Rulers for All Malaysians, not Raja-Raja Melayu

November 2, 2010

Rulers for All Malaysians– By Senator Tunku A. Aziz

“I can understand the rulers’ unease and apprehension after what Mahathir did to denigrate and run their institution into the ground, spewing filthy lies and uncharitable innuendoes against them individually and collectively. And, generally, he succeeded in causing public disaffection. Why was he not charged?

The rulers seemed, at that time, to have accepted Mahathir’s lese majeste without a murmur and UMNO, now their avowed protectors, went along with, and did nothing to restrain, Mahathir’s megalomaniac excesses against their own rulers.”–Tunku A. Aziz

“RESPECT CONSTITUTION” screamed the New Sunday Times front page. There is really no need for the “Malay rulers” to have undue misgivings about their humble subjects occasionally dipping into the Constitution and questioning some aspect or other they do not fully understand.

Common, ordinary people like me are not Constitutional experts, unlike at least one of their Highnesses. Fear us not because we are not thinking even remotely of storming the Bastille. Such an unworthy thought has never crossed our minds, and certainly not mine.

We only want to know, as citizens, where we stand in Constitutional terms. It is our right to be enlightened. In other words, what are our Constitutional rights and obligations?

I can understand the rulers’ unease and apprehension after what Mahathir did to denigrate and run their institution into the ground, spewing filthy lies and uncharitable innuendoes against them individually and collectively. And, generally, he succeeded in causing public disaffection. Why was he not charged?


Why wasn't he charged for lese majeste?

The rulers seemed, at that time, to have accepted Mahathir’s lese majeste without a murmur and UMNO, now their avowed protectors, went along with, and did nothing to restrain, Mahathir’s megalomaniac excesses against their own rulers.

The rulers now tell us to respect their position. They can count on us to do that but it has to be on a quid pro quo basis. I am sure their royal highnesses have no problem with that.

The rulers also exhort us to understand history and, from what I understand, UMNO under Mahathir certainly dealt their royal highnesses a cruel hand and reduced our rulers to contempt and ridicule. That is a historical fact. Yet, Mahathir got away without being held to account.

It does seem an awful pity that their royal highnesses are apparently quite happy to describe themselves as “Malay Rulers.” Does this not jar on the ear, I wonder? Since when in the post Merdeka period has the palace become an exclusively Malay institution?

The customs and traditions of the Malay court themselves, for a start, predate the arrival of Islam in the peninsula, and there is little or no substantial element of “Malayness” for example, in the installation ceremony of the rulers and other ancient court ceremonial rituals.

May I humbly and respectfully suggest to our rulers that they drop the word Malay and refer to themselves, much more accurately, in my view, as the Sultan of Kedah, Perak, etc as the case may be? That would be a gesture of inclusiveness, reflecting the reality on the ground and in keeping with today’s mood.

I am no respecter of institutions that cannot justify their existence, especially those rendered dysfunctional on moral or ethical grounds. I am afraid many of the institutions of government put in place as part of the Constitutional arrangements to protect us, the citizens, have been systematically interfered with and cynically exploited and viciously compromised during the long Mahathir years of impunity. He had them reduced into dens of iniquity to serve his unbridled personal and political ambitions.

Mahathir has the gall to spout the somewhat spurious standby mantra of all corrupt politicians which goes something like, “Whatever I have done, I have done in the national interest.” With that we are expected to burst into Negara-ku.

With the collapse of nearly all of the crucially important national institutions, the institution of rulers takes on a new aspect in a country whose government, for decades, has sleaze for constant companionship.

It is our last hope in a country totally bereft of moral and ethical values, with little left of the core values that once featured so proudly in our Constitution. Years of tinkering with the Constitution according to Mahathir’s version of the “national interest” has but disembowelled the heart and the essence of a once great Constitution.

The skeletal remains must be given a new lease of life and more flesh so that it will once more be the anchor of the nation’s legitimate hopes and aspirations. This will be given practical effect when Pakatan Rakyat accepts the unconditional surrender of Najib’s heavily defended fortress.

It will fall because the voters will ring out the old, and ring in the new in the next general elections. They want change. Putrajaya, that symbol of all that is squalid, will fall because corruption has weakened the government’s legitimacy to government; the moral fabric is in tatters.

While I do not expect our rulers to interfere in the political process, I do however expect our much loved and respected rulers of ALL Malaysians to help in protecting the integrity of the Constitution. After all, they occupy a central place in our Constitution.

They can use their considerable influence and leverage as Constitutional rulers to protect the citizens by defending the Constitution. It is their duty.–

96 thoughts on “Rulers for All Malaysians, not Raja-Raja Melayu

  1. When the minset is skewed and entreched to be lopsided, it cannot change to be inclusive to care for all citizens, for the brain waves are restricted and contrained on a singular racial contsructs.

  2. Robert K Chelliah,

    To paraphrase you so as to call a spade a spade: our Malay rulers cannot think and behave as Malaysian rulers because of their ingrained and institutionalised behaviour which had been hardwired into their genetic makeup. Or another way of saying, a leopard cannot change its spots. NO ?

  3. What’s the quarrel YBM Tunku? They are Malay rulers (of Malay race) and they are the protectors of the Malays. It is enshrined in the constitution and it is a social contract which shouldn’t be questioned. The Malay Rulers conference is made into law as soon as we attained Independence. Changing the rulers name means changing the constitution.

    P.S. I am a second year student of political science at a private university college. We just learnt this today following the NST front page story on the Raja-Raja Melayu statement.
    Bumi boy, what crap are you talking about? What social contract? Non-existent. Something is wrong with this private university college. It does not teach you to think straight.–Din Merican

  4. Our Sultans prefer to be called Raja Melayu rather than Raja-Raja Malaysia despite the fact that the term “Tanah Melayu” had been squashed and thrown into the bottom of the dustbin of history.

    Some Malays, both commoners and royalties, have a phobia for the word “Malaysia” and they still pine for the old feudalistic sultanate era of “Tanah Melayu” despite having entered the 21st century and after this peninsular real estate has decided to remold itself to become MALAYSIA.

    Its good to have nostalgia but when nostalgia disconnects with the realities of today, then it becomes a hindrance to the betterment of the community.

  5. Bumi boy

    Your lecturer is definitely a guest lecturer of the BTN courses. Looks like the university you are attending for people who cannot think, like yourself. Use your brain… Allah gave you a brain to THINK, not to soak up rubbish and garbage.

  6. Like Tunku Aziz says he is not an expert on the Constitution. But must he also ignore history which gives birth, shapes and moulds the country’s Constitution? No one can.

    It is not raja raja Melayu. It is Raja Raja Melayu that is the institution. When they are raja raja Melayu, it is simply one of identifying who they are.

    These raja raja Melayu have been given specific roles within the country’s constitution to play i.e. roles that give the country the character that it has today. The constitutional provisions regarding the Malay rulers when taken together form the golden thread that binds our constitution and makes Malaysia what it is today i.e. a constitutional monarchy. It is also unique in the sense that it is unlike other monarchies. The raja raja Melayu take turns to be King.

    As an institution Raja Raja Melayu is the fourth pillar of government. As an institution its traditional role is to act to protect Malay customs and religion. Are we going to deny that there are Malay customs and religion? Are we going to deny history, that in the ’50s the Malays were in danger of being a minority in their own country? Hence the feeling then that Malay customs and religion and way of life are in need of special constitutional protection. But a role which is often overlooked and ignored by the Rulers themselves is the broader role, that of acting as bulwark to curb the excesses of the executive branch of government — which there have been many.

