A New Team in PKR with Azmin Ali as Deputy President

November 22, 2010


Nurul Izzah, Tian Chua, Fuziah Salleh and Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1Mansor Othman are the new Vice Presidents of PKR. The outcome of the contest for the 4 VP posts is as follows:

1) Nurul Izzah Anwar – 13,170
2) Tian Chua – 11,460
3) Fuziah Salleh – 8,891
4) Mansor Othman – 8,477
5) Xavier Jayakumar – 6,984
6) N Gobalakrishnan – 6,721
7) Yahya Sahri – 6,436

Azmin Ali,  Deputy President with a new Team  vows to clean up and refocus PKR

by Clara Chooi @http://www.themalaysiainsider.com

PKR’s newly-elected deputy president Azmin Ali basked in the euphoria of his victory today by firing biting insults against his former contender Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, charging that the leader had been a failure from day one.

Deputy President of PKR

Azmin, who stormed to an easy victory when the PKR’s fractious polls closed last weekend, accused Zaid of lacking humility and failing to be team player although the party leadership had graciously awarded him numerous top posts when he joined last year.

The Gombak MP also bade Zaid “good luck” in the latter’s bid to form a new party but sarcastically took a dig at the leader’s ambition by adding, “I am not so sure if he can succeed or not”.

“Well, good luck to him. I want to see whether he will succeed or not. In the months, you have seen his true character. He is not a person who can work as a team, he is not a team player so how could you lead a party, or any organisation for that matter, if you cannot listen? If you do not have the humility to listen to others? You want to lead the party, you must listen to differing views, [Zaid has] no spirit of comradeship at all, so I am not sure if he can succeed or not,” he told reporters at the MP’s lounge in Parliament this morning.

Azmin had at first brushed off questions about Zaid, who had last week announced his resignation from PKR, pointing out that he was not “interested” to talk about his competition in the deputy presidential race.

“He is no longer a member of the party so I am not interested to make any reference to him,” he said, when asked to respond to Zaid’s countless attacks and allegations on the PKR leadership. When pushed for a response, however, Azmin charged that Zaid had failed to produce any supporting evidence in his numerous complaints of voting irregularities in the party’s first-ever direct elections.

“He has failed to adduce evidence. How could you make your allegations through media engaged by UMNO and Barisan Nasional and you fail to support your claims with evidence? Until today, he has refused. What do we do? And yet the secretary-general has made public announcements and explanations that there is no basis to the allegations,” he said.

Azmin had earlier pledged that as the newly-appointed deputy president, he would make it his goal to wipe out “traitors” in PKR, in a move to cleanse the party and restructure the organisation.

But when asked if he believed that Zaid was a “traitor” to PKR’s struggles, Azmin smiled and said, “Well, let the members decide, now that we have seen his true character.”

He admitted that it had not been a mistake to allow Zaid into PKR but pointed out that the former UMNO man blew up his chances to succeed in the party when he failed to perform as an effective leader.

“We have given him ample opportunities to perform and to work as a team, to contribute to the party. He was one of those leaders who got all the privileges… compared to the others, people who struggled for the past 12 years but were not even appointed to the supreme council or the political bureau. But Zaid… within seconds of his arrival into the party, we placed him as member of the political bureau, the highest body in the party, and as the supreme council member, as a candidate in Hulu Selangor, you name it, all these privileges given to him but he has failed,” he said.

As such, Azmin told Zaid not to blame the party leadership for his many failures. “Do not blame us, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim or the party president (Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail),” he said.

Wan Azizah, he said, was a “unifying factor” in the party, rubbishing claims that she was a powerless president.

“Do not undermine my president. She has a soft power, she has been able to conduct herself the last 10 years and she is a unifying factor. She has done a tremendous job as a president,” he said.

Nurul Izzah as Vice President with the highest votes

Azmin also took time to sing praises of Anwar’s daughter, Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah, who is said to have secured one of the four vice-president’s posts in the PKR polls.

He claimed that he did not view Nurul’s entry into the top party leadership as a family “dynasty” or “nepotism”, and declared that the young leader was an asset to PKR.

“She certainly has a strong appeal, especially among the younger generation. She has a potential to strengthen the party’s unity and she has performed well, even when her father was behind bars. She is a very effective MP in Parliament, and I strongly believe that this is the right time for her to play a major role in the party to prepare for the coming general election because our focus is on the younger generation of voters,” he said.

