Old Sungei Besi Airport Land–Hyde Park of Kuala Lumpur

July 14, 2010

Old Sungei Besi Airport Land and its surroundings–Hyde Park of Kuala Lumpur

by Aspan Alias

Aspan Alias

One of the profound and insightful duties of leaders is to ensure the nation’s wealth and possessions are securely protected and managed for the good sake of the people and their future generation.

For past 3 decades Malaysians have too often been deceived by the pranks and shenanigans of their leaders and government so much  they don’t trust anything that their leaders and government do as they are often perceived to be traitors and thieves who only work for money and personal glory.

The corrupt political leaders and implementers work hand in glove to inflate cost of development projects to build commissions (for corruption) into the contract  and  at the end of the day the public will pay the cost of a vineyard for a crate of apple and oranges.

Fast track projects through negotiated  tenders  becomes a convenient means of practicing corruption. It does not take a genius with  powerful calculating machines to  ascertain the amount of public money snatched by our leaders since these projects were introduced by Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his administration (1981-2003) and since then.

The political leaders and implementers with big power are the biggest ‘consultants’ and these ‘consultants’ more often than not are the ones who earn the biggest ‘profits’, (commissions), even bigger than the contractors get out of these projects.

Hyde Park, London

If we are to look at these things from the angle of morality, it  is not hard to learn that these so-called leaders spend their entire time and efforts to  discover and conjure up new methods of  messing with public funds by proposing low priority developments in the name of propping up nation’s image and reputation.

The highly inflated costs of these projects would again facilitate the ‘consultants’ to reap quickie huge profits by assigning and selling the projects to a third party who subsequently sells them to another party who ultimately  paid crumbs.

Central Park, New York City

A project can be treated like a multilevel business and the final contractor who implements it still makes worthwhile amount of return and proceeds after changing hands and ownership. The preceding owners coldly make a good sum without doing anything other than juggling  figures and costs that the public ultimately have to bear.

The latest which I heard not long ago is over the old airport land in Sungei  Besi. The ‘consultant’ is now doing the wheeling dealing and now is talking the deal with an affluent and influential lady while the third party from Penang  is waiting to purchase the project.

Somebody or a few of them are going to get a whopping amount of profit when a third party buys from the group and it is expected that the project will change hands a few times before the final party gets to implement it.

Now, the question is: do our leaders see that it is going to put the ruling government into real trouble? Do we accept the fact that it is an actual day light robbery if the talk in the market place about this development becomes a realty?

The new administration promised that there won’t be any negotiated tender anymore in response to the massive complaints  from the public all these years. They promised that there will be an open tender and the public don’t have to have worries any more.

Another Concrete Jungle

BUT the corrupt have innovative minds. They know how to walk away with part of the project cost as their big part-time money . The Project Management (PMC) will manage all government contracts and in the process what can stop the leaders to talk to the PMC to decide to whom the project would be awarded to with the inbuilt cost inclusive of the extra prices for sum of kick-backs to the person or persons in authority?

Let us look very  mind-numbingly at the manner  in which the big and gigantic contract development jobs are awarded to the companies of cronies behind the appointed ‘professional’ PMCs.

I pass by the Sungei Besi old airport almost daily to and fro and I can see that this is the most valuable plot of 500 acres of flat and beautiful land. Some people with their minds and hearts for the generation to come will certainly want to see that kind of valuable land  to be reserved for a gigantic park, stretching to border of  the present Istana Negara and its surroundings.

Why must we just see every stretch of valuable land available is for money-making development? Why can’t our national leaders learn from the advanced countries they visit year in and year out on how they use land of this size which is strategically located?

Why can’t this stretch of land be turned into green and flowery park like the Hyde Park in London, let us say. The Hyde Park of 2500 acres is located right in the middle of Metropolitan City of London, where Londoners and tourists spend their time resting  or walking about with their families in a peaceful and clean environment.

