Memali, its Forgotten People and NEP

August 20, 2010

Art Harun recalls Memali and its Forgotten People

“In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organised robbery?”: Saint Augustine

Date: November 1985.

Place: Malaysia.

The prime minister was Mahathir Mohamad. Musa Hitam was the deputy prime minister and home minister. Malaysia was going through a bad recession. The prices of its two main natural resources, tin and rubber, were at rock bottom.

Look East Policy

The Mahathir-induced “Look East Policy” was not working to Malaysia’s advantage. All it managed to do was to invite Japanese and South Korean contractors to undertake massive development work such as the then-ground-breaking Dayabumi project. Little else was being achieved from the policy apart from the mushrooming of Japanese restaurants around town.

“Privatisation” and “sogo sosha” were the in-words at this time. On the other hand, the policy only managed to isolate Malaysia from its customary ally, Great Britain, and, consequently, the United States.

Economically, Malaysia was struggling. Nothing was happening. Graduates, local and from abroad, were finding it hard to find jobs. In order to help the graduates, a “graduates scheme” was implemented where graduates were assigned jobs as clerks and junior executives in the civil service and government agencies circa 1986. Things were bleak.

The 2M Leadership: Musang Hitam and His Master

Mahathir had managed to consolidate his power base by winning the general election in 1982 after a “power

Musang and His Master--2M Administration

transition” — which UMNO is so well known for — from Tun Hussein Onn. He appointed Musa Hitam as deputy prime minister, a pairing that was so glorified as the “MM” leadership. Both of them were even presented with a motor bike each bearing registration numbers MM 1 and MM 2 respectively.

It looked like a pairing made in heaven. Although history would later show that Mahathir’s political marriages would never stand the test of time, for various reasons which could only best be described as Mahathir-esque.

The Iranian Revolution of 1979

Elsewhere, something earth shaking and of more sinister nature was brewing. In 1979, the Shah of Iran left Iran under cover of darkness, leaving Shapour Bakhtiar, his prime minister to fend off the Islamic fundamentalist with the help of the Supreme Army councils. The exiled Ayatollah Khomeini — whose preaching and sermons were smuggled into Iran in cassettes tapes — came back to Iran on February 1, 1979.

On April Fool’s Day that year, after a referendum in which only one choice was offered — Islamic Republic: yes or no — saw a landslide vote for the Islamic Republic, Khomeini declared Iran as an Islamic Republic with a brand new constitution. The Iranian Revolution was thus complete.

Nobody in Malaysia — not even Mahathir — gave two sen to the Iranian Revolution and the effect it would have on the world in general and on Malaysia specifically. The truth was that the Iranian Revolution would be the catalyst for Islamist revivalism all around the world.

Soon, its effect swept throughout the world, the wind of Islamist revivalism sweeping east through India, Afghanistan going downwards towards Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. To the west, it blew through Turkey, Europe and crossed the big pond to the United States without even being noticed nor realised.

PAS on a fundamentalist rampage

In Malaysia, the Islamist revivalism saw the Islamist party PAS going on a fundamentalist rampage throughout Malaysia. This coincided with the return to Malaysia of firebrands such as Ustaz Abdul Hadi Awang, who would soon climb the PAS power hierarchy on a fundamentalist ticket. In the early ‘80s, PAS, taking advantage of the Islamist revivalism elsewhere throughout the world and with Iran as the central catalyst, embarked on a series of political assaults against UMNO and the Barisan government in such intensity as yet unseen.

In short, PAS’s agenda was to equate UMNO and Barisan Nasional with infidelity and a vote for Umno or BN was a vote against Islam. Those who did that would be the enemy of Islam and would consequently go to hell. It was a simple message. It was as basic as it comes.

The mass media referred to this propaganda as the “kafir-mengkafir” (branding people as infidel) issue. The infamous “Amanat Hadi Awang” (Hadi Awang’s Decree) was laid by Hadi Awang in 1981. Loosely translated, Hadi decreed:

“My brothers, believe me. We oppose UMNO not because its name is UMNO, we oppose the Barisan Nasional not because its name is Barisan Nasional. We oppose them because they continue with the Constitution of the colonial, continue with the regulations of the infidel, continue with the regulations of the ignorant. Because of that we struggle to fight them. Believe me brothers, our struggle is a divine struggle (jihad). Our speech is jihad, our donation is jihad and because we struggle against these groups, if we die in our fights, our death is martyrdom, our death is an Islamic death. We do not have to join the Jews, we do not have to profess Christianity, we do not have to profess Hinduism, we do not have to profess Buddhism, but we will be infidels if we say politics is a quarter and religion is a quarter.”

Hadi Awang was, and still is, a brilliant and fiery orator. His was a potent mixture of oratorical skills and political savvy-ness unashamedly laced with religious fervour. His audience were the farmers, the padi planters, the young Malays in the rural areas, the young impressionable university students and those who were unknowingly caught and swept away by Islamist revivalism. In other words, he appealed to the poor non-urbanites as well as the impressionable intellects who were tired of Barisan Nasional’s policies and were looking for alternatives.

Polemic is a Dirty Word

The Barisan Nasional, under Mahathir, did not lack leadership. However, Mahathir was too much of a leader as much as he was a listener. Polemic was a dirty word. Dissent, political or otherwise, was even a dirtier word. As a result, it was a government which lacked any kind of intellectual input. It was a government which lacked any kind of opposite ideas which would provide the impetus for any counter-reactive steps when faced with political assaults based on rural popularism.

(The inability to deal with new and untested issues seem to be the BN’s — and particularly UMNO’s — real bogeyman. It continues till this very day. In 2008 GE for example, both BN and UMNO were at a loss as to how to deal with the alternative media and the cyber world. At present, BN and UMNO do not have a clue on how to deal with the people’s grievances and wishes which are being aired daily. This is because their leadership tradition is not based on an orchestral conductor or same-level leadership but on a pyramid-feudal leadership, where the top only listens to the man directly below him.)

Thus, the Mahathir-led government was at a loss on how to counter PAS in general and Hadi Awang in particular. The effect of the Islamist revivalism caused by the Iranian revolution was slowly, but very surely, sweeping the nation under Mahathir’s nose without him even sniffing it!

The Tudong Emerged

The government tried to counter the sudden revival of Islam by portraying itself as an Islamist government. The Barisan Nasional’s or, more specifically, UMNO’s brand of Islam saw the emergence of the various Islamic authorities, Islamic school, Islamic attire and a more Islamic-oriented civil service. Thus, where there were no female students wearing a tudung in school in 1979, the tudung became almost an identifying factor in the early ‘80s. Efforts were made to show that UMNO was in fact a more Islamic party than PAS. And UMNO’s Islam is a better Islam than PAS’s Islam. That was the agenda.

However, the government’s efforts to “Islamise” the country as a counter-reaction to PAS’s populist political assaults have just resulted in PAS gaining more and more momentum in its political assaults. In Kedah, for example, a village would have two mosques, one for UMNO supporters and another for PAS supporters.

Families broke up just because the father was a PAS supporter and the son was an UMNO supporter. Marriage could not take place because the bride-to-be comes from an “UMNO family” and the groom comes from a “PAS family”. PAS supporters don’t attend a kenduri by an UMNO supporter and vice versa. Even the dead would not be prayed for by PAS supporters if he or she was an UMNO supporter! These were the scenes at the height of the kafir-mengkafir controversy.