Azmin also brushed off talk that BN was said to be capitalising on PKR’s troubles to drum up support for itself in the coming general elections, said likely to be held by next March.

“What problems in PKR? Do not look at isolated cases in one or two divisions. What you fail to look at is the principle of this electoral reforms where we, as a young party, we have the courage to embark on electoral reforms to empower every single member with one vote,” he said.

He challenged UMNO to take a leaf from PKR and hold its own direct elections. “Certainly they are not ready to do that,” he said.

58 thoughts on “A New Team in PKR with Azmin Ali as Deputy President

  1. When cheatres claim glory it becomes a devoid of any credibility. You can fool your selves as being victors when the real victor is a person of principal who stood by his consceince for berseh. My foot for your euphoria

  2. I feel Azmin should have just walked passed his comment of “I’m not sure if he (Zaid Ibrahim) will succeed” and not stalled there each time questions were raised.

    It is time to re-group and focus on the “Final Solution”.

  3. What Azmin said about Zaid is true.
    Zaid is a cocky guy. I know so because I was his batch in UITM
    Ada girl-friendpun nak tayang.
    Humility is not in his lexicon.
    We all call him Sea-Biscuit.

  4. If Azmin can clean up PKR with all the old UMNO baggage, remove the potential frogs, the snakes in the blanket, and those elected as MPs in 2008 by default but are rotten wood in Parliament, as he said he would do, then I would review my own views about him.

    Right now, its wait and see….

  5. Mr Bean

    I disagree. This is RIGHT time clean out the cobwebs and push out the useless coat hangers and go for the witch hunt of potential FROGS.

    Azmin should stake his leadership credentials right now if he wants to play a major role in leading PKR in the next GE.

  6. I agree with you, Mr Bean. I think Azmin did it with much fanfare because of late he had been maligned as a weakling walking and talking only in Anwar’s shadows.

  7. I don’t know the man but I have listened to him speak and I’m impressed with his oratorical skills. I can also understand why many non-Malays are a little apprehensive about the tone of some of his speeches.

  8. Whoever leads PKR and Pakatan will have a hard time juggling competing interests. Finally it is about holding the fort long enough to withhold counter-attacks by a determined enemy.

  9. This enemy will stop at nothing. What’s more they have the deep pockets to buy loyalties. And Pakatan needs old faithfuls ready and willing to put their lives and those of their families on the table and risk it all for a set of principles. Right now there are not too many of those.

  10. Malaysian voters are a bunch of wimps… that is why UMNO-BN could hoodwinked them all and scared the shit out of them and ruled the country unbroken since independence, 1957.

    The problem lies not in what Pakatan can do, the problem lies with the spineless Malaysians who don’t have the balls to stand up to the persistent bullying and thuggery by UMNO.

    You put a cube of sugar given by UMNO in the mouth of the Malaysian Chinese voter, who had been grumbling endlessly for being discriminated by the UMNO-led Govt, he will go into a trace and vote either MCA or an UMNO candidate in his constituency.

    Malaysian Chinese voters have no principles of their own. Their principles are convertibles… into RMs

  11. In political terms, the chinese voter has a tunnel vision and a short one.

    You can scare a chinese voter just by lighting a match stick. He will do your bidding in an instant. You put money in front of them, he becomes your slave in a matter of seconds.

  12. For Malaysian Indians, you don’t need to use money to buy them off… it only takes murukku powder. Throw in a sewing machine, you h ave them for life at your feet. That is how UMNO got Samy Vellu under its feet in the last 20 years and how Samy Vellu virtually pawned off the rights of Malaysian Indians to UMNO.

  13. True Frank, the typical Chinapek, can’t see beyond their chauvinism. But my guess is that they will not be so easily swayed this time – sugar cubes or none. BeEnd will try to appease with no avail, but who knows for sure what rabbits they have up their sleeve?. The Indians are touch and go, with Samy taking the carabao into the sunset.

    My only reading is that the 10-15% (no one really knows the exact percentage) Christian votes will remain locked in PR, as long as they won’t settle the many outstanding issues.

  14. Meyalak-er

    I cannot read how Christians will vote.. whether their race plays a part or not.