Why do we have to deny the public opportunity  to enjoy  this good part of the city , the only good and available spot  left in Kuala Lumpur for a park? Can’t the business society and the leaders of the nation  sacrifice for the general public by providing a nice park  where they can bring their family members  for a nice weekend outing in Kuala Lumpur?

It is heartache to see that every inch of land in the city is meant for businessmen and  the corrupt to rack in millions of ringgit at the expense of the people. To those who are involved in the attempt to put up a commercial development on this plot of land, please be reasonable and give the voting public a chance to see some good decision making by the authority who claim to be holistic and balanced in our development strategy for our nation.

I would ask Datuk Seri Najib to pay  special attention  and make sure that the public at large is the final recipient of this property for posterity. For those who are familiar with this location, imagine how it would ultimately look like if greens and flowers are planted with all amenities and facilities for public use.

Then those of us who cannot to go to London, Paris, San Francisco, New York (Central Park) or Prague or many other major cities in Europe and America can enjoy the pleasure of having a beautiful and well manicured park of our  own in Kuala Lumpur.

It is now obligatory on everyone  to get this message across to our leaders in Putrajaya as this is a major issue to us in Kuala Lumpur and the rest of  the country. This is the only chance for people in Kuala Lumpur to live like those in major cities of the world ,which have large acreages of green lungs amidst the jungle of bricks and mortar and overbearing concrete  sky scrappers.

32 thoughts on “Old Sungei Besi Airport Land–Hyde Park of Kuala Lumpur

  1. “The highly inflated costs of these projects would facilitate the ‘consultants’ to reap quickie huge profits by assigning and selling the projects to a third party who subsequently sells them to another party who ultimately paid crumps.”

    Crumps??! Shouldn’t it be ‘crumbs’? Sheeesh!

    Maybe he’s thinking of crumping his girlfriend tonight. I dunno.

  2. “and the corrupt to rack in millions of ringgit at the expense of the people.”

    I think he means to “rake in”. He’s racking his brain to find an appropriate word. Poor fella…

  3. The decay started during Mahathir’s tenure I would say. Even Tun Razak never forsee that his noble NEP would be hijacked by Mahathir and his cronies to enrich themselves.

  4. I think “rack in the millions” is correct Tok Cik. That is equivalent to stretching the ringgit. In this case, the stretching is done by a leap of inspiration of how to reap what one did not sow. It’s not what one knows, it’s always ‘who’ one knows – the “sow”.
    The ‘co-developer’ of the Sg. Besi AFB is said privy to Bean’s neck of Central Park, where he collects used Malaysian made rubber products as momentoes from the rich and decadent.

  5. For petes sake..do the right thing first…catch all the big thieves and make them return all OUR MONEY
    After that we can think and talk about moving forward

    Park or no park, it matters little to us all
    All for Syiok sendiri purpose
    Bikin Duit untuk sendiri — nawaitu depa ini semua

  6. Microsoft Office with all the spellcheck and grammar check failed the writer. Perhaps the writer is part of the lost generation. Spell it the way it sounds.
    Anyway the message still gets across. Rack it up like setting the balls in a pool table or billiards, ready to be split and then raking in the profits.
    I just hope the Sg. Besi airport doesn’t end up like Subang airport. First they tear down Terminal 1 supposedly to make way for a convention center and now it’s a concrete monument. The government still don’t know what to do with Subang Airport.

  7. Don’t forget folks that Kuala Lumpur is supposed to be a GARDEN CITY OF LIGHTS… Plenty of lights….. but gardens??? Where oh where are the gardens.

  8. Hyde Park, London is also the domicile of the famed ‘Speakers Corner” i.e. the symbol of democracy. So don’t even think of associating any real estate in Malaysia to something like Hyde Park in London!

  9. “the new government promised……..”

    there’s a good one!

    “this is the only chance for people in Kuala Lumpur to live like those in major cities in the world………..”

