Figuring out Anwar Ibrahim

January 29, 2011


Figuring out Parti KeADILan Rakyat(PKR)’s Ketua Umum

by Wong Mun Chee

Politicians are never our saviours. We the people need to be savvy enough to understand and comprehend with apprehension the true objectives of a politician.

A simple recap, in 1972 Anwar Ibrahim formed ABIM and served as their leader. In 1982, he surprised everyone by joining UMNO. In 1993, he was made the Deputy Prime Minister after forcing out (Tun) Ghafar Baba. In 1999 after his incarceration, PKR was formed and the rest I guess is the new politics that we see today with the same old political agenda.

The economist ran a pretty decent piece on Anwar and they described him as the Malaysian chameleon (see link Now let’s get down to facts to see whether he is a chameleon.

While in ABIM, it was a Muslim agenda; then in UMNO, it was more a Malay agenda by introducing numerous pro-Malay policies in the national school curriculum. One of the major changes that Anwar did was to rename the national language from Bahasa Malaysia to Bahasa Melayu. I wonder where One Malaysia or Malaysian First fits in here.

Other notable events such as the Kampong Rawa incident in March 1998 where there was a tense stand-off when politically motivated Muslims emerged from Friday prayers in an adjacent mosque and marched in numbers to the Sri Raja Raja Madurai Veeran temple in Kampung Rawa. During this incident, the negotiator – Mr. Anwar – threatened the Hindus there to accept whatever he said, otherwise he said no temple bells will be sounded in Penang. Knowing MIC, what would you expect? Naturally the temple was demolished and relocated even when it had stood there before the mosque came into the picture.

Another interesting event is of course the insertion of UMNO proxies in Sabah since its inception in 1991. Naturally the progenitor is none other than our famous Anwar.

Anwar sympathizers will naturally cry foul for the follies and frolics of  their  man during his reign against the community generally, as after all he did face persecution for his ambitious attempt to overthrow the mighty Machiavellian, Dr. Mahathir, by being another Machiavellian. Basically it was a clash of the Titans with little relevance for public concern or needs but their race to power.

The interesting point to be taken into consideration is, the charmed character of Anwar did not serve his imprisonment for a cause for the society but rather being a seasoned politician, he was able to gain public sympathy through his Reformasi.

Fast forward 2011, amongst the three opposition coalition parties, the one that seems to be a time bomb seems to be PKR. Why? Same principle – all proxies to ensure Anwarism, no difference from the UMNO style with their allies, gain power.

Why am I bringing this up? I’ll tell you why. Little birds in the sky have been chirping to me that Anwar has recently met with Taib (Sarawak) and Musa (Sabah) beyond the Malaysian waters.

Now what is the purpose of meeting UMNO cronies? Trust me. In politics, it is not about principle but where and when the deal can be struck. Even the enemy is your friend. Naturally we all know that Peninsular is 50-50, but East Malaysia is where the real power is for the political swing. What they discussed or why, is a good guess for you as much as it is for me.

Let’s ponder on my own theories. Taib and Musa have been under a lot of heat and it is unlikely that UMNO can hold it together for them as they need to take care of their own backyard in Peninsular. Anwar has his days numbered; either he goes behind bars or strike a deal for a swing in power and in exchange for these blokes to continue with their billionaire lifestyle and fulfill his own agenda to become the Prime Minister.

You see, once he is in power it is very difficult to question anything. Look at UMNO, a classic example,for 53 years. And why go so far? Even PAKATAN within their four states exercise and exhibit similar agendas with lots of media propaganda for the feel good factor so what more with seasoned politicians.

On another take, for all you know, Anwar may be negotiating with Najib as he would now realize that PKR is falling apart as most are UMNO rejects or his proxies. I would do that, if I am a politician. Wouldn’t you?

Why would Najib negotiate with Anwar? Well, for one a common enemy ,Dr Mahathir. Najib has Dr Mahathir nibbling at his feet from day one since he has been the Premier. The current Deputy Prime Minister, a crony of Dr Mahathir comes with such contradictory statements from the current Premier it is like another subtle proxy war. Is it so difficult to fathom this? It is always good to read between the lines to find the true agenda.

I won’t be surprised that one day Anwar will turn around and tell Najib he thinks Najib is doing the right thing as they have a common enemy in sight. He may want to maintain his freedom by enhancing Najib’s position just to avoid serving a prison sentence.