    If by religion itself, a Christian should vote on the same side of PAS, because they both share the same fountain-head, ie Abraham aka Nabi Ibrahim. Both believed that Moses aka Nabi Musa really existed.Both consider Jerusalem as a Holy place and both think Jews are the Chosen People or one of the Children of the Book. Muslims consider Christians as their siblings (fellow Children of the Book).

    Muslims and Christians give their highest respect to Jesus Christ aka Nabi Isa (although Christians took it one step higher ie closer to God).

    Christians and Muslims call their God “Allah” ( if the Christians were to read their Bible in Arabic, as Arab Christians do, although Malay Muslims think “Allah” belongs to the Malays).

    A Chinese Christians should vote a PAS candidate ALL the time and a PAS Malay should always vote a Christian candidate.

    What about Buddhists? They should vote a Hindu candidate and vice versa since their religions developed from the same region (Gautama was a Hindu before he saw the Deepavali Lights under the Bo tree in the forest). Buddhists should NOT vote UMNO or PAS because these two parties believe in God while Buddhists don’t.

    Atheists should only vote Buddhist candidates. If no Buddhist candidate, go to the polling booth, put your own name down and vote yourself.

  15. For the Malay votes, it is much easier to have them under your feet. Just keep chanting day in day out in front of them “Untuk Bangsa dan Agama”, in the mosques, on the street, on TV, on the radio, on DVDs and during Hari Rayas, during Sultan birthdays and public holidays, you got them totally hypnotized. To seal them off completely , just throw in a few phrases of “Tanah Melayu”, “Melayu Tak Akan Hilang di Dunia and ” Artikel 152 Lembaga Persekutuan”.

    Any attempt to take them out of this hypnotic state, they will run amok and their latent violent tendencies become severely exposed. Islam goes out of the window.

  16. Zaid’s biggest mistake is to go to town with the BN sponsored presses like Utusan and Star, knowing that they will use the opportunity to run the opposition pack to the ground. Pakatan supporters find it quite unforgiving and inexcusable. That’s when everyone started to have doubts about his loyalty to the opposition and attacked him. In hindsight, Zaid was his own worst enemy. That his reputation is in taters is unquestionably true. If I were him, I’ll forget about forming his own party because it’s going to be a flop. His best option is to go quietly and return to his legal practice. Reconnect with Umno and happily make more millions. Forget politics because he doesn’t have what it takes to be a consumate politician.

  17. Someone asks me, what about those agnostics in Malaysia. Who should they vote.

    Agnostics are born losers. They sit on the fence. For Malaysian agnostics, when election day comes, they should take a holiday overseas and spend time on the beach to meditate on whether the idea of God is the same as Electricity (ie You feel the effect, but you cannot SEE electricity, just like God is), or God got two hands, two legs and two ears with neurons between the ears)

  18. Frank,

    The mentality of the “Chinese” voters have changed and now are each “Man of Determination”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThifXbelTWw

  19. Wonder Why…Man of Determination…the theme song from “Once Upon A Time In China” can be deleted by blog host…something to think about !

    Hidup Malaysia !!!

    ps the Translation in English are Universal Patriotic Words.

  20. Frank,

    Like your hypothesis:

    Malays – scare them with “Akan hilang ketuanan dan kedualatan Melayu” crap.

    Chinese – throw some money if front of them.

    Indians – throw a sewing machine and some murkus.

    What about Mamaks?

    Tell them they’ll become Melayu in an instant and that Article 152 has them in mind.

    A good laugh to drive the blues away. Cheers.

  21. fairplay

    Chinese voter mentality has changed??? Far from it.

    The March 2008 election result is a freak. The chinese have short term vision, and when the chips are down, they flee with their tails being their legs.

    All Najib got to do is to light the fear of the spectre of May 13 in the coming GE , the Chinese’s balls will drop and will sheepishly vote MCA and UMNO, as they always do.

    Najib has already started it at the UMNO General Assembly saying UMNO will fight for Putrajaya AT ALL COSTS… and the Chinese in Galas and in Batu Sapi flocked to UMNO and BN candidates.

    Chinese mentality is made of thin porcelain.

  22. Frank,

    That’s why posted that video “Man of Determination”…too bad your opinion of the “Chinese Voters” have not change yet…@ least on Zaid has…might as well post the video again and let Din delete it…if it is so offensive.

  23. fairplay

    You are just like “looes74″m who mirrors the world around him from TV shows like Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, when trying to explain what UMNO is doing… if not reading some hyped up self-praised book about Singapore in “Men in White”.