    Malay rulers today have fallen out of favor with their traditional subjects i.e. the Malays, because they have not lived up to their position as laid out for them in the country’s constitution. They have not risen to meet the challenges that pressures and history has brought to bear on them. Some have no understanding of the limitations of their position or a limited understanding which makes them easy prey to self serving politicians who have no intention of obeying the constitution themselves.

    Like the rest of us they are being manipulated to serve strong vested interests.

  7. What gives character to the country’s constitution is not the color of the paper or its thickness but the players and the roles given to them by the constitution.

    The decision whether to opt for a constitutional monarchy or a republic has long passed. It is the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and it is not the Malayan Union. We cannot undo or unmake history. We can change the course of history.

  8. A Republic? That’s what it looks like to me, nowadays. If not, educate me, Bean. The quadrangle had long become a triangle, with the royalty esconded within it. The constituition has been altered beyond recognition and redemption. In a way, it was fortunate that the Malayan Union did not materialize – otherwise, we may have gone the way of The Union of Burma.

    Bumi boy’s m.o. reminds me of a underfed CT who used to dwell in another blog . He loves BMWs’. Whatever..

  9. The UMNO elitists are trying to revive the old Ketuanan Melayu aristocratic and autocratic order that existed before the colonisation of the peninsula and the formation of Malaysia. During this period the aristocratic elite class had never placed the ordinary Malay population into the equation. It was all about elitist power and money and the poor common Malays were being used as canon folder for their innumerable wars against one another. The Malays were forbidden to get an education and to built their own lifes with dignity. Everything they owned or did were at the pleasure and mercy of the aristocratic class and ordinary Malays are not supposed to surpass the elites in knowledge or wealth.

    Throughout the whole period of the Malay civilization, wars were the predominant occupation of the ruling elites. Life in precolonial days revolved around the palaces and their political intrigues and betrayal. The rulers often had to seek the protection of the Chinese emperors from their immediate neighbours in order not to lose their kingdoms. When the British came they willingly accept a monthly stipend and allowed the British to rule and save them from themselves. Ketuanan Melayu, huh!

    One of the greatest periods of Malay civilization was the glorious days of the Malacca Sultanate which was centred on the entrepôt trade of the port of Malacca. Curiously Malacca became well known and prospered not because of Malay industry but due to the contributions of the traders from China, India and surrounding countries. The Malay elites collected a lot of revenue but they did not encouraged the population to be involved in the lucrative entrepot trade. A Malay trading class did not materialize from such golden opportunity. What did arise was a rent-seeking elite bureaucracy. The moral of the story is that when the Malay elites interacted with the outside world they prospered but became destructive when they were claustrophobic of others.

    Things showed when the British came to this country. There was no towering Malays of any sort to shout about. There were no builders, no great seamen, no craftsmen, no traders, no shopkeepers, no scholars, no great thinkers and no nothing except the elites with their grand palaces. There were no basic buildings such as schools, hospitals, no proper roads, bridges, etc. Contrast this situation to that of the surrounding countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos and Vietnam which have world renowned architectures like the Angkor Vat, the magnificent Thai temples and buddhas and the Borubodur. The common Malays were so poor and miserably underwhemed and their population was decimated because of the constant internecine wars between the aristocracies. The British had no choice but to include into the Constitution for certain limited protection for the Malays.

    When UMNO ruled the country, they themselves became the arrogant aristocrats with their suppression of the true aspirations of the common Malays to become a respected race. They mutilated the Constitution and introduced draconian institutions and laws to make Malaysia into an elitist Ketuanan Melayu autocracy again. The Malays were supposed to be forever beholden to the elites but were never allowed to go beyond a certain level. In education, there is the BTN and the matriculation colleges and universities to ensure that the educated Malays are easily manipulated. In business, the elites have the big and powerful GCEs they control to compete against the small Malay entrepreneurs.

    UMNO has failed the Malays and the Malays need to kick out these parasitic, outdated and anachronistic autocrats and free themselves from this ancient bondage.

  10. IF dr. mahathir can amend the constitution so many times and then even have the audacity to prostitute it , then i don’t see why the constitution cannot be amended a few more times to accomodate Tunku Aziz’s thoughts as expounded in his article. I think his thoughts are extremely good and have tremendous merit and definately reflect the realities on the ground. Sooner or later , these realities will have to be accomodated in our constitution anyway .

  11. “It was all about elitist power and money and the poor common Malays were being used as canon folder for their innumerable wars against one another.” vsp

    Canon folder?? ‘Cannon fodder’ you mean.

  12. ” They can use their considerable influence and leverage as Constitutional rulers to protect the citizens by defending the Constitution. It is their duty. ”

    It is also their duty to amend portions that are ambivalently incongruent, even prejudicial with citizen inequality in a way that may be used by pernicious politicians as dr.Evil has in discrimination and disenfranchisement of minority communities, even as dr. Evil himself is no bumiputra.

    Tunku Aziz, you must emancipate and equalise the minorities by unambiguously condemning what Tok Guru too has condemned as BUMIPUTRA

    APARTHEID. The world and it’s wealth and lands elong to all mankind and Malaysia being less than 1% of usable land mass, cannot demand that any naturalised citizens be forced to live under a dual system, it is against the objectives of institutions like Transparency International, against the Human Rights Charter, against the Hadiths of Islam which prohibit the SIN of Asabiya, even as the Malay race itself is free to choose their religions. The Bumiputra concept is APARTHEID in nature, is limiting in it’s scope for inclusiveness, limits unity, forces Islam upon the Malays for financial benefits which typify what are considered Bumiputra. Tunku Aziz, will you lend your strength to the only sustainable future of mankind, on Humanist ethics?

  13. As global citizens, we should only believe in :

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

    ;even as the Malay Rulers are themselves an integral part of Malaysia to be respected and supported by all Malaysians.

  14. “But must he also ignore history which gives birth, shapes and moulds the country’s Constitution?”- Mr Bean

    Whether it is in capital letters or in small letters ( raja or Raja), it is a play of semantics. The meaning remains the same. It is similary, calling our Malaysian Constitution or Malaysian constitution.

    What Tunku Aziz is delivering the message, whether one uses raja-raja Melayu or raja-raja melayu or Raja Raja Melayu, the terms are racially divisive in the current political climate and had beenn used by the UMNO and right wing Malay extremists to cause communal divisions.

    The nation has matured and evolved, and I don’t see why we cannot enrich our history by living with the times and call them RAJA RAJA NEGARA without having to emphasise these RAJAs are MALAYS.

    What about those GOVERNORS? So, they should be YANG DI PERTUA MELAYU too???? or when they are chinese YANG DI PERTUA CINA or YANG DI PERTUA INDIA??

    The point raised is why not use the term “Sultans”. There is no need to tell a kid that a SULTAN in the country is a Malay, or we should call them SULTAN MELAYU??

    Why not call ” SULTAN-SULTAN NEGERI”.

    The retention of the word MELAYU is politically motivated particularly by UMNO because UMNO is a race based MALAY (Melayu) party and its existence is solely depended that the word MELAYU remains in the forefront of the consciousness of the population in the country. It is like some extemist Malays still wanting to call Malaysia, “Tanah Melayu” (note the capital letters).

    I agree with Tunku Aziz.

    Time to move one… and our ‘RAJA RAJA MELAYU” to move on also to become RAJA RAJA RAKYAT MALAYSIA.