The crux of this letter is, politicians are never our saviours. We the people need to be savvy enough to understand and comprehend with apprehension the true objectives of a politician. This can only materialize if they are steadfast in their principle from day one, not swaying and swinging for political needs no matter how you see it. A good politician and its true meaning is to serve the society without the typical grandeur that we observe with Anwar as and when it fits the agenda.

This can only happen if your individual action is in place to check and balance them as I attempted to do with Anwar Ibrahim. Whether I have my doubts about Anwar is secondary. It is your call as the society to flush out artificial politicians.

31 thoughts on “Figuring out Anwar Ibrahim

  1. This ain’t about “Figuring” out Anwar..
    This is “Fingering” Anwar..
    Well, whatever little cuckoo birds whisper or chirp or cheep or croak, i’ll take Mr C.M. Wong’s advisory to the aviary and see what the other little birdies say.
    This writer’s probably an Orthinologist. Bird-brain? Who knows..

  2. Latest news: Anwar linked to terrorism. Hishammudin orders probe. Very new and very creative. I guess the sodomy charges aren’t that good enough. I’m wondering if he’ll send a letter to Obama for permission to send Anwar to Gitmo?

  3. No matter what is written or said about Anwar, it’s for the rakyat to decide whether he’s a friend or a foe. At this critical moment anyone, be it Din or tean, who can give an iota of hope for Malaysians, will be held in esteem. What he does when he’s in power is another cerita altogether.

  4. The nationwide movement for change has gone beyond Anwar.

    If UMNO/BN think they can cripple the nationwide movement for change by just removing one man from the scene, they are really mistaken.

    Plenty of leaders in the younger generations.
    The MP for Lembah Pantai, the MP for Bukit Bendera, the MP for Kuantan etc.

  5. Philosopher Isaiah Berlin is of the view that great men can be boxed under two categories–either fox or hedgehog. “The fox knows many little things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” (Greek poet Archilochus). Mahathir is a wily fox (read Tom Plate’s Dr M:Operation Malaysia).

    Since he was tutored in politics by the Doctor from Kedah, Anwar can be considered a fox with excellent oratorical skills. He, however, regards himself a progressive Muslim and liberal democrat with populist bent (like early Mahathir), but once in power, he could change his tact. In that sense, it is difficult to figure him out.

    But one thing we can be sure that Anwar has prime ministerial ambitions. So he can be a Machiavellian as any other man in power in order to swim and survive the punishing tides of fortune. Power is a great temptress. Most leaders after a while succumb to its seductiveness and shred their populist image. It could be with Najib too.–Din Merican

  6. The same old story from this Wong guy !Everyone of his enemies wants their two cents worth!One fine art of spinning their assumptions when they dont breath or live like Annuar. Yeap Din , you are right you need to be a cunning fox to outwit this little fox!

  7. Forget about figuring out Anwar. Can we figure out Pakatan Rakyat? And can Mr Wong please follow up this article with one about Figuring Out Najib?

  8. Power is a great temptress. Most leaders after a while succumb to its seductiveness and shred their populist image. It could be with Najib too.–Din Merican

    dinobeano – January 29, 2011 at 7:55 am

    I think Dato’ meant to say ‘shed’ instead of ‘shred’. Shed or shred, tean would like to know what he would do with Ms. Maria Ozawa, niece to maestro Seiji Ozawa.

  9. This piece is more the work of a clairvoyant or soothsayer or a fortune teller or a spin doctor.

    All convoluted predictions while thinking aloud or day dreaming.

  10. ‘Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realise that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.’

    I didn’t say that. It was Old Ronald (Reagan) who said that.

  11. For more than 20 years this Premier had played his power game well and being supported by his Protege, the nation has turned into what it is today.

    Looks like we have two foxes who have not done any good for the country.

    My choice will be KITA instead of PKR.

  12. In my view there is no need to ask the question who DSAI is if the author does not want to guesswork who Najib is? Today the majority of Malaysians want leakages of taxpayers money, corruption, police brutality and deaths in custody including a judiciary that stands up to uphold justice and not a judiciary that is an extension of the executive. So what the Rakyat wants is a general election to consign BN to the sewage. We are waiting for Wong Mun Chee to tell us with well informed news how much of money the BN government has robbed the people of the tax payers.

