Dearth of Thinking Minds and Quality Labour

June 29, 2010

A Dearth of Thinking Minds and Quality Labour by 2020, say MP for Klang Charles Santiago

by B Nantha Kumar

Malaysia may likely face a dearth of thinking minds and quality labour by 2020 if the current outflow of professionals is not quickly stemmed, said Klang MP Charles Santiago.

Citing statistics, Santiago said between 2000 and 2009, some 700,000 professionals had left the country seeking opportunities elsewhere.

“Looking at the current scenario and the number of professional leaving the country we are unlikely to achieve the 6% economic growth target in the next five years. The brain drain is a serious reality. Between 2000 and 2009, Malaysia has lost 700,000 professionals… that is 3% of our total population. At this rate by 2020, we will have no professionals in the country,” he said.

Attributing the brain-drain to the current social and political climate, he told participants at a 10th Malaysia Plan forum here it was a fallacy to think that it was only the Chinese and Indian professionals who were migrating.

“It is no more the story of old that only Indians and Chinese are immigrating… a large number of Malays too are looking abroad for jobs and opportunities because of the social and political instability in the country,” he said.

Santiago said the continued uncertainty over prices of goods and services and stagnant salaries were contributory factors to Malaysians seeking employment abroad.

He also drew attention to the government’s lack of interest in developing new industries. “PETRONAS has no more money to spend… now is the time for the government to look at new industries and ensure the country has a diverse source of income,” he said.

8 thoughts on “Dearth of Thinking Minds and Quality Labour

  1. Dear YB Charles Santiago,

    Some may worry about stagnation but more are terrified of the real prospect of ‘failed nation status’. Therefore, it is incumbent upon our elected officials, like your goodself, not just to pacify and divert but to use collective efforts to change the destiny of our country’s destitution. In order that something concrete comes out of this, we need to change the status quo. This is most difficult since the incumbents are rather recalcitrant to reform – although, they seem to relish the word for its own sake.

    The article below may be relevant to what you have just described, but i think you may agree with me that it is overly optimistic:

  2. we need to change the status quo.-Menyalak-er

    …and that is, from a racist One Party State to a Two Party System.

    Malaysians have no other choice if they want their children and grandchildren to live in a decent, fair and equitable society where each one of them is given his/her fair share of opportunities under the Malaysian sun and his/her responsibilities to safeguard the interests of the country.

  3. I have a malayian client who comes here consistently for work. he is thinking of moving everyone here.

    He never bags the country, he loves m’sia. He wishes things would be different.

    the place i am right now has been voted consistently the top 1,2 or 3rd most liveable city in the world.
    the government policies are about better work place , work health and safety issues,policies to include the handicapped into society and not hiding them away. Policies on special needs children who are for the most not provided for becaus eof lack of information or uneducated parents. So better education needs for them, to place them in a success position and not failure for their future.
    these special needs schools are developed aorund the nation. Support for single parents are provided for as the divorce rates are high and women are normally always the one that come out in most cases worst off.

    Consumer advice departments in the government where consumers can get free legal advice from teams of government solicitors to advise of their rights in different areas of dispute for example, residential building , purchase of vehicle, licensing, disputes between neighbours, disputes between landlords and tenants.

    Governments are working with the legal fraternity to discuss that justice should be within the reach of normal ordinay citizens at lower costs and not adversarial processess where it is long and intimidating to people .Thus Courts are no longer the preference to settel dsiputes . tribunals are set up .

    so many examples for the people. the elderly citizens are given free travel and if you are working for govenrment then one even gets given free reading glassess if the need is there.

    if one gets a permentant position in government, then one can take leave to further one’s study to improve one’s skills .

    the recognition that there are issues of workplace bullying, depression amongst the poeple and centres are set up to ahndle all this. These are mundane issue syet too important to be overlooked. it si after all for the well being of the nation.

    it is not only about pay/ wages ( yes that is important) it is a whole life of quality. inclusiveness for all not exclusive. if you are an (EXTRA) ordinary working family then all policies put in place upon is for the working family in the majority anyway. of course there are flaws but as someone else said before ,you can take the flaws if there is transpparency in the governance and an outlet for people to make their views heard.

  4. Its not only the professionals that are leaving, the Umno/BN politicians are also preparing the groundwork. Wasn’t the MB of Negeri Sembilan the unlucky one to be caught sending monies overseas through illegal means ?. This is the tip of the ice berg. Can we believe that he is the only one of the top politicians ?.

    Doesn’t past leaders have monies safely kept somewhere overseas too ?.

    If necessity arises, they just need to fly out with the clothes they are wearing that’s all by chartered planes , helicopters or even speedboats etc.

  5. Discussion on this topic about brain drain and loss of talents to overseas is getting nauseating.

    It has been going on for the last 30 years.

    Only the Govt can stop the haemorrhaging of talent, but this UMNO-led Govt prefers the brain drain.

    Less brains in the country means it is easier for this UMNO-led Govt to run this country.

    Brains and talents are not good for the country when govt ministers come from politicians who are dumb and stupid.

  6. One worrying trend is parents migrating
    after their adult children have settled overseas.

    This would translate into less remittances sent back to Malaysia
    (one of the so-called benefits of nationals working overseas).

  7. Phua Kai Lit

    This should be an interesting read: click here, “Talented Young Chinese Malaysians Heading for Singapore”

    Singapore picking up talented and smart Malaysians whose parents finding it is too expensive to send to Australia, UK, US or Canada. And if your kid is very smart and comes from Chnese school, Singapore is the best option.

    After all, Chinese language will be the language of business communication for this region. Even the Americans, Australians and Brits are learning the chinese language.

    Readlthis article in the Independent (UK) ”
    Language of the future: Why Mandarin Chinese is taking off in schools
    by Steve McCormack

    “….Mandarin Chinese is booming in British schools. New figures show a 27 per cent rise this year in pupils sitting the version of the GCSE most suitable for newcomers to the language. And there has been an even more noticeable increase in Mandarin pupils for the first stage of the new Asset Languages qualifications system, where entries have gone up 900 per cent.

    …There are now about 400 state schools in the country where some Chinese is taught.

    For the first time, under reforms about to be implemented to the secondary curriculum, schools will be allowed to choose a non-European tongue, such as Mandarin, as the COMPULSORY language taught to pupils when they arrive from primary school…”

    Bahasa Malaysia??? Learn well if you want to get a job overseas.. ie Indonesia (even then, Indonesians think BN is an awkward and bastardised version of Bahasa Indonesia.

    Go to the Malay blogs and commenters what the Indonesians man. Our Malay kids and bloggers/commenters don’t even write in proper Bahasa Malaysia,. They contaminate the language with english words and phrases interspersed with gibberish colloquial dialects from Kedah and Kelantan.

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