Time to Relax after a heavy week

Mongkut Bean, Tok Cik, Tean Rean, Menyalak-er, and my wonderful blogging friends,

Believe me, we all have had a rough week  that ended with Tun Ling Liong Sik being charged for misleading Mahathir and his Cabinet (2002) on the land deal for Port Kelang Free Zone(PKFZ).

Deja Vu! PKFZ is back in the news, proving that Anwar Ibrahim’s revelation of this dark deal (in 2007) is fact, not fiction. I am in a celebratory mood at the prospect of finally seeing the entire 2002 Cabinet led by the  then top honcho in court to be grilled by Liong Sik’s lawyers.

I am  in a romantic mood as well. The oldies I have chosen reflect the way I feel right now. Dr. Kamsiah (above)did not participate in selecting this week’s repertoire of great melodies of a bygone era. Why? Because I  have chosen the tunes for her with lots of love, and  for the women (Kakrubi, Maureen, Kathy and others) who have contributed a lot to enliven and enlighten this blog. Have a good weekend. –Din Merican

Bing Crosby–That’s What Life Is All About

Paul Anka and Samy Davies JrI Am Not Anyone

Perry Como–And I Love You So

Matt Monroe–Born Free

Andy Williams–Love Story

Jerry Vale– I Have But One Heart

Venice in the Summer Time

Dean Martin–On An Evening In Roma

16 thoughts on “Time to Relax after a heavy week

  1. Dear Din,
    Yes, indeed a tough week for more ways than I had envisioned. Thanks for the memories. I’ve always imagined Dr. Kam as the perfect “Sade”, by your side:

  2. “I am in a romantic mood …” Din Merican


    Could Din Merican be the modern day Duke Orsino? Nothing like a little Shakespeare.

    “If music be the food of love, play on,
    Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,
    The appetite may sicken, and so die.”

    Twelfth Night Act 1, scene 1, 1–3

  3. When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. Be positive always. Kamsiah tells me that it is easier said than done. –Din Merican

  4. Before that final ride into the sunset with Din Merican on the back of the water buffalo, it is my final wish to be able to sing this song, a duet, one last time ….

    Din, you need to practise singing this song and do it when drkam is out of town or else she may come with a broom after you, or worse a rolling pin! You may then have to spend the night with tean … with you in his protective custody.

  5. Thanks for reminding, Din.

    It’s has indeed been one hectic week, for me at least. The excitement over Ling’s indictment is fast disappearing as new inputs are being added.

    We’ve been duped big time by Jibby and Co. Welcome to bangsawan ala Bolehland.

    More coming our way. Just brace for fresh developments.

  6. Nice pic Dr Kam, Prettier than Paris Hilton ! Be carefull Jho Low might come with private jet, yacht and cristal champange !!!! Cheers Din !

  7. Walter, she does not have high opinion of this fat lump, neither does she needs that kind of money and glamour of the wrong sort. She is quite happy to be her genuine self___ Din Merican.

  8. Now that Din Merican is out of the way and in tean’s protective custody, I want to play this song for drkam. It is by my favorite singer Angela Akira.

    Drkam … anata kireii desu.

    Thanks, Bean, it is a beautiful song. I guess your exes are Japanese!–dr.Kam

  9. Din..Paris Hilton does not need the money either . It’s just the Gossip headlines and doing a gig with porky the pig and at his expense !! just light banter .

    Walter, Paris Hilton is an intelligent girl, even those from Ivy League Universities cannot beat her in marketing. Her ability to brand herself as a product is a rare talent, and I am not here to disagree – even if that brand is characterized by a low IQ and a depth of shallowness. There is no questioning the effectiveness of her branding.

    Someone’s ability to brand themselves is not enough by itself to drive one’s earnings into the seven plus million a year category!!! She is a marketing wunderkind and that much we must be admit. She made into the Harvard Case Study literature. Dr. Kam is not about gossip. She is a professional dentist and she admires young people who have the flair for marketing and business ingenuity.–Din Merican

  10. Encik Din,

    What wonderful songs.

    Wish I could save them in my PC. Otherwise I have to search into your archives later in the future when urge to listen again to these songs.

    Could you advise how to download to my PC?

    Many thanks Din.

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