Islamic Revialism in the Universities

In the universities, the full force of the Islamist revivalism, which translated itself into a war of political idealism, slowly seeped into student politics. As a student who was active in student politics in the University of Malaya in the early ‘80s, I went through hellish moments and countless confrontations with students who leaned more towards the PAS political ideologies. (There is no doubt that the development in the student movements, both locally and abroad, in the ‘80s laid the premise for the current political climate in our country. I don’t think this is realised by the powers-that-be.)

Hadi Awang and the PAS agenda were therefore left largely unchecked. On the social front, Islamist organisations, such as Al-Arqam, were gaining momentum, recruiting not only rural Malay folks but also young Malay intellectuals as members. The Mahathir-led government was at a loss over how to deal with this sudden rise of a concept which was almost alien to this country. Suddenly, wearing a skirt was deemed anti-social in Malaysia. Going to work or school without a tudung was deemed immoral in Malaysia.

Ibrahim Libya’s Memali, near Baling, Kedah

Memali was a sleepy little village near Baling, Kedah. Surrounded by rubber smallholdings, the villagers were mainly rubber tappers, odd jobbers and farmers. These were among the forgotten people of Malaysia. Ensconced within an impoverish surroundings, these were people who had never seen development. The benefits, if any, of the New Economic Policy only spread within a small circle of the Malay elites and the people of Memali were too far away from even the edge of that circle. They were the modern proletarians whose only concern was to find enough to eat and to survive on day in day out.

When hope was not a part of life, what else was there to look forward to other than to hope for the best in the after world? In death, if one could go to heaven; bath in rivers of milk and surrounded by virgin nymphs, what wouldn’t one give to ensure such heavenly achievements? Thus it came as no surprise that PAS’s ideologies, encapsulated by Hadi Awang’s decree, won the hearts of the people of Memali. UMNO after all was the antithesis of life in Memali. UMNO was rich. UMNO was in the big towns. And, of course, UMNO was infidel! And we fight them, we are on a divine struggle. And if we die, we are martyrs.

Ibrahim Mahmud was a graduate of the University of Tripoli (thus was his nickname, Ibrahim Libya). He also studied in Al-Azhar. When he came back, he even made some appearances on national television. But back in Memali he was an orator in the Hadi Awang mould. Fiery, enthralling, charismatic and full of religious fervour. Obviously, he jumped onto Hadi Awang’s martyrdom formula to gain his political mileage. And in Memali, where life was hard and mired in hopelessness, heavenly promises would be the only hope left. The people of Memali embraced the call for jihad and Ibrahim Mahmud aka Ibrahim Libya became a religious leader for whom the Memali people were ready to die in order to protect him from the neo-colonialist-imperialist-infidel UMNO-led government.

The Mahathir led government meanwhile had no clue on how to deal with the likes of Ibrahim Libya. It branded him a criminal and set out to arrest him and detain him under the ISA. Just how various attempts to arrest and detain him failed is beyond my comprehension as the government has on numerous occasions shown that when it wanted to arrest or suppress the people, it would somehow succeed. On November 19, 1985, after subuh prayers (morning prayers), the police surrounded Ibrahim’s madrasah. When attempts to arrest him failed, the police fired guns and killed 14 villagers, including women and old folks. Most of them were rubber tappers, farmers and odd jobbers who were armed with parangs, spears and one or two handguns. Four policemen also perished.

The NEP: No Benefit to the Forgotten People of Malaysia

Memali is proof that the New Economic Policy doesn’t benefit the forgotten people of Malaysia. It is testimony that the politics of hatred, much more when the hatred is based on religious differences, would soon terminate in a colossal debacle. Memali is also about a government which had lost its plot, which had no idea how to deal with opposition in a proper and democratic manner, in an area where it lacked clear ideals and plans. Never in the history of independent Malaysia has the might of physical power been so nonchalantly and casually executed on the helpless and weak. At the very least, the usage of brute power against the villagers was reckless, if not downright wrongful and illegal.

Memali is also proof that religious extremism is a time bomb waiting to explode. Religion as a political base and tool is a recipe for disaster. Because religions, to many people, demand blind faith. And blind faith does not require thinking or the process rationalisation. PAS and the late Ibrahim Libya were indeed playing with fire.

In true Mahathir fashion, Mahathir sometimes later insinuated that he was not responsible for the Memali incident as he was abroad on November 19, 1985, when it happened. That also insinuated that Musa Hitam was responsible as he was then the acting prime minister and home minister. Whatever it was, it was during the administration of the Barisan Nasional government, of which UMNO was the leading party and of which Mahathir was the chief, that the incident happened.

What does Ketuanan Melayu mean to the people of Memali, then and even now?What does the New  Economic Policy (and now the New Economic Model) mean to the people of Memali, then and even now? If the judges who were wrongly sacked or suspended by the Mahathir regime in 1988 could be  paid a total of  rm 10 million, perhaps the Memali people deserve even more.

At the end of the day, the victims were those who perished and the poor people of Memali. Malaysia was reduced to a state of disbelief.

Mahathir Mohamad, Musa Hitam and the whole Cabinet in 1985, please visit Memali and feel the pain of the forgotten people of Malaysia. And if the Memali incident does not tickle even the edge of your conscience, you are perhaps a lesser human than you think you are.

Al-Fatihah to those who died in Memali on November 19, 1985.

Saudara-saudara sekalian, Percayalah! Kita menentang UMNO bukan kerana nama dia UMNO, kita menentang Barisan Nasional, bukan kerana nama Barisan Nasional. Kita menentang dia kerana dia mengekalkan Perlembagaan penjajah, mengekalkan peraturan kafir, mengekalkan peraturan jahiliah. Oleh kerana itulah kita berjuang melawan mereka. Percayalah saudara, perjuangan kita adalah jihad, Ucapan kita adalah jihad, derma kita adalah jihad dan kerana kita berjuang dengan puak-puak ini, kalau kita mati kerana berlawan ini, mati kita adalah mati syahid, mati kita adalah mati Islam. Kita tidak payah masuk Yahudi, kita tidak payah masuk Kristian, kita tidak payah masuk Hindu, kita tidak payah masuk Buddha, tetapi kita menjadi kafir dengan mengatakan politik suku agama suku.” : Haji Hadi Awang, 1981.

44 thoughts on “Memali, its Forgotten People and NEP

  1. The impact of the Iranian Revolution on the Muslim population in Malaysia is catastrophic and the outcome is what you see today. Telekong, tudung, baju labuh and goatee have replaced the sarong kebaya, skirts, shorts and clean-cut look.

    Religious bigotry has taken centrestage and is having a negative impact on our social makeover.

    Some consider it as God-sent. I, however, feel otherwise. The greatest losers are the Malays themselves as they continue to be exploited by a ruling party who has gotten wise to the changing scenario.

    Today social functions have to factor in time for prayers. Late comers, especially Malay VIPs, are never castigated. In fact, such impropriety is to be expected.

