Mahathir is a Racist and a Bully or a true Statesman !

Nov 10, 2010

by Gavin Khoo

Mahathir is a racist and a bully, or a true statesman

Why is Mahathir trying so hard to demonize Abdullah? Is Mahathir afraid that history might judge if he was mostly responsible for what had gone wrong in this country? No wonder his party is talking about a review of the history subject in schools. Is UMNO, like Mahathir, is also worried about its legacy and credibility?

Mahathir is attempting his usual gimmick again. He is trying to push the entire blame of what had gone wrong in the country over the last 3 decades to his self-appointed successor and ex-PM Abdullah Badawi.

Mahathir usually gets his way !

Why is Mahathir trying so hard to demonize Abdullah? Is Mahathir afraid that history might judge if he was mostly responsible for what had gone wrong in this country? No wonder his party is talking about a review of the history subject in schools. Is Umno, like Mahathir, is also worried about its legacy and credibility?

Mahathir is trying very hard to establish these fallacies:

1) He (Mahathir) had done no wrong. Everything that was wrong was committed/contributed by Abdullah.

2) Abdullah was a weak leader. Hence, he was disliked and hated by the Malays who needed a strong leader to safeguard their interest and special position.

3) Because Abdullah was weak, the other races started to make demands and asked for the Malay special rights to be abolished. He was trying to justify the existence of Perkasa by creating imaginary ‘extremists’.

4) Abdullah had detained opposition members under ISA.

5) Abdullah flip-flopped on policies.

Pak Lah not the real target

His real target is actually not Abdullah. The latter was merely a distraction and a sacrificial lamb for Mahathir. Mahathir needed a person to push all the responsibilities to. Abdullah was not nasty. He was meek and weak, yes.

If he was nasty, he would have done something terribly bad to Mahathir for bad mouthing him and plotted for his downfall. To him, Mahathir is simply a big bully. Mahathir was acting like a spoilt brat who had set Abdullah up for stealing the ice cream when he had actually ate it himself.

Second, did Mahathir protect the interest of the poor Malays? Mahathir had created a new class of Malay cronies during his rule. His action had distorted the main focus of NEP from poverty alleviation to 30% equity. Would it be right if the 30% Bumiputera equity was held in the hands of a few super rich businessmen?

Malays need a leader who can focus on a bottom’s up approach to socio-economic restructuring. No extremist would argue against the need to help the poor regardless of race. But Mahathir was more keen to protect the interest of super rich. Who created and promoted the APs, negotiated contracts, nepotism, corruption, money politics, racial politics and cronyism if not Mahathir?

Who muzzled the judiciary and ripped the credibility of the once independent civil service and public institutions?

Did Mahathir flip-flop on policies? Yes, many e.g. education, economics, NEP and many more. In fact, policy inconsistency was the main reason why investors avoided coming to Malaysia since the mid-90’s.

Did Mahathir put any opposition members under ISA arrest? Truck loads of them. It is hilarious for him to accuse Abdullah for doing the same.

Mahathir’s political career has come through a full circle. He had started as a racist politician, became a PM, promoted unity through Bangsa Malaysia and had gone back to his racist past by championing race supremacy and dominance. There is nothing wrong to defend his race. What is wrong is Mahathir had manipulated race to protect the interest of a few selected elites in the ruling regime.

Does Mahathir care about the poor Malay? If he was, why are Malays still form the largest percentage of the poorest in this country? Why was the government willing to waste billions on PKFZ, Bakun Dam, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, corruption, wastage, new palaces, and a few newly proposed multi billions projects but peanuts for the poor?

History will judge if Mahathir is a racist and a bully or a true statesman. – Straight Talk

33 thoughts on “Mahathir is a Racist and a Bully or a true Statesman !

  1. ‘apa nama’ has an envisaged that confused people on what he say to his ‘kawan’ but now many are not fooled by him.
    however, he seems to get his ways at the end of the day….

  2. A great man,
    Leaves clean work behind him, and requires
    No sweeper up of the chips.

    Elizabeth Barret Browning, 1812 – 1889, English poet

    And we still do not get it.

  3. Ben,

    No man escapes retribution. We have our turns in this divine process. Right now, UMNO protects its former President because by doing so it is protecting itself. But I see Mahathir as man who is in conflict with him. Soon he will be scared of his own shadow and when that happens nobody can help him. One’s shadow is one’s best friend, although some who argue that it is the dog which is a man’s best friend.–Din Merican

  4. Retribution is what Mahathir and all the UMNO/BN plundererers deserve, but unfortunately the country will be dragged along with them. Sad, but true ,so brace yourself as trubulence is coming in a big big way. Like in all disasters those fortunate enough would be able to put in place their respective contingency plans.

  5. ” History will judge whether Mahathir is a racist and a bully or a true statesman “. – Khoo

    If and when history does judge , it will always depend on the historian or historians and if the historian’s name is K.K. Kim , then of course we won’t have to wait . We all know the kind of judgements K.K. Kim is capable of .

    As for most of us here , we have already drawn our conclusions . Afterall , the evidence is overwhelming and hence there is no need to wait for the historians. A pariah will always remain one .

