize men than any other nation.

    If I were an atheist, and believed in blind eternal fate, I should still believe that fate had ordained the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing the nations.

    If I were an atheist of the other sect, who believe or pretend to believe that all is ordered by chance, I should believe that chance had ordered the Jews to preserve and propagate to all mankind the doctrine of a supreme, intelligent, wise, almighty sovereign of the universe, which I believe to be the great essential principle of all morality, and consequently of all civilization.

    . . . So that is a very long way to answer your question, but I believe that an explicit statement from us about our support for Israel as tied to American security, we would do well to do that.

    Pak Abu, you should make a pilgrimage to Israel instead to contemplate the future of Malaysia.

  40. Why all this fuss over what the Ambassador has or has not said. He has left many things unsaid. The ruling calss in this country has to do some soul searching instead of trying to declare the Ambassador PNG. He has in many respect outlined what many Malaysian chinese and indians talk about around watercoolers, mamak stalls and restaurants and in the safety of their homes. A smart government will try to re examin what it has done to date and try to make adjustments. Whatever they do or decide to do will only be credible if opportunities in this county reflects the racial composition of our nation. That is what we are by our constituion – a multi racial country. We have to protect the wealth that has been created in this country and for that we must run this country in accordance with the constitution and rule of law otherwise our major trading partners may take their business elsewhere. And as the Ambassador himself stated it is not only important to hold free and fair elections but the government that comes into power after that elections must be not only fair but must be seen to be fair until the next general elections.

  41. “But I am a strong believer of my country, right or wrong. My party right or wrong.” Pak Abu!

    Well..yes indeed, you shows ur true color, even though, u knew it it is wrong..& u do nothing abt it? what kind mentality is that?

    Please…save this kind of attitude in the hereafter lah pak abu!
    Totally agree with Frank…don’t want anybody from UMNO/APCO..all of them with twisted tongue…not twisted sister…We’re not gonna take it anymore!

  42. all things said & done. Its really going to be the majority of the population who is going to suffer the most. Cest la vie. The rich will take flight anyway.

  43. Mallot that is the best news I have heard. Take these felows to court . See that they never leave their home if they don’t lick what they had vomitted. NST has to interpret to Utusan the implications and show how to stangle itself. The later has always felt immortal.

  44. Dato Seri Nazri was the only Minister to chide Utusan/ Berita Harian over some cock and bull articles earlier. Some credibility should be given to him. He should not go overboard by reading the NST/Utusan comments on Mr Malott articles.

    Barry Wain was banned from entering Malaysia by TDM for some articles in AWSJ. Even talk of arrest. Overtime he came out with the Book,The Malaysian Maverick. We all live in Glass houses and should not throw stones. The Pen is mightier than the Sword.

  45. John Mallot – please sue them and accelerate their closure. Drain them of as much funds as possible. They are already drained of morality

  46. Ambassador Malott,

    There are two kinds of people. First, under the concept of rational choice, a rational being is one who has no agenda to pursue other than his own personal utility and therefore his words can be accepted.

    Second, it would be a different case for someone who is from historical school. To this person who is usually a politician with bad intentions, he interprets things around him with special lens for purpose of grabbing power, benefits, and reinterpret rules laws to satisfy his own lust for power.

    You are a man with conscience. Your rebuttal to those allegations in Utusan Malaysia and NST on you and Anwar is convincing. Well done.

  47. I thank you for speaking up for the Malaysian citizens who are disillusioned with the corrupted government and their so called judiciary system and cannot wait to kick the present government out in the next general election.
    Help us to broadcast the BERSIH rally 3.0 to the world for a clean and fair election.

  48. Malott must have been badly treated by the then Malaysian Government when he was the ambassador of a superpower here to the extent that he has nothing good to say about Malaysia which is, like other countries, not perfect. The current Malaysian government should take his criticism positively and try to make amends where necessary. Eradication of corruption is one area and transparent & accountable governance is another to be looked into by the current government. Transformation should be in the right direction.
    What crap are you talking about. The Malaysian government does not treat Ambassadors accredited here badly. Ambassador Malott is no exception. I know him to say that he is a friend of Malaysia. Yes, take his criticism positively; and there is no denying that we as a nation have become corrupt. Talk not of perfection as we are a very imperfect country with an imaginary transformation agenda led by a con artist from Sarawak.–Din Merican

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