  2. What is happening in Malysia ( indeed in the treatment of Memali) is how the Malaysians who profess the Islamic religion does not understand the meaning of life and living and religion or the treatment thereof. To them living is praying (ONLY) and everything else is SIN. Going to the mosque five times a day and the rest of the day is politicking, gossiping, back stabbing each other and fearing the Malaysians of non malay backgrounds ( as indoctrinated to them from early childhood). What they lack in understanding is everything about life is sacred from working hard, to taking care of the family, to respecting other individuals and taking care of the nation , the well being of the people. Everything is religion. It is not separate. Our Good deeds is religion, our living our best life is religion, not just going to the mosque. Every second of the day with every heart beat we must walk this earth ( gifted to us) CONSCIOUS to do the right thing. We cannot think that only going to the mosques is prayer than at other time we treat life with dishonour which manifest in bad deeds and conesquences are dire as we see today.

    If there is nothing else we learn from this episode in our nations history , the one thing we must learn is that we must take care of the nation with deeper values. This is the manifestation of being religious. Good deeds on earth such as the Rule of Law, the empowerment of the poor through good governance and sound economic principles ( without favouring anyone),Justice . This is what living is all about . We cannot separate the two.Our prayer must be our Good deeds. The perhaps we can get it right.

    There are numerous examples, like Europe , USA. By their very dedication to Science, technology, education, advancements for humanity is made possible ( and for the moslems these good deeds are looked favourably by God because they are doing the right thing, they are taking care of humanity whilst on earth. Isnt that the mandate of the Koran?), It is not a sin to live and live our best life.

  3. ” Religion as a political base and tool is a recipe for disaster. Because religion to many people , demands blind faith. And blind faith does not require thinking or the rationalisation process “. – art harun

    Maybe , just maybe but we must also take a look at how the Jews or the Zionists went about creating Israel . Judaism and Zionism was their political base . As it turns out , this single minded purpose , did not turn out ” as a recipe for disaster ” for the Jews. But it did for the Tamils in Ceylon ( Sri Lanka ).

    Hama’s modus operandi in Palestine, is similar to that of the Jews and Zionists . Where the Jews used Judaism and Zionism , Hamas uses Islam. Both examples do show us how powerful a force religion can be ” as a political base and tool”.

  4. Mahathir, whose forte lay then (as it does today) in instilling fear in the Malays, that they were about to lose out to the other races who were more resourceful and more resilient, when confronted by an incident like Memali was at a loss on how to deal with it. “This here is a strange phenomena,” he was heard to say. The thought of rural folks showing raw power at the authorities for failing to address simple issues was furthest from his mind. So unlike the Malays. He thought. “Yes, Malays. The polite and friendly buffalo riding, padi planting and rubber tapping and hand kissing simple-minded rural folks,” a group whose plight he wants us to think he understood so well. Or so he thought. Mahathir was heard to say half in despair and half in contempt.

    They were caught unprepared. UMNO, I mean. And that is the holiest of truth. They could not understand the forces at work here. They had successfully engineered a racial unrest just over a decade and a half earlier – and now this. How could they be expected to see what lies beneath the surface of Malay rural society? The fact that this undercurrent of discontent that lay just beneath the surface had chosen to surface in Memali of all places, a rural backwater that no one has heard about, is even more strange. So what did they do when faced with strange situations? They did what they always do. They reached out and put their hands into their tool box (not the cookie jar that they were later to be more accustomed with) and pinned the blame on foreign elements at work. How convenient!

    They managed to convince themselves that what happened that hot and sunny day in Memali was an aberration.

    Five years earlier the wave of Islamic fundamentalism, with Teheran as ground zero, had reached Malaysia’s shores. It was no ripple effect. Rather than be drowned by this endless wave, Mahathir had discovered skills he never thought he had. Like an experienced surfer he surfed the wave of Islamic fundamentalism which was breathing new life into some Muslims and sucking the air out of the infidels. Never heard of the genie in a bottle? Well, he found the bottle during one of his lonely walks along the beach of Pantai Cinta Berahi, better known to old geezers like Tok Cik as the ‘Beach of Passionate Love’. Who cares if you cannot put the genie back in the bottle?

    Let us not forget that Mahathir had just begun his 22-year (or was it 23?) tenure as Prime Minister. It is an insult to him that some Malays would want to reject him as their leader after all he did for them. What better way than to tap the talent that PAS had been courting for some time: Anwar Ibrahim. This he did – barely two years into his tenure as Prime Minister. And to the roar of the crowd.

    And now Memali. “What the fuck happened here?” he was reported to have muttered to himself as he stomped the breath and length of his $900 a day hotel suite at The Plaza in Manhattan, New York. “What is this Musa up to? I should never have trusted this old fox. With his bevy of foxy ladies around him, I wonder how he could keep a straight face.”

    Me? What do I know? I was in England at the time. Living off the goodwill of the Brits. Milking the proverbial cow provided by the host government. Why not? Two bottles of free milk delivered to your door every morning. Just keep a close watch for that proverbial milkman who tends to make his appearance when your wife is alone in the house.

  5. ” Religion as a political base and tool is a recipe for disaster. Because religions, to many people, demand blind faith. And blind faith does not require thinking or the process rationalisation.”

    .. and that DAP and PKR is willing to share the same bantal with PAS shows hypocrites at their best.

  6. ” Religion as a political base and tool is a recipe for disaster. Because religion to many people , demands blind faith. And blind faith does not require thinking or the rationalisation process “. – art harun

    To quote form soemwhere else, “this is intellectual sloth. The only way to fight darkness is with Light.”

  7. People still remember Musa as the Memali killer. He’s got blood in his hands.
    Aides close to Mahathir, who was then overseas, said Mahathir’s first word was: ” Macam tu dia buat orang saya.”
    From then on, started the cracks in the relationship between the two Ms.
    Some people like to think the Memal curse befell Musa who never made it to be PM thorugh he was considered shrewd and smart.
    His detractors love to compare Musa and King Ghaz who also wield the big stick. King Ghaz do it with more diplomacy.
    King Ghaz is still remembered for his Mageran days by many including Abdullah Badawi who worked under him then.
    Those whom he has ISAed like Anwar Ibrahim and Ali too harbor no ill-felings toward him. It seems Ibrahim went three times to the home and the mosque on his death.
    I dont know how far it’s true that Anwar consulted King Ghaz on his political career and the formation of PKR.

  8. Ref: Kathy – August 20, 2010 at 11:22 am

    Darkness vs Light; Light vs Darkness .. anythingLAH as long as it sounds DEEP to confuse us all.

  9. The article and Beans comments make for interesting character studies involved in evens leading to Memali and after . Mahathir the michevilian in his lust for power and wealth(brillianly concealed by proxy schemes) Musa the foxy heir apparent and his foxy ladies ( strutting around as though he is God’s gift to womankind !!) Hadi the Malay Ayatullah, lusting for power in his jubbah, and Anwar the fire-brand student leader building he base to launch his own bid for the PM ship an also using the Islamic tidalwave back then. Fast foward , situation has changed somewhat with infotech, but the lust for power game has not changed and is as dirty as ever. So the average Joe has to be aware and more participative in the political process so as not to contiinue to be taken for a ide by power hungry demoguges !!!

  10. Can we have another perspective on the Memali “incident” or massacre?

    Ibrahim Libya’s brand of fundamentalism was akin to that of becoming “shahid” or martyrdom at first impulse. I was in MU when he and Anwar were involved in the “Baling demos”, a cry for justice by the downtrodden rural Malays. Being an idealist and ‘sociopath’ at that time, i felt that the demos were a good thing and still do. But Memali, changed my mind irrevocably with regards to active ‘revolt’ and midless aggression.