  6. Oh no!! Not Mahathir again.

    Din, the U.S. President just left New Delhi and is now in Jakarta and making waves on his home turf with his statements and we are still fixated on bringing down these two have-beens, one of whom is desperately trying to remould his legacy??

  7. Is the AG despite all the blunders and irresponsible actions is protected by this apanama ? Losing Pulau Batu Putih by doctoring the photo itself is a crime. Selective prosecution and mingling with criminals like Shahidan Shafie and Tajuddin Ramli, is unspeakable behavior.

    Why has the Prime Minister not done to him the way the Minister of Home Affairs did to former IGP Musa Hassan. The former IGP who never had a degree was recently awarded a doctorate (honoris causa) by one of the local universities.

  8. Yup Din, i’m (wo)man’s best friend together with my shadow.
    While you guys hammer Octo black and blue, which i’m not gonna do, i’m trying my very best to be a seeing-eye dog.
    WTF, is going on here:

    I no longer bother about Octo-bumno’s antics nowadays, ‘cuz he’s no longer imprinted in my canine olfactory, auditory and visual targeting systems. But this is a cluster-f*! I think we need some down time from political mind games, and revert our attention to some pressing personal “human” concerns and tragedies. Kudos to Jeya for bringing this up.

  9. Mahathir & History, the kids are now being taught who is the devil. It will be very interesting when they grow up and forward their views with evidences and disappointments.

    We could see the compulsory passing subject for history will be another back fire just like NEP.

  10. I tell the true, he is a compulsive liar, unprincipled, corrupted, tyrannic, despotic, barbaric.

    He squandered billions, he plundered 100s of billions of rakyat blood and sweat, so call government money.

    He crippled the Malay, he selectively suppressed all other races, he abused his position and power to cling to his power crazy and corrupt style.

    He crippled the country’s’ institutions, the bodohland is structurally crippled and take age to recover if there is political will, not that can be seen.

    He is wicked, evil and can be realistically call “Mother of all Evil”, “Father of destruction”, “Mother of all Vampire”.

    The seed of destruction he planted will take generations to heal if there is political will and wisdom to correct it. Look like many generations to come the country will be mired in his shit, corrupted and racist ideologies and believe.

  11. Don’t forget the summary removal of ALL the Sultan’s immunities for 1 Sultan’s offenses. Even the erring Sultan should not have immunities removed for more than 1 generation after – simply to make that point of that erring family head and family had already been punished. Why include all other non-offending sovereigns as well?

    Evil ex-PM did that because the immunities would mean that a righteous Sultan could slay an evil ex-PM or any billionaire cronies on the spot without retaliation from the political apparatus if the evil ex-PM somehow lived. Try the Sultan of Brunei instead – any evil PM’s head would be rolling on the floor the moment any shipping empire *given* to an evil son collapsed. Instead in Malaysia the evil PM bailed it out!

    Restore those immunities and let the Sultans confiscate what billions from all those who stole and cheated and wrote loopholes into the sinking ship that is now Malaysia. I believe that a sense of justice exists in our rulers that they would personally not let the Rakyat down and hound all who stole the taxpayer monies or wrote Vehicular-AP type laws to show how much they cared for the Rakyat.

    Let them do the honours for the Rakyat!

  12. Din is , as always , so astute about everything. Now he is even astute about Mahathir. They are protecting Mahathir to protect themselves. Soon he will be even afraid of his own shadow.

    Anyway Mr Bean speaking of P.Obama, did you see him and his wife do the Bollywood dance?

  13. Kat,

    In Jakarta, there’s a look-alike Obama. I’m waiting for that one. I hope those Indonesians are as enterprising and imaginative as the Indians in giving us a fair share of comic relief.

  14. Mahathir had benefited the most from being a Malaysian. If Malaysia were a “Ketuanan Melayu” country no pendatang commoner would had ever become a prime minister. By race he is an Indian and his father is a pendatang from Kerala but he pretends to be a pure Malay. When he was the Prime Minister for 22 long years, he said that he was the prime minister for all Malaysians, whether Malays, Chinese, Indians and others. He came out with the “Bangsa Malaysia” ideology, which was very statesmanlike of him.

    But he ruled the country for the benefit of certain sections of society: the anachronistic Ketuanan Melayu cliques and the rich non-Malay supercronies. When he ran the country to ruin with his megaprojects he had to cut short his reign of terror. In parting he lashed out at the Malays, calling them ungrateful. He was so vindictive that he made every effort in his evil mind to destroy the fabric of the country.

    He held his successor prime ministers to ransom. He deposed off one successor because he refused to continue one of his pet projects: the Crooked Bridge. When another successor came out with the “1Malaysia” plan he felt threatened because it would surpass everything that he had ever done. So he sponsored a ragtag group called Perkasa which came out with the “Malay first, Malaysian second” and the anachronistic “Ketuanan Melayu” slogans.

    I might be wrong with my diagnosis, but Mahathir can help me and prove me wrong. Can Mahathir confirm that he is Malaysian first, Indian second and Malay last?

