A Case of Sour Grapes

September 8, 2010


Musa Hassan: A Case of “Sour Grapes”

Outgoing inspector-general of police (IGP) Musa Hassan has been accused of being ungrateful over claims of alleged ‘third party interference’ in the police force.

NONE“Musa Hassan’s (right) sudden attack on his former masters, the Home Ministry and politicians, for meddling in police affairs is most unbecoming as a senior civil servant – which is a very serious issue,” said Robert Phang, a community leader.

In a statement today, Phang, who also sits on the corruption consultative and advisory panel of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), said, “His current tirade smacks of the proverbial sour grapes. Just because his tenure has not been extended, he has now suddenly found the guts to speak up for the force and champion independence.

“Has he forgotten that his tenure as top cop was extended three times by former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and (Home Minister) Hishammuddin Hussein?” Phang asked.

If the purported “interference” did exist, Phang demanded to know why Musa did not act on it as he is still in power.”Perhaps it is reflective of Musa’s ineffectiveness and irresponsibility when serving as IGP, the country’s seniormost police officer.

NONEAs the ‘top cop’, the public look to Musa to maintain his integrity, and not reporting his claims makes him a ‘yes man’, lambasted Phang (left).

“At the end of all this talk, Musa should look himself in the mirror and ask whether he had contributed to the enhancement of the police force,” he said, adding that the crime rate in the country is still in a worrying state.

Responding to Musa’s lament that the force also lacked funds, Phang argued that the government had allocated RM8 billion of the budget for the police force.

“Musa cannot whine of lack of financial resources for the force… suddenly, Musa is hurling all sorts of accusations at the government and his former political masters. Don’t tell me that he is Mr Perfect and thus the government should not interfere?” he said.

Undesirable issues

He also said the alleged ‘infiltration‘ of Israeli military intelligence into Bukit Aman and the force’s alleged links with the underworld were undesirable issues that cropped up during Musa’s tenure.

“It is on record that the Home Ministry by tradition and also by design, aims to ensure all departments within the ministry will conduct their business or duties in accordance with its directives and SOP (standard operating procedures).

“The police force happens to be the biggest department under the ministry, which naturally is under very close supervision by the ministry in all respects. In short, the ministry’s aim is to ensure there is no abuse of powers affecting the rakyat and the serving police officers, and more so to provide checks and balances for the force. It is therefore very unfair to regard this as interference,” defended Phang.

“He should stop trying to portray himself as a police saint and be grateful that he was given the opportunity to serve the country,” he added. Phang also rubbished the IGP’s claim that the latter was not aware of his retirement. “He is a seasoned and trained police officer”, it is ridiculous to state that he was in the dark, said Phang.

Cozy relationship

Meanwhile, DAP parliamentarian Charles Santiago described Musa’s allegations as “bitterness” that has stemmed out of a “cozy relationship”.

In a statement he attributed Musa’s “snide and ambiguous remarks” of a third party interference as coming “from a man who is on the verge of losing his powers after the Hari Raya weekend.” The Klang MP added Musa’s attacks on government ministries and on Hishammuddin does not reflect his integrity or honesty.

NONE“If Musa is serious about cleaning-up the police force he should be forthright and make a complaint to the MACC especially if it involves corruption and framing people as part of political power play.

“Taking pot shots at his bosom buddies-turned enemies before retirement shows that Musa has no real concern for the police force or the nation,” said Santiago (left).

He reiterated that Musa’s track record was “best caricatured” by the use of excessive force in dispersing demonstrations and candlelight vigils as well as the increase in deaths in custody.

“In short Musa has illustrated that the force has no hesitation in going to the mat for the ruling government. So maybe Musa could try and do the right thing before he retires by giving detailed information of interference by those from the higher-ups and lodge an official complaint to allow for police investigations,” he suggested.

“For now, personalised attacks from Musa have only served to raise a few eyebrows and take a further whack on his dodgy reputation.”

20 thoughts on “A Case of Sour Grapes

  1. What’s the point of giving this moron added publicity. He has done enough harm to the Malaysian public and having him here time and again is not going to do us any good. Let him slide into obscurity ingloriously. History will determine his position in society. He’s too thick skinned.

  2. Din,

    There is more to it than meets the eye…

    Even the previous MACeeCee boss was “Retired with Generous Perks” & his son is still flying happily as if nothing had happened…for being the Good Dog…oops I mean Boy!

    They have all got their “Secret Understanding…NFA” agreed to & maybe signed for, to be the newly “Chosen Appointed” one…

    Would the new “Programmed Appointed” one be any better?

    Just look at the new “Programmed Appointed” MACeeCee guy…NATO!

    In other words…they all have got each other by the Orbs/Juglars

    Just to share this…

    Winning hearts and minds of the people – JASA – http://dayakbaru.com/weblog08/2010/02/19/winning-hearts-and-minds-of-the-people-jasa/

    You be the judge.


  3. IGP Musa got extended twice and he blurts out the alleged “third perty interference’ smacks the true colours of the person. Does he realised that as any civil servant, he hold the post at the pleasure of the YDP Agong and the government. Please show some courtesy and thankfulness beholden of ‘men in blue’. Compare yourself to other civil servants who just fade away when one reaches their mandatory retirement. Banyak bersyukur and does some reflections on what have not been achieved during your term as IGP. Selamat Bersara

  4. Have the impression that our IGP(rtd.) Musa has not secured and covered his retreat(retirement) well …..as surprised…if you believe his statement “nobody informed me…”or even if was informed 1 week back..his arrogant & egoist character is such that he thinks he can “squeeze” them to give 1 more extension…thus did not secured his own “dirty” files and also the “dirty” files of others from the “computers”.