    Ibrahim Libya is no ‘saint’ by my definition. A saint is one who saves, not goad. A martyr is one who does not physically fight against the authorities, but dies refusing to recant his ‘faith’ for whatever. By goading the disenfranchised to actively assault the 200 or so well armed policemen to prevent his arrest is an act of sheer ‘spiritual’ pride. A hero? Nah.., not even a “sacrificial lamb” (see preceeding thread). He built up a fundamentalist sect like al-Maunah (whose leader, Mohd Amin was also in Memali) and can be equated to al-Qaeda, Taliban and other skewed fundamentalist terrorist fringe groups.

    Yes, Octo and deputy didn’t know how to handle this ‘kafir-mengkafir’ mess and over-reacted. But, in the long run would handling them with kid’s gloves made a difference? A fundamentalist of any “religion” morphs into a ‘terrorist’ in the blink of an eye. So do the atheist Commies like Stalin and Mao.

    There a few ‘errors’ from the above discussion that i wish to point out:
    * Salimah hasan (10.01), while what you say of Israel and the Zionist is true, the civil war in Sri Lanka was not strictly religious – it was ethnic – with the Tamils being Hindus, Christians and a smattering of Muslims. It started when the Sinhalese tried to impose Singhala as the only ‘official’ language to replace English. TTLE was fighting an ethnic war of the disenfranchised.
    * Bean, i thought that Octo was in China when Memali happened? But yeah, it’s possible he was loafing around lower Manhattan – as it is on the way to Beijing.. haha..

  11. “Musa the foxy heir apparent and his foxy ladies ( strutting around as though he is God’s gift to womankind !!).” Walter

    His nick with these ladies is Mike for Musa. I met one of them in a close encounter (if you know what I mean) and she narrated to me how naughty Mike was. She’s a Latino on a tourist visa. Probably from the same neighborhood as Maria.

  12. “And blind faith does not require thinking or the rationalisation process.” Vs. “this is intellectual sloth. The only way to fight darkness is with Light.”

    Watch this Kathy, and tell me it if Art Harun is not right, and why i’m sometimes called ‘heterodox’, with some saying ‘heretical’ (p.s Din, block the vid if you deem it inappropiate):

  13. Apoloiges. I do agree with Art Harun and I think it is intellectual sloth and dishonesty to not question and query. We must . We must seek and we must question earnestly for then we will find the answer.

    By intellectual sloth or dishonesty I mean we have become lazy to think, to question and thus provided the right environment for this political lies to germinate and grow. We left it up to the government for too long.

    This asking everyone to not question is a ploy to do whatever they want to do under the guise of religion and well yes simple folk often do think if you are wearing a suit ( Zegna or Gucci) or driving a big car from the city ,you must know better.

    Now the hard work has to commence to repair the damge done before its too late.The hard work is to question to demand and to be proactive in chatering the course of the nation. The work we ommitted to do.

  14. Art

    Whatr’s the point of dredging this painful memory.
    Maybe you have an ageda of your own.
    But I personally feel it must be left to the pages of history.
    We can’t undo the past. UMNO had done well in Kedah after that.
    And now PAS is the ruling party.
    Let the Kedahans decide what next.

  15. Bean…Musa as DPM used to barge in at various international conferences sniffing around at pretty ladies and making passes, as though it is all his for the picking. He was in his 50’s back then and me and friends as younger nobody’s can only look on in envy !! Just light gossip as to some of the perks that come being in positions of power, back then and perhaps less so now . One has to consider sexual harassment accusations !!

  16. You know, Walter.

    It is interesting to note that Malay ultras (right wing elements within UMNO) tend to be Malays of mixed parentage: Mahathir (half Indian), Musa (half Chinese) and Anwar Ibrahim (half Indian).

    It is as if this qualifies them to be what they are today. It is as if, faced with an identity crisis early in life, in their adult life they struggled to exert their Malay identity. And in the process they become more Malay than the Malays themselves. It is not a coincidence that all three chose the trajectory they did i.e. a political career and rose on the wave of race politics of the late 60s. It is in politics that one can best exert one’s identity and publicly so. It satisfies their basic need for acceptance. Born to a non-Malay parent, it is like they are in fear of losing their Malay identity and are crying out to be accepted by the other parent.

    No doubt Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, has more to say about their personalities.

  17. And all three had a common agenda ..potray themselves as Malay heroes by taking them for a ride !!! But Anwar offers hope now as age and incaseration has mellowed and reshaped him and hopefully prove himself as a true Malaysian hero !!!

  18. In Anwar Ibrahim’s case, what is different with him is that he made that leap albeit carved out of political expediency, the much needed transition into the next stage in his political career. His career (I would like to think) parallels that of the country which hopes to one day make the long awaited transition from race based politics to one of non-race based politics. Cynics and critics will point to his past and make jest of his ‘true’ agenda. But the fact remains that for Malaysia to take its rightful place in the community of nations, it has to make that transition sooner than later. A first step in the right direction may be a long way away from the objective but at least it is that first step in a long journey future generations of Malaysians will have to travel.

    Democracy is not about the tyranny of the majority over the minority. It is about how we treat our minorities.

  19. “it is like they are in fear of losing their Malay identity and are crying out to be accepted by the other parent.” Bean

    I personally don’t quite like all that psychoanalytical thing, because it tends to over-generalize. It is no use trying to analyze monsters like Hitler or Stalin, nor heroes like Mandela or Gandhi and it is inappropriate do so here, with these characters.

    Therefore, its not an ‘anal’ thing, buddy. You are a Macedonic Greek diluted to a thousand times, remember? Basically, these flurs are able to see things in a ‘triadic’ way due to their upbringing – with mixed cultures being a ‘blessing’ instead of a curse. Most mono-cultures tend to think and act in dyadic terms – that is, a linear and circular 2 dimensional system of cause and effect – karmic, if you will. The abiliy of those with mixed parentage, is that they can see out of their imprinted or imposed mindset because of the benefit of an extra cultural dimension. That makes them see more clearly the shortfalls of their imposed condition. Being of higher intelligence and manipulative as well, helps in their ambition and quest for personal glory. All they need to do, is to exert subtle ‘nuances’ to bring their people to heel by appealing to their archaic mindset.

    They don’t make good followers, but are very prone to ‘bodekism’ because of their innate sense of ‘superiority’. Amongst the 3 mentioned, I shall give Anwar the benefit of the doubt, as he has been moulded by oppression and enforced reflection. Even so, he needs to tamper down his enthusiasm for his menagrie of ‘pembodeks’. And i know, that’s his main weakness..

  20. Al maunah and the Jenalik, Sauk incident..go watch the documentary and comments from the horses mouths i.e. Gormen version on Sunday the 22nd of August at Astro Channel 555…

    See what they will tell us and want us to all trust and belief them as the true story !

    happy watching!

    Same story different place or different story different place ?

  21. Sorry komando, don’t watch that stuff.

    As always there are 2 sides of the story, and yes i’ve heard the whispers of the ‘conspiracy’ theorists and some rumblings from MI. They will always need bogeymen to shore up their image. That is a sure sign of desperation ‘cuz they don’t know what else to do. Just like al-Arqam – until these flurs go about bragging in Indonesia about the benefits of polygamy and telepathy. Teapot Ayah Pin has yet to be found, despite his many sightings. Is he doing an “Elvis’ on us? I wonder..
    Half truths are no truths. Full disclosure is impossible, as they say for: ‘national’ security.
    I also remember, they tried to pin the TTLE on Hindraf.

