Not Sentimental About Ling Liong Sik

July 30, 2010

Not Sentimental About Ling Liong Sik

by SakmongkolAK47

I am not at all sentimental about Ling Liong Sik being charged in court. By sentimental here, I take it to mean, regretting or feeling sad that he is being charged.

In my previous article I merely asked how can it be possible that Ling Liong Sik was able to prepare cabinet papers for discussion. Or that his version of the price of land to be purchased was accepted without debate. In open court, cabinet notes and minutes will have to be submitted. Many people will salivate at the prospects.

It is impossible to infer that in previous meetings the subject of any land purchases by PKA and KDSB were not raised. It’s not like buying kacang puteh (peanuts).

I am precisely not being sentimental by raising the issue. Because then, that would make the whole cabinet which presided on that day, culpable. Ling’s lawyer must put every cabinet member deciding on that day, on the stand. And when that happens, if some people who are held in iconic esteem by some are placed in the dock, we don’t want any outpouring of protests- don’t, because you will be accused of being sentimental.

If that is the case, then we expect many would be charged. If I am being sentimental, I will say, come on, let Ling go because he is a former senior minister, because he was MCA’s boss and because he is now a Tun.  Also because he was actually PM for a few hours. That would be sentimental.

But to raise questions that would probably lead to others being in the same boat like Ling Liong Sik hardly qualifies being sentimental. Sometimes these young cikus need to be educated. You come back from Amerika, you think you are very clever!

I am willing to say, by allowing a very high profile individual be charged, Dato Seri Najib is showing a strong hand in this. He is signaling that he is fully committed to transparency and low tolerance of corrupt practices and abuse of power. People will say that all this is sandiwara (theatrical performance).

Who cares, because the most important thing, someone is now charged. The public wants this and this will help his credibility. If this is a start, PKR people need not shout here and there asking the government to rope in more people. That will come. What if other Tuns were to be treated in the same manner? Then I hope if there is public outcry, don’t say they are being sentimental.

Beyond that, we can expect other high profile people will be charged with a host of cases. Maybe now it’s time to restore indictment for the 18 high profile cases which Minister Rais Yatim once said. We need to tell Rais he shouldn’t hold back. Pressure the government to charge all the people in the 18 high profile cases. It is now also opportune for newly appointed senator Ezam Mohd Noor to reveal the contents of his Pandora’s boxes containing indisputable information on corruption. When  YB Ezam?

This is a right step. Charge first and let the accused have their day in court. Who knows we may learn many things if Ling Liong Sik intends to make amends. Provided of course, we are not told before hand by the AG that only ONE person is responsible for the PKFZ thing. Let’s not pre-determine the number of accused in this case.

12 thoughts on “Not Sentimental About Ling Liong Sik

  1. Datuk,

    Being charged is one thing, but what if in the end AG will step in with NFA? It happened before and what will stop it from happening again?
    By right the whole cabinet should be held responsible.

  2. Datuk,

    I read your previous article and you were right on…hitting the head of the nail. You found the main flaw in this “sandiwara”. How can the Finance Ministry’s assessment of the Land not be in the file presented to each Cabinet Minister as part of the review…..of course the Finance Minister @ that period should know his Ministry’s assessment of that particular parcel of land.Nevertheless the Tun Ling case will have interesting reactions/repercussions:

    01.Frankly the charge is not well thought out, as this case will bring out too much Cabinet’s secrets and as you rightly brought out,involved too many “iconic” present and past Ministers.

    02.From Malaysia Insider’s report,it seems that the Ling Clan was totally surprised by charge and now Tun Ling will have to stoutly defend his name,liberty,legacy and even the MCA of which he is the Honorary Life President.

    03.A side “effect” is that it now remove the myth that a Tunship,is an absolute immunity against charges by the AG chambers and we can consider other Tuns being charged in future should not create any uproar…..any Tun in mind?