    So now he is jumping around like “A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof !!!”

    Hidup Malaysia !!!

  5. Facts must be categorically stated. Ever since Mahathir became PM all civil institutions like the civil service, judiciary, Police, AG Chambers and the ACA/MACC have been bastardised and umnonised. Umno politicians always interfere and use, abuse, misuse and manipulate these public institutions for their own political ends. To achieve these they appoint average and servile personalities to head these institutions. They controlled the heads like the KSN, the IGP, the Chief Judge, the AG and the ACA/MACC head to do their bidding. When the heads rot, the bodies also rot.

    Musa’s outburst evidenced his own weaknesses and incompetency. If Umno doesn’t think that he can be used, misused and abused, they would not appoint him as the IGP in the first place. Now Umno doesn’t need him anymore; his useful life to Umno had ended and hence his disgraceful exit. If Musa had been given an extension, I am sure Musa will acquiesce with every of Umno’s corrupt leaders actions to continue to use, abuse and misuse the Police. Musa is a useless person and that is the reason he became an IGP. You need useless person for Umno to control.

    Umno will never appoint an upright, honest, clean and God fearing person to head all these public institutions who dare to put their foot down and tell those Umno leaders to stop meddling in their institutions. You find these type of leaders in the second echelon of the particular institution’s leadership structure. But they will never be allowed to head their respective institution. Difficult for Umno to crontrol. Umno need leaders with baggage. That is how Mahathir chose his Ministers so that they could be kept in line.

    Umno will always interfere with all public institution and it is up to the Heads of these institution to tell off these corrupt leaders not to meddle in their institution. Did Musa do this when he was IGP?

  6. My opinion differs. This is the best outcome for Malaysians irrespective of the dirt on Musa’s shoulders. What we have surmised about Police Force independence and ethics are now beginning to be brought up publicly. Two months ago, it would be difficult to talk about this issue. Today we can.

    Musa’s motivation in speaking up is likely driven by his personal motivations. Whether he achieves his motives is irrelevant to me. What is important is that the independence of the Malaysian Police Force, their ethics and political bias are all out in the open for everyone to talk about. SO, we must encourage Musa to open his mouth more often.

    In other words, this horse aint dead. It has so many secrets stored in it that the horse is a treasure chest of political secrets, that we would try to dig it out for the good of our nation. Burying this horse would not be our national interest. We must know the wrongs of the past to prevent it from recurring in the future.

  7. Musa’s antics is just a diversion from the rot that still seethes in the system.Its just his way of reminding his masters that he still has aces in his sleeve, and will spill it if need be.

  8. Friends

    Enough lor of this Musa bashing. Wish him well instead. He’s already being embassared by the Home Ministry Sect-General after handing over his duty ceremony yesterday. Imagine having to sit beside the sect-general and hearing him bashing you back on the issue of the ministry’s interference and not renewing his contract.

    I saw his successor being hot and bothered about the embarrassment to his boss. He kept playing with his collars during the media conference.Heed Musa’s advice: “Police must have integrity.”Police are not beggars. We don’t take money from anyone.” Sound advice seems you all have been accusing the police of taking bribes.
    Please treat our men in blue better.
    Our men in blue must earn our respect. Musa can’t advise the Police on integrity and honesty. The Sabah court called him an “unreliable witness”. Now he knows what it is like to be powerless.–Din Merican
    As a last gesture, Musa’s appeal for better renumeration of CPOs will be granted by the government.

  9. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

    Yup, i agree with james and Sentinel – let this mongrel bark (hey, i’m pure bred, ok!). The HM (with Kerismudin) is coming out with rather silly rebuttals and their house of cards seem wobbly right now. Forgiveness is always possible, if it’s barkings are forceful enough to topple the entrenched. Honestly though, he won’t bite.
    Refelections, aisya? Hmm, it’s remarkable how some mongrels see themselves..

  10. Anyway, this former IGP has enough events to haunt him for the rest of his life. May congregations of toyols visit him every night for what his people did to Aminulrasyid and all those people that suffered from the brutal police force under his command.

    Leave this guy alone? Well Sayang Bangsa, why don’t you visit Aminulrasyid’s, Rosli Dahlan, and those really unfortunate Malay families for Aldi Fitri and tell them how great UMNO and the leadership of this country is, and how good it is for the Malays. Let me know how you fared? (but that is assuming you believe in what you write and what you preach)

  11. James

    Aminulrasyid’s family are UMNO people.
    Malays are not in the habit of hating the government just because tragedy happens to us.
    We have Allah who know best what is for us. To him we submit.

  12. While we are seeing Musa acting like a small boy having lost some marbles. The picture here is that he may be trying an indirect demand for a special position for his future. Once the offer becomes comfortable he will just tell us it is misquoted and he will hide away and stay dump.

  13. I know he doesn’t look like him, sound like him and cuss like him, but what the heck – it means the same thing ultimately:

  14. Selamat hari raya aidil fitri to Abang Din and all muslim friends of this blog.

    Make sure don’t eat sour grapes, tapi jangan lupa buah kurma dan lemang.

  15. The Home minister has denied there has been no interference, but they yet they have not disciplined the IGP. If the IGP can get scot-free for such indiscretion, it just proves that the IGP has a very powerful weapon in his arsenal to blow the UMNO government to smithereens.

    Contrast this to Nurul Izzah’s and they want to charge her for sedition. Expect the IGP vs Home Ministry issue to be as quiet as a mouse and the IGP will be compensated for his “service” in some other form. The IGP tenure cannot be extended for a third time because Hishammuddin was aware of the taunts hurled against such a possibility. Never has he expected that hell hath no fury like an IGP scorned!

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