  22. Hey, how come we end up talking Freud when we started with Ayatollah Khomeini? There must be a connection somewhere. Thanks to Menyalak-er. We are closer to the truth.

  23. Bean, ah Bean – forget that stuff will ya. This regime is still stuck at the ‘anal’ stage – obsessive compulsive, oedepial and narcissistic. It even shows when they persecute and prosecute. Occasionally due to stress, they regress to the oral stage and go ‘khayal’ – a fugue state with ‘apanama?’, ‘tak ingat’ and ‘mudah lupa’. Correct to Korek to Collect too seems appopriate. Sometimes it becomes more sinister – like warnings of ‘amok’ which is a rage like Columbine Massacre of adolescent angst.

    Look at our facory and schoolgirls – all kena ‘buat’ which accounts to a massive upswing in abandoned babies. That’s the ‘phallic’ stage. No such thing as ‘latent’ stage.

    I think we have matured to the ‘genital’ stage – or have we?

  24. Look, some Ayahtollahs and other religious fundamentalist whackos are always ‘oedepial’, ok? They hate their fathers and wanna sex with their mothers. The anxiety generated by such negative yearnings of incest, cause them become like irate fathers who will screw any dissent. No nonsense stuff of God’s wrath and all that crap. Notice how they always talk in circles – that’s called ‘rimming’ and skirting the issues of deprivation.

    Don’t ask me about the Electra complex, ‘cos i’ve no idea how that works out – maybe Kathy might have a clue though..

  25. Dear tourman53, we don’t care very much for other people’s ‘perceived sins’ – what they do behind closed doors is their own bloody business. Unless of course, if there is a vid, like CSL’s – or other useful evidence which gets into the public domain – then we should come down with nausea, diarrhoea, vertigo and palpitations.

    Btw, Bean and i were discussing about being stuck in the Freudian theme of ‘genital’ stage, which i find terribly inadequate for explaining human inadequacies. I prefer Jungian psychoanalysis (mystical stuff), Behavioral and Maslowian theories. If all fails, a coupla psychoactive mushrooms and toad-licking helps.


  26. Guys we must go watch the tele movie…we shall see how they are gonna make up a good story…remember they did a ‘LIVE DEMONSTRATION AT MINDEF’ ALMOST IMMEDIATELY WHEN RUMORS WENT AROUND THAT IT WAS A FIXED!


    THE DEMO WAS – how to pack-up more than 300 pieces of weapons of various sizes and caliber into a single “4 X 4 – PAJERO” !



  27. Owah Cik Din, never knew that you have allowed my article to be on your site. Thank you.

    And I learn there is a connection between Ayatollah Khomeini and Freud boy too. Enlightening discussions indeed. 🙂

    As for Encik/Cik Sayang Bangsa, why must you delve into my agenda? I don’t have any agenda other than to share with some people who care to read my article whatever little knowledge I have about the Memali incident and some personal thoughts about it. That’s all.

    You asked what’s the point of “dredging this painful memory.” Many do not know of the pain. Let alone feel it. I do not want Memali to be forgotten in the way her people are forgotten. Let it be in the pages of our history, yes. But what good is history if we do not learn from it?
    Bro Art, my pleasure. There is no way we can forget Memali. The Chief Perpetrator of this incident is still walking around and even after messing up Sime Darby, the man can still face the world without a care in the world. I need not identify him as we all know this musang hitam.

    For Sayang Bangsa, he is too taksub to change. But I allow him and a character called Ilham space in my blog to remind ourselves that we must fight these types,in addition to corrupt politicians, if we want change Malaysia.–Din Merican

  28. Dear Art

    Thanks for the reply. Of course the Government cannot undo what Musang did to Memalians. But it has tried to rectify the injustice with regard to the living standards of te people there. Note that BN has always been the voters’ choice until 2008.

    Musang has never been my favorite person. I have always think he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I have moved around with him to know about his private affairs. He always think he is God’s gift to UMNO and also the women. I likened him to Anwar Ibrahim. That is why they cannot get along.

    Dear Mr Merican

    I noticed you always lumped me with lham.That’s unfair. He’s got his way, i’ve got mine.
    I appreciate your allowing everyone to have a space, though with diverse opinions.
    But what happened to Fatimah Zuhri, La-di-la and others who have deserted your blogs.
    I guess they don’t have the tenacity to ‘fight’ the voices here who tend to ridicule them..
    Sayang Bangsa, yes, Ilham and you have different styles but both of you are too taksub and myopic. That is why I lump you with him. I think, Ihlam is too Anwar Ibrahim obsessed. Politics is sheer DSAI to him. But I welcome both of you as long as your language is not vulgar and your views are relevant to the thread. FYI, Fatimah Zuhri, La-di-la and others did not desert my blog , I removed, spammed and trashed all their comments. Not just here even on my Facebook!–Din Merican

  29. Dear Sayang Bangsa,

    Personally I feel the BN Government owes the forgotten people of Memali and all peace loving Malaysians at least an apology. Then it has to think about compensating them (the people of Memali who lost their father, mother, grandpa, grandma, relatives et al).

    Money will never erase the pain but will help easing the hardship caused by that reckless act.

    Bigger countries such as Japan have apologised for much bigger world-wide atrocities. The time has come for the BN to own up and apologise.

    As for Musa Hitam and his predilections, I don’t want to know (if I hadn’t known) and frankly I don’t care. Same goes with Anwar Ibrahim or anybody else, as long they don’t use state money or facilities to pursue their posterior desires.

    Selamat berpuasa everyone.

    Have a good weekend.

    And tonight: Fulham – 0 Man U – 2

    The octopus telss me. 🙂

  30. Dear Art

    Yep I do agree they must apologize.
    But that will never come
    Anyways, let the games begin.
    I will go for Fulham 2 Man U-1.
    The octopus is telling us different things.
    P.S. But if you look at Musa’s life, he’s got his dues from God.
    Lost Maria Inez de Musa, Lost son Carlos Rashid in the Highlands Towers tragedy.
    And not becoming PM!

  31. However, the government’s efforts to “Islamise” the country as a counter-reaction to PAS’s populist political assaults have just resulted in PAS gaining more and more momentum in its political assaults. In Kedah, for example, a village would have two mosques, one for UMNO supporters and another for PAS supporters.

    Families broke up just because the father was a PAS supporter and the son was an UMNO supporter. Marriage could not take place because the bride-to-be comes from an “UMNO family” and the groom comes from a “PAS family”. PAS supporters don’t attend a kenduri by an UMNO supporter and vice versa. Even the dead would not be prayed for by PAS supporters if he or she was an UMNO supporter! These were the scenes at the height of the kafir-mengkafir controversy.

    Islamic Revialism in the Universities

    In the universities, the full force of the Islamist



    Ibrahim Libya adalah seorang mujahid Islam yang teragung di Malaysia yang syahid di tembak oleh polis pada tahun 1985 di Memali, Baling, Kedah. Beliau adalah pengasas gerakan Revolusi Islam di Malaysia.