    What about other issues of more immediate concerns? Like The Rule of Law, the independence of the Judiciary once again.

    wouldn’t that be living like those people in other major cities int he world, never mind having their parks. they can have parks because they have a voice then they can go a relax. Malaysians can never have an afternoon stroll in the best outfit, because they are always going to be wondering what government is up too and this have no time for a walk in the palk ( no pun intended).

  10. Good Lord! Where am I going to land my ageing F/A 18 Hornet??

    Sneak in below the TUDM ATC radar and land it at Kepala Batas. The MiG’s 29 and Sukhoi will probably be on your tail if not contrails.
    Yes Bean Terminal 1 is now Malaysia Stonehenge. Subang is now used only by the prop aircraft and small corporate jets and as a FBO site.

  11. The CEO of the company which is given the TUDM Sg Besi airbase project is a close friend. Incidentally, a former air force chief is being appointed chairman of the company for obvious reasons. I was approached to do some promotional works. Am still mulling over it.
    Mulling over,what about bowling over? –Din Merican

  12. I was approached to do some promotional works. – Tok Cik.

    Salam Tok Cik. Well its good ! Atleast we have some ‘info’….if you want to share with us and still wants the goverment changed !

  13. I was approached to do some promotional works. Am still mulling over it…Tok Cik.

    Wah law Tok Cik! high time you get even with Shahrizat. Get your hand dirty Tok Cik if you still want to floor your darling.This time around make sure you get her behind your Cooper S before she can step her foot in your new territory in Sungai Besi. Who needs a park?.

  14. The whole project is worth about RM4 billion. It’ll consist of high-rise office and apartment blocks, shopping malls, recreational clubs etc.

    The air force and artillery units currently located in the base will be moved to a new site somewhere in Sepang and will come complete with state-of-the-art facilities, including an 18-hole gold course. It’s a trade off.

    One other thing, there’s plenty of tin deposits underneath the runway.

    You think they gonna turn it into a park? Think again.

  15. “The highly inflated costs of these projects would again facilitate the ‘consultants’ to reap quickie huge profits by assigning and selling the projects to a third party who subsequently sells them to another party who ultimately paid crumbs.”

    I fully support the idea of developing the Sg Besi land into a grand public park like Hyde Park.

    However, as long as it’s UMNO/BN with its indispensable direct-nego crony contract mentality, this will become the most expensive park in the world costing billions! You see there will be contracts for land clearance, planting of new tress, landscaping etc., etc., etc. A new mosque to rival the one in Putrajaya will be deemed mandatory, just a a new palace costing $800 million (and increasing daily) in Jln Duta is being built to “complement” Istana Melawati in Putrajaya

    You don’t believe it? Lake Gardens in KL is now undergoing a $30 million “upgrading” works while a “leaning” arch was built in Penang Botanical Gardens by Ng Yen Yen’s Minsitry and is now being demolished!! Upgrading to what? A place that many used to visit regularly nowadays hardly attracts anyone!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  16. Shrek,

    What other buildings have been demolished? This is to make sure I don’t go looking for buildings that no longer exist when I return perhaps next year. I see the skyline has changed a lot. Which can only mean old buildings have been demolished to make way for new.

  17. Yo Tok Cik, what are you waiting for – at least we know you won’t hyperinflate the costs! Can i prevail on you for a shoplot, preferably over a rare-earth deposit? Forget the timah, izat etc – give that to tean. Semper could do with a luxury condo and Bean a parking lot for his Super Hornet. Kathy gets the bordello, er.. karoake lounge, ok? Din, any preference?
    Just remember to dump the monazite sand tailings in front of TS Khalid’s house.

  18. “Wah law Tok Cik! high time you get even with Shahrizat. Get your hand dirty Tok Cik ….” tean

    This is like telling your neighborhood mechanic how to do his job. They didn’t make Tok Cik CEO of ‘Screws, Nuts & Bolts’ corporation for nothing. That is his job description.

  19. Old Sungei Besi TUDM Airport is very nostalgic for me & many who had their very humble basic career introduction & training at the Royal Flying Club in the 50s & 60s with the then Sultan of Selangor as its Patron & Tengku Abdul Rahman as its Club President .