  15. Why is Tun Apanama so afraid of his own shadow(Sleepyhead) that out of the blue he wants to demonize and fight his shadow…..but Tun against Tun gang fight ….I place my bet on Sleepyhead because his gangleader SIL-at will slaughter Tun Apanama dopey off-springs.

    I just can’t understand…has he gone insane…..since already try to demonise a Chinaman Tun…why can’t he be multi-racial and attack “Tun” Semi-Value instead of Bumi against Bumi !!!

    Hidup Malaysia !!!

  16. vsp,

    The problem with Mahathir is that he is unsure of his identity. He is first in everything. He is so used to being No.1 for 22 years that he is unable to accept anything less, especially being regarded as irrelevant in the context of 21st century Malaysian politics. He needs to be “I am Greatest” and Muhammad Ali @Cassius Clay will dispute that. That guy is the one who “float(s) like a butterfly, sting(s) like a bee.” Mahathir, on the other hand, is more like a forgetful grasshopper.

    Mongkut Bean has views on the man but no longer wants to comment on Mahathir who was rude to his grand uncle, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra. Read K.Das, Tunku Tapes, to know what the Tunku said about Mahathir. Even the late Tun Dr. Ismail had something to say about the 4th PM. –Din Merican

  17. Din,

    I fully agree with your article. I admire your level-headedness and being so fair to all races. You are really an Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

    i can’t wait for the sly fox called mahathir to receive his retribution.

    he seems to be strong n healthy still. After all the cruelty and corruption he perpetuated during his 22-year rule, how come retribution is delayed?

    He certainly needs to be taught a lesson.

    Whenever I see his picture/photo, aku naik geram lah!!!
    Biar dia masuk kubur secepat mungkin……masa tu harmoni lah negara kita.


  18. Din
    I thought you agreed to a moratorium not to publish anything on this apanama Che Det? This is the second entry in as many weeks.
    Dah leteh tulis about this apanama. Give it a break. Do we need to discuss and deliberate on and on on apanama? I believe all bloggers here have exhausted their comments and criticism except those that truly believe the man to be a godsend to Malaysia and a champion to the Malays. Don’t give him the space and publicity.

  19. Din,

    About this ‘ApaNama’ I have said all there is to say. Only respect for the memory of my late father who was his class mate, prevents me from throwing the kitchen sink at the guy. Anyway these are hard times and kitchen sinks are expensive to be thrown away.

  20. Hi Mr Bean, no thats not the one but thats good comic relief as you put it. No Indonesia loves him too much to take the mick out of him and are very proud of him I must say!

    Btw, yes you are right about kitchen sinks they are very expensive especially the french designs ones,so dont go wasting a good kitchen sink on Mahathir he wont know the difference .

  21. apanama il multiple masks and hats were disclosed.
    fed fat crony and super rich businessman does not angur well with wawasan 2020. In Europe, UK, USA, There are plenty of oversea Malay not willing to return home since crony and non-transparent has been clouding Bolehland.

  22. Nobody has deny his achievments.. twin tower, proton, learn from the east/ Japan, streamline the time zone for East and West Malaysia, privatization, …etc.. the lists goes on goes on after hours flow. Meanwhile, Can anyone study the Indeks Komposit trends in M reign, and Pak Lah time and current PM and tell ?
    there have very different volume of stock flow

  23. Does anyone have any idea as to why a mamak would want to arbitrary change his race and be what Allah had not made (race) him to be ?. Is it because he saw that there was an opportunity for him to gain benefit in doing so ?. As a mamak he would not have gone far (politically) I suppose.

  24. “And Mahathir tops them all.He is a world-class statesman who has the interests of his race at heart.” – Asril sani

    His race? What race?… Mahathir is a Muslim and an Indian (following his father and grandfather). Mahathir is NOT a Malay.

    Do you know that when he applied to study in Singapore at the University of Malay, he wrote in his application form, RACE: INDIAN.

    Asril, kau ni bodoh sungguh. Buta and bisu serupa semua Melayu dalam UMNO.

  25. Apanama achieved too little compare to what he has destroyed during his 22 years tenure as PM. His privatisations drove us up high cost country, pronton is complete failures in terms of bottom line, twin tower amounts to nothing in business term as it is owner occupied-by Petronas, look east policy-what have we learned and achieved-nothing. Not mentioned he a screwed up judiciary and corrupted civil service. Worst of all, he torn apart a well established education system to become a rubber stamped institution that produce half past six graduates.

  26. If anyone like to label Tun Mahathir a racist and a bully, then Anwar Ibrahim would be a Liar and a Thug. A Hipocrite and a Fraud too, according to Zaid Ibrahim.

    Anyone who are never a racist in their life are a hipocrite!!!

  27. “Saya buka mata tengok dunia, ada Mahathir sahaja.Read papers, see TV, parents and family and people all talking only Mahathir.”-Asril sani

    Asril sani,
    Itulah saya kata kau memang buta dan bisu . Kalau tidak, mata kau juling dan telinga bengkak. Otak pun sudah mengecut seperti kaki bodoh dalam UMNO. Orang India beragama Islam pun disembah sebagai orang Melayu.

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