    Pada peringkat awalnya beliau menyertai PAS dan berjuang melalui PAS, tetapi setelah beliau mengkaji dengan lebih mendalam dan terperinci, dan memahami bahawa jalan demokrasi dan PAS bukanlah metod perjuangan yang selaras dengan Islam, beliau telah menyisih dan menyepikan diri beliau daripada PAS dan mengeluarkan diriya serta seluruh jamaahnya daripada sistem politik demokrasi dan PAS. Selepas itu, beliau mengambil jalan perjuangan yang radikal dan revolusyeneri yang akhirnya membawa kepada konfrantasi terbuka di antara Pergerakan Islam pimpinan beliau dengan kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia yang kafir. Beliau telah gugur syahid bersama-sama dengan sebahagian daripada para pengikutnya kerana ditembak oleh musuh-musuh Allah.

    Ibrahim Libya dan sebahagian daripada para pengikutnya sudah pergi menemui Kekasih mereka, namun Konfrantasi Terbuka yang radikal dan revolusyeneri di antara Islam dengan kafir terus berlarutan, gerakan Revolusi Islam terus segar, kuat dan membara di bumi Melayu kita ini. Ibrahim Libya sudah mati. Namun perjuangan beliau tidak mati dan tetap tidak akan mati. Kini dari dalam kuburnya beliau terus mencabar dan mengancam kufur, dari dalam kuburnya beliau menyeru tiada henti-henti akan seluruh umat Islam supaya bangkit menentang kufur. Bila disebut sahaja Ibrahim Libya dan Memali, musuh-musuh beliau menjadi gerun gementar.

    Ibrahim Libya menghuraikan bahawa umat Islam kita kini sedang menghadapi tiga permasalahan yang besar dan induk dalam kehidupan kita baik di Malaysia mahupun di dunia ini seluruhnya, iaitu :

    1. Kita tidak memahami mengenai pengertian-pengertian kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ, khususnya kita tidak memahami mengenai pengertian-pengertian Uluhiyah dan Rububiyah Allah dan Uluhiyah dan Rububiyah Manusia serta konsep-konsep Nafi dan Isbat;

    2. Kita tidak memahami mengenai pengertian METOD ISLAM dan perbezaannya dengan Metod kufur yang menyebabkan kita berjuang melalui jalan yang syirik dan kufur;

    3. Kita tidak menyedari mengenai kewujudan penjajahan kaum Yahudi di dalam negara kita ini dalam bentuk “Neo-Colonialism” yang menindas dan menzalimi kita yang bertujuan untuk mengembalikan kita kepada kekufuran.

    Beliau membuat pengamatan bahawa inilah tiga masalah yang besar yang sedang dialami oleh seluruh umat Islam baik di Malaysia mahupun di seluruh bumi umat Islam di dunia kita ini pada hari ini yang mengeluarkan seluruh kita ini daripada agama Allah. Umat Islam kita sedang mengalami masalah kerosakan pegangan dan amalan kita akan kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ yang amat ketara sekali kerana mereka tidak memahami mengenai erti kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ yang kini telah mengeluarkan mereka daripada agama Allah. Beliau membuat pengamatan bahawa umat Islam tidak memahami mengenai METOD dan CARA untuk memperjuangkan Islam ke arah matlamat pembentukan sebuah kerajaan Islam. Pada hari ini umat Islam sedang berjuang melalui metod demokrasi, iaitu perjuangan Islam dengan mengamalkan sistem politik demokrasi padahal ianya adalah sistem politik yang kafir dan metod ini adalah metod yang kafir yang merosakkan Aqidah para pejuangnya dan yang mengeluarkan seluruh mereka ini daripada agama Allah.

    Perjuangan Ibrahim Libya adalah untuk menegakkan kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ di bumi Allah di Malaysia kita ini. Beliau dan para pengikut beliau bangkit menentang kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia kerana kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ dan tidak kerana yang selain daripadanya. Perjuangan beliau adalah Revolusi Islam yang bertujuan untuk menghapuskan Aqidah demokrasi yang kafir yang berada di bawah kerajaan demokrasi yang kafir untuk kemudiannya di gantikan dengan sebuah kerajaan yang didasarkan kepada kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ yang akan menjalankan segala peraturan dan udang-undang Allah. Inilah sahaja matlamat perjuangan Ibrahim Libya di bumi Memali dan di bumi kita ini.

    Ibrahim Libya tidak berjuang kerana perasaan beliau yang kecewa, kononnya kerana beliau adalah seorang yang kecewa yang memimpin para pengikutnya yang kecewa kerana faktor kemiskinan seperti yang cuba diteorikan oleh para pengamat politik yang profesyenel. Beliau dan para pengikutnya hidup secara sederhana seperti mana orang-orang kampong biasa yang lumrah terdapat di mana-mana sahaja di dalam negara kita ini . Mereka tidak pernah merasakan yang diri mereka itu adalah orang-orang miskin yang terabai. Mereka adalah para pejuang Islam yang tulin yang berdikari dan yang tidak pernah mengharapkan sesuatu apapun daripada kerajaan yang memerintah. Mereka tidak pernah “complain” pun lantaran tidak mendapat sesuatu apapun daripada kerajaan. Mereka tidak pernah merasakan terdapat apa-apa kekuarangan pada diri mereka. Masalah kaya dan miskin tidak pernah wujud di dalam pemikiran mereka. Sebaliknya mereka merasakan bahawa mereka adalah orang-orang yang kaya raya kerana jiwa mereka adalah jiwa-jiwa yang kaya raya, mereka berjihad bukan hanya setakat untuk faedah diri mereka sendiri sahaja kerana perjuagan mereka ini adalah perjuangan kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ untuk seluruh umat manusia di bumi yang universal. Mereka adalah orang-orang yang bertaqwa yang memikirkan mengenai persoalan kerosakan pegangan dan amalan umat Islam kita akan kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ dan mereka berjihad bermati-matian untuk mengembalikan umat Islam kepada keimanan mereka yang hakiki kepada kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ. Inilah sahaja perjuangan dan Jihad mereka dan sekali-kali tidak yang selain daripadanya, iaitu perjuangan dan Jihad yang amat tinggi, mulia dan agung di sisi Allah swt dengan hanya mengharapkan kepada ganjaran dalam bentuk keredhaan daripada Allah di Akhirat nanti.

    Para pengamat politik yang menteorikan bahawa perjuangan Ibrahim Libya adalah kerana faktor-faktor kemiskinan dan kekecewaan adalah orang-orang yang amat jahat kerana tujuan-tujuan mereka itu adalah yang amat jahat, iaitu untuk memesongkan fokus seluruh massa umat Islam kita daripada isu-isu kerosakan pegangan dan amalan umat islam akan kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ yang sebenar kepada isu-isu yang lain yang sama sekali tidak ada kena mengena dengan persoalan Aqidah dengan harapan untuk membantut dan membenteraskan kebangkitan Islam yang radikal dan revolusyeneri daripada tersebar dan merebak dalam skala yang global yang amat mengancam dan membahayakan seluruh kerajaan kafir di dunia bersekali dengan seluruh sistem kehidupan mereka yang kafir. Para penulis upahan ini adalah orang-orang yang amat jahat kerana tujuan mereka adalah untuk meremeh-remehkan kebangkitan Islam dan perjuangan Revolusi Islam yang Maha Agung di sisi Allah swt yang julung-julung kalinya muncul di dalam negara kita ini.