    Now its your turn, to bring some cheap Hongkong flick of no relevance to today’s world and try to explain the mentality of Malaysian Chinese.

    You and “looes74” should get off the TV sets and DVDs and walk the backroads of Malaysia or at least the side roads off the highways. Malaysians are not scripted by film writers and directors.


  24. Tok Chik

    That was a good one on the Mamaks.

    Somehow the mamaks seem to get off my radar screen. The mamaks (not all of them, I must say) suffer from an identity crisis. No, I think they have NO identity because they cut off their roots totally and try to be somebody else, yet their roots keep surfacing again and again despite their attempts to weed them out.

    They make good actors or “extras” in the movie series “The Twilight” . They live in a twilight zone, in a world between who they actually are and what they want to be. The “neither here nor there” type of people. We all know they are muslims by religion, but I always wonder why they hate to be called INDIANS.

  25. Frank,

    If you ever go through half the “Martial Art” basic training… not even “kung-fu” training yet…that we go through to become a “Sifu”…then come and discuss what is really suffering & hardship.

  26. fairplay

    In martial arts, suffering and hardship is self-imposed. You made a choice to become sifu and suffer the hardship. So what??

    You think those poor Malays, Chinese and Indians breaking their backs day in day out, 7 days a week, trying to put food on the table has a choice??

    You are like that half-baked Malay elite, “Pak Abu” giving nonsensical analogies.

  27. “For Malaysian Indians, you don’t need to use money to buy them off… it only takes murukku powder. Throw in a sewing machine, you h ave them for life at your feet.” Frank at 23/11 at 12.30

    With muruku poweder 30 3000 marched in November 2007 baring their body to water laced PDRM watre cannons in one morning. Were you there with your ethnic coomunity to challenge the BN’s 52 years of false Malay supremacy , discrimination, genocide through social policies. You must have been busy in your arm chair. I was there on that day and saw the barbaric inbred nehaviour of of the Malay police toward the working class Indians. I am proud that my great parents and parents have been giving with their sweat and blood ikan kering to the Malays.

  28. Frank,

    So what?…ahhh…that’s where

    01.self discipline develop
    02.understand that it takes effort,endurance to develop a skill
    03.the concept of delayed gratification
    04.compassion & understanding of “suffering”
    05.learn how to fish…because the same character traits are required

  29. Good afternoon, guys. Interesting conversation going on.
    Let’s put this way before our ‘don’t beat about the bush’ Frank, burns out. Gotta to pace yourself buddy..

    I happen to think the next evolution (or devolution) beyond race is religion. That is so-called ‘progress’ of the worst sort, irregardless of martial arts training. Man will defiantly remain tribal with the slightest excuse.

    Muslims vote for Christians? Only PAS acolytes and moderates – not the run of the mill “Allah-belongs-to Me” types, which comprises the majority of those on the fence – whose world view is constricted by halal-ness. Otherwise, Frank’s opinion is sound.

    As for Buddhists, they’ve actually more affinity towards the Christians, than to the Hindus. The Karmic/Dharmic derivations (together with Jainism) are the same, but the rituals and traditions aren’t. The Threvada School is very much like the Protestanism, while the Mahayana more structured like the Latin/Orthodox Churches. Read Arnold Tonybee, Thomas Merton, Karen Armstrong, Arjahn Buddhasa and Dalai Lama on the Buddhist-Christian ecumenism. The emphasis on compassion, sanctity of life, charity, equality in functions, rejection of violence, confession and practice of ‘virtue’ are important similarities.

    Yup, i don’t think anyone wants agnostics – they can’t even decide on the most fundamental wrt the Mind.

  30. anak rakyat

    30,300 went out in 2007 because UMNO did not give enough murukku.

    When the murukku came, they voted UMNO in droves. Take Hulu Selangor by election for example.

    Latest surveys show more Malaysian Indians are coming back to the UMNO-led Govt. It could not be just murukku, it has to be sewing machines.

    Malaysian Indians would vote UMNO for crumbs. The Chinese will not do for crumbs.

  31. “for Buddhists, they’ve actually more affinity towards the Christians>- Menyalak-er

    Where did you get that crazy idea?