    The days of the feudalistic sultanate are over. And that calls for a symbolic evolution of what our Monarchy should be and who they should represent. They don’t represent ONLY the Malays… and certainly there is NO need to emphasise that SULTANS are not CHINESE or INDIANS, at least not in Malaysia.

    UMNO is trying to stagnate the minds of Malaysians of today for political opportunism.

  15. Agreed, this dual legal system with seperate ” structures ” is anacronystic & archaic, and at birth was conginetally defective – it was ” deformed ” at the time of birth !

  16. Having said that, Frank, I understand where Tunku Aziz is going with his comments. How could anyone not see that when he refers to himself as ‘a commoner’? Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim is as common as his name is.

  17. You cannot deny the role history has in the making of our Federal Malaysian Constitution of 1957. The reference to Raja-Raja Melayu is to the role they play in the matter of Malay customs and the Muslim religion and to their position as heads of state and their place in the State Constitution.

    There is no sinister or hidden motive there and none should be read into it. Majlis Raja Raja is not called Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu because it includes governors.

    The argument that the use of the term Raja-Raja Melayu is divisive is as flawed as the argument that the use of Malay, Chinese and Indian to refer to the different ethnicities is divisive.

  18. We may disagree with the interpretation of certain provisions within the country’s Federal Constitution of 1957 but Article 4 is very clear as to its supremacy. To ignore the role history plays is to disrespect the Constitution.

  19. As Borneon, I don’t give a damn to these so called Malay rulers especially if they think only the Malays are their subject. As far as I am concerned, they are just a bunch of parasites sucking the blood of the rakyat. I’ll be in celebration mood if one day the country decided to do away with them. It’s time they live like everyone else by working and earning their own living.

  20. bumi-boy,
    Whoever you are, please refer to Mahathir’s speeches made in and out of Parliament. No other human being has insulted the ‘Malay Rulers’ as did Mahathir.
    Go, check the Hansard and the many Utusan Malaysia front page reports how Mahathir made the rulers look small and insignificant in the eyes of the people.
    Did the Perak ruler respect the constitution when he sacked a legitimately elected MB?

  21. bumi,

    Let the Thais deal with les majesty as they have their own problems with their aging king.

    As for Rais, whether he reads this blog or not that’s not for us to decide. I am sure he has better things to do than checking whether Din’s blog tow Umno’s line or not.

    Al Kutty has done more harm to the Malay rulers than any of us here. Why is there no protest and threats of sedition from Umnoputeras? May be they, and the rulers included, owe him big time.

    It’s so crystal clear but some chose to ignore the obvious.

  22. “We only want to know, as citizens, where we stand in Constitutional terms. It is our right to be enlightened. In other words, what are our Constitutional rights and obligations?” Tunku Aziz

    Our Constitution guarantees the following rights

    1.liberty of a person
    2.prohibition of slavery and forced labour against retrospective criminal laws and repeated trials
    4.equal protection
    5.prohibition of banishment and freedom of movement
    6.freedom of speech, assembly and association
    7.freedom of religion
    8.right to education

    The Constitution also allows Parliament to enact legislation to fight subversion valid though inconsistent with the above freedoms. What this means is that the danger from the arbitrary use of wide executive powers cannot be overlooked. It is a fundamental flaw in our Constitution albeit an organized flaw.

  23. Every Malaysian knows that the Rulers have done absolutely nothing for the country except collect rent. Yes, we must respect the rulers, it is our duty. But, the question should not be whether they have the right to kingship, but what they have done for our country. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That is the social contract – money for nothing and chicks for free.

  24. I am with you, Borneoman. When the day comes I’ll be jumping up high for the ceiling. If I don’t reach the ceiling Bean, Din, semper tean and our favourite kerbau will be there to help me.

  25. The Majlis Raja Raja (Conference of Rulers) to realise its full potential must not be afraid to play its role as the Fourth Pillar of government in curbing the excesses of the executive branch of government.

  26. “They can use their considerable influence and leverage as Constitutional rulers to protect the citizens by defending the Constitution. It is their duty”.

    That’s the last thing on their minds, especially when the tidings are too good to dismiss. Ali Baba’s forty thieves look tame by comparison.

  27. Curbing the excesses of the executive branch of government by the rulers?


    Cuba hang balik mai tengok Istana Baru di Jalan Duta.

  28. Could someone do some maths comparison for the cost of maintaining a hut, house, apartment, condominium, penthouse, bungalow & ………

    Do we need more than one houses & cars for each person working individual?

    I am trying to figure out how much it cost to build the same “house” that the ex selangor MB had.

    Puzzle & Envy lah!

  29. Assuming the opposition somehow manages to ‘storm the Bastille’, does anyone here really think that this right royal conundrum can change? As long as the ‘Melayu’ remains as a pre- or post-script in the Raja, nothing will change. Truly anachrostic.

    Our royalty has to come to terms with reality and modernity – just as the Houses of Windsor, Orange-Nassau (Netherlands), Oldengerg (Denmark), Bourbon (Spain), Yamato dynasty (Japan)have.

    What Octo did was to curb the ghastly excesses of some of the Sultans – and that is something we ought to be grateful for. Almost everything else he did or will do reeks of ‘candu’.

  30. There is the cost and benefit. Has anybody ever sat down to calculate the real and monetary cost of maintaining the monarchy to the average tax payer? Does this cost outweigh the benefit?

  31. Based on Budget 2010 passed in November 2009, Zambry had set aside RM9.15 million for the upkeep of the Perak royal household. That’s what being budgeted. What about the intangibles? Those that are unaccounted for – timber concessions, sand mining, businesses links, gifts etc? They run into millions. Perakeans pay a hefty price keeping them in their palatial palaces.

  32. “Does this cost outweigh the benefit?”
    At the moment, yes – with all the cost over-runs to dubious contractors. And i think the ‘average’ Perakian, like Tok Cik, ain’t exactly ecstatic.

  33. And ole’ silver hair has a dirty habit of demanding “gifts” from the state on the occasion of his birthday. This was frowned upon by Nizar when he was in the chair. That could be one of the reasons for the “February coup” of 2009.

    Well, I am definitely not excited with the “figures” and the same goes with my fellow Perakeans. Less the hangers-on and the ampu bodeks, of course.

  34. So we have
    1. Malay Rulers
    2. Malay Civil service
    3. Malay MACC
    4. Malay PDRM
    5. Malay EC
    6. Malay AG Chambers
    7. Malay Judiciary
    8. Chinese Tax payers
    Add: Malay Regiment.

  35. Mr Bean

    Nobody questions the existence of the Monarchy as defined in the Federal Constitution or the role of the Monarchy in PRESUMABLY to provide some semblance of balance in democracy. The jury is still out whether our Monarchy is actually functioning or doing its role as expected in the Federal Constitution, at least BE SEEN doing it.

    The issue here is the usage of the term, Raja-Raja MELAYU ( note the capital letters).

    We should not be distracted by other irrelevant issues raised by Tunku Aziz. Nobody is talking about doing away with the Monarchy.

    Certainly there are plenty of questions being asked whether our Monarchy (or the Raja Raja Melayu or want of a better or SULTANS) is doing its job as a tax-payer funded institution in our democracy. Or is our Monarchy simply an echo of UMNO, having no independent view of how the nation should progress. Look at what happened in Perak in the constitutional crisis?

    There is much to be desired from our Monarchy. To start with there is need for the Malay Rulers to behave as RULERS OF ALL MALAYSIANS, rather than as Raja-Raja Melayu solely interested in protecting Malay customs and Islam.