    Ibrahim Libya membuat pengamatan bahawa seluruh umat Islam kita kini adalah umat yang jahil kerana mereka kesemuanya langsung tidak menyedari bahawa kerajaan Malaysia kita ini adalah kerajaan yang kafir kerana ianya adalah didasarkan kepada Uluhiyah dan Rububiyah Manusia. Kita tidak memahami bahawa perjuangan Islam melalui amalan agama demokrasi adalah jalan yang kafir kerana itu bererti kita telah mengamalkan agama manusia yang kafir. Kita tidak menyedari bahawa Allah memerintahkan kita supaya kita melancarkan Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi terhadap kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia kita ini sehingga ianya mengalami kehancuran yang total untuk kemududiannya digantikan dengan kerajaan Allah. Apabila dihuraikan dengan jelas dan terang mengenai kekufuran kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia dengan dalil-dalil yang konkerit dalam bentuk ayat-ayat al-Quran, umat Islam kita tidak dapat menerimanya dan mereka akan terus sahaja berdegil dalam mengamalkan agama demokrasi yang kafir ini yang merosakkan AQIDAH mereka dan yang mengeluarkan mereka dpd agama mereka.

    Ibrahjim Libya menghuraikan bahawa kita tidak menyedari mengenai kerajaan kita yang menjadi boneka kepada Yahudi dan kita tidak menyedari bahawa ramai daripada para pemimpin kita, pegawai-pegawai kerajaan, polis dan militeri kita serta Raja-Raja Melayu kita kesemuanya adalah agen-agen Yahudi yang taat, patuh dan setia kepada Yahudi serta mereka semata-mata hanya ikut segala cakap Yahudi sahaja. Kita tidak menyedari bahawa kita dahulu dan kini sebenarnya sedang dijajah oleh Yahudi, mula-mula secara langsung (colonization) dan selepas mencapai kemerdekaan kita dijajah secara tidak langsung (neo-colonialism), dan kita tidak menyedari bahawa tujuan mereka tiadalah yang lain melainkan hanyalah untuk memurtadkan kita dan supaya kita akhirnya kekal murtad di bawah kekuasaan mereka.

    Ibrahim Libya menghuraikan bahawa kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ bererti bahawa :

    1. Hanya agama Allah dan undang-undang Allah sahaja yang dikehendaki untuk menjadi agama dan undang-undang yang paling berkuasa di bumi yang mengatasi dan yang menundukkan seluruh kerajaan, agama dan undang-undang yang lain;

    2. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk menguat kuasakan undang-undang Allah ke atas manusia;

    3. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk membuat undang-undang untuk seluruh umat manusia;

    4. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang Allah;

    5. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk memerintah manusia di bumi;

    6. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk menghamba abdikan manusia kepada kuasa Allah;

    7. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk disembah oleh manusia.

    Ibrahum Libya menghuraikan bahawa kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia adalah kerajaan yang kafir kerana artikel-artikel 4, 43, 44 dan 161 di dalam Perlembagaan Negara kita adalah kafir.


    1. Artikel 4 meletakkan status Perlembagaan Malaysia sebagai undang-undang yang tertinggi yang mengatasi al-Quran;

    2. Artikel 43 memberi kuasa kepada para pemerintah untuk menguat kuasakan undang-undang manusia ke atas umat manausia;

    3. Artikel 44 memberi kuasa kepada para pemerintah untuk membuat undang-undang manusia;

    4. Artikel 161 memberi kuasa kepada mahkamah untuk menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang manusia;

    5. Perlembagaan Malaysia menyerahkan kuasa kepada manusia untuk memerintah manusia (artikel 43, 44, 161);

    6. Perlembagaan Malaysia mewujudkan sistem manusia menjadi para hamba kepada manusia (artikel 43);

    7. Perlembagaan Malaysia mewujudkan sistem manusia menyembah manusia (artikel 43, 161);

    8. Perlembagaan Malaysia mewujudkan Tuhan-tuhan Manusia yang membuat undang-undang dan yang memerintah ke atas manusia (artikel 43, 44, 161).


    1. Mereka meletakkan status Perlembagaan Malaysia sebagai undang-undang yang tertinggi yang mengatasi al-Quran;

    2. Mereka menguat kuasakan undang-undang demokrasi yang kafir ke atas seluruh umat manusia;

    3. Mereka membuat undang-undang manusia yang kafir;

    4. Mereka menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang manusia;

    5. Mereka adalah berkuasa dan berdaulat untuk memerintah ke atas umat manusia;

    6. Mereka menjadikan umat manusia yang berada di bawah kuat kuasa undang-undang manusia sebagai para hamba kepada manusia;

    7. Mereka mewujudkan sistem manusia menyembah manusia kerana seluruh umat manusia mentaati undang-undang demokrasi;

    8. Mereka melantik ahli-ahli Parlimen dan Dun daripada UMNO dan PAS sebagai Tuhan-tuhan Manusia yang kafir, zalim dan fasik kerana mereka membuat undang-undang;

    9. Mereka bergabung dengan orang-orang kafir dan menjadikan mereka sebagai wali;

    10. Mereka melantik orang-orang kafir sebagai para pemerintah yang berkuasa dan berdaulat;

    11. Mereka tidak mengisytiharkan kekufuran agama demokrasi;

    12. Mereka tidak menolak dan mengkufur ingkarkan agama demokrasi;

    13. Mereka mengamalkan sistem politik demokrasi yang kufur dan mereka disifatkan sebagai telah mengamalkannya kerana mereka terlibat dalam melakukan perkara-perkara berikut :

    a) Mengambil bahagian dalam proses politik demokrasi;
    b) Membuat undang-undang demokrasi;
    c) Menguat kuasakan undang-undang demokrasi;
    d) Menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang demokrasi;
    e) Mentaati dan mematuhi undang-undang demokrasi;
    f) Menyetujui dan meredhai kerajaan demokrasi.

    Kesemuanya ini bererti mereka mengimani, menganuti dan mengamalkan agama demokrasi yang kafir yang menjadikan mereka sebagai orang-orang yang kafir.


    Firman Allah : Fatir 10
    Sesiapa yang mahukan kemuliaan (maka hendaklah ia berusaha mencarinya dengan jalan mematuhi perintah Allah), kerana bagi Allah jualah segala kemuliaan. Kepada Allahlah naiknya segala madah yang baik (yang menegaskan iman dan tauhid untuk dimasukkan ke dalam kira-kira balasan), dan amal yang soleh pula diangkat-Nya naik ( sebagai amal yang makbul – yang memberi kemuliaan kepada yang melakukannya). dan sebaliknya; orang-orang yang merancangkan kejahatan (untuk mendapat kemuliaan), adalah bagi mereka azab seksa yang berat; dan rancangan jahat mereka (kalau berkesanpun) akan rosak binasa.

    Ibrahim Libya menghuraikan bahawa Allah melarang kita daripada mengamalkan sistem politik demokrasi kerana ianya adalah kufur walaupun amalannya itu adalah dengan niat dan tujuan yang ikhlas kerana Allah, dan mereka yang mengamalkannya adalah disifatkan Allah sebagai orang-orang yang merancang untuk melakukan kejahatan yang akan dihumban ke dalam neraka di Akhirat nanti (Fatir:10).