    Buddhists think the Jews are hallucinating about God.
    Buddhists think the Christians have gone mad to think that God can change the laws of physics by chanting prayers every Sunday
    Buddhists think the Muslims have lost their minds to think that God actually hanged around Saudi Arabia and took sides in the affairs of the Arabs in Mecca.

    Buddhists are more like Atheists except for one difference: Buddhists have to keep reminding themselves everyday through sacred texts and constant chanting of the dharmma rituals that there is no such thing as a God.

  32. Frank, run a search on the Essenes, Theraputae (Pali word for Threvada?) Jewish sects and also Monasticism of the Desert Fathers.
    There is a congruence between Gautama’s (esp in the Pali canon) and Jesus teachings, especially parts of the Sermon on the Temple Mount. Yup, Jesus was an Jew with an ‘attitude’. So was Buddha wrt the prevailing traditions.
    The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas (parallels with Pure Land Buddhism) and St Josaphat (Orthrodox Christianity -> Gautama).
    In Kerala, there were Thomasian Christians who were originally Jews, who together with Nestorian Christians spread to China during the Han Dynasty. Heard of the Jesus Sutras?
    The influence of Buddhism on Christian doctrines is speculative at best, but there were Buddhists in Alexandria during the Mauryan Dynasties.
    Christian contemplation is very much like Buddhist meditation – remember Lee Kuan Yew? You’d suprised at the level of affinity..

  33. Err.., that’s why i went to Kerala (Commie State). I was not looking for Octo’s roots! The religious syncretism and freedom there is awesome, until some Wahabis decided that they were the chosen..

  34. Meyalak-er

    Perhaps the underground thesis that Jesus actually went to India to get some tips from the Buddhist monks before he prepared his speech at the Sermon on the Mount. That might explain the affinity of Christianity to Budddhism. It can be with Hinduism because Jews have a problem with polytheism of the Hindus.

    Jesus blended Buddhist philosophy of life with Judaic montheism. And Jesus’s disciples thought it was revolutionary, not realising the Buddhists had been preaching the same tenets at least a thousand years ahead before the baby in the manger was born. Of course Prophet Muhammad embellished further the Abrahamaic faith and called it Islam.

  35. In part true, Frank. There is no link to Hinduism at all.
    Some of us have seen the link for quite some time, as we searched/seeked for whatever morsels of ‘truth’.
    Being a Christian at birth and Wesleyan in doctrine, i use the Scripture, tradition, reason and only then experience. So i guess i’m outta sync with the majority of my more ‘pious’ co-religionists.
    Some speculate (although, it is futile), that Jesus was brought up amongst the Therapeutae (Healers, Servants) or Essenes who were vegetarians, contemplative and were very “Buddhist” in their ways, except they believed in God and followed Jewish rituals except sacrifice. I know He is Immanuel, because faith is like that.

    You see Frank, you are an Atheist who is a Buddhist and i’m a Christian who believes in a Creator God (Father) whom i can access through Jesus. It is not a cop out. Yet our value systems may be the same. How we approach the “Dilemma of Existence”, is inborn. As our time approaches, we can take comfort in whatever we have faith in, and seek justice for those less forunate than us. That is our purpose.

    Don’t look at the people who claim the Religion. Look at what its Scripture teaches.

  36. Why election when we cant bare the competition.
    We are all sore losers. We are all modern days Brutus. The comments and behaviors of all are degrading. There is no sportsmanship, statesmen, not even gentlemenship.
    Our mouth are rotten to the core for we bad mouth everybody that are not in our favor. We will sell our mother without thinking twice. Day in day out same…the aspiration of all is the power to secure more money.
    Come to think of it some animals have more integrity than we humans. At least, they live within the restricted rules set upon by the Creator. If they fail to follow the rules they perished, easy as ABC.
    Please it makes many, especially me, SICK…

  37. Menyalak-er,

    Actually I am sitting on a fulcrum between an atheist and an agnostic.

    Which makes me think that Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin are standing at the same level and on the same platform as Moses, Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad and Gautama Buddha. They don’t asked to be prayed or given divine status, only to read what they say and their “sacred” text. Even the universities are teaching what they wrote all over the world.

    Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin saw the “light” not only in the destiny of mankind but of the universe ( in fact Einstein’s and Darwin’s theories are shaping world in which mankind lives today).

    I think people like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris and Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawkings should be made into Saints. Not by the Pope but by the United Nations.