    The Raja Raja Melayu must now re-invent themselves to live in the 21st century Malaysia. Other countries are moving forward while we try to stagnate ourselves to pre-1957.

  36. Tok Cik

    “Silver-hair” lost the plot totally ever since he was put on the pedestal.

    What surprises me is the disconnect between silver-hair’s educational background and the vast experience and knowledge ( he wrote about it too) on constitutional law in the country.

    And the son… well, he is no better after all the talk… the son, like the father, could not walk the talk.

    Nothing more than skin deep pontificating leaders DEMANDING respect instead of earning the rakyat’s respect.

  37. Mamak Mahathir would not even sembah with clasped hand like a normal Melayu at public functions attended by rulers. He would only bow his head the Japenese way, this can be attested by many govt. officials. That is the measure of his “respect ” for the bunch, but he survived as PM for 22 years !! So rulers enjoy perks and privilages beyond their wildest dreams at tax-payers expense and some are even involved in big business( like Selangor sultan)and are only answerable to UMNOPUTRAS. For us ordinary mortals in Bolehland we are being told to SEMBAH them forever and build them billion dollar palaces !!!

  38. “Who is silver hair? Who is Kutty?” -Bumi Boy

    Talk less and listen or Read more and before you write, use your brain first before putting your opinions on paper. And don’t ask your stupid lecturers for advice.

    Stay around this blog… read more and learn.

  39. khem

    Mahathir is a PSEUDO-MALAY. He is as Malay as the Indians in Kerala State in India.

    Mahathir and ilks like him exploit the Constitution to claim MALAYNESS, just like the Bugis from Pahang, the Javanese dentist-MB from Selangor, the Turks and the Yemenis controlling UMNO.

  40. And the naive Melayu tulin in the kampongs, without any foreign linkage to their ethnicity, continue to dream the Umno dream – subsidy from cradle to grave. What a tragedy…

  41. Yeah, Din add the Malay regiments to the list There are 23 regiments in all. Other non-Malay regiments, combat support and logistics units play second fiddle to them.

    Only officers from the RMR can aspire for the top five posts of armed forces chief, army chief, deputy army chief, army corps commander and division commanders. The odd ones that make the grade are just a handful but not for the top three posts.

    The situation hasn’t changed much since I left years ago.

  42. Poor Borneoman…by joinining Malaysia Sabahans and Sarawakians are ” blessed ” by inheriting 9 sultans and thousands of mamak Penangites with sultans to their names. Maybe it would have been fairer if Sarawak had installed an Iban King and Sabah a Kadazan King ( instead of just chiefs) and then we would have 11 rulers. Maybe our Orang Asli in peninsular also should appoint a king and that would make twelve, and the more the merrier. After all the Arabs in the gulf states are anointing themselves as Sultans from just Emirs !! So we can quote precedent from the Middle East. Maybe we can also invite all the royal rejects from India, Indonesia and Europe to reside in Malaysia under Malaysia My Second Home programme and have a RIGHT ROYAL GALA as a tourist attraction.

  43. Najib said at the UMNO Assembly that Mamaks are Malays.


    Bumi boy what nonsense is that. Mamaks are Indian muslims, when can one’s race change when one embraces Islam ? Taking the line of Najib’s argument , the Chinese Muslims from Xing Jiang can become Malays if they come to Malaysia ?

    What about the Muslim Turks, Palestinians etc. talking on this line, why don’t Malaysia bring in all the Palestinian “Malays ” ?. I am sure they would love to come and take over this country as the “new” Malays.

  44. why don’t Malaysia bring in all the Palestinian “Malays ” ?

    We already have Con Sultans from Israel at Putrajaya. Moreover the place in infected by camel fox, a disease where you can delegate your job to your wife.

  45. Tanah Melayu was coined by WHO?
    Why did the Brits allow this to happen?
    Were we cheated ?
    Or were we tricked?
    Did the Brits do the right thing for this country or For themselves?

    These are the questions we must ask!
    They rule as what they wanted – all rulers were given what they wanted and yearned for:
    1. Power – only over religious matters, until today!
    2. Wealth
    3. Status
    4. Prestige
    5. Regal & Pomp
    6. Recognition

    They only wanted them to be fed with goodies and enjoy life.
    So that they did what they wanted without any all the historical details and treaties!
    HISTORY – does not lie!

    We are now left with having to face this situation for the next 500 years!

  46. tunku aziz is a flexible gentlemen. He can act like a chameleon

    whenever the need arise. What does the situation warrants?

    support for the omputih? He will be there to say that the british is the


    Mahathir may have been a plunderer, a melayu gelokal as I would described him

    elsewhere [ not glokal, mind you, he is gelok-al!!!!] but he will be remembered

    as a great statesman who put malaysia on a track of modernisation.

    It is not because of pootjaya or the 2 phalli in ampang , but to place malaysia

    out of the shackles of old age clutches of serfdom,

    What has the raja raja melayu done?

    >gave away penang to the british selagi ada bulan dan bintang

    >have a life of unbounded excesses while calling themselves defender of the islamic faith

    >plunder the wealth of the state on roulette tables in london

    >maintaining a culture based on hindu rites- sembah , sembah etc

    Mahathir as a grandson of a puteri sultan . he should know better of

    the excesses of the royals and who is better than he in handling the affairs of

    the sultans.

    melayus must come out of the shackles of serfdom to progress into the 21 st century.

    Adey tunku- look at the englishman – his house is his castle.

    Everybody is equal before the law and Islam. Even the Queen pays income tax!!

    All the bulshit about the special position of the royalty is just not on.

    get real man. This is the 20 th century. there is no such thing as daulat.

    Parting shot

    go to mecca and see how the king there behaves. He is just another ordinary guy.

    No special address for him or there is no need to ‘humiliate’ oneself

    to talk to him. if he comes to pray in the Haram, he will pray wherever he can get a

    place. There is no special reserved place.

    The idea of royalty in the 21 st century needs to be reviewed. TDM is the greatest

    guy for dismantling the unbridled power of the royalty. To the arse kissers-

    Go TO Hell.

    khong khek khuat

  47. Agree with you on your take on our so called royalty Kong Khek Khuat but not on Mahathir. The realty was that Malaysia progressed notwithstanding Mahathir and UMNOPUTRA plunderings, just like Indonesia under Suharto . Mahathir was luckier as there was more to plunder in Malaysia per population ratio !!!

  48. Din

    You should not spam Bumi Boy. He represents the average Malay folk that is the product of the country’s four decades of social engineering. His views are reflective of the local graduates in Malaysia. We need his comments to balance the liberal viewpoints of the elitist Malays in this blog. It is becoming obvious that many of the elite Malays in this blog supported and nurtured NEP to what it is today. You all are as much to blame for the outcomes. Bumi boy is a product of the seeds sowed two to three decades ago. He is what you nurtured to be, so face the creature of your creation.

    Bumi boy is not my son. My own children were taught by me to think for themselves. I encourage them to read a lot and discuss their concerns with me. I think, they are today not easily taken up by what their teachers and professors had taught them. They are all educated up to tertiary level in Malaysia. I cannot speak for other Malay parents, but I surely cannot be responsible for Bumi boy’s mentality and maturity. He has become a cybertrooper probably with the consent of his parents. –Din Merican

  49. The choice to go populist in his approach to issues of public interest by a member of the aristocracy (Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim who hails from Sg. Petani, Kedah is himself a member of the Malay aristocracy) in times like these is understandable. It is an attempt to shed the stigma his aristocratic leanings bring to his newly found position as peoples representative. It has everything to do with the fact that the popularity or lack thereof of the Malay monarchy has today reached a new low. How else do you explain his use of the word ‘commoner’ to refer to himself. The use of theatrics is understandable. But for us to fall for his use of theatrics is not.