    We do live in interesting times in Malaysia nowadays…..hopefully not too dangerous times!!!

    Hidup Malaysia!!!

  3. If you are charged for a crime, it means there is usually prima facie evidence. It may or may not be enough to see it to a trial proper. If it continues into the trial proper and if in the end you are found not guilty (as opposed to innocent) it does not mean you did not do the crime. It means there isn’t enough evidence to meet the high criminal standard of proof beyond reasonable doubt.

    The Sultans and the Agong should strip them off their titles crimes in order to protect the respect and dignity and the privilege that comes with the title.

  4. Fairplay,

    There is no immunity from the law for Tuns. They can sue and be sued. Well, the Prime Minister at the time (2002) should be asked to appear in court to be questioned by both the prosecution and the defence. He should know that rm25 psf is exorbitant when the Government valuation was rm10psf (max).

    One would have thought the Cabinet would know what the PKFZ and related parties were up to. When the foreign partner, Dubai Ports, pulled out of the deal, the signal was clear that there was something fishy going on inside PKFZ. Why didnt the Cabinet review the project? The truth will not be known. It will be like the Perwaja debacle, where the late Eric Chia–he was cleared by the Court– was left carrying the dirt. –Din Merican

  5. Give Najib a hurra. A little late but better late than never. Let’s hope and pray that others who are guilty or seen to be guilty but with sufficient evidence than let it be so. Najib you will get my vote if you can prove your worth.

    Anyway what are the sultans who dished out those “colonial” awards doing about it? Strip him of these awards, may be the Govt should do likewise.If Chua could get hit, then Ling should be no different.

  6. Brian, it is a little premature to even order the cake let alone blow the candles. Change you can believe? It may turn out to be loose change.

    Ling is not even close to being a fall guy for members of Malaysia Incorporated the criminal enterprise launched by none other than its chairman Mahathir Mohammad more than two decades ago.

    As for fairplay, he did refer to the “myth” that Tuns seem immune from criminal charges. It is fair to say that that myth is now in tatters. I would agree with him.

    But an exception does not create a rule. A rule creates exceptions.

  7. The charge is not clear in that the cost of the land valued by the Valuation Department was not explicitly spelled out whilst the agreed value between the seller and PKA was mentioned at RM 25 per sq ft. Was the valuation of RM10 per sq ft by the MOF’s valuer?

    There should be charges on those Ministers/PKA Chairman in awarding contracts with no master plan in sight as well as those who approved payments for which no works were carried out.

  8. I just read all over the blogs that Najib should be given the credit. This shows that over justice machineries can be controlled by his pen. Who are we going to ask to bring Najib to face the law???

  9. Quoting Sak “I am willing to say, by allowing a very high profile individual be charged, DS Najib is showing a strong hand in this. He is signaling that he is fully committed to transparency and low tolerance of corrupt practices and abuse of power”

    In my view, the noose around Najib’s neck is tightening and the person behind it is none other then Mahathir. Thus, the only way for Najib to counter this is to attack Mahathir but indirectly. By charging LLS, Najib kills two birds with one stone. First, he is seen as doing the right thing like your quote above. Second, he tells Mahathir that his cabinet can be implicated. Its all connected. To me, this is nothing to do with doing the right thing. Its just survival action. Najib has too many skeletons to preach transparency, no corruption, etc. This move also has a balancing act between MACC Abu Kassim vs AG Gani Patail/IGP Musa. Connect the dots and you will see the picture.

  10. I happen to think that Ling Liong Sik is no pushover, just like Samy Velu. Both are fighters and shrewd. He is one hero in the KAROAKE lounge which is an open secret As a big chief( even ex ) in BN he knows each and everbody’s secrets ( or skeletons in the Cupboard ) including the two TUN’s ( Mamak and Mr Cleanup) and of course Mr Mat Mongol !!. One big CHARADE, and Ling will be acquited at the prelimanary stage with the usual ” lack of evidence”. Wanna BET !!!!

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