  38. “Please it makes many, especially me, SICK “-vic

    Vic, it is simple. Go visit the doctor at the nearest mental hospital. You will be cured. You have too much of Religion in your bloodstream poisoning the precious grey matter you have between your ears.

  39. It is crude and shows the low maturity and intellect level of any poster who riles and attacks the peronality of other posters, instead of focussing on the messgae. Trying to be one upmanship by insulting the character of the poster is typical thuggish behaviour. Lets us discuss the issues and not the person. We can disagree with the views of other person, must remain respectful of that person and to so reflects good upbringing in a civilsed environment.

  40. “Trying to be one upmanship by insulting the character of the poster is typical thuggish behaviour.”- Anak rakyat

    You can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. You must have learnt that in school.

    The low quality of the issues raised by some commenters in this blog show the stupidity of their character and thus they genuinely insult the intelligence of many of the readers on this blog.

    For many of us here, me included, there is a low tolerance for mediocrity especially the imbecility of the ideas presented. It is a sad reflection of the lack of intellectual upbringing.

    These people’s character should be exposed for what they are by the way they present themselves here. If you happen to fall into that category, that is very unfortunate on your part.

  41. Dear Frank,
    Thank for your suggestion but I am not taking it up for my SICKNESS has nothing to do with mental or physical nor religious. Don’t you thinks your suggestion is uncalled for. It sounds personal, anyway, I humbly respect you as a follow human being for my posting is not about religion and sorry should you think so. I further apologize for stepping onto your toes, of course not intentional.
    I am tired of all these infighting among and within all political parties. To me these elected reps are to serve the voters, people like you and me and not self-serving. Our elected reps lack the tack, the statesmanship, the professionalism or the very least gentlemanliness as reliable politicians. As a voter I reserve the right to comment on the truth. These I would not compromise.

  42. Anak rakyat, this is what you wrote, “You must have been busy in your arm chair…” (November 23, 2010 at 11:21 am)

    Now, who is the idiot here who says he disagree with ” the attacks the personality of other posters..”

    That is why people like you should be put in their proper places.

  43. Dear vic,

    OK, skip the mental hospital.I thought you are sick because of all of us here. Sorry, for misreading your posting. If you meant those idiotic politicians we have in Malaysia who made you sick, then I don’t blame you. They too make me sick. But I cure my sickness by going after their throats.

  44. Thuggish and abrasive language shows the character and poor unbringing. Intolerance to the shortcomings of others is despicable arrogance. Sch people in my books are to be avoided.

  45. “Sch people in my books are to be avoided.”- Anak rakyat

    You know where the exit door is..don’t you?

    Intolerance of shortcomings of others means we don’t suffer fools (like you) easily.

  46. You know where the exit door is..don’t you?Frank

    We have other ways of dealing with irritant pests from public places and we are good at it.

  47. “We have other ways of dealing with irritant pests from public places and we are good at it.”- Anak rakyat

    WE??? Make my day!!!

  48. Democracy in PKR is a lost cause. But I do hope they will keep to the following :

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

    Meanwhile DAP has some sign of democracy in Selangor still, though democracy in Penang itself looks like a lost cause . . .

    To remove Nepotists and Oligarchs in Pakatan Rakyat itself has only been done by PAS, DAP and PKR will be quite hellish places for newcomers and this whole clique-patronage politics in PKR has reached a level is could be arguably worse than UMNO.

    They might yet survive because of the above 3 items, but otherwise are a terrible example of politics of integrity unless all the underdogs team up to remove the Dynasties in formation.

    Ah Nurul, couldn’t even wait eh? Would that a PKR Wanita senior took that post to even better PKR’s political culture would have said volumes – but an UMNO (PKR) that offers an end to APARTHEID would be better than an UMNO that doesn’t. So don’t think the Anwar Dynasty will hold beyond GE13, it could be everyone just hunkering down for GE13 itself, let those who dub themselves established Oligarchs and reservers of the PM’s post be taken apart by the righteous within PKR . . .

    PAS, don’t ever become nepotistic/oligarchic and DAP, you’re a borderline *PAP* (Singapore and Nepotistic) this very day. Hope Tee Boon Hock makes an independent party with Teng Chang Khim to wrest power from DAP, DAP (daddy anak party) is really getting on the nerves. Who says DAP will have carte blanc over the Chinese community eh?

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