    When Tunku Aziz appears to be questioning the need to use a term like ‘raja Melayu’ he is deliberating blurring the boundaries between the demonstrative and the substantive. The reference to Raja-Raja Melayu (as opposed to ‘raja-raja Melayu’ to describe themselves) can be justified as an institution within the context of the country’s 1957 Constitution. There were Malay states and there were Malays referred to as sultans exercising control and jurisdiction over their subjects who were Malays and with whom the British carried on negotiations in the 1800s. Their state constitutions later came to identify them as heads of their states. I have no quarrel with history thus far. Do you? We refer to them collectively as Raja-Raja Melayu within the context of the Federal Constitution of 1957 in reference to the constitutional role they play.

    The question raised as to why the need to use ‘Malay sultans’ (or ‘raja-raja Melayu’) when all sultans are Malays is silly.

    The argument that it invites i.e. that the use of words like ‘Malay’, ‘Chinese’ and ‘Indian’ to describe and identify is divisive is equally silly. Since when has it been divisive for Americans to refer to themselves as native Americans, Irish, Germans, Italians, Asians etc when they are referring to their ethnicities — or when they are expressing their choice of ethnic food to celebrate cousin Vinnie’s birthday?

  50. the only other thing (1 being the world famous twin jagong) that apanama had done well, was when he curbed the excesses of the 9 rajaraja melayu *tabik spring*.
    Rajaraja melayu? Well, that makes me not the ‘raja’ royal humble blur sotong rakyak from the kampong. My RN pledge is to the ‘King’ every 5 yrs…and I have a lot of ’em kings’. So, pls dont ask me who was the previous and the previos before the previous. I will failed but I pay my taxes, Ok.

    I also like the part where the raja of olde, kept the rakyak blur, uneducated and preoccupied with wars and field work…its so akin to the Emperor of olde in china and the equally poor uneducated blur peasants were kept in check…it wasnt until the fall of ‘blue blood’ that every1 is now more or less having a shot at making it big..without the royal taxing pain in the ass.

  51. Din

    I am not saying Bumi Boy is your son. I am saying that he is the product of the NEP over the last four decades. We all say what happened to the Malays during this period. A whole society was moulded to be racists, to be rent seekers, just because they were muslims, not necessary because they were here before the non muslims. Your children were very lucky to have you to guide them. But there was no guidance out there, the average Malays were brain washed by the media, by the lecturers at every Malaysian university and Intan colleges. The state sponsored racism and bigotry created people like Bumi Boy. They are the legacy of those who participated in the NEP program in zealous forms. Even Raja Petra admitted to this just two weeks ago when he wrote about the 30% alllocation of wealth.

    Bumi boy is what we non muslims have come to characterize as the average Malay person. Of course there are people like you and the rest of the Malays in this blog whom we see as hope for our country. But in reality, you are but a minority too in a sea of greed and bigotry. Din, dont get me wrong. You and most of the Malays in this blog are exactly the kind of people that must lead the country to bring Malays to stand on their own capabilities without crutches to impede other Malaysians. But, if you fail to see the views and positions of other average Malays, you will not see the magnitude of the problem that we face.

  52. Din,

    To win the war, you must understand the enemy. The problem with Malaysia, is the enemy within. Bumi Boy may be a major embarrassment to the educated Malays. But he is the norm of our society. He has the backing of the government, and is a product of our education system. Bumi Boy is 100% Malaysian.

  53. On the other hand, I am merely a pendatang. That is the classification given to me by the government of Malaysia. Hence in all reality, Bumi boy is 100% Malaysian, and I am less than 100% Malaysian. I think if we were to calculate the value of all the barriers that I face as a non muslim and non bumi, the value of my Malaysianess is probably 10%. Hence, Bumi boy is worth ten time more than me as a Malaysian, in what ever he does.

  54. James, you do have a point about the ‘average’ mentality of the malay youth who are brought up by elitist rent-seeking bumno parents. They do not have the ability to discern and question.
    Are you implying that youth brought up by others, think and behave the same way? What is an ‘average Malay’? Should there be such a ‘implied’ term in the first place? I think it’s unwise, to paint everyone with the same brush. I don’t see Din and Dr Kam as elitist, but egalitarian if that’s what you are implying.

    Looking at the exponential increase in number of hits this blog is getting, someone out there is getting nervous. No, Bumi boy, is not a ‘boy’ but a well trained CT with much experience in messing with with ‘mature’ audiences. A serious blogger, never reveals too much information, right from the start. This chap is doing just that to gain sympathy. A sociopath can appear to be the most angelic of character. Don’t you agree?

  55. Menyalak-er,

    I am not trying to paint Din and Kam in any negative form. If you prefer, egalitarian would be more appropriate.

    I dont care if bumi boy is a CT. He is representative of the public out there. I know, I see them everytime I go home and I make it a point to eat out in the coffee shops in the suburbans and pretend I dont speak Malay. If you only can don a chinese skin and do that. You will then understand where I am coming from. Malaysia has changed. The rural folks have changed. There is hatred and anger out there. And this is the creation of UMNO.

  56. James, at the moment all things are in flux. One can’t expect change if one is not prepared to face the consequences. You and i may have unpleasant experiences, but it depends on how one sees it. I speak BM fairly well, and i don’t hide the fact. Why do you? I gain respect at the local mamak stalls talking to kids in pasar malay, who are not so very different from my own. Speaking bahasa baku is a no-no. I encourage mine to have friends with all races and sometimes my house is like a menagrie! Yes, some of these friends are bumno types. Just accept that we cannot have everything we want – so long as everybody knows where they stand. Time is a big equalizer.

    While you are correct in attributing the melancholy to bumno, i am saying is that our actions speak for themselves. Hostilty cuts both ways. You be nice, they are nice. That is the intrinsic nature of the Malay, that i so admire. Engaging them also requires some foresight. Avoid if they are sullen, but engage them in things that interests them and not try to ‘convert’ nor criticize them. There is no place in this blog or any other place, for deception.

  57. James,

    I think it’s really unfair for you to be lumping all malay parents and kids in the same group as Bumi Boy. There are a lot of malay parents out there who taught their kids to think critically about what’s happening around them. I got my diploma from UiTM where you might call bigots’ breeding ground. But I can tell the differences between right and wrong, propaganda and not propaganda. There are a lot of students there who can differentiate those things too. They too do not deserve your stereotypical judgment of them.

  58. Dear friends,

    I believe most of you here are matured adults, and educated. Friends, Bumi boy is just an undergrad (if he really is), more or less half your age. He has shown his diplomacy in giving his opinion and Din had, time and over, allowed opposite opinions to come in so long as they are not rude or vulgar. Why then do you have to insult him? Be fair pals…you can disagree diplomatically, but at the same time show that you are matured, educated, thorough and sensible. (Allah gave you a brain to THINK, not to soak up rubbish and garbage – Frank). To this day (over ten years ago), I still remember Din’s phrase “BERFIKIR DAN BERZIKIR” Ask him what it means!