  13. The old well used line of “Politics is a dirty game” hence some politicians by default are dirty. I tend to agree with Wong, Anwar falls into this category. I would risk being behind Anwar (not physically hence he gets into sodomy3) than the BN. Anything is better than the last 52 years, even if it carries on with another set of clowns leading the government-so whats new.

  14. 1989 – 1992 Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia
    and other Eastern European police states

    2011 – ? Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, Egypt and other North African and Middle Eastern police
    states ?

  15. anwar is a venomous snake as well as a snake oil peddler all his life. Presently, he is an enemy within the coalition’s gates, as well as a barbarian on the outside…BUT after 5decades of samo samo screwing, i am willing to risk a new gangbang.

  16. Hmm.. Macc investigating TSPhang by anonymous blopost.
    Now, SB investigating Anwar by CNN.
    Progress what.. Hey, happy days are here again.

  17. I seem to remember this writer. He is only writing to confuse. To me it is very simple- we don’t simply accept corrupt and dishonest regime just because their stooges claim that their replacement may be as bad.
    We must reject untrustworthy government until we get one we can trust!

  18. ..the first objective should be to free ourselves from the clutches of UMNO/BN.
    who the next PM should be….? lets cross the river when we come to the bridge!

  19. Just limiting ourselves to the 21st century, we have with all the justification in this world and the next given up on our politicians as being anything other than glad-handing, self-interested fools who will do their best to screw us more than anything else ,we are reduced to only one last, final illusion: That they might at least be good at it.

    So here goes … Yo!.. Yo!.. check it out Yo! Yo!…
    Every fucking day our cities tell us what they think of justice. They lock the courageous away as the cowards plaster the cracks spreading through the monolith. But if this man isn’t freed, this city burns. “On this Day of Remembrance let us not kneel and pray for the dead. Let us stand and activate for the living, to rescue those about to die” at the hands of bullshit politicians; bloated pin-dick muther…kers who bow and curtsy to the seats of power. We’ll never learn and nothing will ever change as long as we stay this course of followers and slaves. I can’t believe we’re still content reshuffling the same old decks of kings and queens and faux-democracies. I say we hand it back to the bullshit politicians. Brick by brick, wall by wall…

  20. A cynical view of politicians and a distrust of lawyers is nothing new. If we are to line all of them up in ball and chain and push them into the sea, we will be facing empty halls of justice, of legislature and executive. Heck! There would have been a shortage of barbers from India in the 50s and 60s.

  21. Time is better spent marvelling about the chicken crossing the road. Here is something new about that chicken crossing the road:

    Bill Clinton: The chicken did not cross the road. I repeat, the chicken did not cross the road. I don’t know any chickens. I have never known any chickens.

    Martin Luther King Jr.: I envision a world where all chickens will be free to cross roads without having their motives called into question.

    Grandpa: In my day, we didn’t ask why the chicken crossed the road. Someone told us that the chicken crossed the road, and that was good enough for us.

    Aristotle: It is the nature of chickens to cross the road.

    Karl Marx: It was an historical inevitability.

    Saddam Hussein: This was an unprovoked act of rebellion and we were quite justified in dropping 50 tons of nerve gas on it.

    Ronald Reagan: What chicken?

  22. Dear Mr Bean

    You forgot our Al-Jazeera star Ibrahim Ali:

    “Chicken s…t! Chicken s..t! Chicken s..t!.
    I repeat, Chicken s..t! Chicken s..t! Chicken s..t!”

  23. … wat ibat and alfred charles wrote…tell you what ini mesti ketua bahgian umno mana ntah ni yang tulis…lepas tu dia print n tunjuk kt org atas dia yg ada ‘pengaruh’…nk tunjuk dia pun sokong 100% 1malaysia!!!hehe

  24. There’s nothing to figure out about Anwar. His ambition is to be the PM of Malaysia, no two way about it. He will use all means and methods to achieve his dream. Is it wrong for someone to dream to become the PM of Malaysia?
    Anwar just like the rest of us has used all available means and methods to improve our positions both personally and professionally. Over time he may have changed his stance and beliefs. Most of us do that too. When we fail to achieve what we seek through a certain way or method, we change the way and apply new methods.
    The proof is when Anwar eventually becomes the PM. That’s when we should to judge him in administering the nation and living up to his election promise.

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