    That was where I had my basic flying training (Initially at our own expense with some subsidy given later) by the British RAF Instructors on the De Havilland Tiger Moths & DH Chipmunk together with other pioneer Malaysian Pilots (Capt Hassan Ahmad & Capt Dato’ Khairi Mohamed) of Malayan Airways, Malaysian Airlines, MSA & MAS.

    Why did the British select that Heritage piece of land?

    Ofcourse they were aware even then of its potential land appreciation & whatever its precious contents.

    For Bolehland’s Noveau Rich whose greed for $$$ knows no bounds…

    “Hell has three gates: lust, anger, and greed” – Bhagavad Gita.

    As it is we have lost our many of our Historical Heritage including our “Mounbatten Road, etc, etc, Gutheries, Wearne Bros, almost lost our Historical Merdeka Stadium, Carcosa, maybe our Parliament House property” and many more to be uncovered; even lost our Historical Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, etc who were muslims in our new history school books…because of the race issue…so what else is new?

    As for the “Mastermind” we have to study their educational background…Mojority from the UK & US Ivy League Universities…

    The New kid in the Block…KJ, Omar Ong, Ethos Group, ECM-Libra,
    Jo Low, etc…being used as “Pawns, Lackeys, Perpetrators” by the Shadow Controllers…through their Tentacles…

    Philip Zimbardo: Why ordinary people do evil … or do good -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsFEV35tWsg&feature=related
    September 23, 2008
    *WARNING*- This video contains explicit images…but watch to the end to understand the plot.

    Tavistock Institute for Global Manipulation – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vep0TGI96Mg

    Just looking at Bolehland’s Bigger Holistic picture, you can see the “Tentacles” all over…the Who, What, When, How, etc



    You be the judge.


  20. Din,

    Anyway, thank you for uploading Aspan’s plea in his article.

    Aspan, that is a very well written article on the “Sad Ills of this Naztion’s Leaders since 1969” when our Bapak Malaya/Malaysia Tengku abdul Rahman was betrayed….

    Our Original Constitution & the NEP Policy was “Hijacked, Modified, Corrupted, Abused & Destroyed” to its status today in 2010.

    First let us identify the GLC CEOs & Buddies when it all happened…
    Chances are…they are mostly Left Brained Thinkers…Also check out their Corporate Malaysian Auditors….(Lu tolong Gua….)

    Next identify their International Connections & Buddys aka “Con-Sultans” (Yes all with UK & US Ivy League Qualifications) who will entice their GLC “Pawns/Lackeys” into all the International Projects/Deals, Financing, Get Rich Quick, Success Stories, etc, etc…

    Why?….Because those “Pawns/Lackeys” have access to our “Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund”

    The “International Con-Sultans” are all Tavistock Institute trained to identify, Target, Trap, groom & indoctrinate their target victims…

    Then you follow the “Money, Partying, Women, etc, etc” Trail…Just to share this…interesting Info…

    Adrian_Zecha – Himatsubushi Wikipedia – http://yomi.mobi/egate/Adrian_Zecha/a

    Adrian Zecha (born 1933) is an Indonesian hotelier (Educated in the US ???) who is best known as the founder of Aman Resorts.

    NEWS ALERT Has Aman Resorts Been Sold – Malaysian Wealth Fund? – http://www.thephuketinsider.com/hotels/fact-or-fiction-has-aman-resorts-been-sold-malaysian-wealth-f.php
    Last updated: Fri 18 Jun, 2010 12:10 pm |

    DLF ropes in Goldman for Aman Resorts stake sale – http://content.magicbricks.com/dlf-ropes-in-goldman-for-aman-resorts-stake-sale

    You be the judge.

  21. Karaoke lounge?

    However no offence Tok Cik, it would definitely be better as a park because after all this effort of trying to change the governments attitude ,we all need to dress in our best out fit and go for a walk in the park…..somewhere……..

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