  59. Dear VSP,

    Brother, are trying to imply that the Malays are and had been, ‘good for nothing’ since centuries? You are too much with your Malay race ridiculing slant when you present your version of the Melaka Malay Sultanate. Where did you get your facts from? Melaka’s history were mostly written by the orientalists who in turn sourced their facts from writings of colonial writers with specific missions: de Eredia, Tom Pires, Duarte Barbosa, Francois Valentijn and the likes, who were highly inspired by their churches because they wanted to spread Christianity in the Malay Archipelago and at the same time, vengeance for they (the churches) could not get over with their brothers’ defeat in the Crusade War in the Middle East.

    Malay manuscripts which can tell a truer story had either been destroyed or hijacked back to London, Lisbon, Netherland, etc. To get back to these vital documents, we have to fork out millions of Ringgit for their intrinsic value…so murid-murid do we to call the Malays Lanun or the Colonials? If they had easily taken what was once ours, is it not right to believe that they had hidden the truth and flashed the misled?

    Brother, have you heard of the Malay Annals or Sejarah Melayu, which is also known as Sulalatus Salatin- written by Tun Sri Lanang, a descendant of Bendahara Tun Mutahir of Melaka, 100 years after the fall of Melaka? This book is found in many foreign languages (get the basic info on the Malay Annals from Wikipedia).

    In conclusion, VSP please check your facts right about the Malays during the peak of Melaka’s glorious period! Just because you encountered with a few, jangan ingat semua Melayu malas, bodoh, rasuah, ekstrimis atau sebagainya. Sebab pulut santan binasa. Sebab mulut badan binasa. So jagalah mulut itu dengan berfikir dahulu sebelum hendak berkata-kata. Borrow Din’s phrase – Berfikir dan Berzikir

  60. zaib,

    You can smell a dead fish from a distance and you can recognise a fraud without having to see his face.

    If you read how Bumi-boy writes when he first entered the blog, the responses to others’ comments and how he tried to place “victim”, experience will tell any blogger, he is NOT what he writes who he is.

    I have yet to read from genuine commenters who come out and plead ignorance and portray himself as someone who has to come out and ask his father, while telling us he is in the second year university.

    Come on, Bum-boy is taking everyone else like idiots, and either you are a bigger idiot to believe him to be genuine or that you are closeted supporter or puppeteer of his kind.

    All these, uncles and aunties nonsense is just bullshit distractor to make us think he is an innocent chap. I was taken up initially by his crap until after his second and third posting, and that “cybertrooper veneer” is peeled.

    It is places like Din’s blog, as I said before, where cybertroopers will have a whale of a time and having the last laugh at all of those writing in here.

    Real crap!!!

  61. zaib

    Are you his father, by the way. Looks like you are the type, idiots like him will rely upon or seek guidance.

    Great minds think alike, idiotic minds do similarly.

  62. Zaib

    If you want political-correctness, go to another blog. If you cannot stand the heat of the language here, there are other blogs you can go.

    If I think Bumi-boy is an idiot, I will say so. I will leave to Din to delete it.

    An idiot is an idiot… is an idiot. You can defend Bumi-boy from where you stand. But where I stand, from what he writes, he is an idiot because he does not use his Allah-given brain to think.

    And he thinks we are a bunch of fools here addressing us here as uncles and aunties and posting garbage about social contract etc and said to be in second year university. If he had said he is in Form Three, I would have withheld my opinions about about Bumi-boy.

    These UMNO cybertroopers do try to put up all kinds of veneer to hide their insidious motives and intents.

    At least people like Sayang Bangsa come out up front to state his political stand.

  63. Mr Bean

    Why seek to disparage the man and his reputation ie Tunku Aziz, if he wants to identify himself as a commoner. Perhaps he would like to view the issues of the royalty as a commoner.

    I think to demonise the man’s view as populist or to imply that he is simply ingenuous because he happens to be royalty and making a critique about the royalty, is shallow and demeaning.

    Just because someone of high profile happens to talk about issues of the day is being populist does not forward the discussion intelligently.

    Deal with the message, and not the messenger.

  64. I have to agree what Bum boy writes is quite representative of the MAJORITY of the “so-called educated Malays” studying in our local universities and the young graduates.

    They learn from their fellow Malay peers and their myopic views of the issues of the country are strengthened, enhanced, concretised and entrenched by the UMNO-sponsored BTN courses.

    These type of Malays don’t mix with non Malays, they are FORCED to mix with non Malays only in their work places and deep within their inner psyche, they hate everything that is non Malay or non Muslim. They will spew their racist tendencies in whispers in their little gatherings, but outwardly, they keep their mouths shut. They are the dangerous kinds… like snakes hidden in the blanket.

  65. Someone here wrote about “rent seekers”.

    For commenters like Zaib who cannot stand the heat, read how Sakmongkol AK47 (who was a former UMNO ADUN in Pahang) say about some of those MALAYS we are talking about. Just read the label he gave to those MALAYS.

    Sakmongkol AK47 has given a name to these ” serial rent seekers”. READ here article on Sakmongkol AK47 blog

    He wrote:

    “…These are the NEP bastards- people who keep coming for more and more and deny others the chance he got first time.

    …having given the first chance and failed at it, the beneficiary is morally bound not to come back for more. But the serial abuser disregards moral restraints and keeps coming back for more.

    These are people who want to gnaw at economic pie non-stop. No open tenders, taking matters direct to the PM for approval and so on.

  66. very interesting read.i hope silverhair and his son are reading dialouge as well.i think silverhair has caused his son to be a tragic symbole of what could have been.

  67. Sure I am wrong to state that Bumi Boy is representative of all Malays. I did not state that. I stated that Bumi Boy is representative of all the Malays I have known(except for a certain Syed who is an architect in KL and I believe a member of the Kedah royal family). I also stated that the majority of the participants in this blog are elitist and not representative of the Malay population (egalitarian as Menyalak-er would describe). I know because I grew up in a Malay village, and my command of the language used to be better than any Malay in my time.

    And deception – no deceptions, I am writing strait from the heart. And No racism – I loved Malay girls more than any chinese woman – because of their sincerity in human relationships. Why I choose not to speak Malay is because I wanted to know, without any doubt, the state of our country, there is no intent to deceive. Otherwise, people just tell you what you want to hear. If you think I am wrong, so be it, each of us have a perspective that is unique because of our humanity. And my own personal experience is this – This country cares not for my sincerity and loyalty, but for the ethnicity of my parents, and whether not I am muslim.

    All I am trying to say is this. Let Bumi Boy present his views. It reflects the viewpoints of the populace brainwashed through decades of NEP. Integration was never the objective. Integration in Malaysian left with our most revered Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

  68. James,

    We appreciate your views. Like I’ve told Din once, don’t take things to heart. We’re humans, after all. Our attention was on ilham once, now it’s on bumi boy. Isn’t that what these cyber goons want? Don’t dance to their tune.

    Btw I am no elitist. Just a former “katak hijau”, a nickname associated with soldiers of the 60s and 70s. Ask Bean and semper.

    I too come from a mixed background and had befriended both Chinese and Indians during my youth. That explains my feelings for them. Had a Chinese gal for a friend at school and even now, their affinity for the goodies notwithstanding.

    Seen plenty during my tenure in the Service. I fall back on these experiences to form up my opinion of things. They basically shaped my thinking and mental make-over. I’ll not succumb to Umno’s ideologies however hard they try.

    Don’t worry, James. You’re not alone.


  69. “even as the Malay race itself is free to choose their religions.” AgreeToDisagree

    This is a gross misreading of the country’s constitution.

    Mr Bean – November 3, 2010 at 7:42 am

    Would you deny Malay citizens their right to religious freedom at the cost of their Bumiputra status even as the dual system itself is illegal in both religious and secular/international human rights spheres?