    1. Mengisytiharkan kekufuran agama demokrasi;

    2. Tidak mengamalkannya;

    3. Menjauhi dan memisahkan diri kita daripadanya;

    4. Menolak dan mengkufur ingkarkannya;

    5. Memusuhi dan membencinya;

    6. Setelah mengumpul dan mencapai kekuatan yang mencukupi, tugas kita adalah untuk melancarkan Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi ke atasnya.


    1. Mempercayai dan mengisytiharkan demokrasi sebagai Islam;

    2. Menghalal dan membolehkan amalan sistem politik demokrasi;

    3. Menyetujui dan meredhai agama demokrasi;

    4. Mempertahankan sistem politik demokrasi;

    5. Tidak menolak dan mengkufur ingkarkan kerajaan demokrasi dan agama demokrasi;

    6. Tidak memusuhi dan membenci terhadap kerajaan demokrasi dan agama demokrasi;

    7. Tidak berniat untuk melancarkan Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi ke atas kerajaan demokrasi.


    1. Menghapuskan kerajaan manusia yang kafir melalui Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi;

    2. Menegakkan kerajaan Allah melalui Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi.


    Firman Allah :al-Baqarah 251
    Sekiranya Allah tidak menahan segolongan manusia dengan segolongan yang lain nescaya rosak binasalah bumi ini.

    Firman Allah : al-Hajj 40
    Sekiranya Allah tidak menjatuhkan segolongan manusia dengan segolongan yang lain, nescaya runtuhlah tempat-tempat pertapaan serta gereja-gereja, dan sinagog-sinagog dan juga masjid-masjid yang sentiasa disebut nama Allah dengan banyak padanya.

    Ibrahim Libya menghuraikan bahawa Allah memerintahkan kita supaya melancarkan Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi dalam bentuk yang OFENSIF ke atas Kerajaan Demokrasi Malaysia, iaitu tanpa terlebih dahulu kita ini diserang dan diperangi olehnya (kerajaan demokrasi) sehingga ianya (kerajaan demokrasi) mengalami keruntuhan dan kehancuran yang total untuk kemudiannya digantikan dengan kerajaan Allah (2:251; 22:40). Seandainya segolongan umat Islam itu tidak berperang di jalan Allah, al-Quran memperingati kita bahawa akan berlakulah mala petaka dan kerosakan yang besar di bumi. Seandainya kita tidak memerangi dan menjatuhkan kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia kita yang kafir, zalim dan fasik ini, akan berlakulah segala kerosakan dan mala petaka di bumi Malaysia kita ini dan kitalah orang-orang yang akan disoal dan dipertanggungjawabkan di Akhirat nanti di atas segala apa kerosakan dan mala petaka yang berlaku di kalangan umat manusia ketika ini di bumi kita ini!

    Firman Allah: al-Baqarah 193
    Dan berperanglah sehingga tiada lagi fitnah (penindasan) dan jadilah agama untuk Allah.

    Ibrahim Libya menghuraikan bahawa kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia dan undang-undang demokrasi Malaysia yang kedua-duanya ini adalah kafir di sisi Allah swt adalah disifatkan Allah sebagai satu “fitnah”, iaitu penindasan. Selagi “fitnah” ini wujud, selama itulah wujudnya perintah Allah ke atas kita supaya melancarkan Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi terhadap kerajaan demokrasi yang kafir ini sehingga “fitnah” ini (kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia) mengalami keruntuhan dan kehancuran yang total untuk kemudiannya digantikan dengan kerajaan Allah (2:193). Ini adalah Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi dalam bentuknya yang OFENSIF, iaitu Islam menyerang dan berperang tanpa terlebih dahulu kita ini diserang dan diperangi, tetapi kita menyerang dan memerangi mereka semata-mata kerana mereka itu adalah kerajaan-kerajaan manusia yang kafir!


    1. Menghapuskan kerajaan demokrasi yang kafir;

    2. Menegakkan kerajaan Allah di bumi.

    Ayat-ayat ini adalah diturunkan di zaman Medinah yang bersifat umum, kekal, muktamad dan final yang releven dan terpakai untuk kesemua zaman dan waktu serta ayat-ayat yang mengatasi ayat-ayat Mekah yang disifatkan sebagai ayat-ayat MARHALIYAH, iaitu yang berbentuk sementara yang melarang umat Islam daripada berjihad dan berperang di zaman Mekah. Larangan di zaman Mekah yang bersifat marhaliyah (sementara) itu adalah larangan tanpa dihuraikan sebab-sebab yang tertentu dan khusus. Zaman kita sekarang ini adalah zaman pasca Nubuwah yang berkuat kuasa dan ditaklifkan ke atas kita akan ayat-ayat Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi yang diturunkan di zaman Medinah.

    Rasulullah saw bersabda, “aku diutuskan untuk berperang sehingga manusia mengucap Laailaahaillah Muhammad Rasulullah”, iaitu Islam memberi pilihan kepada musuh-musuh Islam samada mereka langsung memeluk Islam atau menyerah kalah kepada Islam sebagai kafir zimmi, kalau tidak mereka akan diserang, diperangi dan dibunuh. Inilah dasar dan sikap Islam yang tegas, muktamad dan tanpa kompromi terhadap kerajaan-kerajaan manusia yang kafir dan terhadap orang-orang yang kafir.

    Islam telah menyerang Rom, Eropah Timur dan Barat, Farsi dan India dengan Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi. Nabi Musa as telah memerintahkan umatnya supaya melancarkan Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi ke atas sebuah kota yang disifatkan sebagai Tanah Suci di negeri Palestin (5:21). Nabi Daud as telah menyerang Jalut dengan Revolusi Islam (2:251). Abdul ar-Rahman telah melancarkan revolusi Islam ke atas kerajaan Islam Sepanyol yang telah menyeleweng daripada Islam, selepas itu sebagai seorang pemerintah ke atas Khilafah Islam Andalus, beliau menyerang Perancis sehingga sampai ke Tours. Uthman Fudi telah melancarkan Revolusi Islam ke atas Sokoto, Nigeria dan telah berjaya dengan gemilang untuk mendirikan sebuah Khilafah Islam pada tahun 1810.

    Inilah di antara contoh-contoh yang empirikal bahawa Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi adalah diperintah dan dilancarkan oleh angkatan-angkatan Islam yang muncul silih berganti dalam sejarah umat Islam yang panjang untuk menghapuskan kerajaan-kerajaan manusia yang kafir dan untuk menegakkan kerajaan-kerajaan Islam di mana-mana sahaja di bumi Allah kita ini.

    Orang-orang yang menafikan Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi untuk menghapuskan kerajaan manusia yang kafir dan untuk menegakkan kerajaan Allah di bumi, mereka itu adalah orang-orang yang sengaja menafi dan mengingkari ayat-ayat Allah yang jelas dan terang, mereka itu adalah orang-orang yang sengaja menyembunyikan ayat-ayat Allah yang jelas dan terang, mereka itu adalah orang-orang yang sengaja memutar belitkan segala pengertian ayat-ayat Allah yang jelas dan terang. Mereka itu adalah orang-orang yang telah terkeluar daripada agama Allah dan mereka itu adalah orang-orang yang kafir di sisi Allah swt yang balasan untuk mereka tiadalah yang lain melainkan mereka itu akan diazab dengan azab yang amat pedih di Akhirat nanti!

    Sekian, terima kasih.

    Paiso Awang Zari

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