    Human Rights Charter Article 18.

    Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

    I understand your defense and desire for the Malays to be Muslims but this does not allow Malays SELF DETERMINIATION or RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.

    The constitution itself is flawed when it states that Malays MUST be Muslims.

    Surah 2:256 There is no compulsion in religion, for the right way is clearly from the wrong way. Whoever therefore rejects the forces of evil and believes in God, he has taken hold of a support most unfailing, which shall never give way, for God is All Hearing and Knowing.

    Surah 16:82 But if they turn away from you, (O Prophet remember that) your only duty is a clear delivery of the Message (entrusted to you).

    Surah 6:107 Yet if God had so willed, they would not have ascribed Divinity to aught besides him; hence, We have not made you their keeper, nor are you (of your own choice) a guardian over them.

    Surah 4:79, 80 (Say to everyone of them,) ‘Whatever good betides you is from God and whatever evil betides you is from your own self and that We have (O Prophet) sent you to mankind only as a messenger and all sufficing is God as witness. Whoso obeys the Messenger, he indeed obeys God. And for those who turn away, We have not sent you as a keeper.”

    I misread not the Quran which is above the Constitution for Muslims at least. The Constitution may not be the Keeper of the Muslim state of Malays, though the only duty is a clear delivery of the Message, compulsion as adduced by the current form of the Constitution is not compliant with the teachings of Islam. Let them chose of their own free will, that portion of the constitution is grossly MISWRITTEN.

  70. Hi James, i think the word elitist for the M’sians of Malay background here is rather inaccurate. Those who blog here are not elitist. Those M’sian of malay backgorund are more aware of issues and have had a wider exposure than those you have had the pleasure of growing up with. Thanks to Din, we can all come together and share our views .

    Although personally I have always grown up with non malays and lived amongst the non malays, the reverse of your life story. However we are no elitist. Tha is a strange word anyway ! Perhaps you mean more aware fo our rights.We want the Rule of Law, we want all the foundations so that all M’sians can enjoy economic freedom and go into the higher income category , if properly managed , every one can enjoy.

    We want the government to help the poor M’sians. We need a restructuring of the country’s management.We want everything that is fair for all. Enough of this shouting ( and lying )about race.

  71. Yup, i’m aware that you grew up in a kampung, james. That is why i’m curious to know why you are not in synch with the urban Malay youth, who still retain more than the vestiges of their culture, especially the poorer ones. Can’t say the same for the ‘entitlement’ types. I understand your consternation at some of their mat rempit/ekzos behaviour, which reflect rather poorly on their upbringing. But that’s evolution, for better or for worse.
    What is needed is for all of us here, is to bridge the gap in our own ways – the old and the new, to bring back the halcyon days of going beyond colour/religion and reclaim the ‘village’ mentality (McLuhan). What say you?

    Err.. AgreeToDisagree, i think you’ve completely misread Bean. But i shall let him explain it to you in not so many words.

  72. Menyalak-er

    Fior your info, the Mat Rempits are mostly real nice guys (I been in the bike races), it is the ones that are in civil service, and ones from Intan that we really got to watch out for.

    Okay, then, I wont use the word elitist. My apologies.

  73. Most of us here are Malaysians . The hour has arrived , for all of us to focus on Galas and Sapi to see if the spirit of Tunku Aziz’s article is shared by the voters in these two constituencies . This is not the hour to reminiscent nor to discuss Mat Rempits .

    The spirit of this article is of utmost importance for all Malaysians and what the voters say collectively, could shed some light on this spirit before the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS dawns on all of us .

  74. “Just because someone of high profile happens to talk about issues of the day is being populist does not forward the discussion intelligently.” Frank

    In the law of evidence, bad character is generally inadmissible for being irrelevant and more prejudicial than probative. But when the other side opens the door, you are allowed to come in.

  75. To put it in layman terms. If you are in court and in the witness stand and calls attention to your good character to prove a point, counsel is allowed to cross-examine and rebut your allegation as to your good character. Otherwise character evidence is generally inadmissible. I trust that helps put away any doubt that may still linger as to my motive. There is nothing personal.

  76. Now if I can move on.

    AgreeToDisagree has misunderstood me on the issue of religious freedom in Malaysia. It is my fault because I misunderstood his comments. I thought he was saying Malays are free.

    He is right and he is wrong. He is right because in Malaysia, the Malays are not free to choose their religion. They are legally deemed Muslims. He is wrong when he attributes that to the country’s Constitution.

    In the ’50s it was generally agreed that the Malays were in need of constitutional safeguards to help protect and preserve their Malay customs, Malay way of life and their Muslim religion which was perceived as being under threat as a result of the process of modernization (read: westernization). Remember the demographic landscape had been drastically altered by an immigration policy (if there was one) that allowed entry to immigrants to serve the needs of foreign interests without so much as a care to what such policy was doing.

    But I do not think the country’s Founding Fathers (if I could call dull parliamentary draftsmen that) exhibited a deliberate intention to treat the Malays differently when it comes to the issue of religious freedom. Nowhere in the country’s Constitution is it stated that Malays are to be deemed Muslims. Article 11 does not go that far. It merely prohibits the proselytization of any religious doctrine that is not Islam among Malays.

    It is UMNO’s (and PAS’s and PKR’s) interpretation pointing and using an obscure part of the Federal Constitution of 1957 meant to provide definiton to terms used in the Constitution to justify their denial of religious freedom to the Malays.

  77. “The constitution itself is flawed when it states that Malays MUST be Muslims.” AgreeToDisagree

    The Federal Constitution is not flawed because it does not state that Malays must be Muslims.

    The matter went to the highest court in the country in 2004 over the issue of apostasy among four Kelantanese who served jail time for trying to exercise their religious freedom. But the federal court avoided taking up the issue viewing it as unnecessary and kicked the ball back to the High Court and the High Court kicked that ball to the Syariah Court. Once the issue is left with the Syariah Court the outcome is predictable.

    Verses in the Koran can be interpreted in more ways than one. Islam does not permit of an ecclesiastical structure like there is in the case of the Chrisitan religion that could help resolve the issue.

  78. Salmiah Hassan

    Yes, Opposition lost both by-elections.

    That is good. That would put the arrogance of the Opposition leaders right into the mud and to teach them a bitter lesson about complacency and taking Opposition supporters for granted for their in-fighting stupidity.

    I think PAS has held its punches on Ku Li for two reasons: Give face to Ku Li so that he can continue the fight for the oil royalty, and to give Kul Li a life line to take on those idiots in the UMNO leadership, starting with Muhyiddin and those in Perkasa, especially its patron and the other frogging Kelantanese, Ibrahim Ali.

    The Batu Sapi by-election was a already a gone case for PKR. It was a no win by election for PKR. It was good that PKR lost in Sabah, exposing their stupidity in handling the folks in Sabah.

  79. Bean, is wrong on 2 counts, replying out of context to my earlier statements.

    The Federal Constitution is indeed flawed because it does effectively state that Bumiputras must be Muslims. This is reference to the loss of Bumiputra status on apostasy as per Article 160.

    Wrong again because verses in the Koran can may not be interpreted in a manner that discriminates against non-Muslims whatever their race, and thus does not comply with the Quran.

  80. I feel the first EMANCIPATION the malay mind-set need is to gradually remove from their daily practice at home within the family circles. That is, asking children of tender years to ” kiss hands of elders ” – which we claim as adat or adab….
    May be, parents & elders feel it inculcates discipline to respect elders or the elderly. I think respect is much deeper than that, it stems from ” love ”
    Kissing hands is a remnant from the feudal practises of the past era. Eg : give the children due respect first by allowing them some degree of freedom to sensibly argue, not to supress them, they will in turn respect you as the elder.
    I dont know about others, but kissing of hands is demeaning, we may not feel it, but we are psychologically implanting a sense of ” inferiority ” (inferiority complex, not healthy for the mind ).
    True respect is from the heart…not by kissing hands of leaders or elders. Salaams & peace !

  81. Nice set of NLPs there Abnizar. Whatever it means, humanity can best only function under :

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

    ;there can be no differentiation, in the manner as the Quran itself only does for Muslims and non-Muslims. For what it’s worth, ruler and subject are different but in the Quran or religions’ context, it is act and the spirit of action that speak more loudly than anything else.

  82. Dear Din Merican,
    In my opinion, it is not a paradox nor a contradiction, that Raja-Raja Melayu at this juncture of our Country’s evolution are at the same time ” Rulers For All Malaysians ” by FUNCTION.
    Raja-Raja Melayu were the vestige of power for ” Tanah Melayu ” before the transition to ” Malaysia ” , and embodied in the l948 Agreement ( latterly The Federal Constitution ) as a Quid Pro Quo for the special rights of the Malays who were deemed WEAK in many of the socio-economic structure of the nation ( due to divide & rule of the then Colonial masters ).

    In the transition, therefore, ( and the Quid Pro Quo ” agreement ” ) the Title & Honorific RAJA-RAJA MELAYU was in reality the embodiment of that TACIT agreement to preserve that right ( malay ” privileges “), and vested as a SYMBOL in them in virtue of the Honorific Raja-Raja Melayu.
    We all should NOW agree that by virtue of the transition into ” Malaysia ” we all have opted to become Malaysians – the point is, Malays cannot now RENEGE to lablel Citizens as ” PENDATANG “, that is in my view completely wrong…..
    Having said that, since by FUNCTION Raja-Raja Melayu are carrying the additional Function for being ” Rulers of Malaysians” there should therefore be in place the RECOURSE for non-Malay Malaysians through some official apparatus as an avenue for them to APPEAL ( eg : a ” Royal Petition “) for The Malaysian Rulers to make pronouncements from time to time ( It will be for the Government to consider appropriate ” apparatus ” for Their Highnesses & His Majesty to be able to discharge that specific Function )
    But the Honorific Raja-Raja Melayu cannot be detracted by virtue of their position at the time the transition took place to symbolise the agreement in the Quid Pro Quo…. ( that has now evolved to ” Malaysia ” )

  83. Dear Din,
    It is the same analogy akin to ” conveyancing ” of Titles & Properties from one person to another : In this case, a Constitutional matter, the ” transfer ” executed by Raja-Raja Melayu ( as Trustees ) of Tanah Melayu, the Transferor, to the Transferee ” Malaysia “, hence the constitutional legitimacy for the Quid Pro Quo ( something for something ) in reagard to the ” special privilege ” to correct the IMBALANCE in the socio-politico-economic structures, in the aftermath of The British ” quitting ” this ruled nation….
    The Malay Rulers, as the repository of power pertaining to that portion of ” Rights “, are still carrying through this part of the mutual obligations in the formation of the new ” owner ” – Malaysia.
    Merely a further clarification – if there is a different view, I would be glad to stand corrected, though

  84. SALAM,

    Seluruh Raja Melayu kita yang wujud pada hari ini adalah Raja-Raja yang ditabal dan dilantik oleh British dan mereka bukanlah Raja-Raja Melayu yang asal dan sebenar. Oleh kerana mereka itu adalah dilantik oleh British sudah sewajarnyalah mereka itu bertindak sebagai tali barut dan para hamba British. Renongkanlah mengenai apa yang dibuat oleh Raja-Raja Melayu terhadap kita, mereka adalah para khianat bangsa dan agama kita :

    1. Sultan Pahang menentang Mat Kilau dan Datuk Bahaman tetapi membantu British untuk menjajah Pahang;

    2. Sultan Trengganu menentang Haji Abdul Rahman Limbung tetapi membantu British untuk menjajah Trengganu;

    3. Sultan Kelantan menentang Tok Janggut tetapi membantu British untuk menjajah Kelantan;

    4. Sultan Selangor menentang Raja Mahadi tetapi membantu British untuk menjajah Selangor;

    5. Sultan Pahang dan Sultan Kedah mengutuskan angkatan-angkatan perang masing-masing untuk membantu British dan Yap Ah Loy menentang Raja Mahadi di Selangor;

    6. Sultan Kedah membantu British untuk menjatuhkan Sultan Kedah yang asal dan sebenar dearipada keturunan Merong Mahawangsa dan kemudian mengangkat Baginda sebagai Sultan Kedah yang baru dan Baginda seterusnya membantu British untuk menjajah Kedah;

    7. Sultan Johor dengan bantuan British telah menyisihkan Sultan Ali di Muar, iaitu Sultan Johor yang asal dan sebenar, dan selepas menaiki takhta Johor, Baginda menjemput British untuk menjajah Johor dan sudah sewajarnya selepas itu tiada pemberontakan oleh orang-orang Melayu di Johor;

    8. Sultan Perak yang menentang British dibuang negeri dan Datuk Seri Maharaja Lela di bunuh oleh Britisih, kemudian Sultan Perak yang baru yang diangkat oleh British telah membantu British untuk menjajah Perak;

    9. Sultan Johor membantu British untuk menangkap Datuk Seri Maharaja Lela pembesar Perak yang memberontak terhadap British dan kemudiannya beliau ( Datuk Seri Maharaja Lela) dibunuh oleh British;

    10. Negeri-negeri Melayu di Utara Sermenanjung telah diberikan oleh British kepada Thailand dan dijadikan sebahagian dpd negaranya (negara Thailand) – kaum Melayu dan Raja-Raja Melayu tidak membantu untuk mendapat kembali negeri-negeri ini daripada penjajahan kaum kafir Thai;

    11. Raja-Raja Melayu menanda tangani perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu dengan British untuk memberi kerakyatan, hak politik dan ekonomi kepada kaum pendatang kafir – mereka menjual Melayu kepada kaum kafir, sedangkan orang-orang Melayu hanya berdiam diri sahaja;

    12. Raja-Raja Melayu serta para pemimpin kita bersetuju dengan Perlembagaan Malaya dan Malaysia yang kafir yang disediakan oleh British – khususnya mereka bersetuju dengan artikel-artikel 4, 43, 44 dan 161 Perlembagaan Malaysia yang kafir yang menjadikan negara Malaysia kita ini sebagai sebuah negara yang kafir;

    13. Pada hari ini Raja-Raja Melayu kita masih lagi aktif memberi tanah dan konsesi balak kepada kaum pendatang yang kafir – si Melayu bodoh kita ini masih lagi menganggap bahawa apa juapun yang dilakukan oleh Raja-Raja Melayu kita, kesemuanya betul dan OK sahaja!

    Lihatlah betapa jahatnya sekutu-sekutu Allah yang bergelar Raja-Raja Melayu kita ini. Mereka sewenang-wenang sahaja menjual negara dan bangsa kepada orang-orang kafir daripada dahulu sehinggalah ke hari ini padahal mereka sentiasa mendapat keistimewaan demi keistimewaan baik daripada kerajaan mahupun daripada taukeh-taukeh Cina.

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